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    I don't for one second think that Mr Argyle gives a toss about the concerns I raised, being that they won't raise the participation numbers in North America, nor that they will solve the problems faced by the game in the Northern Hemisphere, which include stopping the slide in participation, ensuring that we become less reliant on TV money, the need to assist French RL before if slips into obscure disarray AGAIN. He only cares for his own team, playing in his colours out of the city he calls home. If a few folk pay to get in fine, but if not, he's not bothered. He's paying SBW £72K per game out of his own pocket and will probably spend twice that again to win a trophy. Their Crowds, no matter how they are attained, freebies, freebies or even more freebies tagged to a beer festival, are to be applauded and they will certainly make SL watchers feel all warm and fuzzy when their 9k average replaces London's 2k, inflating the overall attendance number by as much as 5%., but in terms of income for SL they will deliver little. They asked to come in and we let them, but now they remind me of an unknown guest ( a friend of a friend) who attends a group dinner party. Once in, they ctiticise the decor, adjust the seating arrangements, bemoan the standard of the wine on offer, ask for something to eat other than that which your host has prepared and which the other guest are happy to enjoy and the starts to loudly blow ones own trumpet drowning out the other guests conversation.
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    No. Players do. Especially when they get paid. If you want success in rugby league - or most anything really - you have to spend.
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    Yes, I believe players making their professional debuts at Toronto would be a success wherever they are from. Even though part of me thinks the whole thing is a bit bonkers, I do actually want Toronto to succeed.
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    They also wouldn't be allowed 13 Canadians under the quota rules now.
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    The problem is that you are assuming that everyone on here has at least half a brain...
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    Not been to Hull then??
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    Location is no barrier to education.
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    They got rid of their academy& their reserves after they bottled their first attempt at promotion and used the money to sign a load of journeymen,maybe that’s why there is so much anti Toronto rubbish spewed out by you all on here,the Canadians are using your model and doing it better.
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    Totally. I was a wee bit numb for a time. Threw myself into work, wouldn't drink, refused se>< & dreamt about him every night for ages. He'd have laughed his c0c/< off at my reaction, I lost a dog too - dogs are part of the family, mate. Don't underestimate that.
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    If anyone says that tell them to get stuffed. It's better dealing with problems than sweeping them.under the carpet. What you went through sounds so heavy duty nothing like mine. It's good you can talk about it One of my puppies died and I was devasted for ages and that's just a dog.
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    For possibly the first time ever, I agree with you.
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    That is really saddening, mate. Mental health issues have been under the wing for so long. My Grandma said that my Grandad came back from WW2 a totally different man. He loved me, but was dreadful to me mam, It's good that people are starting to "get it". That said, if another person tells me to "Man up" I will do time.
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    I've read elsewhere that if SBW were to play in every regular season game over 2 years, he would be on about £80,000 a game. Lamport holds 9,600 and a Season Ticket is ca$300 is ca$2.9 million, or £1.7 million....AKA 68% SBW's salary if they fill Lamport with Season Ticket Holders.....does anyone here believe that they will sell out at full price for every game and even then, there's a huge hole to fill. The main shirt sponsor is a company owned by Argyle/The Pack, so ergo, no cash is changing hands there. The airline is now on the sleeve, so again it's fair to assume that they weren't best pleased with their ROI in the 3 years of flights for shirts, there is no paying TV deal as of today, their agreement to rent Saracens ground looks like moving to Trailfinders, So, to recap. The claim here is that Toronto won't have a reserve set up until they become financially viable, yet even if they sell every seat at full price all year, they will be £800,000 short before they have paid anyone other than SBW. Starting your season with a -£800,000 balance sheet before you've paid anyone other than 1 member of staff isn't a commercial footing. Also. Starting your season with a -£800,000 balance sheet before you've played a game and asking to spend more isn't a commercial footing either. I have defended TWP on this reserve grade thing, agreeing that it's unfair of them to be expected to fund it whilst being deprived of central funding and just stupid to expect Canadian players, but to candy coat it in a 'search for fiscal stability' is just plain daft.
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    Convenient how the negs here all overlook/ignore details like that, but I'd take that deal. If only the negs could have seen the excitement Las Vegas created all around the sports world in their incredible first- year run.
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    theres a thread on league unlimited asking when melbourne will produce their first nrl player. and theyve had over 500 million into them. anybody with half a brain would realize it way to early to be asking these questions of toronto. if toronto are still around in ten years time then maybe look at youth development. the focus was primarily on getting promoted into super league. now the priority is commercial to get the club on a sounder footing. toronto have no incentive to spend money on juniors with P&R. it doesnt reward it
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    They support the so called academies via the community game. It’s 100 years of development.
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    I see a fair bit of "blaming other sides' shortcomings as a ruse to distract from those being experienced by the Rochdale Wolfpack. This does you Rochdale fans no favours at all. The players currently signed for the Pack have all come through the structures at other clubs and whilst Toronto has no plans to build their own, pointing the finger at others is not a valid defense. Simple reality is that The Wolfpack are (according to their coach) either at the cap or maybe over it with a paper thin squad. If they had invested in a reserve set up (which incidentally Mac could use to train the multiple project signings for Saracens) they could at least call on a like for like replacement and not be playing people out of position, which whilst popular in the Championship (and GB tours) isn't going to cut it in SuperLeague.
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    And there we have it , as I said , you ignore the point being made , the school and community clubs in Leigh have produced and continue to produce professional and indeed international players , how many Canadian professional RL players are there ? You have a choice , if you don't understand the point I made , say so , and I will explain again , if you don't want to understand it , then fine just say so and we can ignore you
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    I hope he refunds the club for his wages and flights !!!!!
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    World Cup holders, ravaged by injury and illness, so forced to play inexperienced guys... who stepped up and delivered MotM performances. Having said that, South Africa are a team in transition right now. Still, a lot to be proud of.
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    We clearly must be all things to all people and that had better have been done yesterday. We are a new club...get over it.
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    I agree. You Shook Me and the title track are great songs but for me Hells Bells is the best track on the album.
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    Four years ago since we were anything like a fortress at home or anywhere else!
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    As long as you’re sorry. Anyway next time I’ll just say Featherstone were utterly awful at home against Barrow and yet nearly made it to SL
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    It's really weird how precious you get whenever someone makes a passing comment about Fev. AB Knight was literally just making the point that pre-season performances mean absolutely nothing in the context of the season. Settle down.
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    We'll said. Surely aTV DEAL is just around the corner
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    At this point and after a valiant effort, this thread has gone the way of countless others. Try to demean the messenger to demean the message.
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    Going by their crowds and support at their games, more people would care over there than half the clubs in England.
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    All those cardboard cutouts and blowup dolls that used to populate Lamport?
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    saying it on an internet forum and wishing it will happen doesnt really change anything. its not like mcdermott is reading your posts and saying, you know what, SL17 is right im not going to bother. maybe i should try and get a job with leigh instead
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    because he has friends (*) in canada who told him (*) imaginary friends.
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    Amen! As they say, misery loves company!
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    Alot of righteous and delusional posts on this thread. The bottom line is that Rugby league has very little profile in France, that means that the SL rights have no or a small amount of value. French tv stations are not bothered if you stop them from broadcasting SL, they lose nothing. It's the sport of RL in Europe that stands to lose much more when SL isn't screened in France. These are just realities that people in the RL community struggle to digest, the world doesn't owe rl anything. A product is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it. More importantly if the SL comp wants money for SL to be screened in France then it must do more to make the product more appealing to those broadcasters. It's completely naive and ignorant to just expect people to give you money coz you feel like they should, the world doesn't work like that. How about the SL clubs or executives just say we'll have the comp screened free of charge for x amount of years but we'll use that time to raise the profile of the sport and increase the market value of the competition. This whole episode has been handled disastrously by Elstone and the SL clubs and it's backfired, now there is no coverage in France at all which is terrible for the sport locally because it was starting to make a bit of headway. That's a massive L in my book.
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    To TIWIT, Kayakman, Adelaide Tiger, and all others who think of TWP in a positive light. I'd strongly suggest you stay totally clear of this thread and leave it 100% to the negative towards TWP idiots. They can party-hearty with it until it fizzles out. If you stick with it....the thread that is......you won't win and stress yourselves out. My advice FWIW. I ain't opening this one again.
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    Indeed Farewell Mr Derek
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    I agree that you do not own a rugby league club to make money (with the exception of Toronto), oldham have just moved out of the town and with 2021 looming its important that a club represents a town they are in Rochdale haven't moved out of Rochdale, oldham just have and its been 25 years since swinton played in swinton. The reason the group wanted swinton to change to Manchester is because they hadn't played in swinton for 25 years and Manchester may have attracted new fans, they were trying to do you a favour. That's not a worry for us as we play in Rochdale.
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    We live in various parts of the GTA . Flying over for a long weekend . Will also catch Saints v Salford.
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    Oh I agree with you and from a personal perspective am happy to see that. Was just a little dig at those who wish to see us fail . Same as the name for our party going to our season opener against Cas in Feb . We are the " Cardboard cutout crew " on tour.
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    It wasn’t a MPG.. It was a playoff..You lost the MPG game.
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    Thankfully not. Followed clubs in other sports with little success and enjoyed it when it came . Steamrolling League one and the Championship is all fair and good but this years MPG was sweeter after losing to London.
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    You can't truly enjoy the highs if you don't experience the lows also. We would all like to win but continual winning doesn't give the same as a win where it is not the norm. I am sure even though Salford didn't win the GF they enjoyed the play offs all the more as they don't do it every year.
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    0:37:30 (Perez on Wolfpack haters) "if you go on those forums, there's only 4 or 5 people who are the consistent haters. They sound like such losers." He's definitely been on this forum.
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    Yet again, Mr. Bond, you have fallen into my trap.
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    i knew this hot girl once. she did like an 8 ball (3.5 grams of coke a day). she didnt even enjoy it. when i asked her why she did so much she said she wanted to die. she died two years later in a car crash. she was so messed up

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