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    If you are only looking at a single sponsorship, and not the overall sponsorship portfolio or the impact on the brand of the company, then yes you are right that the value should be one of the more important aspects of any deal. However you shouldn't, in my opinion and from being involved in selling Sporting Corporate sponsorship in the past, looking at the deals in purely isolation and only on dollar values can be very dangerous, especially as certain partners can help attract other partners. Comparing a billion dollar company against a billion dollar company with 5x difference in offering isn't a realistic scenario a club would be seeing. If your scenario was true, for most businesses you'd be able to spin a more than positive story about signing the multinational brand that is Taco Bell, and there is too much of a dollar difference. However let's just say the scenario was one of Salford's other sponsors - Steadfast Expoy Flooring and they offered 700K versus Morson would say only offered 500K, you would seriously still look at Morson and possibly still go with that deal because: Better for the Salford Brand - Recognisable company versus not recognisable, makes the club look larger, more impressive on first impression as they can attract dollars from a company like Morson. Greater opportunity for revenue from Morson - There is potential upsell in Corporate Hospitality, contract renewals, etc as they are a bigger company. Opportunity to attract other larger partners - Firstly Morson's is a recruiter, so they have in's for 100's of companies, which if Salford is smart, will try and take advantage of by encouraging Morson to 'invite' these other groups to AJ Bell Stadium. Secondly other big brands don't want to be mixed with no name brands. Other Services / Promotions - Look at Dacia versus Kingstone Press Cider for England. Both did promotions for England down under... one was only able to get on-product pushes, the other got back page of The Telegraph...
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    I for one enjoy reading Parky's contributions. However you do see that many answer only to be ignored. As for can't answer him, when was the last time Parky provided a direct source or link to back up his opinion pieces?
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    Its alright.. I'm sitting here calculating the dividend that is coming my way at the end of the year after increasing our turnover by 1/3rd in the past year with a new brand that is high margin and designed for the non EU Export Market... i'm doing ok and he can throw what he likes at me i know what I am doing and if i am doing it well, have also been asked to guest lecture on strategy and business at both city universities (both on the MBA course and the undergrad Business course) and I sit on the Industrial Advisory Board for a course for my industry at one of them too, so got to be doing something right!.. (also he is on ignore so i dont see much of the uneducated rubbish he spouts out)
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    This is the stereotype RL fan and why "Big" blue chip companies seldom get involved in RL! I am bored repeating why companies sponsor events - and it is not because people whine about paying £20 for a ticket! Morson is a Multi £million company ( based in SALFORD) with offices worldwide! Morson is also a major sponsor of Sale Sharks ( and Ged is a part owner of SS). The company has a major international foot print - based in Salford! It depresses me than any fan of RL would whine about a company like this supporting the sport! Mushy peas is a far better image!
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    a moment in rl when 2 hard men sent the pulses racing of the entire crowd, mason had disrespected the haka so kidwell went for him with the "big hit" the teams and the spectators were pumped up in to a frenzy at the spectacle providing memorable entertainment to the paying public and bolstering the reputation of international rl as the hardest test on earth, these days we are not allowed to be entertained in such a manner as restraints have been placed on the players not to do this (shoulder charge) - next thing the players will have to shake hands and apologise after every tackle
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    What Bradford really need is a visionary to restore a giant to the top table by thinking outside the box and producing some radical innovation. Maurice Lindsay is still around, is he not?
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    Because he is a guy who can make things happen and get things done?....because he is from Canada and can offer an outside perspective? I hope this mess with the Bulls gets properly sorted out once and for all.
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    I wouldn't worry about that, it's only 2 years away so we'll still be deciding what to do. Volunteer, it's free to apply so what have you got to loose in the (extremely unlikely) event there is an issue?
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    This is a good point. Scotland are playing Serbia on Saturday in a World Cup qualifier, without one of their best players because he is on the GB tour. It seems very unfair on Scotland that they are weakened by the presence of Great Britain and the governing body promotes and encourages weakening one of the home nations.
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    Wolfpack players and staff all need work permit in Canada, visiting teams from another country don't, even if they stay several weeks for an international tournament for example. Non UK-EU players of an English team don't need a work permit to play in Toulouse or Perpignan either, but they need one in the UK. Taxes is a different issue though, visiting players might have to pay taxes in Canada, but I'm pretty sure the Canada UK tax treaty has a double tax avoidance provision on this. Same with UK-France.
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    No. It's all the others who are out of touch. As my dad said, following our cubs' church parade some 60 years ago, "Don't worry, son. It was all the others who were out of step; not you."
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    That's looks as though it's from a third party who will apply (and charge you) for something that can easily and far more cheaply be done yourself.
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    I know, i honestly thought i could put that one to bed quite quickly... i was, of course, wrong!
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    Is that really hard to figure out?
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    British culture, read the most read news stories on every news site. Congrats to Salford great work.
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    Look at you forgetting your own lesson! The poster in question is a utter ****. Ignore him and your life will be better.
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    Very pleased for Salford. It does amuse me on here however. Good news like this is lucky to receive a handful of responses but the first sign of potentially bad news receives pages of replies.Very strange.
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    Have you been over to Toronto yet for a game?....many of the English fans become 'rugby revitalized' after just one visit. There is hope!
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    I got a job through Morson several years back. Very professional in my experience and definitely a good one to get on board.
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    to show the international game Tonga-GB. Defered Saturday night 7.45pm on the FTA channel. Follow-up from their earlier coverage of GB-Kiwis last year. Dragons mangement have been up to Paris I think on a couple of occasions already discussing possible involvement of Super League coverage.Will they bite.
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    Great news. Always good to see big companies get on board like this.
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    Promising news. It is only guaranteed for 1 season by the looks of it, but promising all the same.
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    What is always a possibility, albeit a boring one, is that the RFL have done the best anyone could do to try and keep the Bulls alive and at their home ground. The problems with the Bulls are not due to the RFL, but years of bad management, going back to their heyday when they were winning SL. The worst the RFL can be accused of is keeping them alive too long.
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    But still very few posts with points addressed and questions answered. Any way...So what? They've lost money at a time when it is expected that they would be losing money. What else can you possibly expect? Of course it costs millions a year to run a team- so of course it makes sense to try to get the money making level. How else could it work? The thread is about a "big city" international league. How other way would that happen except exactly how TWP have done it by investing what it takes to have a top product that will make money? Do you have a point besides ripping on Toronto?
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    Of course the difference between team GB,the British lions RU is there's actual Welsh,scots, Irish (NI) and English in those teams...GBRL is exclusively English which renders GBRL pointless.. And I've said it for a decade..I WANT GBRL TO TOUR...BUT ONLY WHEN IT REPRESENTS THE GREAT BRITISH ISLES!
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    Parky is this how you generally talk to people?....like in your average day when you have interactions with other people...is this how you would address them?
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    Maybe for an amateur club. £2k won't make a dent in a SL club.
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    Even if they raise 2k fair play to them for trying and im sure any club would appreciate it.
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    If that is so the lads who dreamt that this was doable must have been having drinking the same stuff as a few forum users.
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    Good news, let's hope they bite on the Catalan contract. https://www.totalrl.com/catalans-explore-link-with-toulouse/ Will they also show the rest of the GB tour?
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    Anyone can preach in a winning position..
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