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    It’s a bit early to have her lumberjacking just yet.
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    I’ve just been checking our just giving page and have to say that I’m delighted to report that we’ve topped £2,000 already. We continue to receive some fantastic amounts which prove the affection that many people have for our great club. I’ve said before that whilst these donations are fantastic, the smaller amounts from those with lesser means are every bit as generous and equally well received, particularly when many people have seen their income severely reduced. May I take this opportunity to thank all who have donated so generously, on behalf of all of us at The Travellers Rest Supporters Club; and also to thank all who have donated via the other groups and fundraising initiatives. We are undoubtedly in the middle of the greatest global crisis of most of our lives and at times like these we need something to look forward to, a sign that normality has returned. Hopefully for many Town fans that will be a Sunday afternoon at Derwent Park cheering the lads on and, to quote her majesty “we’ll meet again”
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    Thank you. I do think she is ok. I think yesterday may have been a false alarm. This morning the cough is gone and there is still no sign of fever and so I think yesterday may have been the consequences of being 80 years old but I'm staying today just to make sure. As you say, anxiety is a big thing at present and that in itself is wearying. Needless to say I didn't get much sleep last night!
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    Obviously Argyle is a keen league man but there is a limit to what the guy will put up with. The WP have been treated badly from the start.Depriving them from of their share of the Sky money was petty to say the least and I can't imagine any other sport acting that way. SL is worried about the money coming in from Sky,surely their comm on sense should tell them their product is not as good as it should be. Bring in a couple of teams from France and Canada and you have a comp with more appeal to tv networks.
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    £10m is more than the turnover of all but one of the SL clubs so hard to believe it's right. On the other hand, without reading the article, seven figures is £1m not £10m so perhaps someone in Brighouse has forgotten to carry the one somewhere.
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    But no games are being shown, games which are part of the deal. They could have easily withheld payment if they desired.
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    You'd have to pry the cats from their owners' cold, dead hands. Pets in the UK are like guns in the USA.
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    New stadiums don't pay for themselves, you know.
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    You always seem to want to cast the Lower League teams adrift. Whatever the issue, you always want to do away with P+R.
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    Cats don't kill people, rappers do.
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    Why scrums gone ? The rules changed to make scrums as they are now so why can't something be done to change them back ? By that I don't mean to the untidy mess they once were but at least having the ball put in the middle and the forwards actually bending their backs instead of just leaning on each other.... surely those aspects can happen. I note you only mention about a lack of bigger exciting forwards but nothing about the three-quarters or half-backs, which I suppose might give an indication of the style of play you enjoy. That's fine because everybody has their own opinion but I would go slightly the other way and say that a reduction of such forward play would then create more opportunity for the backs to excite more and have space to keep the ball alive longer.
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    They should ask their wives what else they can do around the house with their apron on...
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    I think the three games per week would be necessary to get the games all played in time
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    Steve Quinn winning goal at Wembley 83 Final, also his chase back to keep Ellery Hanley out wide in the Semi Final.
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    Some good may come of this.
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    Orange Order cancels 12th July marches.
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    If we have a shortened season with less TV games clubs will get less money. Sky are not going to pay for games that dont happen.
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    Don't what he had in mind but from purely a SL perspective if you had something like the following you could do x3 games a week Scrapped reserve games Increased number of interchanges No individual player could play for than so many minutes over the x3 games or even only play in x2 of the x3 games Team have a max of first team squad plus max number of reserves per game. Maybe only 60mins per game etc, etc You can easily guard over playing of players... I assume he is throwing the idea as a discussion point, a bit like the x4 quarters suggestion... Then idea's of how it could be done as distinct that assuming all players play x3 80min games...
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    That is absolutely a million miles off. You cant add your costs to the lost revenue and pose that as a loss. That's mental
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    An interesting read about the Invincibles team on the front page of TotalRL.com Shame it all went the way it did for Wozzer afterwards.......... Nothing but good words about him from the players at that time
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    Wrong. It was for the first match only. Get your facts right before posting more of your mindless drivel.
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    Anxiety is one of the biggest issues now as any symptom that presents that is associated with c-19 is a worry. I'm sure you know the drill. Any sign of deterioration, get on the blower. I hope she's ok. At least you are with her.
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    I'm amazed Argyle keeps this going, CV19 would actually give him the perfect excuse to exit. SL have shown nothing but contempt for the project anyhow.
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    Unless we saw the contract and understood any provision of payment should the season be effected by influences beyond the control of both parties then both of these are just speculation.
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    Great news and no doubt essential to many clubs. Big, bad Sky aren't always the devil that some make out.
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    With no real sight of coronavirus coming to an end and no vaccine yet developed I can see the situation going on for quite some time, even to the point that it might be almost a year until everything is back to normal and we just begin again by finishing the season and rescheduling the remaining fixtures but 12 months behind when they should have been.
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    Some good shouts there people, I go back to the mid 1970s, 1 Steve Tickle 2 Jermaine McGillvray 3 Ian Ball 4 Cliff Beverley 5 James Nixon 6 Kevin Hastings 7 David Cairns 8 Cavill Heugh 9 Andy Ellis 10 Malcolm Flynn 11 Eddie Szymala 12 Ned Catic 13 Derek Hadley 14 Phil Atkinson 15 Andrew Henderson 16 Kurt Haggarty 17 Joe Bullock So many top, top players left out too. Harrison, Holt, Broadbent, Trainor, Knowles, Manihera, Whittle, Camilleri, Maybon, Gary Kendall, Susino, Neil Shaw etc etc. Just shows weve had some great players over the years.
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    I almost certainly will such is life. It has been interesting!
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    At least the ball goes in the middle and isn't just passed from the scrum-half to the loose-forward while the other forwards don't even bother to pack down properly and breakaway almost as soon as the ball is fed into it. All that is needed is for the ball to be put in the middle and maybe only the scrum-half allowed to pick it up at the base of the scrum thus making sure the forwards stay in it for a while longer.
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    I'm not arguing for what I want to watch. Simply what will happen because winning comes first and it always will do. If you create rules which mean players get fatigued, coaches create tactics so that their players are less fatigued.
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    In this day and age would someone make fun of a person wearing a turban for religious reasons ? If not, then why for the apron ?
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    It could be £10.000.00. Or it could be £6,000,000 (> 10,000,000 Canada dollars)
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    An accountant would agree! A rugby league journalist wouldn’t!
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    Think Luisi was a more skilful player but Armi played with more heart and never seemed to have a bad game.
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    The comment I have highlighted above is a good part of the reason why general open play - in my opinion - is not as exciting as it was some years ago. Anyone wishing to be a coach has to now go through the various levels on a coaching course and are therefore all receiving the same instruction as to the "best way" to do the job. Coaches who qualify and are appointed to a professional team are then wanting to protect their job and are mindful of the fact that if they try something different which doesn't work then it might lead to their dismissal ... and so they stick to what they were told was the best way to do the job. It's the same with many professional sports these days; it's all structured to perform in a certain way and with very few instances of "off the cuff" plays .. and so becomes boring. Yes there are aspects of the "old" game that I wouldn't bring back (untidy scrums, lying-on at a tackle; high tackles) but I am talking about the general open play. When "modern" supporters talk about RL in the past they often have the impression it was fat prop forwards playing on a muddy pitch and of having constant fights throughout the 80 minutes, yet much of their opinion comes from just seeing highlights on film and were not actually there ... and we who did watch it "live" are just dismissed as not being "with it". The ball used to be passed about far more than it is these days while there must be a reason why the wingers in the past used to score far more tries than they do now .... that reason being that the ball used to get out to them more. OK if people enjoy the "safety first" aspect of the game more then that's their opinion but I much preferred a more expansive style. Would Alex Murphy or Roger Milward get into a modern team ? Well, their skills might be good enough but the coaches certainly wouldn't be happy at their attempts of individualism during a match.
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    As there’s a very good chance even by the end of the season there will still be social distancing I can see the entire season if it starts being played behind closed doors. So expect the CC and the GF to be played at Leigh or Headingley.
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    He played 11 games at Fullback and three at Centre for the Dogs. He was moved around at the Cowboys in his short stint there being used as a Fullback, Centre and Stand off.
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    That’s genuinely the first time I’ve ever read anyone say Wellens wasn’t a good player. Either you’re letting his last two or three years cloud your view or you’ve got some incredible tinted glasses.
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    He’s a loose forward playing union. In a parallel universe he might have taken over from uncle Lockers in the England team.
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    For something to do, I was messing around with the data from the BBC/Johns Hopkins to try to extract some comparisons. (No log scales ) By comparing mortality rate to positive tests, you can get a measure of the level of testing done by each country. i.e. lower % implies more testing is being done (testing all with symptoms rather than just those who are hospitalised). There seem to be two clear groups. By comparing daily mortality rate, you can get a rough measure of how much the spread is being controlled. (no data for France for 31/3) or how much the curve is being flattened. (with a week or so behind actions) It seems South Korea and Germany were quick off the mark and doing lots of testing, whereas the USA have upped their testing now, but their death rate has not yet responded to the isolation actions. Other countries seem to have turned the corner and the death rates are now levelling off or declining. My own particular interest, Indonesia, however, is a somewhat different situation, and would appear from the stats to be under control, but this belies the reality, which could get awfully messy very quickly. There has been some level of lock down fairly early in the piece, but mostly it's just ostrich tactics. Officially, there are currently 2,273 cases and 198 deaths. The health system has zero capacity to deal with any kind of outbreak, particularly outside the big cities. One thing that prevents any quality data is that there is no such thing as a death certificate and no requirement for a post-mortem examination or cause of death. People who die are being wrapped in plastic and buried without being tested. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-52124193
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    That Watersplash docu is a great film. Saw it last time round but I was still fighting back a tear in my eye earlier. Terribly sad how it affected Don Fox so badly.
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    Here's what we've got coming up this week... Ralph Rimmer provides an update on matters in an exclusive interview. Which Super League coach has slammed the comments of Gary Hetherington? There's an in-depth piece with Toronto's Bob Hunter, who reveals the staggering amount they are set to lose. Interviews with Daryl Powell, Jermaine McGillvary, Harvey Livett, Luke Gale and more. All the regular Championship & League 1 news. A major throwback, with a special piece looking at the tour of 1914. You can read selected highlights from League Express, right here, from 8.30 pm on a Sunday night. For more info head here: https://www.totalrl.com/about-total-rugby-league-premium/ You can also get the full digital edition at www.totalrl.com/le from approx 9.30pm on Sunday or get a print copy in stores from Monday.
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    I think his lack of pace would have been exposed in the NRL.
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    Just think about what you are saying and how that works. Thinking is so stifled because the game is currently played a certain way. Attacking line - deep. Defensive line - initially straight but further they all have to move they more ragged they become - watch any RL game to observe this. Entropy in action. A good player/team playing this way wants them to come on quickly hence the art of drawing a defence to you. They might get to the first man quickish but we are talking about half backs been first man not props and they will not get to the 2nd or 3rd or more man quickly at all hence we now have a ragged defensive line with gaps to be exploited. Occasionally defence wins and you lose yards, this happened countless times in pre SL days, watch games for the evidence. However mostly the attack will make similar amounts as they do now or come up with line breaks and tries but from far more differing points on the field. One of the greatest tries I have seen was Cliff Lyons at Old Trafford in 1990, he got the ball initially at perhaps 3rd man having started 20 yards back from the play the ball before it went through countless hands before getting back to him to finish. The try could never have happened with a flat attacking line. Some other examples contained herein:
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    Why would you always want to hold a defence in place and play around it...like playing with one arm. There was an art in bring a defence onto you and exploiting the space behind, and it was a great spectacle with vastly more ball movement. Take a look at some more pre 96 matches and look at the depths of the attacking lines....there was good reason for this.All in the depths of winter too. The main gripe I have with the thinking of the last 10 years at least is that has gone to pretty much coaching by numbers. There is little to no originality. Sometimes you could swaps the shirts on either team with noticing a difference in how they play. And that is from youth up to SL. Talking to some youth coaches the frustration is apparent but they daren't/won't go against the Groupthink. It is all out the back to the full back to do his miss pass to the wing (or to Sneyd to kick to opposite corner if you are Hull). I personally think it is so easy to counteract and defend against if you have a decent, thinking, coach. Everyone knows whats coming and many teams just play on mistakes. There is little risk taking or original thought. With regards creativity I think you are miles out. Even going back to just pre SL days all teams had original moves which they used getting on for every set. Many teams/coaches used to come out with something different every week . You don't even see a run around now and just forget any moves from a scrum. We used to practice these for a large part of the training sessions. Nowadays I could sit and predict what is going to happen set to set, tackle to tackle, kick chase to kick chase. If something unpredictable does happen it's a big occasion! All teams play very similarly and the ones that have broken the mould as mentioned elsewhere the Cas team of couple seasons ago, Leeds and Saints have had great success which you would have thought would embolden other coaches but it sadly hasn't. Playing and coaching by numbers is not the way RL is going to crack it. Depth and creativity from only 94.
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    It wasn't his only one. When we beat Hunslet in 2007 by 83-6 he also dropped a goal (reported as a field goal by League Express but that's another thread altogether). The significance of this one, however, was that Francis Maloney had already kicked 13 goals in the match, equalling Greg Pearce's record. Francis was being set up for a drop goal, and the record, when silly Kevin intervened. The hooter went shortly afterwards and I don't think that Francis Maloney was best pleased, to say the least.
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    Includes footage of Ian Schubert in his "Farrah Fawcett Hair" days.
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    What will help the safety of the player's, is dropping the interchange ruling to 3, gone would be the day's of the 10 minute behomoths, they would be replaced by forwards still big lads but capable of sustaining longer minute's on the pitch.
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    As much as I have lived and breathed Rugby League for over 55 years, I would much prefer to be able to live and breath for some time longer yet, even if it means no RL for a while.

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