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    WELCOME All you need to do is: 1. Name the 8 winning teams (a drawn game after extra time counts as a win for both teams for the sake of our comp) 2. How many points will be scored by all the teams added together in R9? (Used as tie breaker) 3. How many HOME wins will there be in the round? When a game is played on the road the first team is taken as the home team. 4. Poll: How many teams will score 30 points or more? Enter in your post and also at the top of the topic. Entries welcome until the first game of the round kicks off this Thursday 9th July. Award images are made and presented weekly. There's a tipping ladder kept throughout the season too. it is kept as a separate thread on this forum.
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    Just ordered the book ‘Del Boy French for Beginners’. It’ll knock those French lasses bandy!
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    I agree with the scrum half being made to feed the front row. I'd also like to see the scrum stay bound until the scrum half has either, passed, dummied or taken a step.
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    I agree with your last sentance ... but instead of getting rid then I would again make them so. Not as they were in the 1960s/70s but also certainly not in the farcical way they now are. However, if you say props are heavier then would such bulk also be required if no scrums ?
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    YES it is uplifting and our Canadian brothers and sisters sure do know how to throw a party at a sports event. In 2007 I attended my first Grey Cup Final in Toronto the whole weekend was a fantastic experience what impressed me was the different levels of engagement budget wise over the weekend there was. * Party at the top of the CN tower with live bands (This was a corporate event LOVERBOY were the main attraction big in Canada like April Wine and Triumph but hardly anyone has heard of them elsewhere:) * Massive pre match party next to the stadium which started at lunchtime and ran for around 6/8 hours (Over 8000 in attendance) the interaction with the sponsors was fab included * Log sawing competitions sponsored by De Walt * Play with POKER STARS TV heroes (My wife had a blast she is Russian and is a mean hand at poker:) * SONY TV sponsored anyone having a picture with the GREY CUP we still have ours on the wall at home:) * Nissan sponsored a 4 x 4 driving circuit There was LIVE bands great food and the match entertainment included LENNY KRAVITZ at half time it was brilliant really opened by eyes 7 of us went including Jacques Jorda the ex French national coach with his wife very happy memories. GOOD LUCK YOU CANADIANS:) Paul
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    This thread is so uplifting. The way you people talk puts some of our die-hards to shame. Good luck to you all. I hope its a massive success.
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    Surely there's a direct rail from one city to the other which would be easier than getting a car?
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    Congratulations to R L Winger on his victory this week and congratulations to the minor prize winners.
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    Please click on this animated award to enlage for your viewing pleasure Note the tie breaker saw RLW closer to the points total than our other top scorer Stoney100, making R L Winger our Champion Tipster this week.
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    Congratulations to Stoney100 and R L Winger as our topscorers this week with 7/8 Well done our other award winners. I'll work on the animated award now. I bet you'll have to click on that too to see it at a reasonable size.
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    Well it didn't stay at 100% for anybody, though two tipsters did come close with 7/8 Who were they? Look below: The image hosting method now in use gives a smaller image here to start with. Click on it to enlarge it so it can be read more easily.
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    Laurent Garnier is a French Catalan. Coached Carcassonne a few seasons back. Last year he brought over two aspiring French half backs to partake in a Youth Training Camp at Melbourne Storm. Dimitri Pelo also played 87 games for the Catalans Dragons between 2007-10. What's amazing here is a second-tier competition demanding over £1 million start-up. If only..
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    Trouble is without promotion The Championship will become a training exercise for youmg players.We help them improve and hopefully develop to S.L. standard and get sweet F.A. once they are out of contract.And if we do away with scrums thats me finished after 66years watching the game.
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    I wanted it to be the dawn of a proper era of administration in Rugby League and more specifically, Super League when Robert Elstone come in. There were a couple of early, bold moves that Super League took and it looked like maybe, just maybe, we were approaching a corner to turn. We, quickly slammed the foot on the break pedal and slammed into reverse and decisions made have been more and more bizarre as they’ve gone on. Now, I’m absolutely lost as to what Elstone’s purpose is anymore. He’s swallowing a big wage that could be put to far better use in a plethora of ways. We’re a sport born out of division but the infighting that has gone on since then is tiresome and well beyond annoying. It’s easy to see why people get disillusioned and lost to the game when we’re run as comically as this. At a time where we need strong leadership, I can’t remember the last time I saw Elstone on TV or being interviewed and making a decision.
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    After 6 years including scholarship academy and reserves me and my mates have all been let go by email! Basically told the rfl said no reserves next season that reference was made in the press about reserves 'friendlies' next year but would not be possible because of costs for a reserves squad staffing and facilities. A couple of us have made enquiries with nat1/nat 2 union clubs for trials as they seem to pay more than part time champ and league 1 teams.

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