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Vegas Again/2025 and WCC

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8 hours ago, Damien said:

Didn't the NRL estimate that up to 5,000 English fans flew across for it as it is? The Australian media consistently mentioned how many English fans were there too. It's hardly a stretch to imagine more doing this if a WCC was added.

I read post-event, can't recall where but pretty sure it was NRL linked, that c17000 tickets were sold to Australian addresses and c4000 to UK/other non-USA ones. That leaves around 20000 sold to US addresses, a chunk of whom will have been ex-pats.

I'd say around 15000 Americans attended, based on a casual ratio observation at and around the stadium. Think that's a pretty decent number given the limited general awareness of the event.

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NRL in Vegas was such a hit, my American mate wants a Canberra Raiders jersey (theroar.com.au)


"If someone had told me a couple of months ago that I’d have friends in the small American town I live in asking me about how they could get their hands on a Raiders jersey, about how the Penrith Panthers were able to create a dynasty with a father-son coach duo – “dude how is that even legal” – or telling me about how electric they found Tom Trbojevic and James Tedesco to be I would have called you insane.

"The simple fact that I, on a regular basis, see friends of mine watching NRL highlights is evidence enough that NRL Las Vegas has brought at least some people to the game.

"Continuing the NRL Las Vegas will do wonders, but I also think holding NRL nines tournaments or international tests could do wonders, especially on the West Coast which has a decent Pasifika population."


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Melbourne Storm, Penrith Panthers and the Dolphins looking favourites for Vegas 2025, according to this article. NQ Cowboys postponing offering their candidature for a year hence, when they will have all their ducks beak to tail.


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