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MOM Featherstone Rovers v Bradford

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1   Minns

2. Hardcastle

3 Jones


That WAS a team performance


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Minns 16, Jones 10, and Davies 7. Holmes has 6 and Lockwood 5. Hardcastle 3, and Hall 1. A great performance from the team

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3 minutes ago, marklaspalmas said:

Same every week Robin.

But Connor Jones had an absolute blinder.

As did minnsy koppy Gaz josh locky WD etc etc. 

A cracking effort all across the field.

As Vausey will attest, unless we're 50 points up with 5 mins to play, we are never comfortable. But yesterday was such a confident display from a well busted team.

You've read my drivel for many years. I'm a pessimistic old 2@. But this year I genuinely feel different. We're going up mate. 

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