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    This thread isn't about you. Please don't try and turn it into a thread about you by goading such responses. Thank you.
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    Oh dear oh dear oh dear this will have all the cloth cap and ferret brigade moaning and groaning into their beer, they will all be GREEN with envy , heres a club only 125 days old and outselling itself to the tune of more than 99% of the clubs that have been around for 125 years ...eat your heart out PARKSIDER ,.....how dare they
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    I've never heard once Canberra grumble about away fans. Same for Townsville and a few other teams. Fill your ground with your own people and you'll do well.
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    I am new to the forum but a Wolfpack fan and one who played rugby in high school (Ottawa). Professionally I was in corporate banking and corporate finance for many years (but now am a partner in a software/tech enterprise) and I have peripheral contact with some parties doing business with TW. So I have some observations based on my knowledge and experience: 1) TW is very well financed, they already have high quality sponsors, and they are in a very, very affluent city. It would not surprise me if it turned out the TW financial position exceeded all but a few of the Super League clubs. They are doing exceedingly well out of Lamport, for which the rent is very low. The ownership is very people oriented, you see it reflected in the coach, gm and even the players (who all look very happy to be playing for the Wolfpack even though it is in the bottom tier). 2) Rugby does have a base in Canada, I played in high school but the sport lacked a professional high profile club to attach and inspire youth. With the existence of the Wolfpack that will change quickly I believe. 3) the score of games is pretty meaningless for the fans in Toronto. They know the clubs coming here are at a disadvantage and they will support them because of that. When Toronto bumps up to Championship that will cause the Woflpack to blow through the Lamport capacity - it won't require they be in Super League for crowds to grow. Success builds success, and Canadians are generally extremely supportive across a wide array of sports. And this is close enough to hockey and lacrosse in its physicality that its popularity will grow as more of the general population learns about it. 4) Quite simply, this is not a small market team, and Canadians don't even really think the way say Londener's do with their neighborhood mentality. The small market mentality is what is killing the league and why they are hoping for North American expansion. 5) 7pm starting time for games is meaningless. I remember waiting for ice at 2am as a midget hockey player. If you are a Brit, you have no idea of the life of a hockey parent (or curling) in Canada, let alone an adult player on a team in a house league (of which there are millions of participants). The ice runs 24/7/365 and you likely have never experienced anything similar. I will be blunt, and hope this is not taken the wrong way. If your British, throw out almost every convention with which you are familiar when trying to compare Toronto norms and habits to what you are familiar. None of them apply. Canadians think a 9pm start time for a game is perfectly normal and a 7 pm time is likely viewed as early. Canadians think a 5 hour -500km drive to go visit their parents is a commute, not a trip. Canadians think going to see a professional event where they get in for $25 is so cheap they doubt its real. It takes about 24 hours of continuous driving to get from one end of just the Province of Ontario to the other end, so to hear griping about a short plane ride (most of our in-country travel takes longer) will get you no friends. Canadians love wolves and will take to the imagery of the Wolfpack like a fish to water. Beer swilling rugby players fits very nicely into the beer swilling hockey mentality. So unless the league collapses on the UK side, Toronto is the last of anyone's worries. Its us worried about you as we are now becoming aware of just how weak it is on that side of the pond. Really, we should just move the whole league over here, then it would likely do much better financially. We have small towns that draw crowds many times the size of your normal attendance, just to junior hockey. Those are a few thoughts that occur to me based on what I have observed....
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    York City Knights received a huge boost off the field today as York Council announced that work to build York’s new community stadium should begin in October when contractors will move onto the site in Monks Cross.
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    N.American sports teams do not rely on away fans. I went to the Baseball in Toronto the other week I didn't see any NY Yankee fans there. Poor old Toronto had to struggle on with just 42,000 home fans. How do they manage?
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    I am not sure what the issue is about fan count. The count who comes through the turnstiles so its accurate or very close. You actually have fans on all 4 sides of the stadium, and you have to get used to the way Toronto fans attend games - its not a sit still type of audience for the most part - 20% will wander in only by mid first half, at least 1k fans will be at the beer garden rotating in and out, etc. Given that dollars flow out based on the gate, you can be darn sure from TWP perspective if they say 7200 were there, and they have to pony out a portion based on that gate, it really was that number or close to it. Hemel played a very disciplined game for a part time team - I think they have a good future despite their current standing. They appear to have a well balanced coach. Toronto has some dreadful loose moments and I suspect Paul Rowley may have a word or two to say. The end was a bit messy all the way around. But it appears all the players were past that once they and the fans made their way to the beer garden meet and greet. How fabulous it must be for the visiting teams to actually get up close and personal with fans who just want to let them know they appreciate them, irrespective of the score. I found it a bit humorous at the end when Paul was speaking to the crowd, when it was quite obvious fans and players just wanted to bolt for the gardens - a tradition I think by now that everyone feels is an integral part of a Toronto match. What will everyone do if they outgrow this stadium? Getting the parents and children up front with players I think is crucial to enhancing the profile of the sport in Canada. Again, notice all the women and children in the crowd - this is not just being attended by a bunch of old diehard sods - I think lots of locals are making it an event, and given there are a few hundred thousand in the immediate neighborhood that is a good thing.
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    Despite the scoreline today's match was a cracking day out, fantastic atmosphere and the All Gold's to their credit got stuck in and didn't make it easy. Quinn Ngawati had a good debut, plenty of energy and I hope it was enough to make it onto next week's roster. My lad was a ball runner today as well and managed to get a photo with the debutant (among others)
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    "Adopted" in that he's born in Canada to a Canadian mother and a father who played for Canada and has lived there for most of his life. I'm sure he appreciates a grudging acceptance of his Canadian-ness.
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    How great is it as an opposing player, likely knowing even before the commencement of play that you were outmatched, yet to get this type of support and recognition from the fans of the opposing team? Even in loss you would be in a good state of mind and have no regrets. I think Hemel and their coach should view all their recent progress, plus the fact they got some big love in Toronto where fans simply appreciate effort, as an impetus to continue to strive to their goals. When your toiling in the bottom of the trenches everything upwards looks like a tremendous battle, but if you conduct yourselves with honor and do your best, then you have already won the most important battle, and you can always hold your head high. It seems to me that other then perhaps Barrow, all the visitors have played to their best ability, and I think in some cases they vastly exceeded their own expectations. I give them all a cheer and my respect. Thank you.
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    1: Strawman quietly moving the goalposts. Other clubs’ gate receipts go to their respective clubs. Toronto were expected to tank when it came to support but they have knocked it out of the park, so now it’s changed to where the money goes to attempt discredit. 2: Non-sequitur, the Wolfpack don’t arrange international fixtures. However, the Wolverines have played England Lionhearts, GB Teachers and the RAF. 3: Smells like red herring. What approaches if any, as no one has produced proof they came from Argyle or Perez and when, have any bearing on what challenges the Wolfpack face at the moment and the commitments they have made. Your personal opinion of those approaches from Argyle or Perez, if they happened, isn’t relevant to the debate. 4: Never been in dispute, nothing to debate. 5: There is no information to draw any conclusion, either for or against. It is unreasonable, some might say outright ludicrous even, for a new team in their inaugural season of Kingstone Press League 1 play to announce a Super League TV deal. 6: Editorialising is not debate, this is just your opinion. 7: A new strawman with a red herring for a head. By this logic, no new market should be allowed because they are not along the developmental path as far as others that have been at it for a greater period of time. Toulouse’s status has nothing to do with where Toronto are at. You don’t need all this fallacious fluff around the central points of your position and I’m sure you would be respected more if you simply stuck to those cogent elements. As we have gone over numerous times in the past with the same and similar statements, it distills to two major points: skin in the game and player development, both of which are not in dispute yet you continue to pillory Toronto supporters (as if they would have access to such things) for their inability to satisfy your unreasonable weekly demands on specificity and use that as support for all your opinions being right. It’s not what you argue, it’s how you go about it and make no mistake, it certainly is not debate. If you truly were the expansionist you now purport to be, you would be offering up potential solutions, suggestions, ideas and timelines, not just expecting others to provide their opinions for you to tear down for lack of immediacy. Why not provide some of your thoughts on ‘exactly’ what Toronto should be doing in the local Toronto market and the greater North American market? How would you suggest filling the gaps you've identified? No one in these discussions at the moment has more reason than I to be skeptical for the future in Canada, but in this establishment season I’m willing to go on a little faith that work is being done whilst we focus on trumpeting the successes and building momentum as a brand in a new market. If nothing Is announced in terms of developmental pathways and structure by the beginning of the off season, feet will certainly be held to the fire. Commitments to development have been made and it’s crucial they are followed up on, 2025 will be here before we know it. Perez has hinted at previously suggested avenues of link ups with American leagues or with local RU clubs willing to put in a RL program, confirmation is required in how these will operate. Hopefully, at the end of the season viewing figures for Premier & CBC streaming will be available. This, along with attendance figures, will give us a baseline for comparison in the upcoming Championship season. Agreements with GameTV and CBC Streaming were only for this year so next year’s agreements, when announced, will provide an indicator of any market value increase. We can also look at the sponsor suite and how that carries over to next season, retention being a reasonable measure of business practice. None of this, however, will likely be available by this coming Saturday.
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    Unless they return to franchasing they cannot deny Toronto or Toulouse admission to SL under current competition rules. It would be an absolute legal minefield as you already have a voting member from France. Bringing away fans a criteria? Honestly? Why don't they go the whole hog and set a "two hours" drive away limit on any club in SL?
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    Long comment here - forewarned is forearmed! I will chip in a few thoughts here, I was assembling them for elsewhere but here seems a good place to park a few of them. Mr Parksider had said to me in another thread the following : I found Parksider's comment interesting as he did not even attempt to refute a single point I had been discussing at that time which were about Toronto being a model in terms of financing, management and logistics that the league was testing as a model for further North American based expansion. Instead he went off on a tangent about where the players are sourced, etc. I have seen this refrain again and again recently. I am a Toronto booster ( because hey its a rugby team in Canada and I live here!) but in past comments of mine the point I was attempting to make (perhaps badly?) is that the powers that be are really interested in North American expansion (and have said so publicly). Toronto is just the model test case, and to date its generally passing with flying colors for all the things that matter "financing, management and logistics". I am not suggesting there have not been bumps or need for improvement, but having spent most of my life in high finance, incl financing professional sports, I am certain it is judged by those who count as a success to date for that criteria. IMHO league management has identified that there is potential of growth/money/stability is to be found abroad, and North America is identified as the place (Australasia is simply too far). What and how it will affect cherished local teams I do not know, but I suspect it will not be positive for all. But it might be better for the league in the long run - even in League 1 I have observed some athletes on every team who merit full time employment as players, and expansion should provide such opportunity. I have noticed an obsession by Parksider and some peers with local development clubs and some sort of farm system. FYI, there are thousands of rugby players in Canada, and tens of thousands in the USA. The issue here is that until now, it was purely an amateur sport, and as most players were crossovers from other sports such as NA football, lacrosse or hockey, at a certain point Rugby was dropped as it had no future path. If a pro league starts to build here, even a small amount of that talent, in a total NA population of 400 million, would start to filter through eventually. That is what is occurring with soccer, and I suspect is hoped will happen with Rugby. 30 yrs ago, soccer did not even exist in most gym programs here. I grew up in one of the largest cities and never saw a soccer ball right through to the end of university. It was almost unknown. I did play rugby for 2 years in high school. My university had a rugby team (and still does). in 2016 Toronto Wolfpack had tryouts in several NA cities looking for players, and I believe came away with 3 people on its roster from these tryouts. This was before anyone knew who they were. Perhaps the next group of tryouts, it having been proven they are a serious venture, will attract more talent? What if there is more then one NA rugby club to inspire the tens of millions of professional caliber athletes on this continent. As well, I observe from this forum that to a die-hard local/traditional fan, a club based on substantially local or regional talent is important. The thing is for Canadians it has hardly any importance at all. We are an extremely diverse, mixed population, and are used to players on sports teams, irrespective of the sport, being from all over. The Toronto FC, which draw 25K to 30K fans, have only one or two Canucks on the roster. Same with the Toronto Argonauts (NA football) who have designated Canadian talent, but the majority of the team is from the USA. The Toronto Raptors (Basketball) have no Canadian players at all. I don't believe the Toronto Blue Jays (baseball) have any Canadians on the roster either. Even the Maple Leafs (hockey) have a roster that is almost half from abroad. Only the Toronto Rock (Lacrosse) have a significant Canadian talent pool. Fans here simply don't care. It matters not in the slightest. Canada does have many players in all those sports, they just are usually on the roster of one of the American teams. The country produces thousands of professional athletes - its a multi-sport sporting country - likely one of the most diverse on the planet given our seasons. Note Toronto has 6 major professional sporting teams and no one here thinks the well is even remotely dry for supporting more. An important distinction however, I read this brand of rugby is part of a "class" identity on your side of the pond - the industrial vs the elite. Here the appeal has nothing to do with that rather it is the appeal to some very traditional elements of culture here - namely the physicality of the sport. There are lots of things being discussed in this and many similar threads of which I have no knowledge - its seems very micro based discussion - but my read of league management is that they are looking at a different picture then that which is being speculated on the forums here by some fans. It just came to me - when I read many of the posts here, what I read is a lot of tribalism. We are not tribal in Canada they way you are in the UK, and I strongly suspect that league management is trying to break out of the tribal mode, as small tribes tend wither and die in the long run. Sorry if this is a bit disjointed. I pulled some thoughts into this comment from past notes I had made. Its not all I have but gets a few at least on the board so that a non-local/traditional perspective is brought to light. I commend you all on your support for your beloved teams. I hope the all survive, many seem to have great history. But I believe change is in the air.....
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    Really looking forward to this. What we've achieved this year has been fantastic - Twice beating Crusaders, Thrashing Keighley and beating Workington on their own patch. All of this without using Dual registration. Of course we know we're in for a hell of a game, I just hope to see us score a few tries, which hopefully we should do considering we have one of the best wingers in the division ( Mo Agoro) and one of the best dummy halfs in the league (Steve Parry). Really looking forward to meeting the great people of Toronto who seem to have taken this great sport into their hearts.
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    Hi guys, York City Knights are set to play Toronto Wolfpack on Sunday 30th July at Bootham Crescent in round 1 of the Kingstone Press League 1 Super 8s. With no Super League or Championship games on 30th July, this will be a perfect opportunity for fans of other clubs to come and watch the Wolfpack play first hand. The Eventbrite ticket event page can be found HERE… Its just £15 adults, £10 concessions and completely FREE for anyone under the age of 16. Anyone who purchases online within the next 24 hours will receive a 10% discount! We're hoping to pack out Bootham Crescent to the rafters so please come along if you can!
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    No longer a novely trialist. Young raw and Canadian (I think he is 18). Shame on Toronto Wolfpack for giving this lad a pathway.
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    As for social media, how about this beaut.
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    Just returned from a fantastic four days in Toronto. I have nothing but praise for what they're doing (apart from that tosspot Rowley for his disgraceful post match comments). The crowds are passionate - loads of children and women in attendance. After full time I was offered countless beers by the Toronto fans - I had an All Golds fleece on, I think they thought I was a player! The natives are so friendly and warm you really couldn't meet nicer people. Our players were blown away by the scenes at full-time when they were bombarded with high fives and selfies from the 7000 people in attendance. (SEVEN THOUSAND PEOPLE WATCHING TWO EXPANSION CLUBS!) The Wolfpack were great off the field I must say. Bus picked us up from the airport and even gave us bottles of water and bananas after our long flight. The accommodation was very good, everything went to plan thanks to our general manager who organised all the paperwork so we had no issues at the airport. It's very sad to hear of the financial problems of teams like Swinton. But when all is said and done these teams have had their chance and they've failed. The sport needs new blood and teams like the Wolfpack are essential to the future of rugby league.
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    SL clubs should not be worrying about away spectators. They get £1.8M per season gifted to them FFS If they're that skint why did they vote for the Salary Cap increase and the dispensations for Marquee Players, they obviously can't afford them
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    Well done to them. It's also great for the clubs playing them.
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    The one positive I take from this is it’s obvious the impact the Toronto Wolfpack has made in the Rugby League world in general. Such interest and talk we as a sport have not had in a long time. That being said, the fact that this thread has trundled along to 37 pages based on assumptions, suppositions, speculations and conjecture means there will be no winner, no one will be ‘right’ in the short term, there will just be an interim Champion Dead Horse Flogger. It’s a simple fact that no one knows, nobody, what the situation will be in 12-18 months and beyond. Another simple fact is any changes, in terms of Super League at any rate, will be made by a few wealthy men behind closed doors. Make of that what you will. This whole thread has become no different that two old biddies chuntering over the back fence; lots being said, but no real information being transferred. Until such time official information comes to light to fill these speculative gaps, these exchanges become little more than monotonous exercises in futility.
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    Only if you like games where 7,000 people turn up, families come, good beer is served, both teams are applauded and all the players take time to meet the fans afterwards. Otherwise it's awful.
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    Lord in heaven, this is turning into the trench (entrenched) warfare of forum threads. Will it be over by Christmas, boys? Anyway, I'm off to see the Wolfpack this afternoon, drink some decent beer in the beer garden in the sunshine and then chat to the players afterwards. I think that's what it's supposed to be about isn't it?
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    Teams playing the Wolfpack at home have had their highest attendances of the season.
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    Maybe i'm missing something but I cannot understand why any individual or any team would be threatened by a new entry doing well, bringing in new fans (on a new continent), new investment (ie deep pocketed ownership) and a new attitude (innovative marketing) into Rugby League. If the success of the Wolfpack causes Canadians and Americans to suddenly start conducting internet searches along the lines of "where the hell is Barrow or Hunslet or Salford" and learning about the history of the All Golds and Hull Kingston Rovers somehow this is a bad thing..huh? It's said that a rising tide lifts all boats so i'd think clubs struggling with attendance or a league looking for ways to expand interest in their product would welcome something, anything that moves it in the desired direction,does it matter how or where the growth potential originates as long as the business model makes sense?
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    I was in the ground in Toronto on Saturday, and I didn't detect any level of sneering whatsoever. People just seem to be having a good time, enjoying a new sport, and getting a few beers down their necks. If Parksider's reaction is truly representative of fans in the heartlands of the game, then I worry not just for the game, but for the sanity of the people who watch it. The Wolfpack are new, Toronto is new (to RL), and their fans are new. If we are to treat them like this, then RL will soon get very old to them. It's all seems a bit silly to me.
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    How would you have any idea about their financial situation and so called deficits. Sounds like sour grapes to me.
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    I despair. I sometimes wish that rugby league should be handed over to the small minded flat cappers and let them get on with it: and see where they end up. Martyn Sadler reports of Super League Clubs objecting to the possibility of Toronto in Super League, because they are unlikely to bring away supporters. Six clubs voted against them. And quite legitimately he supposes that they would like to see Catalan out of SL as well. Just how lazy, parochial and unambiguously this? It is up to clubs at whatever level to fill their stadiums, but even if we put that to one side it's an indictment of attitudes at the top level of rugby league. Then I gingerly turned to the letters page to see what the green ink merchants have been up to, and it's the usual refs pick on us, my team is the best, and so on, but even worse we now have a growing constituency of torontophobes, or let's face it people who are phobic of any growth outside their little corner of the world and for whom everything is 'unfair' if it doesn't suit their corrugated iron mentality. Knurr and spell anyone?
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    how about a crowdfunding effort to get the Parksider here? get him totally wasted in the beer garden and let him fire the hot dog cannon.if that doesn't make a believer nothing will!
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    Came up north last weekend with my workmate for a double header of Wakey v Wire followed by & Salford v Huddersfield. As a relative newcomer to the sport this was a new experience - usually only do the CCF & GF. However, we really enjoyed the trip and the plan is to eventually work our way round the other SL grounds. Wakey - nice place & nice people in Wakey, even if I couldn't understand all of them. Salford - nice stadium but glad I parked at City Airport The North - so many clubs to have on your doorstep - you lucky people.
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    RL has too many old farts who would whinge about only winning £3m in the lottery when last week was £4m. Harry is a young man who has served our land, carries huge media attention and is patron of our sport - welcome to RL young man and may our association be long and pleasant
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    Haha oh Parky If we all just accept Toronto will fail will you please shut up?
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    Quite honestly I find it remarkable you can't find this information for yourself, it's freely available on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Canada Ravens women played an exhibition this week. Quinn Ngawati, the teenager with considerable potential was in town from Vancouver this week as well, which was widely shared on social media. Not sure if any other exhibition matches might be shown as curtain raisers since the domestic season ended, though there are Ontario tryouts for the Wolverines coming up which I expect could happen. However, if you truly want to debate you need to stop fabricating things; 70 insulting posts for every 7 of your 'truth', for example or painting everyone over here of being disrespectful of the UK game when that's patently absurd. Look on the social media sites, look at how English teams and their fans are all welcomed with open arms, treated like royalty, recognised and are appreciative of the difficult journey they've all made. Contrast that with the outright abuse of new fans over here on social media from the 'real' fans back home. Zack Wilson wrote a good piece on it: https://m.facebook.com/EverythingRugbyLeague/photos/a.365702256828321.87159.240608359337712/1530663876998814/?type=3 There's a lot more disrespect that comes our way than vice versa; I'm sure the 1895 pioneers would be appalled at such behaviour. In the meantime we will have to wait on real information coming out to see what the directions are for Perez and the Wolfpack to achieve the commitments made. The off season will be telling, in my opinion.
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    I can Guarantee all three are Welsh and all speak Welsh fluently. All will also be attending the Student World cup next week in Australia representing you guessed it WALES. Also one of them is my son.
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    The RFL only really care about the top 14-16 clubs...everyone can fend for themselves
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    From the pictures you cannot see the west side of the stadium. So unless you have another view you are just guessing. Security is very strict at the stadium so they are pretty hot on entry criteria. I dont know how much "papering of the house" goes on, but I do know that one of the most succesful teams in rugby union in this country ( Wasps) have it down to a fine art. Let us try accentuating the positives for a change instead of always trying to put a damper on the proceedings.
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    To hear people insulting others who are enthused by TWP you'd think the money was coming directly from their own pockets. Bitter and selfish old men who want RL to fail purely so they can say 'told you no one was interested'. They have had their way for too long. TWP may well crash and burn but I'd rather watch their shooting star than the terminal misery offered by the perpetual moaners. B'locks to them
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    I think the revenue might be about £300k for a club for an entire season's away fans, maybe £400k if they own the stadium and get bar recipts etc. That's only 10% of their income at a small turnover club, maybe 5% at a larger one, so although not to be ignored it's hardly the one a club should be looking at hardest. And the potential loss of one lot of away fans would be then less than 1% of a club's turnover if they didn't manage to compensate with creative marketing like the C1 clubs. It's almost embarrassing for clubs to even mention it to be honest. If we don't increase our other forms of revenue the game is shafted as a professional sport. All the evidence around the world of major sports demonstrates that whilst we need general admission fans to generate an atmosphere, their contribution to revenue is relatively modest, especially away support. Grow your sponsorship portfolio, grow other sales, grow your non-match day venue usage, and grow your broadcast deals. The key is balance - from the make up of the league to looking after the loyal existing fans Alas many clubs and potentially our leadership have limited ambition and even more limited capabilities if they think pulling up a drawbridge will get them any more money and enable the game to survive in the face of really strong competitors. TWP shouldn't just stroll in to SL at all, and its way too soon to be thinking of other transatlantic teams, but a league with them and Toulouse and Catalans at least has the potential to elevate us as a game with access to new markets, and much increased revenue. Staying in Yorkshire and Lancashire exclusively certainly won't.
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    Wow! that was a long tedious thread to read and one I could have answered quite easily earlier on.... Yes, Toronto have a development system and Perez has started 5 local amateur teams to enable Canadian converts to play in. The local schools that the players go into to coach rugby, signpost them to these clubs. These clubs and others have played warm-up games before home matches and every home game so far has had warm-up matches or local team events pre-match. Yes, they have a TV deal with both Premier Sport & CBC, the national canadian TV network. They get a lot of coverage from this. They are also supported by Last Tackle Media who produce a 'fly on the wall' documentary which is very popular. Yes, they have major commercial sponsors and every week more advertising appears around the ground and on their social media. Yes, I can see Toronto being part of superleague as long as they satisfy the entry requirements which is not to have a TV deal and Commercial backers but to win the designated competition and have the ground requirements. I'm pretty sure Toronto aren't looking to be the saviours of superleague, they are merely a new team that are doing well in their push for promotion. I'm not sure what there is more to say.... Oh, apart from as bearman said - the players are in university apartments, not a hotel and they have their own flat. Separate bedrooms with a bathroom/kitchen shared by 2. Yes, there is no kettle but its a flat, not a hotel (they do have a hob and a microwave - i'm sure you can boil water in a microwave?). There are shops 200m from the flats where they can get everything they need so I'm not sure what the management are supposed to do about this unless they want putting up in hotels, in which case they would probably have a 30 min drive /taxi ride / bus trip to training facilities which would not be ideal. I think the current set up would be a better option.
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    My lad was one of the ball runners yesterday, when we got there earlier one of York fans randomly came up to him and handed him a York City Knights junior ball. A total surprise and I never got his name, but both Jack and I were very thankful. A class act, just as all the York supporters and the players were yesterday. If anyone knows this gentleman, please pass on how grateful we are!
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    A piece I wrote on the importance of July 1st, and why Yorkshire and Canada share so much, posted to the Wolfpack fan site today. I hope you enjoy it. Remembrances and Hopes. Quite the weekend for a Bradford lad in Toronto this weekend. On the one hand July 1st marks the anniversary of the Battle of the Somme, where around 2000 soldiers and officers of the 1st and 2nd Battalion West Yorkshire Regiment (the Bradford Pals) went over the top at Serre on that disastrous first day, with over 1700 casualties in the first hour. The 15th Battalion West Yorkshire Regiment (Leeds Pals) lost 750 men. Further down the line, around 770 soldiers and officers of the Royal Newfoundland Regiment did the same, only in a later wave so knew exactly what their fate would be, yet stood together and bravely went into battle at Beaumont-Hamel anyway. Around 70 mustered the following day. The only battalion to suffer greater casualty rate than even the Newfoundlanders were another Yorkshire unit, raised in the City of York, the 10th (Service) Battalion of the Prince of Wales (West Yorkshire) Regiment who suffered over 750 casualties in their advance on Fricourt which accounted for around 95% of their initial strength. Communities on either side of the Atlantic whose losses were suffered in mere minutes, but which would take decades from which to recover. As I sit in Canada, my adoptive home, not far away from where many thousands of Canadians answered the call and came together in Toronto to begin their journey to the muddy killing fields of France and Flanders, you naturally feel a connection; that being the throngs of common people from all walks of life on whose backs great countries are built. On the other hand, there is another anniversary on July 1st, that of Canada itself. A country whose identity was forged in those fires of the First World War at unforgotten places like Beaumont-Hamel, Passchendaele and Vimy. A country not without its dark episodes, but largely continues as an open and welcoming country, whose people continue to add to its strength. Whose openness, honest toughness, integrity and common purpose bely its ferocity when faced with a hard fight. In 1916 Canada was not even 50 years old, still a young confederation of Provinces and Territories, but by 1918 had come of age; being Canadian had meaning which had been paid for in lives. When a job needed doing, you called on the Canadians. On July 1st 2017 Canada will be 150 years old and has matured into being one of the most respected countries on the planet. A country one of the most desired as a place to live, with one of the highest standards of living of any country, seen as a country of fairness, equality and who cares for our most vulnerable. A country whose values are universally recognised worldwide by that proud Maple Leaf, a simple red and white shape that embodies so much. A country where innumerable accents and mother tongues thankfully and respectfully say je suis Canadienne, I am Canadian. In another link for this Yorkshireman and proud Canadian on Canada’s birthday, there is a rugby league match being played on July 1st between the York City Knights and the Toronto Wolfpack at Lamport Stadium, Toronto; a match in which Toronto’s first responders are also being honoured. People in the UK may not know that Toronto was once known as York, the fledgling town given the name after Prince Frederick, the Duke of York before being renamed as Toronto in 1834. Fort York, the original garrison, still stands now surrounded by the soaring glass high rises of downtown Toronto and beside an expressway which transports you in minutes along a lakeshore which would have taken days and weeks before. Okay sometimes it can still take days. In this match, the old and the new come together at this most synchronistic moment, with shared sacrifices of the past and with shared values and hope for our futures and those of our friends, together. Old and new cities, county & province and countries themselves join to celebrate this milestone and what better way than with a few drinks, a rugby league game and fireworks both on and off the field? One more shared passion to join proud peoples. Welcome to York City Knights and their supporters. Happy Birthday Canada! Up the Wolfpack!
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    Maybe we could make it a mathematical function: number of asserted posts divided by number of days the assertion has been made. Say something has been asserted 15 times over 5 days would give a factor of 3. The higher the number, the truthier the assertion is. It could be called the Brilliant Speculation (BS) Factor and be applied across the board.
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    I've written a trip report on our visit to Canada last weekend. Would love a few of you guys to read it: http://goo.gl/arWyqd
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    Yes, that's the other interesting aspect Scubby. Skolars managed to leverage TW to add 1000 people to their usual crowd figure. With clever marketing, I would imagine that SL clubs could do something similar, which would mitigate - wholly or partially - the lack of travelling away fans.
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    How come that every thread about any other Championship club ends up being a discussion by certain people about Bradford and the viability of SL etc? Are Swinton no longer worthy of any respect or consideration?
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    Same point, different wrapping. I'm not sure what you're expecting? How can they produce players in less than a year as a team? No one is forgetting anything, you are just not understanding that you cannot instantly produce elite athletes. What you seem to expect is literally nonsense. It's either that, or a case of you giving impossible standards as you inherently want them to fail. I have a feeling though that we are going to hear this line "they're not producing players" on every Canadian thread for ages now. It's already daft.
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    As opposed to elected politicians, beloved by all, and celebrities, famous for doing a sex tape or for the amount of plastic surgery they've had? The modern world's variety of notables make inbred posh people seem perfectly acceptable as respectable public figures. If this one is patron of RL and helping raise the profile of the game in any way or even just making a few RL kids happy for a day it's hard to justifiably complain. Yet fans moan when they don't pay the game any attention and moan when they do.
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    What tax payer funded income would that be? Harry gets nothing from the civil list and I suppose being an officer in the army wasn't a regular job? But surely that is a discussion for the AOB board. Anyway, back to the OP well done him and I hope RL milk it for every bit of publicity they can get.
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    Don't know about "champagne", but your grapes certainly sound sour.