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    Had a reporter down with Catalans from last Friday and covering the Monday game against Salford. Six page colour piece in this coming Saturday’s L’Equipe Magazine edition. This exposure is great for the Dragons and the code. This weekly glossy publication a quality in-depth read. The daily sports paper is an institution in France and found in nearly every bar in the country. The paper itself hardly ever gives the game a look in, not even the results. Hope the piece does the game and the Dragons justice. Only time I’ve bought it was four years ago when they did that decent piece on, “La Sale (dirty) Histoire” – the Vichy Story.
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    Thumped Hemel, Crusaders and Keighley in recent weeks and won at Workington yesterday to set up another semi-final in the League 1 Cup. All this despite no dual-reg. A young squad who all train together (unlike some of the 'Southern' teams). A lot of credit must go to their young head coach Lee Greenwood. I'd be very surprised if he doesn't end up at the top.
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    I must admit that there are some things need badly addressing with our game in the UK (women's game for one). However, I have really enjoyed the SL season so far. Crowds have been stable and even risen a little and the fluctuation of teams across the division has been really healthy. You will always get teams like Widnes struggling at any point in the season but with the drier warmer tracks coming we should get some fantastic contests. The Championship is also fascinating to follow at the moment with Bradford's plight even helping interest at the bottom. Club RL is pretty good at the moment. That World Club series boost has helped no end IMO. It is great to be talking up the club scene again after an uncertain couple of years. The next few months are going to be must see and I hope it is the rugby on the pitch doing the talking.
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    Would you opt out? Free trip to Canada but you have to buy your dinner... oh well f it I wont bother then lol Take a doggy bag to breakfast if your that hard up for 6 quid for a Maccies lol
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    Sorry for posting a good news story Wales have been handed a funding boost ahead of the 2017 Rugby League World Cup in Australia. Sport Wales has allocated funding to Wales Rugby League’s community, governance and coaching programmes totalling £75,170 over 12 months from April 1. Wales RL CEO Chris Thair said: “We would like to thank Sport Wales for believing in what we are trying to achieve. The total investment from Sport Wales into Rugby League this year is the highest ever recorded and marks a 47% increase compared to last year’s grant so we are naturally delighted with the outcome. “The reason for the increase is down to the additional National Performance support from Sport Wales’ Elite Sport lottery funds. We understand this is a special one off from Sport Wales as it is World Cup year and as current European Champions they recognise the progress we’ve made both on and off the field. “The additional performance funding will be put towards a pre-tournament training camp in North Wales requested by Wales head coach John Kear and travelling to the World Cup two days earlier to help the squad climatise before their crucial first game against Papua New Guinea. “The Sport Wales investment into Wales Rugby League is around 15% of our total turnover, however it looks after our very core activities which in turn help generate everything else we do. This funding, along with that from the Rugby Football League, is vital to ongoing success of Wales Rugby League.” WRL Chairman Brian Juliff said: “This investment will certainly help our chances in the World Cup and we thank our partners Sport Wales for their ongoing support. “The management team should take great in more than doubling the investment levels from Sport Wales in the last five years compared to the previous five. “£308,000 from 2013 to 2017 compared to £133,000 from 2008-12 is a rise of 131%. “We are going in the right direction, the sport is making good annual progress and this news is a timely boost in a very significant year for the sport. “The level of Sport Wales investment into Wales Rugby League is still very small when compared to other sports in Wales and even smaller when compared to our English neighbours. “However our challenge is to continually improve and help increase participation levels beyond the current 1,600 club players. We feel we are doing that and the sport is making good progress.” Wales’ next game will be away against Papua New Guinea in the 2017 Rugby League World Cup starting in October. Wales enter the tournament six games unbeaten and as current European Champions.
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    I'm excited. Sorry for not sharing my excitement more often.
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    Jonathan was one of the only few good things to come out of morrison's residency, young lad going up against seasoned pro's means gaining respect will be difficult to say the least. The lad did himself proud taking a team to a final and winning the cup,when the coaches revolve the club evolves into something new and unfortunately that means casualties.. Which Jonathan & Karl are,great credit needs to be paid too them stepping up and doing a great job in difficult circumstances... And we all saw some improvements, and they have laid foundations for Ned & Paul to carry on and get us where we need to be..in the championship next season. Thanks Jonathan & Karl your efforts will not be forgotten with the fan's Best wishes & good luck
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    The cup is a perfect example of rl fans almost killing something brilliant off with their negative propoganda. People are convinced this tournament is a waste of time. Personally its given me some of my favourite moments of my life.
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    Case 1: The BBC choose a tie with the two biggest clubs. The response from (some) fans is "Boring! Too obvious; same old same old." Case 2: The BBC don't choose a tie with the two biggest clubs. The response from (some) fans is "Outrage! A snub! They're trying to belittle the sport!"
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    there's been quite a lot of chatter recently about promotion to League 1 and I can only assume it is something being considered. I cant see the reasoning behind it though. How many NCL clubs actually want to go semi pro? Who are these clubs? I vaguely remember someone saying Mayfield a while back - my memory may be playing tricks on me or it might have been someone talking rot so forgive me if so.....but if that is the case is two semi pro teams with poor gates in Rochdale (for example) really pushing the game forward? The NCL clubs are a vital part of our sport in this country and fantastic work is done. Does it improve the sport to have some of them go semi pro? Is the game geographically spread or are more players produced if so? How many clubs actually have the faintest desire to go semi pro? If they want it so badly have any of them actually applied to join League 1 over recent years? There is nothing stopping them doing so. On the League 1 podcast there was an NCL bod who using Coventry as an example said it was unfair how they leapfrogged all the other NCL clubs and got a league place and all that lovely lolly - 75k a year of it or whatever it is now. Are Coventry Bears a better bet than an NCL Premier club?I'd say yes, they are. Have they contributed as much to the sport so far - no they haven't but they have vastly bigger potential, open up the sport to new spectators and will eventually grow the player pool. If you did bring in promotion from the NCL to League 1 are you then effectively washing your hands of any expansion attempts? Would any southern team, ever, be able as amateurs to climb up through the NCL - very very doubtful. Are Manchester Rangers supposed to work there way up through the NW Men's League and then up through the NCL before they're allowed into League 1? How long would that take them? 20 years? Who's a better bet for expanding the professional game - Manchester or Siddal? The argument would seem to be - are the amateurs in the north of England better than the amateurs in your local area? If yes, then don't bother. That kills off the sport outside the north. Hemel finish bottom? See ya! Skolars have a terrible season? Toodle pip! South Wales not quite up to speed yet? Be gone and don't return. etc etc etc Let's say they brought promotion/relegation in after the last burst of expansion happened. 2013 - Hey All Golds, you had a lovely plan going there with the university tie up and all that but hey, you're bottom and you're gone. Would All Golds still exist now? No they wouldn't. Who would have replaced them? West Hull. Great great club but are they adding to the sport by ceasing to be amateur? Do they even want to be semi pro? Have they ever applied for League 1? 2014 - South Wales out. Would South Wales have existed after relegation? No. Who would have replaced them considering West Hull are now battling in League 1? Wath Brow. You have two semi pro teams in the neighbourhood who are a shadow of their former selves. Does adding a new team add to that? Can Cleator Moor and surroundings support a league team? Again, do they even want to be semi pro? Have they ever applied for League 1? 2015 - as South Wales are toast by this point let us assume Hemel came bottom. Would they still exist? I'd say yes. Would they be in the NCL? Highly unlikely. Would they therefore have any chance whatsoever of getting back into the league - no. Who would have replaced them? Leigh Miners Rangers. Is having two teams from Leigh in the league a good idea? Again, do they even want to be semi pro? Have they ever applied for League 1? 2016 - as we can assume Hemel are now chastened and playing in the Eastern Premier or Southern Conference let us assume Oxford came bottom. Would they immediately blink out of existence? Yep. Who would have replaced them? Siddal. Is having a second team in the league from Halifax a good idea?Again, do they even want to be semi pro? Have they ever applied for League 1? The league would now look very very different and I would argue far more insular and backward looking while semi pro RL in the south would have been almost completely wiped out. The NCL itself, that great nursery of the sport, would also be weakened. Another point to make - there are many very good players in the NCL who play there because of work commitments/L1 semi pro money not being worth the life and career upheaval - that situation wouldn't change so your West Hulls/Wath Brows/Leigh MRs/Siddals would be stepping up to League 1 without those players. It would perhaps be akin on a lower level to what happened to Sheffield when they went full time - players left and boom! All of the top NCL clubs are incredible assets to our sport - would any of them going semi pro increase their value to the sport? I'd say that's doubtful. It could even damage the clubs concerned. Assuming that promotion from NCL was brought in and assuming the majority of clubs are happy with their current status you then also have the lottery of finishing bottom in the season one of the few NCL clubs wanting promotion come top. Finish bottom five years running and you're fine, another club has one bad year after that and they're gone possibly never to return. What do you do with the foreign clubs who want to join? Big money Montreal bid? Cathars bid from France? They cant start at the bottom of the NCL and if you drop them in above a village team from the NCL who came top then cue merry uproar. You could always let that village team come up anyway and just relegate two teams - but hey, folks, all the southern teams are gone now - the plan's not looking so clever now you've just relegated Hunslet and replaced them with Kells to give us four struggling west cumbrian semi pro teams If a team in the NCL can offer the game something extra by going semi pro and replacing an existing club then let's hear their argument and weigh up what they offer long term in comparison to who they'd replace - then let's have them apply for a place and see what happens. Automatic promotion/relegation from NCL to League 1 would, I would argue, cause irreparable damage to the lower level of semi pro RL in this country and would take us back years. If anyone does know of what teams in the NCL actually want to be in League 1 then it'd be great to know who they are - it'd be worth a monster thread in it's own right.
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    This couldn't possibly be easier to solve If the RFL made it a condition of SL membership that every club had to run an Academy (and a Reserve team, but that's a different thread perhaps) then we wouldn't even be having this discussion. Basically, the RFL need to grow a pair and show some leadership on this, rather than letting clubs make those kinds of decisions.
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    Clubs kicked Reserves into touch due to cost implications, among other things. SL clubs refusing to play Championship sides, now those Championship sides have binned their reserves. Players playing for different teams and now HKR loan 6 players to Saint Helen's so they can fulfill a fixture. 6 players! What good is touting a young player around different clubs just to get a game and cut the wage bill? What is the HKR situation saying about Saints young players? Reserves used to be a great competition and was the only way a lad could get used to (rather quickly) playing against men. Since clubs cutting back this has become a scandalous omission and the RFL need to sort this out by making Reserves compulsory to a SL competition and a ' must have within xxx' for clubs promoted to SL. Its an embarrassment and it's a disgrace!
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    They should also provide each player with a gold Rolex watch as a token of appreciation for visiting the God-forsaken, famine-stricken hellhole that is Canada.
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    Warrington have been trialling it this season.
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    But they have to sell themselves. Last season at one of the St Albans games I got chatting to a 'new face' watching the game. Local man from St Albans with two boys, likes all forms of rugby and came down to watch. He said he would like to see a higher level of rugby but didn't fancy going into London to watch Skolars/Broncos. I told him about Hemel in League 1 and he said he had never heard of them and didn't know they played rugby league there - and that is only ten miles away from St Albans. If someone living in the next town hasn't heard of them, what chance the whole of Hertfordshire. On another tack about development, when I got involved with St Albans in the early noughties we had our own development officer. An Australian lad who absolutely loved his rugby and could connect with the kids. He linked up with the Hemel development officer and they set up the Chiltern Junior League - 2 teams from St Albans, 1 from Hatfield, three from Hemel and one from Aylesbury. Seven teams in, I think, two age groups. Not only that, but with the help of committee members and players, both development officers went into their junior and senior schools to run lunchtime and after school rugby league clubs and Saturday matches. ( In St Albans case, It was an amazing success, I was approached by a school teacher I know who wanted to know if all the junior schools in Hatfield stopped playing inter school football, could we as a club teach and run an inter school rugby league league instead. We were also approached by numerous senior schools from Potters Bar, Watford and Welwyn Garden City who all wanted the development officer to come into their schools to teach and play rugby league. The demand far outstripped the resources. We also noticed a drip down effect in that our seniors were getting bigger crowds of juniors and parents to watch. I believe we approached the RFL with all this information and asked for another development officer to help out at Hemel and St Albans. Unfortunately shortly after, funding was withdrawn from our development officer - and numerous others - and we lost him.) Very slowly, as we could not keep up with demand, schools began to drop away. Now we have three very good volunteers running our three junior teams at U11, U13 and U15 level, but apart from these three volunteers we don't get into schools much any more. I think the point I am trying to make as far as Hemel/Herts development is concerned, that there is the demand for rugby league down here, but you have to spend money on a few more development officers to help support the clubs.
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    2016 was a tough old year. As some of you will be aware, my daughter was born in February 2016 and diagnosed with Down's Syndrome straight after birth. It was an utter shock. We then had to wait about 7 months for her heart surgery (wasn't working properly). The first appointment was cancelled due to risk of severe issues and open heart surgery was conducted instead a month later; incredibly tough seeing your only child put to sleep not knowing she'd ever wake up again. 5 months on and her heart is working perfectly. She's also hitting 3/4s of the milestones for non-DS children at the same age and turning into a right little monkey. Great times! 🙂 Oh, and her little sister is due to be born on 15 May...
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    Here's one of Rick Stone looking fired up: And one of him upset: Here's an angry one: One of him when the team loses: And on his birthday:
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    Toulouse Olympique 14 Hull KR 6 Toulouse : Kheirallah 9, Maurel 8, Ader 9, Marguerite 8, Minga 8, Ford 8, Robin 9, Boyer 8, Marion 8, Canet 8, Planas 9, Curran 9, A Bentley 8. Subs : K Bentley 9, Leha 8, Hepi 8, Mika 8. Tries : Minga (4), Curran (77). Goal : Kheirallah 1/2 Pens : Kheirallah 2/2 Rovers : Cockayne 8, Shaw 8, Butler-Fleming 8, Heffernan 9, Oakes 8, Abdull 8, Dockar Clay 8, Clark 9, Milton 8, Johnson 8, Clarkson 8, Lawler 8, Cator 9. Subs : Carney 8, Moran 9, Wardill 8, Jubb 8. Tries : Heffernan (63) Goals : Docker Clay Starmen : Curran & Robin (TO) Clark & Heffernan (HKR) Weather : Sunny 22° Game quality : 5/5 Referee : Chris Kendall 8/10 Penalties : TO 11 HKR 9 Attendance 4107 Scoring : 0-4,6-0,8-0,8-6,14-6. The much anticipated top of the table clash didn't disappoint as Toulouse ended Rover's winning streak. Rovers with a much changed side after the battle againt Feathestone three days earlier battled but were unable to topple the French despite impeccable support from about 800 or so travelling fans. TO13 at just about full-strength deserved to win this clash but struggled to press home the advantage as good chances were spilled with the line beckoning. Toulouse put the pressure on early doors with only 4 minutes on the clock as a break from Ford left side found Rhys Curran in good support 25 metres out. Speedy winger Kuni Minga, back from injury took the outside pass and completed close to the left corner as the hapless Rovers defence looked on. Kheirallah hit the near side upright with the goal attempt as HKR realised they would be in for a tough afternoon. An even contest ensued but top defence from both sides kept the score at bay. On the quarter hour Rovers conceded a penalty for holding down 15 metres out and in front of the posts, Toulouse elected to kick as Kheirallah successfully finished off. Another penalty conceded on 32 minutes in a similar position for 2 obstructions on five-eighth Ford was punished yet again by the Egyptian fullback as the lead extended to 8 points. Rovers enjoyed good possession but never really looked like crossing the try line as the home defences stood firm. It remained tense up to the break with the hosts looking the more likely to add to their lead but the half time whistle was more welcome to the visitors as they retired to the sheds to regroup. Much the same early in the second period as both sides tested each other out. A hurried kick on the last from Ford on 45 was fumbled by Will Oakes left side and this crucially gifted possession to Toulouse who won a penalty under the posts a few tackles later. Marion looked to the bench for instructions and Houles elected to go for the six-pointer. The move broke down and Rovers were let off the hook. A similar story 10 minutes later as another 2 points were refused by the TO bench in favour of a possible 6 points, the plan failed yet again. HKR weren't going to complain as they cranked up a gear. Good work on the right side from Clark and Ryan Shaw after 63 minutes set up the fast running Andrew Heffernan to ghost through to score under the posts from 10 metres out. Zach Dockar-Clay converted easily enough as the visitors cut the lead to 2 points. The tension mounted as the squandered penalty points began to look ominous for the French. To be fair, Toulouse didn't panic as they enjoyed the lions share of the game. Good scoring chances were thrown away with some indifferent choice of play from young centre Marguerite on at least 3 occasions with better options available to him. TO applied the pressure and got their just desserts with only 3 minutes remaining as Ford elected to keep he ball alive on the last 10 metres out. Good handling in tight areas from Robin and Marion then back to Ford left side as MOM Curran took the perfectly weighted pass to crash over to extend the lead to 6 points. The tricky kick was completed by Kheirallah to ensure the hard-earned victory. From the dugout : Tim Sheens - "Very proud of the boys today, the youngsters did really well. It's a tough call to come to France (thanks RFL) and perform so quickly after the hard game on Good Friday. Changes will be made for the cup game on saturday as more players become available from injury etc. Toulouse proved why they are the second best team in the Championship and looked good with good movement and an effective kicking game". Sylvain Houles : " Good win against a good side. Our defence was outstanding and the general attitude excellent after the disappointment in London on friday. We decided to go for the six points for both penalties in front of the posts as we felt confident to score at will. A well earned rest now for the boys as we look to the Bradford game on the 29th"
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    A buisness colleague of mine has a box at Old Trafford and on at least 3 occasions I had to turn down his invitations to accompany his party to watch United and to be wined and dined with free transport provided, I came up with some feasable explanations why it would not be possible to attend - because I respected his hospitality and did not want to offend him - but in reality it was because twice it conflicted with Leigh East fixtures and the third one because the Centurions were playing.
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    We lost against Haven , but people are getting downbeat . We had big injury issues from the Barrow game and because of that we were down to 2 props , one of which had a huge strapping on one leg .The ref and yes ourselves making errors gave us a mountain to climb .Certain players have come in for criticism , but all in all we came back to lead and only the bounce of the ball saw us beaten . Even after that we made a couple of good breaks which might have led to tries .We need to get behind the Club and not be so negative ! UP THE TOWN .
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    Imagine if 5 years ago there would have been a thread on here saying "wouldn't it be great to have a Canadian club side in our competition (backed by millions)?" Not only that, but they wanted to start out from the bottom tier and work their way up. Not only that, but they would generate tonnes of publicity in places we would have never dreamed of (New York Times, FT etc.) Not only that, but they would bring TV cameras to Siddal, Keighley, Skolars and Doncaster of all places. Yep imagine that - absolutely nuts! The critics on here would have had a field day. Now, despite all that, Toronto's crime appears to be being pretty good in League 1.
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    I've enjoyed it a lot - nobody's truly guaranteed a win in any SL round, and we've seen some great action on the pitch, much of it from young players. The revival in the fortunes of Leeds, St Helens and Warrington are making the division a cat-infested pigeon loft. The BBC's increased commitment to the Challenge Cup has been brilliant (as well as totally unexpected), and the exposure given to the likes of Wigan St Pats and Siddal can only be good for them. Toronto have piqued the interest of media outlets that rarely if ever notice RL's existence, including some that even ignore the sport when there's a negative story. The Championship's looking tasty too. More and more matches are being live streamed from more and more territories. With limited openings in the traditional media even for top-flight RL, we are a sport that can benefit more than most from the internet. Also on the online subject, more clubs are getting social media-savvy. Last year's WCC results were manna from heaven for those who love to bang the drum for doom and despair. This year's matches must have infuriated them! So, in summary, the game's doomed. I give it five years.
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    Hey all, This is my first post here. I can understand why people are divided over whether TWP's inclusion is beneficial to RL. I had never seen a RL match in my life prior to TWP's inclusion this year (I am a big union fan which is rare enough here as it is). Now I'm up in the morning to watch every time they play and I listen to the League 1 podcast every week. I've come to really enjoy this version of the game. Correct me if I'm wrong (and I may well be) but It strikes me that the sport in the U.K. is not in particularly good shape atm. Those who love the game are very passionate (as is evident in some of these posts!) and there seems to be a real effort to grow the game at the community and grassroots level. Still though, crowds seem really small, even among some of the top teams. I was really surprised to see that the 5th round of the challenge cup has only one match televised. Is RL really that much of a fringe sport over there? From my perspective, Toronto's inclusion could be really good for growing the game. I'm not sure their starting in league 1 was the best idea and I can see why supporters from small clubs might cry foul at the way they have entered the league. I'm honestly concerned about how a few of the games will turn out. Hemel Stags come to mind... having them possibly lose by 100+ points won't be good for anyone. Still, I've enjoyed the community feel of League 1 games and the passion of the fans that do turn up. It remains to be seen how the team will be supported when they aren't winning every game they play. I suppose the real question is whether people want to grow the popularity of the sport around the world or just focus on trying to grow it in the U.K. I personally feel that these outcomes need not be mutually exclusive. If TWP continue to SL, I don't see that having a negative effect on the teams around them or in the lower leagues. Of course, I'm not very familiar with the logistics of how the leagues are run, it's jut the way I see things. At the very least, the inception of TWP has added one fan to RL and I'm certain I'm not the only one.
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    On Good Friday 14th April North Wales Crusaders play host to a double-header fixture at Queensway Stadium, Queensway, Wrexham LL13 8UH 2pm - Chester Gladiators v Flintshire Falcons. Local amateur team battle it out before the League 1 game 5pm - North Wales Crusaders v Toronto Wolfpack The North Wales Crusaders juniors will be acting as mascots, we have the Cambria Band playing before the game and at half time. THere will be lots of food and drink so come along, bring the family and enjoy the atmosphere.
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    I think its great so it excites me!
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    Well done yesterday, had a bit too much class for us in the end. We didn't use the ball very well at all and some close to the line defence was suspect at best. Best team on the day won. Ref was terrible for both sides. Great set of supporters too, on each visit we have made to PO Road over the last two seasons, a few Fev fans have made the effort to speak to us and wish us well. Great banter in the Last Orders after the game as well. Two sets of fans dancing,singing and having a good time without any hint of bother. That's the way it should always be in our great sport. Best of luck in the next round and we look forward to welcoming you to BF in the league.
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    Forget the grumblings over the pay wall (at least for this thread lol). What a difference it is to the season having a mid-year England game. Those players in hot form get to stake a claim, it gets us talking about combinations, injuries and the big test ahead in the Autumn. Even the England RL social media has emerged from its slumber. It would be great to get a solid win against good opposition. More importantly is the time together for the whole squad in the country where the World Cup is being held. It stops being a them and us for a squad split across competitions. England has to be a 12-month a year operation. Given all the upset even the broadcasting of the game has caused it shows the fans do care about England. Just organise it properly. The Kiwis next May would be great (and organised this season not next February)!
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    Does anyone know which Junction of the M62 you get off to get to Balkan?
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    Maybe avoid clicking until you've watched the games you've recorded?
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    Would be the perfect match for the RFL to stream. At this stage in both the technology and RLs use of it, youth and women's internationals are perfect content.
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    It would be like an unknown band opting not to go on the Chris Evans show or something, as they felt they weren't treating them with enough respect and opting to play the local pub to 25 people. Admirable principles but not gonna get you that far...and we do want international RL to go far don't we? Er...
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    MS will never even recover the money that he (not the Club) spent over the previous 13 years on Land Surveys, Boreholes, Ground Testing, Surveyors Fees, Architects Fees, Planning Applications etc etc. That all took place to even give the Development a chance of getting off the ground! There was a good chance it could all have been wasted. That money has gone but perhaps he could get it back if someone bought his majority Shareholding in the Club and reading certain people on the Forum that may be what they want! Step forward that person and Market the Club, deal with the RFL, attend regular meetings, run the club on a day-to-day basis, help with the Cash Flow when there is no Income and don't forget that you will have to have a full time job as well to run your own household. Then the Keyboard Warriors can have a go at you when the club has a bad patch. Just as a note, the money for our halfback target was to be provided by an individual who is a Supporter of the Club.
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    Must be nice when all you've got to complain about is the positioning of a bloody scoreboard.😏😏
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    BULGARIAN RUGBY LEAGUE FEDERATION COMES ON BOARD The Rugby League European Federation Board has approved the Bulgarian Rugby League Federation’s application for Observer status at its latest meeting in London, and also revealed that three other new nation applications in are in their planning stages. The board also received the latest information from an extensive membership audit which reported that seven Full and three Affiliate members grew their participation, with Jamaica singled out for particular praise. “More nations were audited than ever before,” said RLEF chair Maurice Watkins, with 10 Full, nine Affiliate and 15 Observers scrutinised. “The RLEF led the drive to raise standards in 2013 which resulted in the adoption of the universal membership policy in Brisbane in 2014. While the adjustment to meet those standards continues in some nations, we are confident that the policy provides a robust framework and will result in stronger members with greater capacity. “The Jamaican Rugby League Association had a record-setting year and deserves a lot of credit. Having played 100 13-a-side domestic matches in the preceding two seasons, in 2015-16 JRLA administered 138 games and is well established as the fourth most active member in the RLEF, behind England, France and Wales. In addition, JRLA increased its locally generated income by 12%, thanks in large part to record government investment.” Wales Rugby League, who this week announced it had received record funding from Sport Wales, is in its strongest historical financial position after its first full year of incorporation. Scotland Rugby League appointed a full-time development officer funded by sportscotland, Lebanon received a joint-record government grant, whilst Norway and Italy both demonstrated stronger governance practices. “The audit also illustrates some of the challenges we face,” added Watkins. “In predominantly volunteer-driven organisations, it is clear that strengthening the layer of governance below national federation level is very important. Our national members must ensure that their clubs and associations recognise and adhere to good practice so they are stable entities in their own right. “Some of our Full Members experience disruption to their championship seasons through weak clubs, meaning match completion percentages in the 50-60% range, which impacts negatively on the rest of the organisation. That is something we intend addressing in our next strategic cycle, but the Board is prepared to take necessary action to re-categorise members who are unable to meet membership standards. A number of our Observers have also experienced considerable difficulty in sustaining their activity following the loss of key personnel, which reminds us of the importance of volunteerism, which remains a strategic priority for the EU.” The Board also approved plans to create a new website, which is expected to be live in May. It will blend RLEF members’ social media activity and incorporate three separate areas; the European Championship - which will be presented in its own microsite, a site for the membership organisations themselves, and the technical portal which was launched earlier this year and provides training and education services to RLEF members.
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    When I was 16 or 17 I occasionally played open age alongside age group RL. My open age side were drawn away against Bognor Regis in the BARLA National Cup. I think we all had to pay £30 towards to bus (in the early 90s), got up at 4am on Saturday for the game, bought our own breakfast and lunch at the services and drinks at the bar after the game. We won the game comfortably in wet conditions and probably got home about 2.30am. It is one of the fondest memories I have playing as a kid - a long away trip with the lads. We did it for the enjoyment of playing RL and a few of the lads did have to take a Saturday morning shift off work. Thinking back, I would have bitten someone's hand off for a free trip to Canada to play with the guys and potentially do something special. Enjoy it fellas (and fans) and treasure the life experiences. One day you'll get up and realise you can't run around a RL field anymore.
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    Those of us already interested in rugby league may well pay to watch the game. The chances of any potential new followers of the game paying to watch it, and then developing an interest in the national team, are almost exactly nil. I'm not opposed to the idea of paid for streams per se, but given how rarely England actually play, their games should be available to the widest audience as much as possible.
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    I wouldn't let the pro game anywhere near NCL. It's a good competition with high standards and not sure the pro game will feel an obligation to 'enhance' it once they were allowed in. SL teams should be forced to have reserve teams and then they can mirror the first team fixtures. Abolish dual ref and return to normal loan arrangements.
  38. 9 likes
    Disappointed there no rule that states to spend the full cap clubs must have a full academy set up..ie u16,u18 & u20/reserves.. There seems to be too much emphasis on retaining players & bringing in players,whether union or marquee...What about the kids???
  39. 9 likes
    Not come on here to gloat, as I for one was not expecting that at all. Just come to say thanks for the friendliness of your welcome at the ground to us for the last two weeks. It's a bloody long way to come, and the way you looked after us off the pitch made it worthwhile.
  40. 9 likes
    Sick of being called a "remoaner"? Let me introduce the "Brectum" a person who is being a complete ###### about brexit, often seen on social media spouting from the rear end about "getting are country back"
  41. 8 likes
    TRL Hypocricy bandwagon is on a roll again. Bradford "They are a new club make them start in Championship 1" Toronto "They are a new club, why are they in Championship 1"
  42. 8 likes
    Page 2 of this weekends FT big article on Toronto, surprising since the FT does not have a sports section and can't remember it ever featuring RL before. Some interesting financial stats.
  43. 8 likes
    I'm a convert. I'm progressed from flicking over from, say, Bath v Leicester on Friday nights to being a fully fledged addict taking family holidays in Perpignan as an excuse to watch Catalans. Just find it an infinitely more satisfying game to watch. I've possibly always been an RL fan but just didn't realise it.
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    Let's have at least one thing clearly understood by everybody here: Canada most is not an "RU dominated country". Ice hockey dominates here, followed by the other traditional North American sports and then soccer after that; RU is a minor sport here and a long way down the pecking order. In fact, RU is sufficiently small here that if the Toronto venture does result in lots of RU players (or clubs) being attracted over to RL, that could put Canadian RU under serious pressure of the kind which the French RU was under back in the 1930s from RL growing like wildfire there.
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    Let's face it, the TWP and Toulouse (to a small extent) are putting the fear of god through the clubs in the Championship and at the lower end of SL in terms of potential. If it all goes to plan (and of course it may not), Toronto have the ability to genuinely compete for NRL stars to put on their marquee roster. The likes of Wakefield, Widnes, Huddersfield, Leigh etc. are always going to resent things that upset the status quo. Toulouse have the ability to be another Catalans in terms of revenue streams and support. A better tactic would be for these "worried" clubs to get their acts together and fill their grounds week-to-week, ramp up their commercial revenue and pose a genuine threat to the competition. I believe a lot of the clubs in question are just hoping these "noisy newbies" will go away as it exposes parts of our game that we have brushed under the carpet for a long time.
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    Hold on, its not just about the money or not. There are stacks of valid reasons why people may not, other than not agreeing with such a short-sighted decision. Many people do not like streaming or do not have the bandwith to even be able to watch an enjoyable steam. Others don't like watching a game on a phone or tablet. I am in both these camps and hate streaming as a result. Others such as my parent wouldn't have a clue how to go about watching this. It certainly isn't just about cost.
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    It's almost as if being a great player does not automatically mean you are a great coach.
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    Too many others to quote so I'll grab yours. Wouldn't it be for you? Wouldn't you be super excited to get flights and accommodations paid for, to go get paid to play in a big city in another country? It would be the highlight of the year for if my club went to England for a game. Some of the comments in here are borderline ridiculous. I'll repeat this which I've said elsewhere. Who pays for food throughout the week for players in England? Is it the clubs? If so, they are already paying for food in England, they're just buying it in Toronto now. Is it the players? If so, they are already paying for food in England, they're just buying it in Toronto now. As surprising as it may seem, Toronto does in fact have many grocery stores, where its millions of people buy groceries to eat. If they're that broke (players or team) they can buy a loaf of bread, few pounds of meat and some mustard, that's probably 5 guys fed for $10 for the meal. Or, they can buy and make whatever they were eating in England, since as it's been pointed out they are going to have cooking facilities at the residence. If they were in hotels y'all would be bitching that they have no way to cook and are forced to eat out (which wouldn't be true anyway, see sandwich comment above). OR, since it's quite possibly a once in a lifetime opportunity for a lot of these guys, it's worth it to spend more than their school lunch money on checking out what Toronto has to offer. Maybe they sacrifice a couple nights out at home to enjoy their international trip. I know that's what I would be doing.
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    Regardless of whether or not 10:30am on a Saturday is a popular viewing time (the game is on Saturday night in Australia) for the BBC, doesn't really matter, it will still be a far larger audience than that which will ever pay to watch a one-off match on the RFL site. Now whilst I get that audience isn't everything and the RFL should be investigating live streaming, there are some real flaws to them picking this game. Firstly, the RFL has never done this before, so they are starting behind from both a technology and customer base perspective. They don't know if their site can handle the bandwidth requirements for live streaming or if they can either effectively register and manage the user / payment side either. This is just asking for trouble. Secondly, there appears to be no strategy beyond the one off event. Again this approach would be viewed differently if suddenly this game was the first of many being streamed this way and the RFL was selling a subscription versus a one-off transaction. Thirdly, the England brand doesn't get much exposure, so can we really afford to hide it away? I know if I was BLK, Kingston Press or another partner of England, I'd rather even 100K on BBC (the audience will be more) plus the chance it will appear on the BBC News, versus a sub 10K audience and the likelihood that no news network will cover it as they can't easily get footage. This attitude would be different if England played more often, same if they played more often, the likely subscriber audience would be larger.
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    I'm going through my first diagnosed bout of depression. I'm 51, married with four grown up children. I knew I had 'issues" but tried to plough on with a smile in my face. I got to a point where I thought suicide was the only way out for me, fortunately they're was still part of me that was rationale. To cut a long story short, I did what everyone says to do, I admitted to myself and then others that I had a problem. I'm on medication and are working through my problems. I can fully understand why people sadly believe suicide is the only way out