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    Newcastle thunders squad against Hemel Stags will feature 10 local based players with 3 players from the U19s academy making first team debuts A tremendously positive stat that shows the good work that’s going on within the academy and the local clubs in the area. https://www.thunderrugby.co.uk/on-field/thunder-announce-squad-for-hemel-stags-clash/
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    I must admit I am becoming exasperated at the tone often used on here and on many social media platforms with regards to anything that is considered club "expansion". I can't imagine how it must appear to non-RL folk seeing the dismissive and sometimes disdainful comments to anything that appears to be outside a core set of clubs (mostly on the M62) that have largely made up the top couple of divisions in the last 30 years or so. It is becoming increasingly common to see Toronto, Toulouse, Catalans, London and even the likes of Coventry and Skolars uttered in the same style of insular rants. As if anything further away than Sheffield isn't worthy of the RFL's time and money - even if it is not costing the RFL a penny. Some of these clubs are over 20 years old yet they get dismissed as a fad or failures or too high maintenance. At the same time, some of the "proper" clubs are on V2, V3 or even V4 after continually going #### up. What do these posters actually want? Anyone who browses other platforms can see RL people with this train of thought are not small in number. I do understand it is largely through fear and self preservation but it seems to go beyond that. I've heard coaches of "traditional RL clubs" give disrespectful interviews following trips to so called "non-traditional" areas. I see the constant bleating about away fans - as if Wakefield fans going to Cas, Cas fans going to Leeds and Leeds fans going to Huddersfield et al makes our sport bigger, wealthier and higher profile. I started a thread about the BBC's pathetic coverage yesterday. There is a case that we get what we deserve isn't there? If we think we can have things how they used to be in the 1980s and 1990s, still have the TV cash, coverage and wider appeal then we are naive to say the least. It is tiresome and the sporting world is evolving around RL - rapidly! Have I missed something? Is club RL an exclusive members club for founders and acceptable others?
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    So, anyway, to respond to what's here. I don't have much of an opinion about the darts walk-on girls (or, as an equivalent) the girls at Speedway Grand Prix who stand there marking the lane choices. I wouldn't miss them if they went because, oddly, I'm watching the darts and the speedway for the darts and the speedway. If you're watching them for women in tight clothes then that's a few seconds of pleasure separated by a lot of sport. It seems an odd thing to do. Cheerleading seems to me to be different in that it's normally led and coached by women. There can be a genuine issue (see stories in America) about how the girls are controlled and what say they have in what they do. But, if everyone's having fun, again, I don't have a problem. No one is talking about shutting down cheerleading but they may wonder if it's middle aged men drooling over barely legal girls whether it can be done better. Rugby league is a tough sport. We called it a Man's Game for All the Family forty years ago. Times change. Women and disabled people do not become some default 'strong straight male' for playing rugby league. They become members of the rugby league family who play the game. On their own terms. The stuff about people covered up in Dewsbury and Batley is just divisive nonsense. If we want people from all communities to embrace our game, and I'll guess that this straight talking no nonsense bloke with a publishing history like his and a charge sheet of racist activities doesn't, then we should be finding ways of working with them not putting out angst about the stuff that makes us different. One of the great things I've found in my (oh god) 31 years of following rugby league is that, by and large, if you like TGG the people around you will accept you whatever. I'm a latte drinking metrosexual (not really) who has never lived in a heartland community and have had a lot of fun with people on here both in real life and online. But I'm also white and male so if I keep my mouth shut I'll not be noticed by the tiny minority of fans who confuse being no-nonsense and proud of their roots with being a grade one cock.
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    Copa, please be careful with your posts. This might be too much of a let down for Lenegan's ultimate sycophant follower, Parky. I'm not sure he can face such stark reality.
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    Absolutely, the game is growing at a fast rate in the area, we have three new local clubs starting this year. Yarm Wolves from the Teesside area entered last year with u14’s, they loved the sport so much they now have u9,12,14 and 16’s, we have a new club all the way up in Alnwick and the West Newcastle Magpies who are also Launching this year We have teams like Cramlington Rockets who have won their first two rounds of the National Cup and now face Thatto Heath in the next round And at Open Age we have clubs like Whitley Bay Barbarians who will be returning, and an invite has been sent up to Scotland for the two Scottish clubs to come down and play merit format friendly games and play in the cup it looks like player registrations in the north east will be up over 5% this year and the target is to average over 1,000 at thunder games It’s hard not to be positive about the North East at the moment
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    ....then they could be no better than tonight's game in Coventry against Leeds Rhinos. Over150 people enjoying pre match hospitality, great atmosphere, a crowd of 1294 on a freezing cold night. Bar heaving afterwards. This was a game to celebrate the Bears 20 years of existence while also commemorating Leeds record 102-0 victory over the erstwhile Coventry northern union team in 1913. But this was a glimpse into the future, and how Coventry can take it's place in this game. And the score: 14-70, but who's counting?
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    Some more evidence that the game is growing in the North East Three Thunder academy aides took to the field today and played some outstanding rugby, and picked up three wins!! nearly 500 supporters at Kingston Park today to witness the games Thunder U16 Development 32-24 Barrow Raiders Thunder U16 Scholarship 26-24 Widnes Vikings Thunder U19 Academy 24-18 Wakefield Trinity
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    Its honestly people like this that need to close their eyes and walk across the M1 or at least leave the sport. The clue really is in the title of “pre season friendly” and the focus should be on; - 1200+ people watching RL on a freezing Friday night in Coventry - Sold out hospitality - Coventry being able to offer the chance of playing semi pro RL to people outside the heartlards All of the above is progression not the score. Coventry Bears is some people’s life’s work, as a club they run on a budget that compares to Sam Burgess’s jock strap, they have never gone bust (see nearly every club anyone’s ever supported) don’t go cap in hand to the RFL and are hugely proactive in the community. This isn’t to also mention their relationships with local business’s and the university. If more clubs acted in such a way (my own included) then the game wouldn’t be in such a state. Quotes of the above imo are in the same narrow minded class as the bigots that kick and clap. RL does not belong to the North, it’s anyones game that wants it.
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    Imagine how we must look to them. We keep calling our sport 'the greatest game' and say we want it to expand, but the minute anyone new shows a modicum of interest we get all defensive and want them to shut up, push off and leave us alone. Not very welcoming, is it?
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    I just want to share my excitement regarding the North American expansion news. I’m a Seppo who’s totally addicted to League I’m constantly on this site and watching everything from the Footy Show (Love Beau Ryan) to Rugby AM those lads are spectacular. I was watching French Rugby League today and I watch NRL, SL and USARL I really really really like the Million Pound game. This RLWC is awesome dude. Rugby League will succeed in the USA. With the right marketing it would appeal to a lot of people I love matchups like St Helens vs Boston, New York vs London, Toronto vs Dublin, Philly vs Wigan. I’ve only been following for 2 years I’d had a lot of making up to do which is like sensory overload in a great way. Things like (1) Marty Smith getting his eyelid ripped off (2) King Wally! (3) Jamie Peacock punching Willy Mason I support the Toronto Wolfpack and Manly Sea Eagles. I learn the sport from all of you. And kudos to the Canadians for spearheading this. Thanks!
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    I get nearer to walking away from the game with each utterance like this
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    There were 1000s of Australians. There are so many entrenched views re what SL is like in Australia that it’s hard to break through that. The total package, stadium music, singing, fan passion, attacking style etc offers a match day experience far beyond nearly every single one of the 100s and 100s of live NRL games I’ve attended. Great entertainment. Hull fans contributed to a lot of that. Sadly many will not have bothered to go last night due to preconceived ideas and TV highlights will not do it justice. I also suspect some of the lame match reports in Australia were written by people who were not there. The whole package from last night is something nearly all Australian rugby league fans would absolutely love. Making them aware of it is a very difficult job though. However they won’t buy tickets because they mistakenly think it’d be rubbish.
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    Well I think that answers a few questions about Toronto.
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    It’s pretty standard for new pro teams. Doncaster joined the league in 1951 and were the whipping boys for 20 years. Skolars too found it tough. Hemel haven’t done anything and Glos S. Waled and Oxford fell by the wayside. Its tough and Coventry have made a conscious decision not to go DR and to concentrate on home development. Doncaster today had a couple of DR players it’s easier if you can pick up local loanees but Coventry are not in that position so we have to play the cards we have got. There is s right way and a wrong way and we don’t believe there is a quick sustainable short way. We will plug away.We know it’s going to be tough because as I have said we have to take a long view and not soar and burn or even move away like some clubs have tried to do. Being at the bottom of the league or even being gallant and plucky losers is not what we want to be but the plan is to build a solid base and not go for broke. there are 5/6 clubs going all out for promotion this year and some of them may be putting their future in jeopardy. RL has a history of following that model. We won’t
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    London 56-12 Barrow FT. Like a hot knife through butter... Garry Schofield will have to change his prediction of 10th for the Broncos
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    And I'm 100% sure this current BOD have all the eggs lined up and wouldn't put this club at any risk . What a fantastic signing. The big ,ugly, annoying ,windup merchant is a challenge cup ,league leader and grand final winner !!!! He's also got some skill ..... He ain't no Phil joesph and if you can't get excited about having winners on your team then go and watch Haven x
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    Ron has had the decency to respond to you yet you persist in being rude. You may get a kick out of trolling people on a web forum, but meanwhile I'm sure everyone associated with the Bears will continue to work hard to make the club the best it can be.
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    Read the forum for a number of years but never posted, but thought that as I travelled down today would put a response on. Can’t really understand why comments have been made regarding early season optimism disappearing. This was the first league game and a tough one at that. Although there were defensive lapses I thought the performance was streets ahead of what was served up last year. Going forward all the forwards made good in roads with both penky and newton directing well from acting half. While leatherbarrow is not quick I thought both him and forber distributed well and only an ankle tap stopped a nice break from leatherbarrow which could easily have resulted in a try. If the first half intercept had gone to our player it was a walk in, similarly with the last minute interception if it had gone to hand would have at least allowed an opportunity for a score. We got beat but I thought there was a tremendous spirit in the team and with just a little bit of luck we could easily have been talking about a tremendous comeback. I for one will certainly be happy watching a team throw the ball about and hopefully with the defensive issues tightened up a good season lies ahead.
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    Been reading some of the posts on this thread and the previous one. just want to take this opportunity to thank the loyal fans of Batley who have stuck by us and me in particular during my time at the club. I hope people listen to the full interview as it wasn’t all about depression but that was the parting message. I’ve struggled on and off for a few years as I know others do daily. I’ve reached out in the past to Derek who is great and I’ll continue to confide in others as it certainly helps. Thanks again and hopefully I’ll see you all in a few weeks at the games. My new course taking up some Sundays but I’m a Batley fan now so I’ll be there soon. JH
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    Great to see.......... https://www.loverugbyleague.com/post/crusaders-create-player-pathway/ North Wales Crusaders have confirmed that they will bring a junior structure in place, with a view to getting more homegrown talent playing for the first team. The Image below demonstrates the player pathway plans that the club have and they have confirmed their junior structure going forward. On the structure, Crusaders CEO Moulsdale said: “It’s important that the club develops a junior pathway, it’s something that I feel the club has to have, otherwise there’s no point in having a rugby league club in North Wales. “Mark Robinson has done a good job getting all this off the ground with the community team and with Allen jones coming back into the fold it’s really helped. ‘The structure is simple and will provide everyone involved with the club a clear vision of how things will work.” The North Wales club are also hosting a community day at the Queensway Stadium on Sunday which includes a free taster session for 4-18-year-old’s regardless of previous playing experience.
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    I am delighted to point you in the direction of our newest Junior Rugby League club, Bassetlaw Bulldogs, who will open their inaugural season with U9 and U11 teams in March. Having founded the now well-established Brentwood Elvers/Eels in Essex over a decade ago, it is now time to do it all over again in the East Midlands. Playing in East Markham and serving the surrounding areas of Retford, Worksop and Tuxford, the club aims to introduce 40 players to the game in year one. It is fair to say that the RFL support available in this region is incredibly sparse and it looks like we will be needing to do pretty much everything for ourselves. I know many forum posters are very keen on supporting and developing junior players and most are also favourable in helping the game develop in less traditional areas. Whilst very few of you are well geographically placed to help us practically on the ground, I wondered if there was anything you might be able to do/say/give that might help us make a success of our fledgling club. We've done most of the spade work now, in particular around sponsorship and Super League club links etc. We are looking forward to travelling up to Yorkshire in particular and would love to buddy up with some more established clubs who might enjoy helping us develop our inexperienced players in development games. As a club we'd value your support in any way you might feel able to help: Offers of festival attendance/friendlies in May, June or July Point us in the direction of any competitions/festivals for U9s/U11s you know about where we might be able to take part Offers of visits to our ground for friendlies Practical advise around club operations (big do's and don'ts) Links to cheap/discounted training equipment Or failing that, just having a gander around our club website and familiarising yourself with the club. www.bassetlawbulldogs.co.uk Thanks in advance.
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    From Twitter: @RugbyAM ** Rugby AM signs three-year deal with @FreeSportsUK ** We will broadcast to 18 million UK homes on terrestrial sports channel FreeSports for the next three years. This allows us to showcase the players, personalities & grassroots of rugby to a national free-to-air audience.
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    Some people who have spent most of their lives calling the BBC liars and biased against RL have suddenly decided to believe this particular claim completely, because it fits what they need to believe.
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    Interesting Derwent. As a relative newbie to the forums (less then a yr) and part of the Canadian contingent I have been making an effort to participate in the L1 threads in order to expand my knowledge of the competition. I was unaware of such negativity towards the smaller clubs (which I personally really enjoy) although I have been surprised at the amount of discussion regarding wagering tied to the clubs - not something we do over here in this manner. The General forum sees some rather absurd comments from time to time, and some really stalwart opinions but I usually ignore extreme views in a medium like this as I know there is always a fringe element in every group, and forums give them both a voice and cover. We are not traditionalists over on my side of the pond, and so perhaps we are fortunately lacking in the baggage of the past. I assess this has been part of the allure for those welcoming us, and detrimental to those who believe we should experience the agony they have experienced in the last decades of RL history. But either way, the reality of this world is adapt, grow, or die. Such is globalization whether we like it or not (in many instances I do not). I wish to put a minor issue to bed. I wrote on this matter some months ago but it seems to have not been understood. TWP rents the stadium where they play and the base operations including the gates are operated by the city with TWP staff & volunteers working in tandem. The team pays a cleaning fee and other tertiary expenses based on attendance to the city. So the gate figures are accurate unless you believe the City of Toronto is exaggerating them. I am very skeptical that they would do such. I would not rule out minor error as its a pretty relaxed environment but a deliberate act to produce materially enhanced figures would not survive more then a few days before being busted locally. The issue of whether it is all paid attendance is a diff matter. I never met anyone who had a "free" ticket but I did read on this forum about they being handed out at the Brazenhead. I would imagine all sponsors had some ticket allotment. I doubt it was of any material significance but if a few hundred free fans in a crowd of thousands turns you into a "doubting Thomas" then so be it. Personally on this forum I shall always endeavor to treat my fellow participants with respect and hope for the same from what I sense to be mature adults with an active interest in the game. Same in respect of the clubs - vile denigrating of one's opposition says more about the party doing the denigrating then the opposition at least in my opinion. RL is a great game. I really wish only the best for the sport. Its a hard demanding physical activity that takes courage to participate. I do hope we never become like soccer and its hooliganism. Sadly, back to work....
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    The next person who suggests the Magic Weekend becoming a 9's tournament is being added to my ignore list
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    Here's some perspective. It was the fourth best attended Rugby League match in the world last year. 1. 82,259 (Origin II) 2. 79,722 (NRL Grand Final) 3. 72,827 (Super League Grand Final) 4. 68,525 (Challenge Cup Final) 5. 52,540 (Origin III) 6. 50,390 (Origin I) This against a backdrop of Rugby League folk constantly running it down and calling for it to be scrapped. Imagine what could be achieved if we talked it up occasionally! Sure, there are always different ways of doing things, opportunities to tweak what happens before the final itself, but scrapping the Challenge Cup altogether would be an act of gross self harm by Rugby League IMO.
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    To echo a point made by Martyn Sadler a couple of weeks ago on here, perhaps "poor" journalism could be avoided if there was more transparency on the difficult subjects from the people involved with making the decisions. A willingness to discuss them would be a start.
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    Rugby league is a great game for women. It’s a proper women’s game. Toughness, resilience and bravery are all characteristics many women have. They are made for rugby league.
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    I heard a strong rumour from a well informed source that Koukash will be Woods' replacement as the next RFL CEO. OK, in the interests of balance, I should add that, to be perfectly frank with you, I didn't hear that at all - just fancied starting a completely unfounded piece of speculation.
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    Think it's more of a 'how people generally behave on social media' problem, than an exclusive RL problem. Add to the mix people's passion/fanaticism for a sports team and you've got a lethal cocktail of unpleasant behaviour. Basically, people say things they wouldn't face-to-face with a complete stranger and that is a problem across ALL society at the moment on a range of different topics.
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    It is completely and totally unacceptable that Rimmer is a) involved enough in the process to know whether or not matchroom the hearns or anybody else has applied for the role he is a candidate for. b ) involved enough in the process for him to know whether or not the nonexec board are looking internally, externally, through an open application or headhunting for the role he is a candidate for. c) talking about it in public. It is entirely and completely unethical and a massive failure in governance from him and the non-exec board. How can anyone have trust that it is a fair process when one candidate is openly involved in the recruitment? What kind of high quality candidate is going to apply when you have a candidate openly discussing other candidates? That he knew this information is bad enough and unethical, that he didn't know not to talk about it is laughably incompetent.
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    FFS. Lets all try and fcuk the NHS. I like to patronise our sponsors. I will make an exception with these ambulance chasing ******** Disgusting For the first time in my life I am ashamed of rugby league
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    Top three: 1. London 2. Toronto 3. Toulouse Expansionists wet dream! 😂
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    2,036 at Halifax today compared with 1566 last week against Sheffield. Those Toronto away fans swelling the numbers yet again.
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    I tried to buy 2 tickets at Odsal earlier this week but they'd sold out of the allocation they had and told me to buy tickets via the York website instead, which I did, so there may be even more Bulls fans than that turn up. Should be a cracking atmosphere, I'm really looking forward to it. I've no idea what the outcome will be, which adds to the fun and after a long series of pre-season games it'll be good to see a match with league points up for grabs at last. And even if the Bulls lose, they'll still have 12 more points than they did at the start of last season. That's progress!
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    You will find the moon got rejected in their SL bid over concerns about a lack of atmosphere at their home ground.
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    I was told this by someone who heard a David Watkins after-dinner speech. One of my old team mates was often in trouble on the field and was regularly described in the press as "temperamental". This was true; he was 50% temper and 50% mental.
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    Went along to this one. It'll take some time to thaw out. A poor spectacle, played out on a heavy pitch in a strong, icy wind. It snowed just before the start then again at half-time. Credit to London for some tremendous defending. Dewsbury were held up in goal on six occasions. The hosts had plenty of good field position but an inability to hold on to the ball cost them dearly. Fumble followed fumble followed fumble. Rams scrum-half Gareth Moore was stretchered off on the hour. Their tackling apart, Broncos didn't look up to much. On this evidence, both teams will be among the 2018 Championship also-rans. London's tries were in the 22nd and 68th minutes. They added a penalty from the last play of the match. Just 795 inside the Tetley's Stadium, including about 30 following the visitors. Admission £15 (about the right price for this division, IMO), and a 24-page programme sold for £2.50 (overpriced but then programmes in RL will soon be a thing of the past). Kick-off preceded by a minute's silence in memory of Ken Crabtree, a Dewsbury stalwart who served the club in several capacities. I note Dewsbury have now opened a floodlit 4G pitch behind the terraced stand. Paid for (apparently) by selling most of the car park to a housing developer. I was told it is seeing plenty of use by the community and other sports clubs (including Wakefield Trinity). With attendances as low as this afternoon's, Dewsbury will doubtless find the hire income handy. The 4G pitch, and two others beyond the west end of the ground, are to be named the Gooder Pitches, honouring lifelong supporter Christine Gooder, who died in June 2017 and in her will left Rams more than £100,000, to be spent on long-term projects rather than team-building.
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    After watching tonights game has there been a better No.9 in the super league era than James Roby ? Personally I don't think so, head and shoulders above anybody, yes even Cunningham.
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    I haven't posted much on this thread either (or on this forum for a while) but all i see is some (legitimately) frustrated Canucks! Imagine you discover a new sport, fall in love with it - like we all did growing up in RL mad locations - you join a forum to chat to people who share this love, only to be met with a tirade of negativity and 'whataboutery' the likes of which you have never seen. TWP must be the most talked about Rugby League team on this forum. Easily in fact. And whilst a good amount of that is positive, there are some on here that jump on every TWP story and attempt to throw shade on it or engage in wild conspiracy theories. Yes, RL has form in this department. Yes there have been some shocking failures in expansion in the past, these are well documented. But anyone with half a brain can see that TWP are not Gateshead, or Paris, or Crusaders. I have little doubt that they will go from strength to strength and make super league in the near future and good luck to them. And if they don't? then they will have failed on their own terms and not be an expensive failure that the RFL has backed with its own money. I fail to see the downside here. The RFL and the super league clubs need to do something about the dramatic fall-off in grass roots rugby. That is what, above all else, is likely to kill the sport. That issue has little or nothing to do with TWP. Blaming one new club that has had pretty stunning success in its one year of existence, for all the woes of rugby league in the northern hemisphere, is like blaming the ice-berg for the Titanic sinking.
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    No! Stop looking for shortcuts!! And money savings! Would football suggest stopping under 23s,under 21s....and tell them to play 5 a side instead!! Pull ya head in!
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    What if the game decided to go to 12 players in 25 years' time? The name is not the issue. It is the strength of our governance that is a problem. We are trying to run a world game from a garden shed. Other sports would have had legal letters dished out to relevant (and mischievous) parties long ago.
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    I don't know anything about the other failed expansion teams he mentioned or the M62 teams but I assume because he's so against it they all started in the 3rd tier, refused central funding, paid a large entrance fee, paid for the travel costs (non M62 failures only) attracted SL levels of fans in the 1st year (in 3rd tier as already mentioned) and got them their biggest global exposure in media that never covered them. Oh they must have also televised their games and spread the game to new markets which was probably their downfall...wish someone told us before hand that all of this was already done and it failed! What are we going to tell al those kids in Canada, USA and Jamaica that we're spending money on to develop? What about those university partnerships in Manchester, will those kids just disappear into the mist now because they are over 19 and not SL quality? Guess bringing money, global exposure, a large and loyal fan base, developing players across nations and not costing the RFL one penny was a stupid idea.
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    In your scenario here, the business would find the best people they could, and get started training them to do what's needed. Possibly develop their own methods of doing so. Look at any number of specialized fields. Do you think anyone ever said, "gee, it would be great to build this offshore oil rig, too bad there's only a couple underwater welders" . No, they'd go hire some regular welders and teach them how to do it underwater. Or find some scuba divers and teach them how to weld. It's only a problem if you can't afford to keep the business afloat long enough to get up to speed. It costs money to train people and build infrastructure. And sometimes it takes a while for money to come back in. If you're completely relying on existing potential personnel, then you aren't innovating, you're going along with the status quo. That's fine in some businesses - residential plumbing doesn't need a ton of innovators, it needs competent standard plumbers to fit out buildings. Tons of tech companies need to start from the ground up developing coding, or scientific breakthroughs, etc. Did Elon Musk go "oh Darn, all the space techs work at NASA, not enough for me to hire" ? Note, before some one nit picks these examples, yes I agree they're not perfect analogies, and I'm not in those fields to be an expert. But the point I'm illustrating with them stands, imo. Now I'll get to RL. 1. "There aren't enough players" yes there are. There are players who didn't quite make it into SL teams, Champ teams, League 1 teams. There are thousands, I read on here, of Australians who don't make the NRL, play in high quality semi pro or amateur comps, who don't get spotted or there just isn't room for them all. There are lots of players, if you look past any hangups about where they come from. Yes local players can boost interest and marketability. But if you already have interest, then getting skilled players from around the world is fine. In fact that creates its own interest. 2. "Yeah there's players, but they aren't 'up to standard'/ good enough" . Well, I have two things to say to that. First, whether you watch the best 50 players or the best 300 players... you're still watching the "best players", in the number that is needed (may apply to NRL more than SL). Second. By adding more professional environments, there are more opportunities for players to increase their skill level. More opportunities make for more players seeing it as a viable career. It won't be directly attributable to one team either. Say 5 clubs "lose" a player or two to a new team. They will continue their development at the new team. Each of those 5 clubs now has the resources to put into one or two new players, someone who just barely didn't make the cut before due to a lack of opportunity. I also think fears of talent dilution aren't as big a deal as some. We all know that two evenly matched teams make for an entertaining game. At any level - kids, juniors, adult amateur in the park. The problem comes from what happens when a new team is added, the new lower "floor" of talent added, is disproportionately concentrated in the new team, making it difficult for them. North American leagues solve this by having a draft system that ensures relative parity, and by using expansion drafts when new teams are added, which allows the new team to start closer to the average strength of the league. Maybe there's a way to apply that to RL? Maybe, maybe not, but doing nothing for sure won't accomplish anything.
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    Whether or not the Wolfpack's finances break even is irrelevant to anybody else but the club's owners and debtors. Whether or not the Wolfpack's team performs well is of interest, but nothing much more, to fans of other teams and of vital importance to the Wolfpack players. To the Wolfpack's owners, the business strategy will dictate the extent of their concern. Since when did the finances of the Giants, Salford, London, the Bulls and Wakefield break even on a regular basis? And we've lost a complete team over the past two seasons. I hope Toronto have a great year. It's what the competition needs.
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    Well the conversation really meandered in the last number of posts from both my post 2 days ago and the main topic of discussion. To my fellow Canadian I would point out that I have followed LegendTex's posts on the forum since my commencement here, and he has posted many times on developments at the grassroots level and my assessment was that he was a true RL fan from its core group. I followed many of his threads last year on the Manchester Rangers, South America and if I recall correctly Serbia(?) among others. I respect that group of supporters even if I do not always agree with their beliefs. I don't believe we gain anything by trashing them for their differences of opinion especially when we do not know them. It will only breed more distrust and push the two sides further apart - and that is one outcome with potential to destroy the sport. BTW LegendTex I thank you for those posts. To the doubters and skeptics, and those with generally negative opinions about Toronto I can only suggest that you exercise more patience to see if your fears of a repeat of the past, or lack of talent, or concerns about money, and all the other negative issues I have seen brought up on the forum translate to a long term defeat of Toronto as a going concern, or a really detrimental impact to RL at the professional level. I am not deaf, nor do I believe my compatriots are either, on the potential negative impacts to the smaller centers in the RL heartland. Time will tell whether your fears of declining quality, loss of teams in the smaller centers and other concerns come to pass. I hope management will stick handle this with finesse but we have to expect their will be bumps on the road. I personally and professionally (speaking as a businessman) assess that at this time Toronto has invoked many more positives then negatives: it has brought in a wave of fan and financial interest from North America that is in process of translating to new teams, it should create new opportunities for the player pool to expand and give hope for a professional future to the talent pool, and it seems to be causing some renewed interest in the sport in mainland Europe as well, among the benefits that immediately come to mind. Its how I view the loss of the 3 players for which this thread is about. Its unfortunate, but its a short term event. I think its actual impact minor. Its a newsworthy event for a moment, but 2 weeks from now when the season commences it will be water under the bridge for the team, and the game - everyone's mind will be on the task at hand and this will be just another footnote to an ever developing story. Finally, Canadians can be brash and arrogant even over their fabled politeness. I note again for the record our 2 national sports are hockey and lacrosse. These are historically rough, boisterous, violent sports. Sort of at odds to the foreign impressions of our culture, but not if you live here. As was noted by Perez "RL is the most Canadian of sports which Canadians don't play" (or something like that). Every Canadian who has seen RL understands instinctively what he was saying. It is an explanation of our enthusiasm, and the success TWP enjoyed right out of the gate with attendance and publicity. I took a stab with some guesses in the thread we have in the TWP subforum at what these 3 did to get kicked to the curb. I apparently missed the mark but whatever it was, it was not good...
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    Also agree. Some of the other posts on here make me sad. The attendance at the game last night shows how much potential there is at the Bears. Everyone associated with Leeds was so complimentary of everything the Bears are trying to achieve. They've been in League one for 3 seasons so far and competing against clubs that have been around for over 100 years, that have more resources and bigger player pools to pick from. Coventry and other so called expansion teams should be applauded for everything they do.
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    Every single post of yours on this forum is some bitchy comment about Toronto or the people involved with the club - and they almost invariably end up proven to be false. Either someone is feeding you BS or you're just making it up yourself. Either way, I feel a bit sorry for you. Actually, editing this to say I don't feel sorry for you. Toronto have been a breath of fresh air in a stale sport that is being dragged backwards into a dead end by people like yourself. You've got an axe to grind, I get that, but without new clubs and new investors and new fans and new players RL in England is on a path to sporting irrelevance. A feeder for the NRL and union, and a cosy little game played in a handful of towns. Admired, after a fashion, but ultimately ignored and ignorable. It seems to me that the likes of Toronto and Toulouse are our last best hope of preventing that.