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    I have never heard you make these points before. Thanks for starting a new thread to rehash them.
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    I've counted those people and there's at best 1500. Had this bar been in the heartlands there would have been at least 10000 punters. Let's focus on the local bars that are actual drinkers rather than these here today gone tomorrow shandy merchants. You know it makes sense.
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    It appears either Toronto Wolfpack marketing team or 3 Brewers Pub have a good sense of humour as well as being a winning side. Nicely played putting a big fat attendance number on the viewing party at the 3 Brewers Pub today.
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    If Toronto are going to further wind up sad, colloquial old men who think the game should be kept in small former industrial towns in the North of England only, then I’m all for Toronto’s inclusion in Super League in 2019.
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    How could I forget? The cheers of Saints fans as they drew Catalans for the Semi Final... Comedy gold.
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    The number of RL fans who are obsessed with attendance figures is down 15% on last season.
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    In a week when a young and upcoming player Macauly Davies has to stop his career through absolutely no fault of his own someone from his own club seems to throw away every opportunity given. The world is very unfair at times.
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    Well done. All credit to them, I thought Bradford would walk that league. Ford is obviously a very good up and coming coach. Things are coming together with the new ground and they are getting good crowds. Nice club, Im pleased for them. Welcome to the Championship.
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    Yesterday was one of them moments when all the heartaches, pains, ups and downs ( far more of them) that make following your hometown club worthwhile. Years and years of following the Club around in its various names we’ve seen some great highs and many many lows, some lows almost like loosing a loved one, we’ve seen the club go under twice but bounce back but ...yesterday really felt like a Phoenix rising from the ashes. Still buzzing today, I’m so full of pride for what the club, Jon, James, backroom staff and players have achieved in 2018. Not ashamed to say I shed a tear of happiness when I got home and reflected on the magnitude of what we have achieved. What we did yesterday was nothing more than a pipe dream a few years back. So much hardwork has gone into this. The incredible work of the volunteers in the club, the admin staff, coaching team, players, the fans have made this not a dream but reality. The way the Knights have used Social media to be out there has been a revelation. As Keegan Hirst states on Twitter..."Congratulation on promotion and well done on bringing RL into the 21st Century" sums up how forward thinking and reveloutionary the Knights are. They are shinning example of how to market the game and put most SL clubs to shame in that department as do a fair few League one sides. So where do we see us going from here ? With Fordy full time could it be a possibility that in a few years we could be a full time side if we can establish the club in the championship? Whos leaving the club, who might be coming in? Will we see the fan base rise again at the new CS? Can we make SL? Who knows. One thing for certain this season has been the best I can remember in a very long time, not only do we have a forward thinking and very intelligent chairman we also have the best british coach outside of super league, have a host of good up coming players and old heads to guide us around and the best thing seeing local lads like Chilton, Porter and Ash Robson all playing big parts in the clubs progression. Local players are our connection to our team. I honestly believe the signs are good and the vibes are right for the club to be a force. With the right guidance the knights have potential to be anything the club wants to be. The club is in great shape to move forward, yes it’s going to be tough next year but I’m sure we can hold our own and build on the foundations that have been laid. We are all proud that the York City Knights is our club, it’s in the blood and when it’s in your blood it stays in your blood be it good or bad. I’ve never been prouder to call myself a fan of York City Knights Well done everyone in making us feel good and having a club we can be proud of. We’ve come so far, let’s see where we can go if we keep believing. Onwards and upwards.
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    Admitted to hospital with meningitis and pluresy. Hope he recovers great player. All the best
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    I really can't believe you lot. You have a team that never looked like being in the relegation dogfight, a coach who appears to be coming good, the best part of a competitive team next year, and apparently a few good signings to come, and you're carping because you might not overtake fax and Fev in the pecking order. Compare that with a club not a million miles away, that has five players signed, and a coach that has jumped ship because he thinks, given the budget, we are relegation fodder. I'm sure you'll be delighted that the "jowsbury" faithful are staring down the barrel, but at least have the good grace to count your own blessings. I realise that not all dogs supporters are less than grateful, but it seems there are enough.
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    This is a side to Toronto and its management that the haters choose to ignore. Kudos to them.
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    Not sure, but BPI have switched from USAP to the Dragons. That is a coup.
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    Marvellous. If there's the right kind of ticketing system , there should be lots of opportunities for seat counting once the fixture is confirmed.
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    If I let anyone out into a road (in car obvs) and they don't acknowledge it. I follow them home and batter them. It's only fair.
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    Can’t wait for the crowd to be listed as 9k and for Toronto to win and for the sound of self combustion from small hamlets in Yorkshire to be heard across the country.
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    Meltdown meltdown meltdown meltdown meltdown meltdown meltdown meltdown meltdown meltdown meltdown meltdown
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    Agree 100%...Think this talk of demons and Rugby league needing to stand by him is a bit dramatic, some people are just knobheads, Zak appears to be one of them. His actions scream of a selfish, daft lad who thinks he's untouchable and couldnt care less about anybody else, Every week theres thousands like him up and down the country, Attacking people, fighting, taking drugs, driving illegally and whatever else....They havnt all got demons, they dont all deserve sympathy and understanding and they arnt all going to top themselves...theyr just Knobheads, with no respect or concern for how theyr actions effect others. So far, innocent people havnt been seriously hurt by Zaks actions, the student he attacked recovered, the alleged Drink Driving, luckily, hasnt caused a serious accident...But it is just that...Luck. His teammates at Cas suffered from his actions, on the biggest stage most of them have seen in there professional careers. He's clearly showing no concern for others or no desire to help himself, not sure why Rugby league, Wigan, or anyone else for that matter, should bend over backwards to do it for him .
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    Why, why, why are people banging on about what the size of the crowd may be Why for once can't all RL supporters just be bl00dy proud and chuffed that the President of one of the worlds most famous sports club has asked for the Catalans to play there?
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    ............ that developed a product which was gaining momentum in interest, decide to ditch it whilst still in it's relative infancy, or would they sit round the table in the boardroom and the forward more dynamic thinking would say "you know what guy's we could really be on to something here, why not give it a good dose of looking at, promote it, invest in it, advertise it, give it a budget and a time scale to moniter and evaluate to see if we can grow it". And whilst it has been in process it has also prooved have encouraging knock on effects with our second tier products that could see them grow bigger and better and get more saleable to both the close and wider public. Then we get the old Chairman and aged Board members set in their ways, averse to changing the company's tried and trusted but nevertheless tired ways of working, they are very protectionist of their products and set about policies and proceedures that will in the near future ringfence those commodities, they also intend to bring to the offer some add on's which are monotinously close to the catalogued items, and will limp along losing customers till they retire. Sound familiar, this is present day Rugby League at work, the middle 8's with some work can be nurtured to flouish, it has improved in each of the years it has been in existance, the first season only Bradford and Leigh would be expected to make a small dent, this year the Championship has had six clubs vying for the top 4 spots, 5 of them up to the last day of the season, and that excitement/entertainment has not diminshed when joining the 4 from SL, who is to say that moneymen/financiers would not invest in other clubs in the Championship if a portfolio was produced to sell it. But no, have the same old, with the inclusion of the energised, invigorating loop fixtures to top up the season (yawn), the auto P&R won't last long it will soon be a closed shop, the Championship will revert back to one maybe two strong clubs and decline as in the last round of licencing. I can't help but think that the SLE and the RFL have missed a glorious opportunity to bring an energetic approch to the game - albeit some hard work would have to be done - but have decided to revert back to a tried format that failed the last time wherby they have decided to stand still, and we all know what happens to companies that stand still, they go backwards and eventually go out of business, good luck with that Leneghan and Co.
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    Well done York on winning the League 1 title, 100% deserved and a real testament to the attitude of your club coming from near non existence only two years ago, I think the whole rugby league except Bradford and the RL powers that be wanted you to win and its great that you did.
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    For the love of God! Stop the idea of tedious SL loop fixtures and let Toronto, Toulouse and London in to a 14 team SL. RL should see this as an opportunity not a threat.
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    You've clearly never seen Parky talk about Toronto then!
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    The game has become stale, boring and sanitised, it's just 5 drives and a kick, 5 drives and a kick and so on and so on. The product is turning people off, and I say that as a rugby league fan.

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