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    There's something about this that doesn't sit right with me. For decades, players choosing to play Rugby League were banned from Union and often ostracized by their previous clubs and communities, I would rather our sport didn't take that attitude. Irrelevant of whether Eastmond is good enough to come back, the pathway should be there.
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    Hahahaha. So in summary your team lost.
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    Please, add your own contributions. It will help new fans feel at home if they can quickly master the patois. WE are robust, physical and direct. THEY are a bunch of dirty thugs. WE have a defensive line that moves up fast. THEY are permanently offside. TRY FOR US WITH NO VR: About time the referee trusted his own judgement, just like the good old days. TRY FOR THEM WITH NO VR: For God's sake, the technology's there for a reason. This isn't the 1950s, you know! WE put players through with crisp, flat passes. THEY chuck it a mile forward. Every time! OUR 'experimental' kit is a bold and brave design choice. THEIR 'experimental' kit makes my eyes want to vomit. WE boo the opposition kicker because we are passionate and want our team to win. THEY boo the opposition kicker because they have no class or sportsmanship. OUR home-town referee is overcompensating in an attempt to appear impartial. THEIR home-town referee is their team's 14th man. WE SIGN A VETERAN AUSSIE: bags of experience, and a proven leader. THEY SIGN A VETERAN AUSSIE: never was any good, and now only fit for the knacker's yard. WE TACKLE round the chest or shoulders. THEY TACKLE like a bunch of Borneo head-hunters. PENALTY AGAINST US: Just have a word, ref. Common sense and all that. PENALTY AGAINST THEM: You will be taken from here to the place from whence you came and there be kept in close confinement until the day, and upon that day that you be taken to the place of execution and there hanged by the neck until you are dead. And may God have mercy upon your soul.
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    Maybe what we need is an rl version of tinder, refs can swipe for the players they like/dislike then those players will know how to act with them. Call it sinbinder...
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    I can tell you right now what will happen when we play Leigh at Lamport..we will all gather at 3 Brewers beforehand for a pint or two, take the mickey out of each other, then we will watch a great game of RL, win or lose we will shake hands with all the players from both sides and then all go into the beer garden for a pint or two, take the mickey out of each other while reliving the game....no drama just bl@@dy good fun. Those who want to cause trouble can sit and yell at their TV..on both sides of the Atlantic.
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    Congrats on the birth of your baby. Hope mother and baby are doing fine. HW
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    Sorry but that attitude is out of order, we fought for 100 years for players to be free to chose their sport without discrimination, you are behaving as bad as the union mob.
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    Not all fans, by any means. However, I think the good ones may be avoiding posting on here so that they do not get assocaited with a couple of truly blinkered and bigotted ring-leaders on here. What didn't help the Leigh reputation was the two or three mouth-breathing idiots caught on camera ranting and raving at the ref. Sure, over the many years I've been watching the game, there are numerous occasions when I've "felt" robbed by refs decisions, but since the advent of home video recording, I've realized that 99.999% of the time, the paid, qualified, monitored, assesswd and trained officials are somewhat better at their jobs that I ever would be. In my view, also, the players are meant to stick to the rules withoutvthe ref continually reminding them
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    We lost that game ourselves Sweaty, don't go putting the blame at anywhere other than bad game management and unhelpful substitution's when we were 14 points up.
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    Can you imagine the phonecall? "Hi Joel, it's your agent here. Radlinski wants you in at 10am tomorrow to talk. What are we saying?" "Done nuffin' wrong mate." "Right, but the video evidence is pretty damning. Any mitigating factors we can point to that led to you being in that state?" "Listen, right. I've been on the internet and this bloke there reckons Les Kiss did far worse thirty years ago. And some unnamed Wire players did summat even worse than that at some unnamed point in the past. It's fine - lads will be lads." "Still not sure that is strong enough, Joel." "Oh God right for f***'s sake mate, what are you doiiiiiing? What the f*** are you doiiiing?" "Just trying to ensure you keep your job." "No riiight, you are... you are... you know what you are?! You are the f***ing rectum... the rectum of agents! You are... yes.. the Wigan agent mate. The Wigan agent." "Ok. Best of luck Joel."
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    It certainly does! Loads of refs pack it in due to verbal abuse from spectators. It's a thankless job most of the time and it's very lonely out there. I've been abused by coaches at U14s level FFS. It's ridiculous to think that it is somehow acceptable to get yourself that worked up and it is even more ridiculous to think that getting that worked up means you're passionate. It doesn't mean you're passionate, it means you have a problem with self control. I'm one of the most passionate people going about my team, but it doesn't I shout and rave at the ref. Too many people seem to think that more passion equals more aggression, more bias and more abusive.
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    What a ridiculous post, plenty of refs below SL have packed in due to the abuse they get, if it's seen on national TV and accepted then amateur refs etc will be seen as a free target.
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    Yes you would be wrong. Many of those of us who watch lower division matches are wider rugby fans as well as club fans, and also watch large amounts of Super League on tv, and have a wider and more rounded view of the sport than many Super League fans. We can tell you that any perceived view of the supreme purity of Super League and its higher level of behaviour is wrong. Overall, rule adherence and player behaviour is most definitely better in the Championship. Full time and resource rich Super League has plenty of training time to work out ways to push and bent rules (somebody please tell me they are called laws) to gain unearned advantages, particularly at the tackle and play-the-ball. With referees orchestrating the game, manipulating the rules to provide a faster spectacle, this gives an enormous undeserved advantage to SL clubs in the occasional game between a Super League club and a lower division club. It is unfair, and can be frustrating. And shame on the leading coaches who put pressure on the referee by publicly requesting a game more suitable to their own style.
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    Looking forward to this Sunday at Pennine Way; Hemel have made an effort to make it an 'event' and there will be a big away contingent so it should make for a good buzz. Worried about the scoreline of course - I hope Hemel can hold them to less than a point a minute. It'll also be a sad day - my first Hemel game since my old pal Rascal Bongo Stork (a poster on this forum) passed away at far too young an age. I'll be raising a glass to him.
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    Realise my health problems are minor compared to others on here, but mine resulted in me missing the Magic Weekend having to turn back at Doncaster. Trust me, that is SERIOUS. Currently sitting by my bed in Grimsby Hospital having been emptied of blood, filled with pills, etc every day since Saturday. One more test got be done, i think. Might be today, tomorrow or Wed so here for a few days yet. So what to fo with all this spare time? Post on TRL fans forum incessantly. Apologies! 😀
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    Well Again,A lovely sunny evening for the boys tonight with good turnout.It was hot night to do any training but not in Leon's thoughts,has usual we started with the boys doing has they do on matchdays, teams of four just making good use of the ball.After about 15 minutes Leon switched to full contact with what looked like the first 13 on the field,I was particularly impressed with young Bailey from Leigh,He wanted to show he was here for the team and never put a foot wrong.We had four players up from Leigh tonight with young Bailey,the second rower Blagborough(sorry for spelling mistake)but you know who i mean, and I took a long time to study the aussie Lovett, and,i wasn't disappointed in what i saw.I have to say he isn't the biggest around,a bit like gordon&Kurt but he just seem to glide over the carpet at DP.I have to mention our other guest from Leigh and he got a nice reception from the boys and so did Lovett,oh,I forgot to mention the boy, He was the big coloured prop who Leigh signed from Catalans this year.He was certainly enjoying himself out there, and from what i could see Leon was very impressed.There was no Elliot tonight and buffer who has started a new job so they were absent,so to was young Perry Singleton,but the obvious people missing were Leatherbarrow and Tansey,but let's not put 2+2 making 5 until we have any real news.Finally,Our illustrious coach&His right hand man big Craig decided to join in the high impact training and have to say i wish Leon was still able to play,The way he holds the ball and how he brings his players into their positions,just showed what a class act he has been.The best part of the training tonight was when big Craig McDowell was eventually tackled? Newton swallow dived on him followed by big Fui fui moi moi who seem to enjoy diving on top them both.Well thats it boys&girls,lets all get down to Derwent Park on Sunday and hopefully cheer the boys on to a win...UPTT..
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    big differences too, im glad they got divorced in the end- mind you "I got you babe" was a cracking record you have to admit
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    Hold up......i thought Rowley was responsible for Leigh being thugs and they cleaned up their act after he left.
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    Australia sends over dozens of scouts to cherry pick all the talent and you say local development is close to a joke? If it was, there wouldn’t be any talent to find. The difference I have have found with the Catalans and NZ team is that in England, the French participation is appreciated and there is a strong desire in England for them to be part of SL and succeed. As you rightly point it, no body has any interest in the Warriors in Australia. However, that is a sad reflection of the culture of the country. No interest in anything outside of Australia. We’ll drain you of all your talent and impoverish the local game, then call it a joke. I appreciate your frank comment Allora, not because I have any respect for it but because it shows up the culture of Australia for what it is. There are some open minded Australians but your attitude sadly sums up the majority.
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    Managed to get out today. I hid in the vaulting box to get out of the ward and was smuggled out of the hospital in a laundry basket. Now at home but not yet 100%. Follow on work required at some point.
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    Can’t believe people on here stating Edwards wasn’t a great player oh yeah I can, this is Rugby League, one of the things we’re good at is belittling our own game
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    Just as an aside while play has stopped. When people in the stand see themselves on the big screen... if they wave at the screen and not the camera then they shouldn't be allowed to breed.
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    Lobbygobler will be along shortly. They should throw the book at him, which means whatever the maximum is give it. Then do it to the next one, then the next then... Until the message gets through.
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    I enjoyed my day in the sunshine at Hemel. The home fans are a friendly and knowledgeable bunch and deserve better from the RFL than to be thrown to the lions (nearly) every week. They joined a development league. In a few very short years it has become a division of a few development clubs and a bunch of aspiring, long established clubs, often with fully pro players, pitting their skills against an opposition that simply can't compete. An opposition which signed up to play against other developing teams. Are we trying to kill off these clubs, or just knock the enthusiasm out of them? We seem to setting them up to fail. How are they expected to 'develop' when they are being hammered (nearly) every other week? the RFL needs to get its act together very quickly, imo. It's not as though the more experienced clubs can show some mercy by taking it easy when they are forced to scrap for every score to achieve promotion. It sucks.

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