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    ...you choose coffee from Papua New Guinea when shopping purely because it is the national sport.
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    Just seen this on the BBC. Of course the ground share should be stopped. It's ridiculous. Hull City should pi** off and find their own ground, after all, they get millions from SKY for their kickabouts.
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    He has just turned up on BBC Breakfast, with a feature and full interview on the couch. How come this guy can break through the supposed glass ceiling into the media and we struggle to even get a mention? I think it is called drive and determination - and probably not taking no for an answer.
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    Canadian Rugby Fan here. Lots to say on this new Toronto team but I'll try and keep my commentary focused. Firstly, on rugby league in Canada: I think there's a big misconception on this board as to what the status of rugby league is in Canada. You've got a four team league in Ontario and a six team league in a British Columbia. The majority of the players are union players that play in the pre-season for union or expats. There is no grassroots development of rugby league in Canada because rugby league as a participation sport is basically non existent. There are probably less than 500 rugby league players in the entire country. Contrast this with Rugby Union, over 100,000 players and nearly 500 rugby clubs with almost every high school having a rugby team. Union is a sport with strong participation, league is a non-existent sport. With this being said though, I think the Wolfpack have a few things going for them: 1. The city of Toronto itself: Toronto is a funny city, the greater Toronto area (GTA) has 7 million people living in it and has a number of things which make it attractive for pro rugby league: a. Money and lots of it: Toronto is rich, insanely rich, it's the financial capital of Canada and is probably one of the richest cities in the world. It's a commercial juggernaut and that alone could be a reason that Rugby League is successful in bringing a product to Toronto. b. Tied in to the above is the population, there's a huge demand for entertainment in Toronto and people are looking for ways to spend money in Toronto. The Wolfpack, in comparison to some of the other entertainment options, are rather affordable. The GTA is home to in no apparent order: The Toronto Maple Leafs (ice hockey), Toronto Blue Jays (Baseball), Toronto Raptors (Basketball), Toronto Argonauts (Canadian Football), Toronto FC (Soccer), Hamilton Tiger Cats (Canadian Football), Toronto Marlies (ice hockey minor league), Toronto Rock (Lacrosse), half a dozen Major Junior Hockey teams (considered pro hockey but age 16-20). You've also got just down the road, Buffalo Bills (American Football) and Buffalo Sabres (ice hockey). Many of these teams are in. Major a North American leagues and make Super League team budgets and money look like chump change. The Toronto Maple Leafs are worth over a billion dollars and there annual team salary spending of $70 million American could probably pay the entire Super League. Ditto the Blue Jays who spend $140 million American a year on salaries. Professional sport in Toronto is big money and if the Wolfpack tap in to this they will be successful. 2. The game of Rugby League itself: I agree with a Eric Perez and I think Canadians will take well to this sport, it's simpler to understand than Union which makes it more fan friendly and Canadians like contact sports, forget NFL, it's American and while a lot of people up here watch it we have the CFL which is a major league in it's own right. CFL teams average 25,000 fans a game and the league is a national institution. It's also a faster variant to American Football, with only three downs, a larger field, kicking game is far more important, shorter breaks between plays. It's also a University sport that produced 200 new professional Canadian athletes yearly. Jeff Hassler, a Rugby Union player with Ospreys in Wales and the Canadian National Team, only started playing rugby in his 20s and was player of the year in the Pro12 a couple of years ago. An example of CFL football and how different it is to NFL: Canadians like rough contact sports, rugby league fits in to that niche perfectly. That's why Eric Perez says, it's the most Canadian sport never played by Canadians. It's also simpler than Rugby Union, most Canadians don't take to Rugby Union because they just don't understand the breakdown and let's face it, rugby unions breakdown laws for the average punter are confusing to say the least. I'm a long time union player but I love the simplicity of Rugby League and probably would have rather played it because I'd get to play with the ball more. I play in the back line in Rugby Union and get annoyed only getting the ball a few times a game and watching forwards screw around with it at the breakdown. You've got thousands of athletic ice hockey players that would be perfectly suited to this sport, we can't forget that market either. c. The game of Rugby Union: I think this is a positive for Rugby League for the sole reason that Rugby Union is an amateur sport in this country. Union is a popular sport at the participation level in Canada but it has never been able to grow out of the amateur game here and the Canadian Rugby Union is a complete #######how as far as organizing the sport is concerned. Rugby Union also suffers from this air of elitism that I don't really get from Rugby League. It's very popular with private schools in Canada and rich university students here but that sort of attitude and elitist class system doesn't really exist in Canada which is probably why the sport hasn't taken off more here. If Rugby League is going to take off here it will need to compete directly with Rugby Union. Now with this being said there are some weaknesses that need to be overcome: 1. The lack of players: this is a problem for the Wolfpack because as there's no actual players in Canada, there's no readily available fan base. The answer to this is easy: the Wolfpack need to target the Union playing population around Toronto. Toronto is one of the Union hotbeds in Canada along with British Columbia and the East Coast. The Wolfpack should look to convert a number of the Union playing clubs to League clubs or convince them to start League teams. The offer of a professional contract and ability to get paid to play should be more than enough to set the wheels in motion as this is something the Canadian Rugby Union cannot offer at this present time. The Wolfpack also need to get in to the schools, get some school teams started, it won't be easy but throw some money around and it's doable. 2. A crowded sports market: Toronto is jam packed with teams with tonnes of history behind them. The Wolfpack will be competing directly with the Canadian Football League for viewers and media coverage. The Argonauts are in a bit of a slump as of late but they still average over 20,000 fans a game. The Wolfpack need to put out a winner and provide entertainment at a reasonable price. 3. The stadium: Lamport is a stadium, it's old and needs a tonne of renovations. The Wolfpack will need to make some investments in the stadium to improve fan experience and will probably eventually need to leave Lamport to play at a better venue. Either that or rebuild the stadium but this can happen later. 4. English Rugby League itself: I'm putting this as a weakness because quite frankly it is. The class system in the UK, and quite frankly the inward nature of the UK is going to hurt this team. Expansion teams fail because you make them fail, I already see it with some of the commentary here, "they better have xx% of there team being home grown or we won't let them in to Super League", "they're stealing players from our Rugby League clubs", "they are taking a spot away from the other deserving Rugby League clubs", "they shouldn't be allowed to buy a team", etc. Etc. North American sports don't work like this. Teams and their fans don't care where the players come from, only that the team wins. 40% of the NHL are European players, ditto Baseball where a substantial amount of players come from Japan, Cuba, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Colombia, etc... it's professional sport, if you want to see jimmy bob from the local pub have a run out for a team, go watch the local club side. North Americans want to see the best of the best if they're going to pay their hard earned money and if that means a team filled with Aussies, Kiwis, etc... so be it. My take is Super League will eventually need to expand and move to a Franchise model if it wants to ever grow beyond the Rugby League heartland.
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    Eric Perez just been on Radio 4 (8:25) to discuss the Wolfpack and the victory at the weekend. Standard interview right up until the end where John Humphries asks bemused "you think there are prejudices against rugby league in the UK?". Perez simply says "yes." And how you'd have to be blind not to see it from the outside. Humphries seemed dumbfounded. Chippy I know but its good to know both that the Wolfpack are making some headway with media and that they're totally aware that this is what they're doing.
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    Saw a funny tweet from Gareth Walker saying how this could all be sorted in 5 minutes if the teams allowed da Silva and Lee Radford a quiet chat in a private room lol
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    Big Day planned at Skolars on Sat A truly historic day for rugby league and sport is closing in. The highly ambitious venture that is Toronto Wolfpack will kick off their campaign to dominate the World of Rugby league by playing London Skolars at New River Stadium on the White Hart Lane on March 4th 2.30 p.m. The game kicks off the Kingstone Press League 1 season and a record crowd is expected to descend on Wood Green, North London. Ticket sales have been very strong and have included purchases from as far afield as Holland, Germany and of course Canada. Many true rugby league supporters are also making every effort to be there and be able to say in years to come they were there when the Wolfpack made their debut. With much anticipation surrounding the match, which will be broadcast live throughout the United Kingdom on Premier Sports, the Skolars are hopeful that a bumper crowd will be in attendance for the match. The New River Stadium has recently had a £5m face lift, which includes a new clubhouse, offices and gym for the Skolars and a superb new 3g pitch. The facilities are as good as most in League 1 if not most of the Championship. This development really does also show Skolars ambitions to organically improve on and off the field. The day will be a festival of rugby league with up to 20 London & South East junior league teams taking part in a 9s tournament in the morning at the Under 16 & 18 age groups. Later a Masters Festival involving Masters RL teams from across the South will add to the occasion. Alongside the extensive festival of rugby, there will also be lots to keep people entertained on the day. The Bryan Adams Experience will also be playing before and after half time. They are one of the UK’s premier tribute acts and will no doubt keep the crowd entertained as the action takes a rest on the field. In what has become a permanent fixture at London Skolars events, a wide selection of Real Ale will be available in the fans zone. Alongside this, there will be BBQs and other food points. A late bar will be in place also, for those who want to carry on into the evening. Skolars showed great promise last year to finish in the top 8 and consolidating their position as the leading Southern based side in League 1. The side is largely the same as last year with some key additions such as barn storming Lamont Bryan and ex-Brisbane Bronco Simona Vavega. The coaching team is once again ably led by Head Coach Jermaine Coleman who feels he learnt valuable lessons from last year’s campaign. The World of Rugby League will be expecting Toronto to walk the game especially after their solid 26 – 20 to Challenge Cup Champions Hull a few weeks ago. However Skolars hope to spring a surprise by hosting the Wolfpack first up and also playing at home on the familiar New River pitch. Jac Davies the clubs GM had this to say “The game against Toronto is being keenly anticipated by the Rugby World. We are proud we can welcome them to New River & the World Famous White Hart Lane. It should be an awesome day and event and we would encourage all rugby fans to come and witness it. Whether you are a Skolars or Toronto fan we want to see you all out in full. Plus we would encourage fans across the game from League 1, Championship, Super League, the amateur game and beyond to make sure they are here to enjoy the day. Match kicks off at 2.30 pm. Pre match events start at 10am. Entrance is £12 for adults & £6 concessions. Tickets can be bought here https://www.eventbrite.com/e/kingstone-press-league-1-london-skolars-vs-toronto-wolfpack-tickets-30073751400?aff=efbevent
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    He should face criminal charges for murdering the English language never mind the cowardly assault.
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    Scotland is just taking control, getting its country back, laying the foundations for making its own laws rather than being governed by faceless mandarins hundreds of miles away...
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    Move all the gardening magazines in front of the yawn ones and spread the RL ones out every time you go to WH Smiths!
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    It would be as bad as sending Australia to Hull KR on a damp Friday night. Or worse still New Zealand to Workington. Oh, wait a minute ...
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    I say give him more time.
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    If Toronto make it to Super League the the game will be boosted as the first transatlantic league competition and the possibilities are endless. If Toronto fails then the spiral of decline in the game will continue League fans should want Toronto to succeed
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    If every Super League and championship club had an academy there wouldn't be such a shortage of talent. It should be a condition of playing in Super League and Championship that you have an academy
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    The fact that the Fryston players & supporters are on social media trying to justify their actions as part & parcel of rugby sums up what a blot the club is to the game.
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    My view may not be held by others on this board, however to me it feels like 2017 has seen a mini resurgence in interest in the Challenge Cup competition. From the entry of the Toronto Wolfpack, the impressive performances of Siddal and Haddock, to BBC's live streaming service, I haven't seen so much conversation or articles around the tournament prior to Round Five in years (and most has been positive) Now whilst there is a combination of novelty factors (Toronto) and some incredible performances from the NCL teams that has made a bit of a perfect storm so far, I do feel some credit needs to go to the RFL and the BBC. The BBCs Live Streaming service has seen more than 150K watch games so far, whilst the RFL has effectively piggybacked on this coverage, sharing highlights with thousands more and helping tell the back story behind some of these games. Social conversations have also been up significantly and even this forum has had plenty of threads about the tournament so far. Whilst of course there is always more that could be done, for a tournament that struggled for much cut through in the opening rounds, I feel credit is due. Hopefully it continues in the coming rounds and up to the final.
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    Coverage already started. Being presented with enthusiasm despite initial cock up stating Jason Robinson lost his first games at Wembley in 1993 when he actually won,scored twice and got Lance Todd trophy. Now spent more time with Jason covering the 6 Nations. Finished that now on to the British Lions tour. Totally dwarfed the coverage. RL need to learn it's a mistake to invite cross coders .....An open goal that encourages the BBC to pander to their Union leanings!
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    Some good work going on by Coventry just a little update about whats what's going on up in the North East We have 13 local community clubs with 8 of them having junior sections so far it looks like there is an increase of nearly 100 juniors playing the game this season taking the total to over 450 local juniors playing the game weekly this summer with age groups running at u8/10/12/14/16 At Newcastle Thunder we currently run a Player Development Programme at u12, u14 and u16 with over 100 players attending these programmes with a Cat 2 u16 scholarship side who are competing well with wins already against Cumbria, Midlands and Salford Red Devil's at u19 level we run two programmes, a Cat 2 19's academy who study and train full time at Kingston Park competing in the Super League U19's competition. We also run a Cat 3 academy side who compete in the National College League, in total we have 44 players across both programme training full time with 90% having progressed through our development programmes In the open age we will have a league of 8 teams this year with over 200 players playing the local game then Gateshead Storm who compete in the NCL 3 Over 2000 school kids get RL coaching in the area now across girls and boys with more schools competing the the champion schools. With Thunder getting the second highest average attendance in league 1 last year of nearly 1,000 it proves that the game is at its strongest point ever in the North East. With a lot of the players in the community game classing RL is their main sport we think it's only a matter of time the North East is known as a heartland
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    I'm confused. Are we ticked that a team is paying English players to play in and English league, and not Canadians? Or are we ticked that one day they'll be taking Super league places away from English players, because they will be playing Canadians? I can't keep track of which. For the record, nobody in Canada cares where the players come from. People want to talk about forgetting prejudices? TFC played in front of 36000 people in the MLS Final last December. How many Canadians were on their roster? 3 (league minimum). One started. The Blue Jays currently have three Canadians on their entire roster. The majority of Canadian football players are American. We don't give a . People want to see the best. Yes a hometown player will get some interest, but I doubt enough to make a difference in ticket sales. Certainly not as much as signing a big name player from "wherever" would.
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    The iron laws of Parky: 1) Every person residing in the UK is fully aware of the sport of Rugby League. 2) Those residents who do not regularly attend games (99.99% of the population) have made a fully informed decision not to do so based on extensive research and are not for turning. 3) Those highly informed and discriminating consumers (99.99% of the population) will not be fooled into accepting a team as Canadian if it is not made up of 17 Mounties singing "Oh Canada" on the back of a moose. 4) The only people who watch RL on Sky are the hardcore fans of each SL club who reside in the UK and who only watch the games involving their team. There are no viewers who tune in casually to watch games as a neutral spectator. Therefore Catalans games (and hypothetical games involving teams from global cities) provide no monetary value to Sky and their existence in SL deprives Sky of viewing figures from the specific number of hardcore fans of any UK-based Championship team which could replace them i.e. the only type of Sky RL viewer that exists. 4) The provision of a minimum of 11 Catalans home games to Sky for minimal cost due to the Catalans deal with BeIN Sports is of no monetary value to Sky. Have I missed anything?
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    Encourage just about every species of British bird into your garden but pick an air rifle up if you see a Robin.
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    Back in 1980 I found a wallet in the street it had A LOT of money in it. it had the owners address in it too so I knocked on the door and handed it over, I was invited in for a cup of tea and during the conversation I mentioned that I was unemployed, the owner gave me a job, a good job, and although he has now sadly passed away I'm still friends with his family
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    IF you do not absolutely love this coverage from Dave Woods and the BBC with the rain on the camera, then you just don't understand rugby league. Fantastic stuff.
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    The live streaming by the BBC has been fantastic and Dave Woods has been superb at using the tweets from people interspersed into his commentary. Credit where credit's due a great innovation from the BBC.
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    I think it's a sign of the general negativity and lack of confidence within RL that makes people claim people are hailing someone as the new Messiah, when in fact all they're saying is 'well done that man'. We even get stupid claims that it's a sign that you want small local clubs to die out. Personally I find it refreshing to have someone not focussing on what can't be done, and talking about what can be done instead.
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    Sadly the truth is that arguments like yours leave the sport lagging in a competitive market, and do little to up the ambition of the game as a whole. Although I agree that your competition is as strong as your weakest club you can't run or sell any product on the basis of your least saleable items either by waiting for them to increase or by falsely holding your marketable parts back. If you could the UK would be a world economic leader.
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    Complete farce. Toronto have been playing in League 2 for 9 days now and they are no closer to fielding a Canadian player than they were right back at the beginning. And I've seen no improvement in the Canadian national team during that time. Surely, if we are going to waste £millions of RFL cash on bringing in a foreign team to our league, we should see some improvement in their fortunes at international level? Once again, it's a kick in the teeth for the heartlands.
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    We've never been massively supported in a town that's pretty apathetic towards sport (the football club are playing at the top end of League 1 these days and crowds are still the lowest in the division at around the 2,500 mark) - but there is plenty of room for improvement. When we got promoted to the top flight in 1990 (jeez, that long ago), we struggled then to crawl above 2,000 - and we've had 20-odd years of under-achievement after that to overcome - but we're seeing some old/new faces at games and the Halifax game drew a crowd close to double any we had last season (The Hull KR game was an anomaly - they're very well supported). But if we can edge closer to that 1,000 mark over the next couple of years (which will entail staying in the Championship), that'll be a great base to build on. Batley got in the top four last year with sub-1,000 crowds, so it is doable. The benchmark everyone goes back to (wrongly, I believe) is the 1989 boxing day clash with Oldham which drew a crowd of 8,500. I think those days are gone - but we have hard-working board and volunteers who are nudging crowds up season by season - and there is a noticeable 'buzz' around the town this year (pun intended). One pleasing thing is that there has been a noticeable increase in the away following this year - and while, comparitively we may be few in number, we are huge in heart and voice. Things are looking up and we're a very happy bunch at the momenrt. Onwards and upwards.
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    Steve Scott (Fryston) pleaded guilty to Grade F kicking/running in and punching. Banned from Rugby League at all levels until June 30th Andy Speake (Fryston) pleaded guilty to Grade D running in and punching. 4-game ban. Sean Gee (Fryston) pleaded guilty to Grade F running in and punching. Banned from Rugby League at all levels until May 2nd Yeah, that will show them.... Absolutely pathetic "punishments".
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    London Skolars’s opening Kingstone Press League 1 fixture of 2017 is set to break records as pre sales of tickets for the event surpass previous records. Speaking of sale of ticket, Skolars General Manager Jac Davies said: “The level of pre sales thus far have exceeded previous records, that’s some going when you consider the type of events that London Skolars are famed for hosting such as Capital Challenge and Friday Night Lights. We hope that as well as the spectacle of Toronto, fans are interested in what Skolars are bringing to the table this year, especially given it’s investment in facilities at New River” It is hoped that the crowd will pack out the grand stand at New River as well as draw a global television audience giving both Skolars and Toronto some well deserved exposure. “This event shows that League 1 can compete on the global market of sporting events, given the recent success of BBC Sport streaming early rounds of the Challenge Cup, there is certainly an appetite for more coverage of Rugby League beyond the hold of Super League clubs.” said Jac Davies. Tickets are still available via this link: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/kingstone-press-league-1-london-skolars-vs-toronto-wolfpack-tickets-30073751400
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    Hes just been on BBC TV Breakfast news. Excellent
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    Nicked from Twitter...
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    So proud how Cas as a club have developed over the last 4/5 years from a club that was badly managed and close to administration. Both the onfield and backroom staff deserve massive credit. It is a great joy to watch 'unstructured' structured play and I hope that Bennett lets England play this style. I have a lovely story about Andy Timson. In October I was in the UK for my mothers funeral. On a Saturday night I went out with my brother and a couple of mates and ended up in the RAF Flarepath club in the town. We got taking to a bloke about RL and when the bloke went to the toilet the bar staff said he was Andy Timson (gone was the long fair hair from 30 years ago). After a few more drinks and RL stories from Andy i told Andy I lived in Australia. Andy asked me to neet him in the club the following lunchtime. I got there about 2pm and the barman said that Andy had been in around 12.30 and gone home for dinner. The barman rang Andy and Andy said he would be there in 10 minutes. He arrived, we had a pint and he presented me with a rugby ball signed by Cas players that had attended the annual ex players reunion the previous week. What a cracking present from someone I had never met before.
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    What absolute tosh !!!......... IF people are stopping away from this fixture, it's because of a host of reasons -- demographics, alternatives, lack of money, lack of interest, poor standard rugby etc etc I'm as big a critic as anyone of GM but this constant berating of the Club itself is unwarranted, unfair and unjustified -- IF you 'moaners' are that concerned about off-field non-activities, enhancing the match day experience and whatever the hell else you find to whinge about, then here's a positive response: Get yourself down to the club and VOLUNTEER your time, effort and skills. Mark Sawyer and the rest of the behind-the-scenes team deserve better than the dross currently being spouted.(and the dross being served up on the field of play)........... Put up or shut up !!!!! As for banning drinking -- Get real !! You'll be saying we should all give in to ISIS next. P.S. Did anyone notice GM's interview remarks -- Finally the team did as he instructed and we won - Amazing !!!! Bet they don't do what he says on Sunday...................
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    "What is valuable about TV exposure", lol you couldn't make this up.
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    How? Super League has had four winners in 20-odd years. One of those clubs has gone bust several times. It failed to even get a sponsor a couple of years back. Another year it's 'sponsor' didn't pay a penny but put pictures on some lorries. It's not producing players who can win internationally. Still there are clubs with crumbling stadiums. The game remains firmly stuck along the M62 with minimal interest or media coverage outside that corridor. Participation isn't growing. We've lost Sport England funding. The only household name in the sport plays in Australia and is famous for his stint in the other code. Our best players go to the NRL/RU. What is there to ruin? See it's easy to be negative
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    So not only are Toronto draining resources away from delicate flower local clubs, they're probably a front for Mafia money laundering. I absolutely love RL fans, they're such fun.
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    This is not the first interview where Perez has referred to the "prejudices" against League in this country. Fair play to him, he is not frightened to say it in public on the BBC even if it means the interview gets cut short. He's a breath of fresh air.
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    The PA asked for a show of hands of how many people attended Fulham's first game in 1980. Felt good to be part of something that could be similarly historic. There were hundreds of Canadians in attendance. Absolutely packed stand, BBQs, gourmet burgers, real ale etc. The Skolars club shop all but sold out of Wolfpack replica kit too. It was a buzzy New River. An event. Before today I thought the Broncos would have too much for Toronto but that could be a very very close game on 17 March.
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    Well said , anyone who actually has involvement in rugby league in Manchester would find the no talent in Manchester comment laughable. What we don't have is a feeder system in place at the moment for Salford to make use of. It takes a long time to bring players up from junior level, which does not mean we should not bother. I would argue a long term investment in the grassroots translates into attendance figures.
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    You best brush upon your RL knowledge...if 46 GB caps ( record), top try scorer in Australia , inducted into West Tigers hall of fame, Man of Steel, World record transfer fee holder etc etc is not reaching sporting heights then 99% of players must be amateurs... Whether or not you like his opinion is your personal choice but the guy was a top , top player. Cannot be denied in any size , shape or form.
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    Tory rules have always been to cut taxes for those who can afford to pay them and cut services from those who can't afford to lose them. The Inheritance Tax thresholds are high enough that most people don't pay it, if you are paying it then you're in the category of people who can afford it. Inheritance Tax is really the ultimate windfall tax, you're only getting it because of someone else's efforts, not yours so it's fair game for taxation. If my employer suddenly decided to give me a £200,000 bonus, I'd fully expect it to be taxed at the appropriate marginal rates, why is it different getting a windfall in another way?
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    Two days have passed since this match, and not a single mention of it here. The Italian girls won 22-0, the match was held in Lebanon. Check out the video highlights and photo album below! Video: Photos: https://www.facebook.com/LBCIsports/videos/1284033211685301/
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    I've never quite understood Hemel (and some others) being in L1. They had built the club to the point where they had the clubhouse, community development officers, multiple open age teams, a full raft of juniors, and a series of feeder teams in the town. They were producing players too (Sarginson, Dixon, Acton). Now they seem to be spending all their time and resources on the L1 team, to the detriment of the rest, and have come to the ludicrous point of being a Dewsbury side playing home games out of Hemel. It just seems like such a waste. Instead of expanding L1 and now scrapping Conference League South, the RFL should have been looking to that as a vehicle for the very best southern/midlands amateur clubs to offer a full summer season for both open age and juniors - those clubs that want more than the regional leagues currently offer but don't have the resources for a semi-pro competition playing against the northern clubs. Once again in RL we seem to be so intent on spreading our resources so thinly that we don't get anywhere near fulfilling our potential.
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    Wow! I think it's written in English, but not really in any form that I recognise...
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    I doubt Sky would stand in the way of this happening. Sky, I'd imagine, would possibly request stats to understand how many people are watching the stream, might ask for some promo spots and would reserve their right to exercise their rights if they suddenly discovered that there is a big market out there for Championship Rugby League. As I've mentioned on these boards before, something very similar happened with Cricket in Australia. Cricket use to hand over rights to competitions to Channel Nine & Fox Sports, but neither broadcaster would cover their domestic One Day, Shield, Women's or Development competitions to the level they wanted. So they requested the opportunity to live stream the games, and over the past 5 years, have not only built up their online communities, but actually now get better TV coverage than before (after showing that people will watch some of these competitions). Honestly the RFL should be driving this in my opinion.
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    So, the game's on? It cannot be the case that we can simply call a game off without the agreement of the other club. If we did so, not only without their agreement but without consulting them, that's appalling, and we should suffer the consequences. The RFL should make us play the rest of our home games in Doncaster, where the pitch is lovely.