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    Well, the point is that now the local council have bid for and won the right to host games based on there being a new stadium they are pretty much compelled to go ahead and build it now. The RLWC isn't just about attendance numbers, its also meant to be about building a legacy. What better legacy from this RLWC than Cumbrian RL having a new modern stadium which may revitalise the game in this area ?
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    Sky are losing interest in Rugby League, the next TV deal will be a massive drop if there is a TV deal at all. Sky have no interest in these overseas teams. Come 2021 and SL don't get their TV deal certain clubs who offer nothing to SL will soon collapse. Between the start of the season on the 31st of Jan and the 2nd of March they will only show 17 RL games over 5 weekends and only 8 of those will feature a club from overseas. And that includes one week when they only show 2 games because of the pointless WCC that nobody would ever care about. This weekend i can only watch RL on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, its like they arent even bothered. Forgotten once again. The end is nigh and it looks like the SL clubs have killed us, on the eve of the season woe, woe and thrice woe.
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    As a Wigan fan myself, I'm obviously disappointed we didn't get a game. However, by the very nature of the venue bidding process (40 bids for 17 slots) there was always going to be someone disappointed. There was never ever going to be a selection of venues that suited everyone. By its very nature, the bidding process means that no slot was 'reserved' for one particular town/city. I don't know what the criteria for a successful bid entailed, but I'm presuming it wasn't based on just making the stadium available, providing a few stewards, and putting a bar on - but involved the council & clubs plans for promoting the event, details of how they are to maximise the impact of the RLWC on the local community etc.... So it could be that our (Wigans) bid just wasn't very good compared to the successful bids. To other Pies, have a moan if you must. When that's done & out of your system - leave it, crack on and get behind the tournament. The world of RL doesn't revolve round us. The game & this tournament is far far more important than one club or individual gripes.
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    Before you castigate me too much let me add some context. I myself suffered from domestic violence by my ex partner. She suffered from a Bipolar disorder and was prone to violent outburst's, almost always in private. She once went as far as to pour boiling water over me while I was asleep. I never told anyone about the way she acted until years after we split mostly due to pride. I never laid a finger on her despite the provocation, however people I have told since often reply with "why didnt I punch her?" The main reason I didnt is because i never thought people would believe that a 6 foot 19 stone doorman could be abused by a 5 foot 2 beauty therapist and therefore assumed my feet wouldnt touch. I also have witnessed blokes outside pubs being repeatedly punched and kicked and abused, by there partners and then when they finally lash out in temper they are the ones taken away. Now I am not suggesting that is what has happened here, however my point was we dont know what happened beyond some alledged news reports in the Australian press. That being the case before we talk about banning the lad for life, lets wait to see what the Police do. That is usually a pretty good indicator of how serious something was.
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    Sounds like a decent performance from the worst team ever seen in the top flight. And London have done ok as well.
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    They have to respect the Northern Powerhouse funding so there was obviously very little wriggle room for many games outside that area. I like a lot of what they have done. Wheelchair rugby league at the Copper Box. I am basically already there. It's a superb venue and with the right promotion (and I am getting more confident that the organisation for this tournament is doing the basic things well) and pricing could easily have several thousand in for games. That will sound amazing. Semi final at the Emirates. Am I disappointed that London didn't get more games. Selfishly, yes. But, as has often been said, if you're going to stand out in London then you need an event to do so. This isn't getting Londoners (who *still* have a thing about East London being a wasteland) to trudge out to West Ham's ground. It's Arsenal, it's a doddle and it's a semi final with 2 years to sell. My Arsenal-supporting son (don't ask) who won't get to the Emirates any other way is likely to want to go even though he doesn't really understand why rugby league exists (really, don't ask). And there are no group games or launch distractions. Rugby league in London in 2021 at international level is this game. Let's be there. Launching in Newcastle is brilliant. So it'll probably rain for two weeks beforehand and all the lines will be washed away. The women's World Cup looks like it's being properly promoted and I can see York doing a really good job of getting the whole community behind the games they are holding. Games to Cumbria is essential. So, whilst we can nitpick around the edges, it's a positive thumbs up from me.
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    Maybe not a major one yet, and a little bit tenuous, but will be telling my grand children this one when I'm old and grey (I hope), and it is a FACT. My claim to fame. Technically I was the first Rugby League player to score a try at the London Stadium (Olympic stadium, Stratford). ๐Ÿ˜€
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    Great to see all of these RL legends in one place at the Annual Capital Challenge. Skolars put up a good fight against a Wigan team with plenty of first team experience and 2 French Internationals. Losing 34 - 6. Corporates and crowd best yet. Roll on Broncos in the London Clash next Friday at New River
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    I asked my wife if she'd fancy a few days in the Lake District (taking in the games at Worky, obviously) and she was delighted. The offer of a weekend in St. Helens or Doncaster wasn't quite so well received ๐Ÿ™‚
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    When I was growing up watching RL on the terraces at Wilderspool, I never thought we'd see England play a World Cup Semi at Wembley with 67k in against NZ. I never thought a French team would be one of the key teams in the comp. I never thought we would see 30k in for England V Tonga in NZ. I never thought we would have events like Magic Weekend in grounds like Millenium St and Murrayfield. I never thought that most of SL would have moved into new grounds or vastly improved theirs. I never thought I would watch my team play at the Olympic Stadium in Barcelona, where we watched the likes of Linford Christie and Sally Gunnell in the Olympics. I never thought a team from Toronto would be getting up to 8k crowds for lower division RL, and being 80mins from SL. The world is changing, we can sneer at ideas and say they will never happen, ignoring the changes that already have. We have missed and blown plenty of opportunities, but change is happening, let's embrace it.
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    Glad to find this thread and apologies for being a bit long winded. After a spine injury 6 years ago thatโ€™s left my right lower leg and foot largely useless apart from the busted nerves giving me randomly varying levels of gyp from just plain hurting to puking I finally got approved for some bracing to help with mobility recently. All the time up to then being able to do less and less for my family and myself sent me to the darkest of places including a trip or two to the psych ward; walking and moving with difficulty, tripping up as the foot just flops about and I canโ€™t feel it when it touches something. Been using a cane for the last three years, real dignity stripper that in your early forties and even worse when you faceplant in public. Going any sort of speed needed a weird gait to make up for what doesnโ€™t work and was surprisingly knackering and harsh on the opposite hip & knee. Anyways, this brace is like night and day. Holds the leg and foot in the right position to be able to walk at least somewhat properly and stable enough to not need a cane. I didnโ€™t care that it still hurt, I could walk and that first weekend having it I put 15kms on it walking the block and around the local mall. Such a simple thing but has opened up my life again. I can go further afield and without pavements; I can head out with the dog again. In time I may even be able to run on it if the spine can stand it, weโ€™ll see. Social media was doing my head in so I deleted my accounts and Iโ€™m glad I did to be honest. For the first time in a long time thereโ€™s some optimism crept in, hope almost that I can claw my way back to somewhere I used to be without the constant comparisons, though it does feel good to share this modest bit of success of my own while reading others as well. Iโ€™ve been focused on losing weight since the start of the new year, using the WeightWatchers app of all things which has been really useful for tracking. Gone from 16st5 (229lbs) to 15st8 (218lbs) up to now with a goal of getting to 14st (196lbs). Being able to increase my activity without more difficulty, new problems or significantly worse pain is just ###### awesome.
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    Iโ€™ve heard that itโ€™s going to be -2 in Wigan tomorrow.
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    Sarcasm really doesn't come across well on the internet does it?
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    If I look out of my upstairs window I can see the south coast. That's how northern I am. The spread of games is fine. Our funding depended on delivering a primarily northern competition. We have done that and without an ironic flatcap in sight, but with ambition and celebration. I'd love for there to be games at the Amex, at Bristol, in France, in Ireland, in Cardiff ... but either those towns didn't bid, or their bids didn't fit, or the commercial reality of the competition couldn't accommodate them. I won't tell anyone to stop moaning but I will tell people to focus on the reality of needing this to be even more successful than 2013 in terms of bums on seats and cash in the bank.
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    This all shows that even a small country such as Ireland can have a more powerful voice when they have 26 countries behind them and the UK has chosen to walk away from it.
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    Was at tonight's emotional supporters meeting and was just like 1993 all over again . https://www.keighleynews.co.uk/news/17383699.mick-oneill-happy-to-be-back-home-after-cougars-takeover/ The Two Micks n their assorted friends including our local MP plus representatives from the ranks of the Supporters have worked their asses off to see Keighley as a club restored as a Professional Club and the previous 'businessman owner ; and his numerous associates booted firmly out of Cougar Park Massive kudos must be to Craig Lingard and his coaching team who have kept the playing side going under threat of having no club to play for Happy is an understatement to see my Childhood team return to the fold , i might be doing my rounds of other clubs watching my nephew play but my heart will always be at Lawkholme ...
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    Crikey https://www.to13.com/presse/toulouse-olympique-and-sydney-roosters-meet-in-paris/
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    There isa lot of debate about the strategic value of the London Broncos to Super League on these boards but one thing is for sure they have got a lot of coverage in the print media down here for a club in a sport that is very much towards the backend of the Sports Suppliments if at all.. Enjoy https://www.telegraph.co.uk/rugby-league/2019/02/01/super-league-underdogs-london-broncos-return-top-flight-hoping/
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    Quite a big crowd for union, that.
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    I am sure the condolences and thoughts of all TRL-ers can be assured. Sorry to hear your news.
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    The major reason why I don't subscribe to League Weekly anymore..

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