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    Perez seems to think it's possible for the new team to be up and running in League one by 2019. That should just about give Barrow enough time to get their visas sorted out !
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    As released on Facebook: THE FINAL MESSAGE FROM THE OWNER Well here it is. The final game as the South Wales Ironmen is almost upon us, and I won’t lie, it has been a tough 2 months. When we took over, the club was in a poor state, with debt, no way of generating revenue, players abandoning the club for one reason or another and, to top it all off, only 6 days to transfer deadline. All that said and done it has been an exciting challenge and I would like to thank all the players, staff and supporters who have continued to make sure the club continues in South Wales. It’s not all doom and gloom though, we have managed to pick up a win and a draw and given some of the young lads the exposure they need to move up a level. These are the positives, however with the positives come the negatives and, with the world of social media, the negatives seem to be more prominent. From the outside, people will have their own opinions about how the club has been run before and after the takeover and what we should do going forward. As with all clubs wishing to improve, the constructive comments will always be taken on board and, where possible, be introduced into the club. For myself and my fellow directors, the staff and players have done really well, doing exactly what was needed to see this year through with zero budget, and that was to give it everything they had and to look ahead to next year, because let’s be honest, they could have all deserted a sinking ship. So now to the positives. Due to the hard work on and off the pitch we can safely say that the club is out of debt and, has even made some profit on our recent home games at Stebonheath. We now have a home ground we can call our own, and at the last game against North Wales Crusader, our hospitality package was fully booked. We have had an average gate of 200 – 250 in our last three games and, while people think that is poor, just remember that we only moved there two months ago, and to top it all off we have already secured some sponsorship for next season. Considering we took the club over with less than 2 months of the season remaining I would say that is a successful end to a season that almost saw rugby league in South Wales disappear. So what next?? Well, we know we have a steep hill to climb to get things back on track. The club has obviously moved to West Wales, almost back to where the journey started, and we have to engage with the old, the existing and the new fans, as well as continuing our work with all the schools that we started 4 years ago. People have different thoughts on this but, for us, it is the juniors and younger players that need the opportunities, and we have to find the balance of young and old . Unfortunately, the club will be rebranded once again, and will pick up the name West Wales Raiders, although this is part of a long term plan that we have put in place. There has been some considerable debate over this but, as the raiders are already established in the West, it is the most logical choice. The Director of Rugby will be working hard to establish the coaching pathways from Juniors all the way to the 1st Team and this will consist of the schools, the colleges, universities and community clubs, and the club will also offer any assistance possible to the aforementioned. The commercial team will be working hard trying to raise the profile of the sport, and gain some investment in the club and the sport as a whole in South Wales . Personally, I think they have the hardest job in the shortest space of time. For the board, and the club, the biggest thing of all is to build bridges with everyone from community clubs to suppliers and, hopefully, try and bring the sport together, oh and of course win a few games along the way. As soon as everything is sorted you will all be the first to know. We hope we can count on your support to help build this fantastic sport of rugby league and put Wales on the map, because I know we have the talent, as the juniors have shown this year. We now just have to make ourselves stand up and be noticed.
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    First post on the forum. I'm a long time RL fan from Cambridge, Ontario.. about 60 miles from Toronto. I was transferred to Aus, and I lived in North Sydney, NSW about 20 years ago and got addicted, and really missed it on our return to Canada. My wife and I went to 5-6 Wolfpack matches this year, and are excited about the move up, as well as the new signings.
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    That is the greatest post I have ever heard. I assume you are a fan of a 140 year-old club who has had almost 20-years of central SL TV funding, in a town where no major football team exists. Yet despite this have no stadium to play in and struggle with crowds. How much time do Wakefield and other clubs need to develop?
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    Hello, I've just joined this forum and wanted to post about my experience of the Challenge Cup Final just over a week ago. It was only my third ever live Rugby League match (I'm 48) even though I grew up watching the Final on TV back in the 80s - the first of which I remember watching on tv was Hull v Hull KR in 1980. I live in Kent, so a fair way from the RL heartlands, hence my lack of live games over the years. The first one I attended was the first match Kent Invicta played in Maidstone in about 83/84, then a couple of years ago I ended up shooting a London Broncos v St Helens match for a photography agency. So that was it until the recent Challenge Cup Final, Hull v Wigan. The tickets were very well priced incidentally, something that Football could learn a trick or two from RL over, so I thought I'd give it a go. The only downside was the fact they were on the top tier of Wembley, and having walked up the seemingly never ending stairs to reach the level I was struggling quite a lot (I'm partly disabled and wish I had taken the option of getting the lift up, I got it back down again I can assure you !!) The tickets were in the middle of the Hull fans, and what a great, friendly bunch they were. Particularly the bloke sitting next to me and his brother, who were very kind in trying to answer my probably ridiculous questions about the game (I'm more familiar with the other Rugby code im afraid) with a smile and laugh. So I just wanted to say thanks to them, the Hull fans, and Rugby League in general for a great day out - I've spent the past week or so in trying to pass the word on via Facebook & Twitter and get a few more people to try the Challenge Cup Final next season for a great value big match at Wembley watching a wonderful sport with friendly fans. Please don't change too much in the future in the quest for sporting World domination as you have a great product already. (I had such a great time I've decided to start collecting Rugby League Challenge Cup Final match programmes - hello eBay !!)
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    Well, he couldn't take a train.
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    North Wales Crusaders use a pop-up bar on matchdays. The bar is sponsored by Wrexham Lager (lager beer brewed in Wrexham!) we also stock Big Hand beer for our bitter and pale ale drinkers and a cider mader locally by one of our supporters. All 3 are made less than 8 miles from our home ground. Our bar faces the pitch so you can drink while watching the game or take your drink back to your seat in the stand as an option. We also have a local chip shop cooking our burgers and dogs, and a milkshake and puddings stand was added towards the end of the season. The food at our hospitality marquee is provided by a local restaurant, who now sponsor the marquee as well. We'r definitely not the same scale 'beer garden' as Toronto, but at least we are making the effort, buying in local beers and engaging with local food outlets.
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    I think with threads like these we now know that Toronto are officially part of the RL family
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    A few random notes from me - a casual/neutral follower from the West Country. The CCF is a 'must go' for me - great event, big stadium, day out in London - what's not to like ? My main sporting interest (football) takes a back seat for this one. Had a panic when my niece told me her wedding was the last weekend in August.....luckily for all parties it was on Sunday. Always buy tickets early as not worried who reaches the final. Always travel up early on the day to fit in a morning of tourism. Usually drive, but this year found a bargain £20 return train from Weston-S-Mare - which even ran on time both ways. Always find the tube gets me to and from venue without any problems. Attendance /Ticket availability & price amazed me the first final I attended (2009) but now I've got used to the cheap price - £17 for row 2 of upper tier. Hull corner of stadium but was sat by a lovely young lady from Halifax (cue comments ?) Every year I try and convince my football following work colleagues to attend - but they seem to think wearing a Man U / Chelsea / Liverpool shirt and never attending a game makes them a super fan. Saw plenty of fans around Paddington afterwards. Spoke to a family of Wigan supporters from Exeter, plus our train had a family of fans from Weston-S-Mare. A few others also onboard heading west or south west. Finally, I agree there are less neutral fans shirts on display than in previous years. However, I myself opted for a weather friendly, light weight summer shirt complete with handy breast pocket for tickets and glasses. When twinned with practical cargo trousers I reckon I pulled off a smart, but working class look. PS. Next stop OT - Tickets & accommodation booked for ages - I do love a big event.
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    Meanwhile at Parky's house.
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    I apologize for posting this in the General Rugby League Forum, given the Toronto Wolfpack specific nature of the content; but, with so much of the discussion to date revolving around what level of media coverage and other exposure the team is getting locally/nationally, and what potential fan base it may foster in the long run, this will hopefully add to the discussion. The ~3000 word piece is a great read, and interesting in and of itself. The photography is excellent as well. The fact this this type of positive, detailed, original reporting is beginning to reach one of the two national sports specialty networks, either of which are at least as ubiquitous as Sky Sports is in the U.K., is potentially a big deal. In addition: there have been many other media outlets picking up the Canadian Press wire service's frequent coverage; and the country's highest circulation newspaper (Toronto Star) has begun publishing the Kingstone Press League 1 table (alongside those for the NHL, NBA, MLB, NFL, CFL etc.), both of which should give us some confidence that things are trending in the right direction. Stumbling upon a fairly respectable city centre sports bar playing the Challenge Cup Final, live, and then again on repeat, while I was out for lunch with some friends, kind of feels like the icing on the cake.
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    I and two friends have been supporting Rugby League in South Wales since 2016 in the Brewery Field. We have suffered many disappointments and changes in venues. Many false dawns and many false promises. I am proud to say that my little gang have remained loyal. We are now with the West Wales Raiders and once more support them in hope. If Jill and Keith read this keep going friends.
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    I would be inclined to continue with League 1 as the entry point. This year, this has allowed Toronto to fine tune the logistics and (likely) earn their progression on merit of performance on top of an effective business plan. Fast-tracking teams coming along with a pot of money is inevitably divisive in the world of RL. And generally, I feel Toronto's inclusion has given a boost to League 1 and some sides are beginning to up their game on and off the field, to an extent feeding off the new club.
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    Hemel are staying,, although they have low crowds they are one of the most profitable clubs around. Open 7days a week in the small bar, function room always booked Friday n Saturdays. Own there ground. Employs 2 full time community coaches. Have minis, juniors in all ages, two open age community teams. Plus a lottery of 1800people paying a £1 a week prizes paid each week totaling £650.With no sugar daddy they live with in there means. They have been around over 30years. No court orders at this club.
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    Congratulations Wolfpack - Wonderful achievement!
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    More people are interested in international sport, especially world cup finals, than club games. That's a universal truth and it's why rugby league falls further and further behind.
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    Andover, New Brunswick sounds perfect for rugby league. Their nickname could be "sixth tackle."
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    Smith deserves thanks and respect for his contribution to UK Rugby League
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    I don't know any of the wolfpack management. However I do know quite a number of people at City of Toronto and I reached out to one of them. The attendance figures are supplied to Toronto WolfPack by the City, who actually supply the maintenance and support staff. Part of the City's compensation beyond basic facility rental is tied to the figures through the gates. What Barry did not know was whether the figure TWP was publishing was both through the gates + paid tickets not attending, or just through the gates. But given what I learned I would suggest that the attendance figures are likely accurate, whatever one might choose to believe. I did not attend the game, but I did watch it. Normally we only see one side of the stadium in the camera views, and so i really tried to get a feel at every opportunity we got a glimpse of different stands. I noticed at times the stands opposite camera view were quite empty at the ends. So I understand the skepticism if that view forms the principal basis of an opinion. As others have opined in this thread, does it really matter? They have excellent attendance, well above any of their peers in L1 and above manyas well in both Championship and Super League. And they are stll in the formative track of growth. Last week they pulled in 7500 and the stands looked every bit of that number. Approx 6K whether accurate or off by a grand this weekend is still darn noteworthy. I suggest we celebrate what is good about TWP, the awareness they are bringing to Canada of RFL, the impetous they have brought to all their peers in L1, and hopefully this all helps create a positive trajectory for the RFL that I personally assess it really needs.
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    This crowd thing at Toronto Wolfpack is getting beyond a joke. How many of these crowd number naysayers in the UK have actually been there to a game? I have and I took particular notice of the numbers I could see and I reckoned they were correct at the Hunslet game. The problem is that, unlike at a game here, people are on the move all the time so much of the crowd is fluid, so that a crowded area suddenly looks half empty. For pity's sake get over it.
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    If this gets moved from Wembley then the fans get what they deserve. Sometimes we need to understand that we dont need to be negative about everything. I think we have talked ourselves into believing that 70k in Wembley is poor and fans dont love it anymore. Just like we tell everyone how ###### Magic is. And the Grand Final is rubbish because it should be LLS. And the playoffs are a farce. And England playing in London is a nonsense because it is a Northern game. And P&R is rubbish. But so is licensing. And dont get me started on the 8s. We create such a vibe of negativity around the sport is it any wonder people try and change it? The problem is Im not sure if anything will make us happy.
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    I think it is fantastic that Rugby League has taken the gamble of holding the 2025 World Cup in the world's largest sports market. This is a very bold move that I believe can be successful. However, considering how obscure the sport is in North America, a clear plan to build up to the event is needed. I believe this should involve a series of games from Super League and NRL teams in cities such as Toronto and New York to build momentum for the event. The Wigan vs Hull game in Australia seems like a missed opportunity. This event seems to be promoted by the NSW tourist board to encourage baby boomers to splurge on a vacation. It would have been an amazing opportunity play a game at Toronto's BMO Field and could have built further on the work of the Wolfpack. In any case, there should be a clear plan of year on year promotional events leading up to 2025 for it to be successful.
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    Take the World Club series there, take England/GB on tour there and have them play USA, Canada, Jamaica and Australia, take SL and NRL games there. We need to build foundations in North America and then leave a legacy after 2025. Lets not do what we did in 2013 and take a WC game to Bristol and never go back
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    I too must admit to being surprised Walmsley hasn't elbowed his way in.
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    Take it you didn't bother going today Old Yed? As it happens it was a decent game, played honestly between two fairly even matched sides. What made it even better was the banter and feeling between two sets of fans who's got behind there teams. Sit on the sidelines and complain all you want,if every two bob "Oldham" fan on here actually went to games then the crowd would have been in the thousands. Faceless wonders don't help the club, those players of ours and the fans that attended were a credit to both sides. Easy to criticise when you don't contribute to the club for whatever reason isn't it? Let's run a poll, how many people who contribute to the forum were there today. I know a few who were, the rest can get stuffed. Faceless,nameless,keyboard warriors. Doesn't matter who the chairman is,doesn't matter where we play. We all supposedly support ORLFC, guess not today though eh? Before Mr Bedford Roughyed jumps all over me again, the truth is above. Like it or lump it.Too many wannabes who don't support the club, chatting garbage day in day out because they don't actually go. This is a fans forum,clue is in the title, disgusted with the way people bang on about stuff. Fans support a club, most posts on here are from nobodies who don't support the club and just pick out negatives. Crowd size,Hamilton out etc, if any one of you can do better then buy the club and prove it, if not then shut up until you can. We had a great day today with the Dewsbury fans, our players appreciated our support. We lost, well that's normal.Even though it was a "poor"crowd it was made up of people that 100% back our clubs. Whatever the future is,I'd rather stand with those that were at BF today than half the so called fans that were not. Might upset a few, yet again,but I speak for myself. I can't help but be brutally honest when I spend every Sunday and a fair few bob following the team wherever they go and wherever we play.
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    Final score in Cardiff: Wales u16 18-10 England u16 well done the Welsh boys.
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    These threads today just make me sad, I genuinely think there are people who'd sacrifice the rest of the game right back to council fields as long as their clubs did OK out of it.
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    OF and Steve Reed are the same bloke. I couldn't believe it either.
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    Depression is a deep seated existential illness. Stress and other factors aren't the causes of it, they are triggers for the release of it. It is something that has been there a long time, probably always, and it finds a way out. Serotonins aren't selective. I very much doubt that sports stars suffer from depression more than other sections of society. But maybe the triggers are there in a way of life where self image and self esteem are at the front of one's approach to life. Being open about depression matters a lot. It means people get an understanding of the illness. I said 'get an understanding', rather than 'understand', because I feel strongly that the only people who really understand are sufferers themselves. It means that sufferers don't feel isolated...they get enough of those kinds of feelings as it is, and feel a part of the society that they feel alien from for much of the time. Depression is not being very sad, or extremely fed up, or 'down', or anything like that. It is an extremely destructive illness. It means that one has a catastrophically negative view of themselves as a human being. It means being so wracked with feelings of guilt, shame, inadequacy and alienation, that the sufferer no matter how successful they are, materially well off, or loved they are feels unworthy of their existence to the extent that they struggle to relate to those around them, function at often an even basic level, and often feel as though they are not entitled to live. Well done Leon Pryce.
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    I’ve had it too…. but not with Town ( I’m even more determined to keep supporting them) but with this lousy whingeing forum; some of the stuff on here now belongs in a kids playpen and I can’t bear to read anymore of SS’s nasty, arrogant, self congratulatory and relentlessly hostile form of discussion. best wishes Anonymouse, Voodoo Ginock and Mr Mckeating and a few others for your attempts at fair and reasoned discussion. Bye
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    What a win!!! And to get 5th spot even better, unreal so so happy today!! Barrow away in the semi final, tough place to go, come on thunder!!!!!!!!
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    I'm guessing he's one of those fans of certain clubs who look around at the few hundred pensioners scattered about the ground and think "the problem here is a lack of away fans".
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    I thought long and hard about posting on the CH/club debate but for what is worth here is my point of view. We clearly have two factions with a common aim, those that go at present and those that have lapsed for various reasons. Clearly there are different points of view and all have valid points to make (even if we all find them unpalatable). The first thing we really should be doing is trying to unite EVERYONE who has an interest in ORLFC,meeting up,forming some sort of "Fans Group" and debating all the points which we all have. Perhaps then with everyone on the same page the animosity is diluted. CH does the best he can as a one man band, this season's relegation can't be levelled at him. As Scott Naylor said,it was his fault and the players and that group alone that failed. CH said last season at presentation night that he gave Scott more money to recruit and this was shown in the signings of Tyson,Neal,Leatherbarrow,Hewitt etc. On the terraces believe me,most people are aware of CH's shortcomings but as has been said before we still go to support the team not the regime. The supporters trust idea is one that I feel most fans would contribute to, the issue is when would the monies from the "investors" actually be enough to sustain a club and be accepted as a viable business from the RFL? If people had to pay in over 12 months say, it would take at least that time before enough would be in the pot to start. I can't see that enough people would have a spare grand to pay upfront.What happens in the "fallow" year? A members club is definitely the way forward in my opinion,how that is implemented is my concern. At present we have a club,if CH folds it then there are no guarantees of having another ORLFC being born from the wreckage. Maybe there is a hint of better the devil you know in that attitude, it's not the answer long term I know. Whatever happens I think we all want Oldham playing in Oldham with a solid foundation and long term future, no matter what division we are in, is that achievable I don't know, the cinicism aimed at some previous efforts at talking to CH are born from the fact that sometimes for the fans on the terraces it's incredibly frustrating that we hear from some quarters that there are thousands of fans in Oldham that would go if there was a regime/ground change. Are there really that many people actually interested in pro/semi pro rugby in Oldham these days? That's not a go at anyone just a simple fact that people have drifted away from the game generally and nowhere is that more apparent than in Oldham. Very few kids go to the matches,no disrespect but we have a ageing fanbase. The problems lie deeper than just a regime/ground change, we need to get people excited about Oldham RLFC again and rekindle the enthusiasm of those that have drifted. To actually get 2000 people or more of all ages through the gates is a massive ask. Maybe changing the regime/ground would encourage more to go,I certainly hope it would. Financially the game is precarious, £70000 funding in Champ 1 is not a lot of money to run a club,nor is £150000 in the Champ. Money has to be made from outside that via any means possible. Merchandise,a proper supporters club,connections with local business. These are all things that CH fails in,but as I say at the present time we still have a club. Change is needed,how it happens is unknown. Hopefully we can all pull together and come up with some form of "plan" that benefits the great name of ORLFC and maybe,just maybe one day,3000 or more fans will once again stand united behind the banner of ORLFC.
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    having visited Toronto last week for the haven game I/we would like to say thank you Toronto. from the first day of our visit to the last day (unfortunately too short )we were welcomed and looked after as guests to CANADA, as most people in canada haven't a clue about rugby league we spent a lot of our time explaining why we where there hopefully we were instrumental in encouraging more non rl fan's to go to games, maybe we were successful as they had their biggest gate last night. lol should we be successful and gain promotion to the championship along with Toronto we will definitely be returning. should WE not get promoted I would say to any other fans if you are contemplating visiting try to make it a holiday as 4 day's is not enough .
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    So despite the empty stands, free tickets and lack of 17 Canadians in the team, Toronto can be crowned Champions if they can beat Barrow tonight. I expect a much better showing from the Raiders and a closer game. Saturday night is my new favourite time for RL. Hopefully it will only get better next year with the tougher opponents and actual real people in the stands! I'm sure many people genuinely expected it to crash and burn before now. I just wake up on a Saturday morning excited about the RL ahead. Today I get to watch games in Melbourne, Sydney, Hull, Perpignan and Toronto - how good is that FFS?
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    go into the beergarden during a game and you cannot move for people, when some leave the north end fence to get a bevy others who have just refueled take their place, it's the way people enjoy sport in this country. Better than sitting on a bench with a cup of weak tea and a fatty bacon sandwich yelling abuse at the visiting teams. I cannot see they are inflating figures, gawd I've taken a few newbies with me to every game and a number of them bought 2018 passes with me yesterday so next year watch for the numbers to go up. This is going to run and run so get used to it.
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    Why is it people are always saying "why did England lose, what did we do wrong??" How about, "what did Wales do right?" They put a strong team of coaches in place, recruited a crop of excellent young players, the majority based in Wales with Welsh community clubs. They ran 4 first class training camps and won 3 out of 3 competitive games this summer. It's not rocket science, good coaches + good players + good facilities and training = success. England claim to invent many sports that teams from all over the world beat them at, we can now add junior rugby league to that equation!! Cymru Am Byth!!
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    This is basically stadium porn for Man of Kent
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    Disagree. The kids clubs aren't dying because Toronto play in L1. There's a lot of reasons and the word Toronto doesn't feature in any of them. Toronto/New York/Dublin/add any rumour you want will ultimately expand the playing base. If the correct support is provided. As a London Broncos and Oxford season ticket holder, ex Skolars too, that's where I get scared. The evidence to date is the authority will take the money and not invest in developing talent. I know people blame the state of southern RL on Oxford/Hemel/this week's scapegoat on playing northern lads but trust me, it has far more to do with the decision to make development officers redundant when Sport England funding was cut. Heaven help the sport if we expand to New York/Dublin/wherever and don't learn that lesson.
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    Well, had a thoroughly enjoyable day and the evening that followed wasn't too shabby either. Firstly, hats off to Wigan, they may have struggled a bit in SL this season but in one off cup games they just don't know when they're beaten and their last score certainly made for a tense last few minutes. Every time they slung the ball out wide Hull's defence looked uncomfortable and perhaps with a little more composure they might have nicked it. Once again, like it or not, Sneyd was the difference between the two sides when it came to the scoreboard. He may not be quite as influential as some playmakers on the pitch but when it comes to important kicks from the touchline I doubt many would put anyone else in charge of that job before him. Oh, and he can't half put accurate bombs up as well. I have a feeling that Kelly may not have been 100% but he still put a decent shift in and caused Wigan problems although it looked like they had him targeted most of the game. The game was by no means a classic but the RL Challenge Cup Final is such a massive occasion it always seems to draw you in even if the match itself lacks a little quality. So having finally ended our hoodoo last year, to come back and win the Cup again this year is the stuff dreams are made of. I'm still struggling to comprehend what Lee Radford and co have achieved tbh, us black and white fans owe him a huge thank you, especially those none believers who wanted rid of him not long back. I know winning the Grand Final is probably considered the pinnacle of the domestic comp over here but it doesn't half feel good seeing Hull FC lift the LLS* for the second successive season. (*Ladbrokes Lovely Silverware.)
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    When ex RL team directors have opinions like this (which he is perfectly free to have) why do people keep asking why we have mushy peas as a sponsor while the other code have AON, O2, Landrover, MasterCard, sponsoring their woman's game?
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    I'm pretty sure this is the plan they have gone with: Announce 2025 World Cup in North America. Something Something North America hosts 2025 World Cup. In crayon.
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    Hi Walter. I think later on you asked what we Canadians think of the idea and I see that a couple of others commented in favour, perhaps with some caveats. I don't believe this is necessary at this time, and I am also uncertain of its merits. In their own way North American audiences are as local in perspective as any others. An international sporting competition for which there is no local flavour I think just will not capture the minds of a large enough audience. If you were to ask me which would draw more: 1) match between NY and Toronto 2) 2 UK clubs in the challenge cup final I would choose #1 every minute of the day. I am an enthusiastic supporter to TWP and loving that some small measure of rugby is in my live view again. But I am not blinded by my enthusiasm. When I hear such ideas, I put on my hardcore commercial banking hat again (I have in past lives been a VP of each of commercial, corporate and real estate in different world tier 1 financial institutions) and I really start to drill down into potential audiences, economics, risks, etc. On that basis I am highly skeptical of #2 aka your idea, at this time. Now 5 yrs down the road if there are a half dozen NA teams thriving away. Different story and mindset. I do agree with striking while the iron is hot, on expansion (done right) and I think Perez has created a model for how a NA team would be delivered into the league. From his most recent interview, he seems to be working as the league rep for this, and has inquiries from many major NA centers. Let these come forth, prosper, and then a buildup to a marquee event would I think be a success.
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    I used to watch RU, but have been to all the TWP games (except one). Now I'm a total RL convert, can hardly watch the other code anymore. Completely agree about getting the development started. For the grassroots, there are only a couple of RL amateur clubs in Ontario but many RU clubs. I think it is best to try and persuade the RU clubs to also run RL teams. Those clubs have the facilities in place. This is similar to Hong Kong where some clubs run codes of both teams. Several RU clubs have brought the youth teams down to play mini games at half time. There are more amateur RL clubs in British Columbia. For the youth, it is going to be a big challenge to create a pathway. Just starting an academy is difficult because there would be no one to play against. I believe they are in talks with the USARL about entering a team, they also need to use dual reg with a League One club, this might be the second Canadian team. They need something like Local clubs => USARL => League One => Wolfpack.
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    I seem to remember Judith Chalmers having to make that choice once and she reached the same conclusion.
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    They were only ever tenants there and the guy who set the club up and bank rolled them decided enough was enough when central funding was cut. As a season ticket holder at the time it had already started to go downhill then. A disastrous link up with Wigan which led to an apparently disinterested Dave Clarke being appointed coach and a weekly rota of young Wigan lads being shipped down with minimal impact meant I packed it in. It was like watching 17 blokes who hardly knew each other led by a bloke who didn't want to be there. the new ground is cracking and I admire the desire to persevere with Welsh talent, what they've needed is a few established players to bolster the spine and bring the youngsters on. This for me is the challenge, it is a well established amateur set up, but they need to win games to get a feel good factor going and build some profile. i wish them well.
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    I think everyone on here will wish this bloke and the West Wales Raiders club every success in the future. No doubt in the hard work they've put in and also to own their own ground now? Great stuff.
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    There's not as many as it appears.
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    There is a big bl**dy bronze statue outside the thing FFS! This is our history as much as the FA's! 2019 will be the 90th anniversary of the first Wembley final. Some other sports would kill for that kind of provenance. Are we that clueless we can't come up for a strategy for this?