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    Thank you everybody and thanks to Robert who wrote the article. My main hope is that is raises awareness about Myeloma Cancer. The other thing is that people with an incurable Cancer, are able to live a relatively normal life. Yes how you do things changes as does your thinking etc. But also you can adapt and still do things to a certain extent. Life is not over when you are diagnosed. Whether you have a couple of months or a few years to live its important to live it to the full. Matt Callender the Rugby League personality who sdadly died recently from Brain Cancer was an inspiration. He did his best to promote the disease and gave his family a positive time during the last few months. At the moment the Chemo and Stem Cell has worked and I am in Remission and things looking good. But how long that will stay for nobody knows. None of us knows what will happen tomorrow or next week etc. I try and remain hopefuly that I have a few years yet. Many on here have various problems with health and I am not anything special. But I think its important for me to help others to be aware of a Cancer many know little about and I thank Robert for coming to me and asking if he could do an article. He is also respeonsible to a large degree for the games development in South America.
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    Longhorns RL, from Meath, have been awarded a place in the 2018 Challenge Cup, reward for winning the all-ireland title this year. Well done to them. Been a long time since an Irish team has taken part in the cup.
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    So after a fair bit of (justified) negativity around some of the organisation, it would appear that things are building up nicely for this tournament. The group games have been a great success in PNG and NZ where there has been loads of focus, loads of colour, noise and passion on show. The negativity does appear to be fading somewhat as we celebrate 24k in NZ for the game and shock of the tournament. Over 21k for Aus v Lebanon. Even canberra saw an increase for Italy v Fiji, 6.7k! We'll have another sellout in PNG tomorrow and hopefully a solid Perth crowd and the group stages could probably be described as a relative success, saved by NZ and PNG. The knockout stages look very exciting and the organisera should be capitalising on the positivity which is emerging. Maybe there is hope for the RLWC after all!!!
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    I was at a St Albans v Hemel match once and overheard a Centurions fan say "Hemel Hempstead's not as nice as St Albans". Brutal.
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    As we are still in the World Cup, and conscious of the risk that this time next week we will be mid post mortem, I was daring to dream of a future in which everything we hope goes right, does go right. Here is what I would be happy to see: - in France, Toulouse and Catalans become a focal point for developing French talent, with the best of them staying fit enough to realise their full potential. Leading to full houses and a very competitive side at the 2021 World Cup (I am assuming they will have their own group); - the game in Lebanon capitalises on the extraordinary journey they have been on, and the promise highlighted in recent articles, using their heroes as a springboard to develop in leaps and bounds; - Fiji get a team in the NSW Cup, so that our game sits at the top table over there; - the World Cup defectors stay with Tonga and play more matches against the Kiwis and Samoa (whose team gets a new coach and discover salads); - PNG keeps doing what it's doing and gets an NRL team in 2020; - the NZRL gets an injection of talent at the top, to make the most of the vast potential in that country; - Toronto go from strength to strength and act as a focal point for development of the game locally, joined by Montreal; - Serbia gets a team in league 1, and somehow makes the leap up from grassroots to competitive second tier nation; - NYC has real intent and money behind it, to follow Toronto's lead, and work with the USARL to join together the dots over there; - Ireland follows the plan laid out in the recent interview with their CEO, and gets that pro team in league 1; and - Wales gets luckier with injuries and withdrawals, their talented juniors get developed at SL clubs in greater numbers and they reach competitive second tier level again. All of which seems possible, and much of it eminently so. (I wasn't sure what to write about Italy or Scotland, but would defer to others on that). Imagine, then, a World Cup in 2021 watched by 1 000 000 people, marvelling at the skills on offer and building on the triumph of 2013, with groups entirely made up of teams with rock solid links to the countries they represent. Followed by a condensed but wildly successful 2025 North American version based around Toronto, NYC, Hawaii and Florida. We have spent so long answering detractors and critics that we can miss the genuine potential that people all round the world see in the greatest game.
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    Amazing! Shows how heritage players means different things to different nations. Some extracts from the complete article are below. http://www.rlfans.com/index.php?id=1992 “Before departure to the tournament, LRLF directors Sami Garabedian and Nayef Abisaid appeared on four lengthy TV features with broadcasters OTV, LBC, New TV and Al Manar. LBC and MTV have had reporters in situ following the campaign, and the country’s print media has provided extensive coverage of a sport it has become increasingly familiar with over the past 15 years. All the major radio stations have kept their listeners updated of the historic progress.” .... ”We started getting lots more requests from various outlets,” continued Habbous, who played for Balamand university in the LRL competition.” ....... “ Minister of State Pierre Raffoul officially represented the president of the republic along with the ambassador and consular general at the match against the Kangaroos, and increased government support is one of the LRLF’s targets, in addition to retaining strong links with the Lebanese-Australian community. A number of companies are speaking to the LRLF to support multi-year development projects in Lebanon, including funding youth academies and affirmative action to use rugby league players to ensure talent and leadership remains there rather than emigrating.”
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    There has been enough threads hijacked by this topic already. So come along, get it off your chest, get it all out here so we can actually talk about the other subjects with out having big arguments on threads written for other topics. Ill go first. So some or maybe many among us don't believe the guys out there in tears when their anthems are playing, covered in tribal tattoos of their heritage, knocking back big bucks to play for almost nothing and risking never playing for a top tier nation again are not Tongan or Samoan or Fijian enough to be playing for their country even though official rule makers in many other sports agree that they are. I don't think you guys are seeing the big picture. There would be no Rugby League clubs in Lebanon if heritage players didn't start a international team years ago. Its a stepping stone to greater things. If you cant see that its only because you don't want to see that because it goes against your opinion. Today in the courier mail there is a 2 page spread with 3 stories about Tonga. One about NRL officials discussing the redirection of pay to bridge the gap between the New Zealand and Australian players and those representing the Pacific. Do a google search and there are positive articles everywhere. People in high places talking about possible new annual competitions involving the pacific nations, about how the weekends victory will change international rugby league for ever. Ill link some for you if you don't believe me. Real positive steps forward for our game that would never be possible if these nations were full of amateur players been destroyed on the football field. http://www.theroar.com.au/2017/11/13/new-zealand-vs-tonga-rugby-leagues-finest-ever-day/ "An upset of unquantifiable magnitudes. Celebrations everywhere. Everywhere. Tonga, South Auckland, Hamilton, Sydney, Brisbane, everywhere. Other sports have had this moment. Japan knocking off South Africa in rugby union was massive, Ireland toppling England in the cricket, the Netherlands toppling the English in the cricket (gotta love it) were big deals, but victories to those countries didn’t give them a leg up to the semi-finals." "For two hours on Saturday, we saw peak rugby league. Finally, we saw what the game could be if all the planets aligned, and the perfect snowflakes fell from the sky, and the cherry blossoms were flawless. We saw it, and we won’t forget it. We saw why the game, in fact, any sport, needs a World Cup, no matter how small it is. " http://www.news.com.au/sport/nrl/rugby-league-world-cup-new-zealand-tonga-war-dances-were-spinetingling/news-story/9e2b6c839588fcaaa632b9e16d1da199 "However, the day wasn’t about New Zealand’s loss. It is about Tonga’s win. Jason Taumalolo’s win. The incredible scenes of celebration from the players shedding tears and the fans losing their minds in the crowd demands that this contest is remembered for the men in red’s unbelievable comeback." http://www.smh.com.au/rugby-league/rugby-league-world-cup/rugby-league-world-cup-2017-will-rugby-league-every-be-the-same-again-after-tongas-seizmic-upset-20171111-gzjelu.html "Five players who turned their backs on Australia and New Zealand will forever be remembered as heroes, their coach said after the Mate Ma'a smashed through international rugby league's glass ceiling for one of the most important results in the game's 122 year history." http://www.nzherald.co.nz/sport/news/article.cfm?c_id=4&objectid=11943102 "David Kidwell: Kiwis Rugby League World Cup defeat to Tonga a 'blessing in disguise'" So some of you guys are going to look at those positive headlines and media coverage and tell me with a straight face that these heritage teams are a bad idea? You are going to ignore the 2500 people that showed up to the airport to greet the Tongan team when they arrived in New Zealand the street parties and parades when they arrived in Tonga the sea of red in the packed 25 000 seat stadium. The atmosphere of the crowd and the volume of their chanting. Just look at these forums. People are not talking about the big 3 teams winning this world cup they are talking about 4 and they are talking about the improvement of Fiji, PNG. The Lebanese president was sending messages of support to Lebanon after their first win, the Tongan prince was hanging out with the players after the game in Townsville. Apparently Rugby League has never been stronger in the pacific. Do you think this would be the case if these teams were full of no name players getting flogged by 70 points each week? For the international rugby league to be successful it needs to be interesting, for it to be interesting it needs to be competitive. With out massive amounts of money to poor into development in other nations, money our sport does not have how do you suggest other nations will, by their own hand develop from small 4 or 5 team amateur competitions into competitive rugby league nations interesting enough for us to care when they play against the big 3? Be realistic. That is never going to happen. And if it does we will all be long dead to see it. I get it, its not a good look when a Scottish player is interviewed with Aussie accent. I don't like it either. I feel differently for some reason when a Samoan is interviewed. These guys grow up in Pacific Island house holds. Samoan or Tongan or what ever nation they are from is very much apart of who they are. They might be Australian Samoans or Tongans but they are still Samoans and Tongans. I think its hard to argue (and I know some of you will) that the Pacific Heritage teams have been anything but a positive for the RLWC and international rugby league. Lebanon are in a similar boat because Sydney Lebanese are still very Lebanese if that makes sense. Maybe different methods could be put forth for nations like Scotland, Ireland Wales. They could look at what PNG have done with the PNG Hunters and look at creating a pool of 25 homegrown professionals. I am not sure where they would get the funding from but in order to be competitive they need to have fulltime professionals to play against other teams full of fulltime professionals. I know this much, if Tonga get to the grand final with this team of heritage players or even if they don't, there will be a lot more kids switching over to the local rugby league club next year because of their success. Maybe some of those Tongan born kids will go onto to be pretty decent football players. Maybe because of those kids the Tongan rugby league team in a few years wont be full of heritage players and it will be partly because of the success of this team we have today. Like I said, you guys have got to look at the big picture and what can happen down the track.
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    We knew all of these frailties and disappointments before the competition got going. Can we not just rest them aside and enjoy some great international rugby league? By all means, these things need some serious discussion, but is now the time to do it? We spend years pining for international RL and then when it comes along in abundance we dwell on the negatives. I thought PNG were immensely impressive (in terms of improvement and execution) and I wouldn't be at all surprised if they caused a shock somewhere down the line.
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    All contracts relating to the build and operation of the new Community Stadium and leisure complex have now been signed. This news marks a major milestone in the Community Stadium project and means that Greenwich Leisure Ltd will now formally take possession of the Monks Cross site and diggers will be on site before Christmas. In preparation for full construction works, site security and compounds will arrive on site within the next few weeks.
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    It really is great isn't it? I love seeing the best players in the world playing each other and have been more excited about the game than I have been for quite some time. Even the increased coverage has been great to see and I only wish it was like this all of the time. It almost feels like a snippet of what the game could really be. I just wish there was a lot more of it and we didn't have to wait 4 years for it! Internationals just provide something different to me and breaks up the monotony of Super League where nothing really changes. It also provides those additional challenges for the players. Over the last few years I have to admit just generally being bored with Super League and found myself watching less and less and more NRL. Even this has waned a little this year. The one saving grace for me was Toronto and now all the talk of New York etc.
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    Sorry, do you mean RL that is in its off season and has no events on? Or the RL that doesn't have any tournaments in Ontario? Or the RL that doesn't have enough players for 4 teams this year? Or do you mean they're licking "whatever" by plastering their name all over the biggest 7s tournament of the year? In front of hundreds of players of all ages? Who, by virtue of playing 7s, like lots of running rugby? And live in driving distance of Lamport? Unless that's severe sarcasm...The only ones bringing that attitude are the RL moaners like we have on here. Has anyone stopped to think that if Rugby Ontario didn't want anything to do with TWP or RL, they wouldn't have taken the ###### money and plastered their name and logo all over the festival? Do you know what the most common first reaction to the codes of rugby is here? It goes like this. "Hey man, wanna come play rugby?" "What's rugby?" "It's like football, but with no pads and no forward pass... and you don't really stop... it's fun, you'll learn as you go" "Okay cool" "Hey man, do you want to play 7s next month? " "What's 7s?" "It's rugby, but seven a side for 7 minutes. It's a ton of running but it's a fun tournament" "Okay cool" "Hey man, wanna come try rugby league?" "What's rugby league? " "It's like rugby, but 13 a side and no rucks, instead you back up 10 and roll the ball to the scummy." "Okay, cool" As someone who follows rugby league almost entirely because the TWP gives an option to watch local pro rugby of ANY kind, the negativity that comes with this forum can be seriously off putting.
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    Folk complaining that £20 for a ticket to a Rugby League World Cup Quarter Final being too expensive, is absolutely tragic.
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    If Rugby League is serious about its international game this Tongan team will need to get more than one game per year between World Cups to build on this historic result. And I don't want to see Taumalolo turning out for NZ next season.
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    How The hell did Schofield get a bloody mug??? I've been waiting 8 years
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    Good to see our Australian posters getting on board with the neutral officials campaign. Only 122 years late, mind.
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    Opening statement at PMQs was Theresa May wishing all success to all the home nations taking part in the Rugby League World Cup. Jeremy Corbyn wished all thd best for the "rugby league team", too. Progress!
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    For everyone criticising Whitehead, I'd ask two questions: have there been many breaks made through his defensive corridor this tournament? And, who do you think keeps running the decoys that suck in defence and create space for Watkins when they do their sweeping backline plays to the right? He's not flashy, but he's a good 80 minute player who does his job.
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    In other sports fans say "It's the sign of a good team when they can play bad and STILL win!" In Rugby League (some) fans say "That was rubbish! We might as well just get the next flight home!" We're in the semi-final against a team we can beat. Room for improvement, yes, but so far so good... ...C'MON ENGLAND!!!
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    The target is 1m people (we are talking a 30k average) so some basic things are non negotiable IMO. It is based solely in England so we need to be clever. You do not need a blockbuster for your opening game! Anticipation is high - play on that! England v Tonga/PNG/Fiji/Samoa/France will still sell extremely well. Play it in the heartlands (e.g. Etihad, Anfield or Old Trafford), price it sensibly and put on a proper opening ceremony (maybe even a big name performer). Target 50k+ tickets and put it on sale months before all the other fixtures are released (maybe just the opener and the final). Get England v Australia in the 3rd pool game as your marquee fixture. Go big at the likes of St James' Park, Wembley/Olympic stadium/Old Trafford and let the tournament buzz help to achieve 60k (maybe even more at the right venue). Do the same with other pool games - create a Super Saturday in week 3. Sort the bloody merchandising out! In RL club shops and online 6-12 months out. Get a trailer (or 2) and wheel them out at big SL games during the last 3 months of the season, Challenge Cup final, Magic. Let people buy it as leisure wear while the weather is still decent FFS. Get some mugs in! I could go on but that is just for starters....... feel free to wade in.
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    Apparently it 'should definitely be in Australia first'. Yeah, because they've made such a fantastic job of filling stadia at this World Cup?
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    Coventry Bears have announced a pre-season friendly against Leeds Rhinos as part of their 20th Season celebrations. http://www.coventrybears.com/blog/coventry-bears-to-play-leeds-rhinos-in-january This is massive news for the club and I hope they get a really big crowd for the game. I lined up in Coventry Bears first ever game against Worcester Warriors. Am proud to see how far the club has come since then and what has been achieved. This is this is set to be the biggest season yet and what a way to start it!
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    More good news that shows participation in junior boys and girls rugby league in the North East is up 20% in the last two years there is now 907 registered active players playing the game The target is now to break the 1,000 barrier on 2018 with the launch of 3 new junior clubs into the league The 2017 season also seen the lowest rate of game cancellations in the last 5 years
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    Good morning from Gold Coast Airport! It’s 7am, I’m sitting here in my Hull FC shirt with a cider waiting for my flight to Melbourne. Excited now 😃😃
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    The Sonics will be issuing a press release shortly welcoming the new merged club. We've had a very brief conversation with some of those involved with the new club and will be sitting down with them properly at a later date. The release above just says the bare minimum - they seem a lot further down the line than the RFL press release suggests, so we can expect further announcements about things like name, location and crucially backers over the next few weeks and months. At the end of the day, we want what is best for Rugby League in our city. Our aim would be to work with the new club to find ways we can strengthen the roots of the game at junior, youth and amateur label and ensure that there is a proper pathway. It's in both clubs interests to ensure that all facets of the game (schools, juniors, amateur, academy, pro etc) are moving in the same direction.
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    What an opener! We're hoping to make it even bigger than York v Toronto... Share it far and wide! No Super League on that day either...
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    Australia can't sell tickets so that's where we should take it in 8 years time. Give the North Americans a go, Toronto manages to sell more tickets for League One than supposed Aussie heartlands can for the World Cup.
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    Just posted on the RLEF facebook page. According to the subtitles, Australian manager Colin Kleyweg wants to build the club up as a stronger amateur set-up with full junior, cadet and women's sides with a 5 year plan to enter League One.
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    They make it more attractive for me. That's evidence of one person at least.
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    Currently looking into running a piece on this in the next issue of Rugby League World. Also posted the link to the petition on our Twitter feed and Facebook page.
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    Good morning from Melbourne! It is 7am, game day. Going for a few beers around 4pm and to the stadium for 7. Come on England...!!
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    This tickets and grounds thing a year in advance is just not right. It's just not rugby. It should be announced with weeks to go and the ground locations disclosed via cryptic clues scattered across the country. Seriously though, it's nice having that much notice for a change.
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    As far as I know Tas has never really been involved. There was a team in the late 80s I think called Bocholt Eagles. Bocholt is near the Dutch Border and they didnt sadly last due to no opponents. I started things going in 2004 with the first game in 2005 when I took a team from Munich area where I lived to play a Union team in Heidelberg. Tas advised me and I met up with him when in Sydney in 2010. But he never came to Germany. The games around Heidelberg was the ones I helped organize with a guy Called Uwe jansen from heidelberg. Sadly he wanted to take control of things and I left in the winter of 2010. The game then nose dived so that by the Autumn of 2014 there was nothing due to the bad Management of RLD by Uwe Jansen. There was no Schools ever playing. It was all a facade, created by Jansen, using his Youth Union team. Sorry for the length of this next part but hopefully it helps explain how things are in Germany Basically Football/Soccer is King, especially in the big cities like Munich, Hamburg, Berlin, Dortmund, Frankfurt and Cologne. Dortmund sellout the 81K Signul Iduna stadium every home game, as do Bayern Munich at the 70K Allianz Arena. Its not that unusual to have the Soccer Section of a Sports Club to have 50 or more teams from U6 to open age, Masters, Womens plus Girls youth teams. Soccer has also control on the Sports fields in most places. They get the best pitches and often its difficult for other Sports to get to share the best pitches in town with Soccer. Outside of that is the success of the Mens and Womens National team. The womens National team can pull in crowds of 20K and are on prime time TV every game! ARD/ZDF (Like the BBC)usually show the midweek Cup games and Highlights and the National teams. Away from Soccer then you have the Winter Sports, where Germany have a lot of success. Many of the Athletes are employed in the Army or Police but do little work and just train for their events. Especially the South of Germany and the East are in to Skiing, Luge, Ski Jumping etc. They also get all events shown on the main Channels over winter first due to the winter break that Soccer has and also now that Sky Germany usually have the rights to show the Domestic games. Then the American Sports like Basketball, Ice Hockey, American Football and to a lesser extent Baseball have especially in the South below Cologne are popular thanks to the American Army presence. The Americans especially Basketball and American Football have poured Millions of Dollars into promoting them in and around the area where the Bases existed-many have closed down now. Also many play in Euro Comps that get good TV Coverage and have been supported from the USA via money sent over alongside top Coaches holding Clinics etc. The NFL has 3 or more game on Free TV in Germany and is the biggest of the American Sports alongside Basketball. But no games are shown on the Stations of ARD/ZDF. Handball is more a North German Sport and similar to Rugby League is more in the small towns like Kiel, Lübeck, Lemgo etc popular rather than the big cities though Hamburg, Berlin and Magdeburg do have clubs in the top League. They have probably over 500K people playing across Germany. Also the Mens National team games are always shown on ARD and ZDF. Some of the best Clubs in Europe are from Germany and Kiel regular sell out before 15k Crowds. They also have a good European Comp. Formula 1 has a large following especially during the time of Schumacher as well as the success of Rosberg and Vettel and the Works teams of Mercedes etc. Athletics is also massive and nearly every Sports Club will have a Athletics Divisions and have quality running tracks and equipment. The Sport Clubs usually are covering Athletics, Soccer and then a number of other sports from Swimming to Chess to Cycling. Membership of these clubs is often in the thousands and get well supported from the Towns and Sponsors. Due to these numbers they get big discounts on merchandise from Adidas, Puma etc. Many Rugby Clubs (League now as well as Union and Touch are small members of these clubs but often have no voting rights etc due to low numbers). You also cant just set up a Club in Germany like in the UK or Australia. Any new Sports Club needs a minimum of 7 People and 3 (Usually Chairman, treasurer and Vice Chairman) are legally responsible for the running of the Club. The State Sports Councils are controlled by the big Sports who obviously dont want to share money or power with others. So they vote to raise the members needed to gain power at the State Sports Councils. Union has always had a big Presence in and around Heidelberg in the State of Baden Württemberg and has been for decades on the State Sports Council there. I think over the years the 16 States Sports Councils have pushed the minimum numbers needed to get on to atleast 10K in most areas except the small populated ones like Hamburg, Bremen etc. So you will often see for example the small sports join up with others to try and gain some help. Naturally if you want to join these you have to accept their rules which often sees you with getting little if any money or have any voting rights. It does allow you to get good use of facilities if others are not using it,cheaper insurance or free use of a Sports Lawyer etc. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rugby was fairly popular before WW2, but since has struggled to gain much popularity outside Heidelberg since then. The German Rugby Union was for decades run by the Heidelberg Union Clubs, who instead of trying to grow the game, used the politics to be the best club in Germany and to make sure the others didnt gain power. 1860 Frankfurt, a couple of years ago was the first Club outside of Heidelberg in something like 70 years to win the Union Championship. Frankfurt, alongside the Heidelberg Clubs like SCN, TSV Handschuhsheim, RGH, HRK (Both clubs are actually Rowing Clubs and where the R in both come from not Rugby). All have been paying foreigners more than what they would get playing in the Championship for the likes of Fev or Fax. Jimmy Keinhorst actually spent a couple of months at HRK. Distance is an issue and so apart from the top League, where the teams are based around Heidelberg, Berlin and Hannover the rest of the Union setups are based on Regional Setups. The Union Cup is a joke most times with many games not happening as teams cant get the numbers to travel 6 or more hours to play and then face the same journey back. The guy who owns Capri Sonne/Capri Sun Licence in Germany has spent Millions via the Wild Academy and is the backer behind the German 7s team that has been as succussful as never before on the 7s Union Circuit. He also sponsors HRK. The National team has gone down the Heritage route that has seen them move up to the Level below the 6 Nations playing Georgia, Spain, Russia etc. Union has even finally made it on to the likes of Eurosport and Sport1. But the TV numbers are only around 100K and despite the recent interest in Union its still a minority sport than most Germans outside the Student scene have little or no interest in. Rugby Union has invested millions of Euros over the recent past. But compared to the money the main Sports have invested and the power they have Union will always be a minority Niece Sport. Rugby League has no money like most federations and has a budget of around 2-3k a year. Everybody has been a Volunteer, except Uwe Jansen, who was on a PT role with the RLEF until 2014. The players unlike in the most Sports have to travel long distances andpay their own way to Travel.The German RL tries to help cover some costs of those that do round trips of 1000km or so. ( We try and get local players to host the ones that have travelled far for example) and cover some food and some Accommo Costs at a Hostel for the National Players on away games. Usually by arranging a big Pasta dish for 20 People or so at the Hostel or a Restaurant near by and look to get a discount, due to the numbers. I left in 2010 after disagreeing with the way the RLEF and Jansen wanted to do things and how he was doing his paid role. Sadly from this time onwards RLD was badly managed and no real development was going on. When Bob Doughton the Currecnt President stepped forward to take over in 2014, he was advised by the RLEF to shut things down legally and start from Scratch. RLD was kicked out of the RLEF. Bob Doughton has done a near miracle to get us legally recognised and build things from Scratch again. Due to the way things was done between 2010-14 virtually every player and administrator at this time has walked away and never wants to know about League again. So the groups we had in and around Heidelberg, Frankfurt, Kaiserslautern areas are gone. The teams/Groups at Rohrbach, Bad Reichenhall, Calbach, Hochspeyer, The US Base at Ramstein (Kaiserslautern)are gone forever probably for various reasons. I now live in the North, as do most of the Players and Bob Doughton. But we do have players that live 700km away from where we are trying to develop things. These guys have travelled from Lörrach near the Swiss border, Munich, Leipzig and Berlin to play in Dortmund, Osnabrück and Münster this year. It would be great to help these guys build teams in their area. But we simply dont have the finances and time to help them properly. We run Coaching and Match Officials Courses with help from the RLEF. We hope that in time they can build something in them areas so they dont have to do so much travelling. But even in the North West where we are developing the game as best we can we face big travel distances. Dortmund to where my team is still 5 hours away. So Distance is another issue alongside Money. Certain individuals as well as Clubs have and still do stop there members from playing League in the Union Off-Season. Both Codes will never be more than Minority Sports in Germany due to various reasons. Germany is a big Sporting Nation. But there are many Sports and we have a real fight to progress due to the reasons above. Apoligize for the long post again, but hope it helps to see the picture of things in Germany and what we face in developing the Sport.
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    It is not bad timing though for the all important Philippines market.
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    mate you're an inspiration & I really wish you all the best. Im a similar age & have got terminal cancer & a young family & know full well some of what you are dealing with mentally (obviously I know everyones fight is unique ). Anyway I just want you to know I take heart & inspiration from lads like you who take it on swinging & here's hoping you keep ploughing on pal
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    For the sake of international Rugby League that is possibley the most important result ever
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    Forget about the '3rd tier' comment that the BBC have gone with, the real meat of it is the comments regarding the gap between SL and NRL. More kids play Rugby League in Australia, the focus is on development pathways, there is real and genuine competition to progress at each and every age group, and then at the NRL level clubs provide outstanding facilities, young players fight tooth and nail to get a shot at the NRL and then stay there, they are paid at a level that reflects their effort and skill, they get (shock horror!) proper breaks at the end of the season, they get a pre-season that allows them to prepare fully for the season ahead (and we wonder why they are bigger, stronger and faster than our players!) and then (you'll laugh at this one!) they don't get flogged to death over the course of a crazily long and physically damaging season. For the life of me, I can't imagine why the NRL, and the players it produces, are head and shoulders above SL. I feel like I've said this a thousand times before, but the NRL focuses on building the world's foremost 'rugby' competition. In this country we're focused on teams 10-16.
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    So just so I'm clear on this a player who just taken the ball up and is being wrestled to the ground and wrestled on the ground and is probably breathing fairly heavily and is then held down by three opposition players one of whom then proceeds to put his forearm across the attacking players open mouth blocking the airway of the player. We then expect the attacking player to be able to keep his jaw in a fixed open position so that said idiot who is at that very moment blocking the major airway can then remove the forearm in his own sweet time. You could not make this lunacy up. I always like the way these things are played back in slow motion. If only people were able to think in slow motion rather than the the split second they actually get. Perhaps Jermaine would have had time to think that some idiot has just stuck his forearm in my mouth I better be careful here or I might inadvertently hurt him by biting him as I'm struggling to get back to my feet. There's only one person at fault here and that his Farah for sticking his forearm across the mouth of a heavily breathing person. Forearm to mouth not mouth to forearm. Case dismissed. Now about you sticking your fingers in his face Robbie!
  41. 10 points
    Robbie Farah is the worst referee I have seen in this tournament so far.
  42. 10 points
    See. You are pretending to face up to things, but you are not really. Here is the truth, rugby league are we know it is buggered. A small semi-pro team providing a good standard of rugby for the local experts to come and watch is not viable anymore. Kids in Featherstone can watch Real Madrid and Barcelona. They are not going to be impressed at a 20,000 signing for Rovers and they are less likely to dream of scoring for Fev. Local teams for local people made sense when media was limited. Now, it does not. Boycott games. Sure. Boycot Sky. Sure. Play amateur rugby league. The 80's have gone. They are not coming back and they were xxxx anyway. Your recipe is ridiculous. Without the TV deal for Super League, we would not be where we were in 1995 (which was pretty bad), we would be closer to what the French Elite 1 is today. How many of our players would be playing part-time St Helens, when they could get more playing second flight in rugby union? It could well be that Club St Helens would be dominated by Liverpool St Helens.
  43. 10 points
    Ah yes, that greedy Argyle is only spending his money in his team unlike any of the other owners in the RFL, SL especially, who freely give money to other teams, buy them players, upgrade their stadiums and do loads of other charitable stuff for potential competitors. Never mind the fact that we're refusing central funding and thus giving all league 1 and championship teams more money, attracting bigger crowds to away games (but no away fans mind you) and again increasing revenue, exposing teams to the global market with our televised games and top notch social media team. But hey we never did put our hand up to pay for the new south stand at Leeds, or to pay for the Belle Vue redevelopment so i guess you are right and Argyle and TWP are just greedy and don't care about anyone else.
  44. 10 points
    A huge thanks to Stalybridge Celtic for looking after us so well. Great ground and lovely playing surface.
  45. 10 points
    Meanwhile here in South Essex quite a lot of press comment and excitement within the town's rugby league club that not one, but two ex-juniors are in World Cup squads and one is making his World Cup debut at the weekend. If only they could realise how they are ruining it all for people north of Sheffield.
  46. 10 points
    I personally disagree; for fledging governing bodies in places like South Africa and the UAE, it is fundamentally vital for recognition in their respective countries.
  47. 9 points
    If we have learnt one thing from this WC, surely it is that we should be playing internationals in places like PNG.
  48. 9 points
    Live locally and i can tell you he has some serious issues, a likeable lad who really needs help. Does Rugby League not have support for ex players ? Not a laughing matter for Malc or his family ? Or the wider Rugby League family for that matter.
  49. 9 points
    I’m from Sydney you muppet, have been a tigers season ticket holder for ten years. Melbourne face teams with little to no away support for every single home game. There are now literally thousands of rugby league fans because of the storm. They have added tens of millions to the nrl in sponsorship and tv revenue. There are now 10 times the rugby league participants in Victoria because of the storm. They have had 3 juniors make it through the grades to play first grade so far, there will be plenty more. They have been a tremendous success and the nrl is better because of them. We should have also have included a team from Perth, not now but ten years ago. Grow up.
  50. 9 points
    There is rumour of The Sun doing a RLWC pull out tomorrow but I haven't seen it confirmed. England suppliers BLK are apparently doing one free with every shirt order (for convenience it will contain the actual results when it arrives)