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    Dear Parksider, After reading your posts for a year or more, it's obvious you have RL knowledge and passion. It's also pretty obvious you don't want Toronto in RL. We get it. You also seem to have a lot of time on your hands, as most posts you make against TWP tend to be 1000 - 2000 word essays. But maybe it's time to take a rest on the topic. We TWP fans, are just that, fans. We also come to TotalRL to enjoy ourselves. In my case, also to further educate myself. We enjoy being in the UK Rugby league. We're paying our money, enjoying the matches, drinking a pint or two at the games, and generally having a great time. And our team has done a pretty darned good job in only 2 years. Yes, the Wolfpack haven't turned rugby league into a national sport in Canada. Other sports have about 150 year head start. But we are promoting the game, and done some promotion at a participation and grass roots level. I'd be surprised if any other club has had as much of an impact as the Wolfpack in terms of winning, attendance, worldwide TV promotion, creation of a highly professional back office and marketing organization, gameday experience, and general spreading the word, in the first 2 years of their existence in a brand new market, let alone a brand new country to the sport. In fact.. I'm 100% certain of that. In fact UK teams are asking the Wolfpack for advice. So maybe it's time to just let things go a bit. Every thread with the word Toronto in the title doesn't have to turn into a personal mission for you, We're doing our best. Do I expect this post to make a difference with you? No, not really. But one can hope.
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    It really does make you sit up and make you proud when you have people like Romeo working tirelessly for the love of the game and to improve people’s livelihoods https://www.loverugbyleague.com/post/jamaicas-rise-to-international-fame-has-been-difficult-but-worth-it-admits-romeo-monteith/ Jamaica’s director of rugby Romeo Monteith has opened up on just how difficult it has been to get Jamaica on the rugby league map. Jamaica’s Reggae Warriors became the first Caribbean nation to qualify for the Rugby League World Cup when they defeated USA 16-10 in Jacksonville last weekend. JRLA director of rugby Monteith, back in his native Kingston, has been there from the start, part of the founding board in 2004 and subsequently the RLEF development officer for the region, and is just beginning to appreciate the implications of his unstinting work. “It is incredible to think that Jamaica is going to be in front of millions of people in 2021,” Monteith says. “It means a great deal for all the people who have sacrificed so much and all the boys who funded their own way to represent their country and families at the qualifiers; all of us who were laughed at and ridiculed and told we were wasting our time. “There has been so many sacrifices over the years. I’ve had very little social life for almost a decade or interest outside rugby league, to be honest, I’ve just been driven to achieve objective after objective and give as many Jamaicans as possible the chance to experience this wonderful sport. “I’ve not been able to play much either, I’ve been stuck refereeing, coaching and administrating even when I was in my prime – and I do love giving a good bump off or shoulder charge, when they were legal!” he laughs. “Many times I’ve contemplated stopping,” Monteith continues. “Family is so important and sometimes when the sport you love threatens to tear you apart from the people you love… it becomes tough. It’s also been so hard when we haven’t got a field in Jamaica to play on, seeing kids I care about bruise and break bones, kids I’ve trained and am responsible for. “Traveling has given me so much perspective. Seeing the game played in the UK or Toronto or Jacksonville with hundreds or thousands of passionate fans has kept me hopeful.” Monteith is already thinking about possible legacy from his nation achieving their qualification dream at the third attempt, having missed out to the USA in 2013 and 2017. “I hope it’s a home for Jamaica Rugby League. We just want a field with a changing room and club house, where there is no one to chase us away and the kids can play safely,” he acknowledges. “I hope our government, corporate Jamaica, everyone on the island and the millions in the diaspora give support and respect to this team and sport, because it’s great for building character in young men and women. I think Jamaica will be everyone’s second favourite team.” Monteith also has on-field plans for the build-up to 2021. He says: “We need annual games against World Cup-bound teams to improve, and we need to build the America’s Championship up to raise the profile of the game in the region. “Hopefully, other Caribbean islands will take note and have more than passing interest in the sport.” He adds a fitting tribute. “Allow me to pay homage to Paul Morris, who we consider the father of Jamaica rugby league. He was director of rugby from the start in 2004 to his death in 2009. Along with his wife Sue, they laid a solid foundation for us and trained us in administrative techniques. “Keith Jackson and William Masterton must be mentioned too, they financed the sport at the very beginning when everyone around us was laughing, telling us Jamaicans don’t play rugby league. Hopefully, those who did will now celebrate with us.” “These have been such wonderful displays by Jamaica in a sport in which we have not been traditionally strong,” said the nation’s sports minister Olivia Grange, in a message to the team on their success in becoming the eleventh nation of sixteen to be confirmed for the 2021 tournament in England. “Not just the players, but the coach, the manager and all others around the team deserve our highest regard and as the minister of sport it is my great pleasure to convey those sentiments to them as we laud the magnificent performance that has once again created history for Jamaica.”
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    So small time in fact that we got only 11 fewer hits from this thread as from the RLIF website itself! Not going to dispute the conspiracy theories at the top of the post. Think what you like. The page has actually been there for two months but they started promoting it on social today, which has helped. I didn't want to be purely a journalist anymore (still do some) because I was bored with it. Time to do something different. I have a few other things going on, but none of them terribly profitable. Mascord Brownz has so far earned me less than 1000 pounds - and that's in 15 months. I've started working as UK Business Development Manager for Red Star Belgrade, which is basically what Martin Vickers does for the Wolfpack. But just two or three hours a week for pocket money. And I've done content for RLWC2021.com from the World Cup qualifiers. I hope it continues but can't say for sure it will. Had no money all year but had the best time, just waking up and acting on any idea that has come into my head. I just do what interests me and live on on not much money. Bliss!
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    I’d like to see a 7 foot 18 stone basketball,NRL,or union player play 70-80 minutes make 30+ tackles,take 20+ hit ups and run 150+ metres like the best of our “non” athletic forwards regularly do.
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    Toronto explained that it was an option. They said that they had supplied training facilities and most teams opted not to use them. Instead they had used the day for sightseeing. Brian Noble said they had asked sports scientists about the optimum way to handle the trip and the consensus was travel in on Friday and then straight back after the game. He offered to share that info with any coach that was interested. They were at pains to add that clubs MIGHT or might not want to take that advice. They explained that it was just another option and they were happy to provide either option. They asked for clubs to think about the options and decide early so that they, Toronto could make early arrangements to make their life easier and of course they would save money by not paying for facilities that the visiting clubs would not use.
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    Imagine getting free flights and accommodation, from a club that takes nothing from the central funding pot, only to then complain about it. How ungrateful can clubs/players/fans be.
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    It's stupid to even consider moving it away from Blackpool and even stupider to suggest holding at at anywhere other than a neutral ground. I know the overall attendance was down this year on 2017, but 2017 had a 7th game tagged on (the Championship One Cup Final between Barrow Raiders and NW Crusaders probably added 600-700 to the gate). The well-supported Hull KR and Bradford were there, too. This year suffered because there were only six games and three of the best teams had virtually no supporters present (Toronto, Toulouse and London). With 14 teams being represented again, including Bradford and York, it's not hard to envisage a big improvement on last year. Move it elsewhere and you've killed the concept before it's really taken root.
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    For those historians amongst the group I today received a British Lions cap from the RFU in recognition of my great, great grandfather John Nolan who went on the first ever lions tour in 1888. John played for Rochdale Hornets and is the first ever hatrick tryscorer for the lions as well as the top tryscorer from the tour. The majority of the side who went was from clubs that less then 10 years later become the northern union. Represented on the tour was Rochdale, Swinton, Bramley, Halifax, Batley, and Salford. It goes to show that even though some of the sides are not Super powers in the game today they still have a rich valuable history and we need to make sure that is never lost. I am so pleased that 130 years on the British lions still recongise these men despite being from the breakaway clubs. If you are bored tonight have a search about the 1888 lions, its a cracking read.
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    Noticed this photo from the Brazil v Argentina women’s Test played in Brazil on the weekend. Thought it should go in the “what have Toronto Wolfpack ever done for us” file. Which 100 year old English clubs are sponsoring women’s rugby league in South America. Leave your list here.
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    League Weekly reporting Golden Point introduced for Super League next year. I assume this is an Elstone led change. Personally, I don't think it will add much. If two teams can't be separated after 80 minutes, what's wrong with that?
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    Are TWP breaking the rules regarding the salary cap ? NO Was the increased championship salary cap brought about by TWP ? NO Do you know how many championship teams are fed up of having TWP in the league afer 1 season ? I doubt it How many championship players have you spoken too ,are unwilling to make the "sacrifice" of a couple of days leave for a free trans Atlantic trip ? Id hazard a guess less than 1 Has there been a funnier post on this forum as you stating I am an expansionist ? Absolutely not. Have I ever been turned on by rugby players ? No,No & No I will gladly leave that to people like your good self if that's what makes you rock.
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    So a non story then,what a surprise,just waiting for the South Leeds misery now to start blaming it on the lack of "gridiron" players.
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    There is simply no need. Some of the best games end in a draw and 1 point each is fair reward. I really don't like the NRL way of doing it and the way the game changes and just becomes drop goal after drop goal attempt. It adds nothing to the game for me. I was really hoping that Elstone would make real changes and improvements rather than just implement cheap gimmicks.
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    I have to hand it to you, only you could twist my positive points to negatives but you are completely wrong in regards to what you added. Once again the revenue from TWP’s alleged home attendances does not benefit clubs here.  Since when does one clubs crowd revenue have to benefit other clubs? Never has and never will. You probably want a slice of the revenue because they have outdone British clubs after just 2 years. They are only doing this to ingratiate themselves with SL and the RFL. You know this how? All “expansion” stories fill copy for papers but none of this creates any revenue. Not everything has to relate to revenue to be a positive thing for rl. It sounds to me you would prefer it to stay in in the north of England only to be enjoyed there. We want as many people reading about or watching rl from as many places as possible, wherever they come from. This creates interest which creates fans, which creates revenue. Not Rugby League though, the games support is traditional and it cannot be moved to cities where it isn’t played and where soccer rules (see Sheffield). London where RL has been played for 100 years is the biggest city and nobody wants to do what you allege they would do. Melbourne succeeded but at a massive price that there is no sign Argyle will spend, and on the back of the strength of the NRL. Canada RL is hardly the NRL. Some of what you say is correct but for the game to prosper it needs to move out of small English towns. They have (3) created a nightmare in terms of the travel distances. What nightmare, some clubs had small issues but can only blame themselves for bad management and planning. And it's all free. The NZ Warriors seem to cope as do the Wolfpack. Both these teams do travel many many times in a season. Don't criticize the Wolfpack for British clubs incompetence. and (4) TWP’s plan for a Transatlantic league if that ever did come to pass would kill the game here. What will kill the game is doing nothing. The British game is declining, attendance is shrinking broadcast deal could be smaller. Rfl has nothing to lose and it's not costing a cent. You have dug yourself so deep into the well of negativity that you cannot see anything positive because of your blind hatred of Twp. Your now resorting to petty excuses like the ones above to keep your argument going.
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    It seems that a lot of clubs fans are writing us off before a balls even been kicked... Yes we have lost a lot of players, the likes of Ridyard, Holmes and Briscoe are as good as it gets at this level, the rest I think can be replaced. We got half a season each out of Holmes and Ridyard, Briscoe had gone 3/4s in, Hock spent the last part suspended, Wheeldon and Farrell out injured half a season and Walton out most of the season.. Despite all of this with most of our cap on the sidelines, we finished TWO points off second. So why do fans honestly think where gunna be so terrible next season? We went Toronto wth none of this players and won let's not forget! I'm pleased with out signings so far, the two lads from Batley both come highly rated, I've always been impressed espically with Day. We have signed Delaney, a bloke who's played at the highest level for years and his trophy collection speaks for it's self. Have his best days gone? Yes but you don't play at the level he has for as many years without been 'decent'. We have re-signed Bussey who for me is as good as any 13 at this level. Yes he has made mistakes but ask Toronto fans if they rate him or not. We have three PNG internationals coming, can't say I've seen anything of Thompson but the Boas brothers just played as part of the PNG team who beat England Knights, apparently are own national teams future. From what I saw of Watson, we have some player there I tell ya and Ase didn't look shabby crossing over for a meat pie either... Finally, you add the likes of Davis, Wheeldon, Cooper into the mix and that is a very capable pack at this level, we certainly won't be bullied anyway! 4 or 5 decent signings and abit of help from rhinos (Newman and Brisoce/Golding please!) we should be there or there abouts. No point having lads who don't want to be here on books not matter how good they are, let's get behind the lads who want to be here this season!! Up The Rovers!!
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    You mate, just don't get it. A true rl fan would be happy that new fans are enjoying your favourite sport. You just berate and attack them for supporting their team as you have done to Patrick. You still won't answer my question on why you attack twp over various issues yet overlook the same issues and shortcomings of some English clubs. A bit hypocritical to me. Come on, off the sidelines and see if you can debate without putting people down.
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    Nailed it again Mick. Your 'contacts' really aren't up to much.
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    Apologies if I sound like a broken record but maybe less games would see attendance rise as fixtures would be more like must see events.
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    Do you actually ever read Rugby League World? Your above comments suggest not, given that we've covered, or are covering, most of the things you've referred to in the above post already. For the record, Matt was invited by Huddersfield Giants to take part in their pre-season training, as they thought it would be a fun feature for the mag during the off-season and they were willing to photograph and film it and promote it on their social media too. Any publication in any sport would have to be completely off its rocker to turn such an approach down, quite frankly.
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    I heard they actually rifle through the pockets of the opposition during the game and use the money on cocaine and hookers.
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    Am I missing something? What are the attractions of Odsal? To the outsider,I would have thought that the ground is a shambles,the area is a shambles,to the tv audience it would appear a shambles,what am I missing?
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    Yeah man, They have 8 teams playing Division 2, 6 in Division 1. Under that they have 8 colleges, under 19s, under 15s They have a State of origin type set up too and cup tournaments that bring in teams that can't sustain full seasons. Its amazing what they have done on a nothing budget. They need help with improving quality of play and facilities, but its feasible that you could run a Semi Pro team there for 50 grand a year. The potential is scary actually.
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    Today's American zone World Cup Qualifiers would suggest otherwise. Both were decent standard matches even though most of the players were semi-pro or non-pro, and the US-Jamaica match was a close low-scoring affair not settled until the last few minutes. Internationals reach the casual sports follower in a way which league and cup matches for clubs don't.
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    The latest addition to the Marauders ground improvements arrived and installed (19/11/2018) today.

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