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    Sometimes you've just got to hold your hand up and say you were wrong. Steve McNamara has received a huge amount of stick - I've been front and centre with some of that since he joined the Dragons. However, what looked a lost cause has seen Catalans become one of the form teams over the last dozen games. Sitting in 6th with a game to go is a brilliant recovery. Not only a culture change in Perpignan but the team seems to be throwing it about too. I was wrong. Well done Steve, and Bernard G for holding his nerve when everyone said pull the trigger. The Dragons are back!
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    With Rugby League in the UK experiencing the Issue of current stars of game being unknown by the wider public. When in the past leading players were more widely known. It is time to ditch Sky Super League Robot Intro... to show actual footage of the stars of the game performing with amazing skill . No wonder the general UK public have difficulty naming Rugby League stars when Sky Sports Super League intro is faceless animated robots playing the sport to ###### music.
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    Over 8k home support, fly to all away games, have a tv deal to televise the games... Why does the powers that be not want them in SL and prefer 2-4k home support clubs with no extra tv deals and no new market opportunities???
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    I feel sorry for Widnes here. There's no point us banging on about how SL clubs like Widnes should develop young players from their local area, and then on top of that expect them not to have criminal records. There's only so much they can do.
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    We were told to lower our expectations at Coventry Bears this season. Bears would be concentrating on developing a squad of Midlands based players who would need time to be competitive at this level. We hosted Leeds Rhinos in pre-season. We played at Widnes Vikings in the 5th round of the Challenge Cup. We have now played home and away fixtures against the famous Bradford Bulls. Half of our squad is away at the student home internationals (so proud of this) This is our 20th anniversary season..... Having been smashed at Cougar Park.... Oh yeah today was the best day in the history of Coventry Bears. Expansion teams... yeah we're having a laugh
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    6 May 2018 Keighley 98 - Bears 6. 21 July 2018 Bears 30 - Keighley 20! I couldn't be more proud of the Bears players today. What a performance and what a reward for all the hard work. Amazing stuff played today 👌🏉🐻
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    I'm reaching the point of just playing "Why Can't We Be Friends?" on repeat. I'm a new fan of Rugby League thanks to the Wolfpack and like every other sport I follow, while I have my team, I am a fan of the game first and foremost. Because of that, I want the game to succeed. I'm trying to do my part in Canada by introducing people to the game, I'm trying to setup some volunteering with our domestic teams, and I'm doing what I can to support others who are doing the same. I think there's a number of people who can see the long-term vision and value in what is trying to be accomplished and support from the RL community can only improve the outcomes if we're working together.
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    I think you misunderstood me as I'm not criticizing existing clubs funding, or lack thereof, of player development. I support the notion of top tier teams supporting player development for the betterment of the game. I'll even go as far as saying that recent proposals from USARL of allowing a developing international player to join a squad without quota penalties is a great way to continue growing player pools for regions that don't have the same following as the RFL and NRL. It will allow inroads to other markets and while results won't be immediate, I do believe that over time this will develop a better class of players internationally. This isn't dissimilar to Toronto players Ngawati and Burroughs being loaned out to League 1 and Championship teams this season. I think the "holier than thou" attitude from Canadian fans is more like "Toronto has jumped every hurdle that's been put before them and it still doesn't seem to matter". We were slagged for not having broadcast deals. We got broadcast deals. Cue complaints that it's not the right markets or that we're keeping the dosh for ourselves despite us not being part of the Sky deal. We pay for visiting teams travel in League 1 and Championship and hear complaints about how it's not good enough, despite our own players using the same airline and living in dorms while in Toronto. We partnered with an immigration firm to assist all teams with Toronto travel who proactively reaches out to teams to help but we're still taken to task because of some players not being able to get visas. Ngawati and Burroughs required visas to play in the UK so it's not a one way street. I get we don't have a century of history but is it so impossible that some of us are as invested in our two year old team as you and others are in yours? Toronto is a sports mad city. We love our teams fiercely. We're used to being the odd man out in a league (NBA, MLB) but we've never encountered the degree of hate and vitriol RFL fans have dished our way since inception. You may see it as holier than thou but for me, I'm defending the right for my team to exist like anyone else is.
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    Canadians and other Wolfpack fans should always remember this about the anti-Toronto posts - don't count the number of posts, count the number of individual posters. We have relentless repeat offenders who try, by sheer volume, to make it look like the majority of RL fans hate our newest family member.
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    I really think we have wasted a decade of French development by not admitting a 2nd French Super League side i.e Toulouse. A more proactive sport would certainly have had Toulouse in years ago. We would now have a far stronger French national team, more French players and potentially French TV money.
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    Such an enormous amount of hypocrisy surrounds this issue. 1. New club proposes entering SL 2. “That would be unfair! The only criteria for getting into SL should be promotion on the pitch like everyone else. New clubs should have to work up through the lower leagues first.” 3. New club works up through lower leagues. 4. “That’s unfair! They shouldn’t be allowed to get promoted for all these other reasons which don’t apply to anyone else. Just because they win promotion on the pitch doesn’t mean they should get promoted.”
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    Was at the game. Great atmosphere and great game (even if I’m biased). Toronto fans were good, really respectful and interested to learn about the game and gracious in defeat. Toronto may have rested a couple but a 16 man Fev team without Ridyard, Holmes, Hock and Knowles were as good as I’ve seen them since Darryl Powell. Talking to a couple of Wolfpack players and they said they weren’t at it and were outplayed. credit Fev let’s not make excuses. I hope Wolfpack go up and I hope the Fev fans who went changed their opinion of the Wolfpack set up. Good day for RL - tradition and expansion having a good go and coming out smiling.
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    A Coventry RU fan has started coming to the Bears games. His blogs are a very good read https://coventryrfc.me/2018/07/22/bears-cool-runnings-too-hot-for-cougars/amp/?__twitter_impression=true
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    You are right, but this was the path laid out by the RFL, the Wolfpack had to work their way up from the bottom. Of course this was the outcome. Toronto fans are desperate for competitive games . Complain to the RFL.
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    Bradford, Sheffield, Halifax, workington, Whitehaven now Leigh. In four years we have seen all these clubs risk it on promotion, fail and get in to financial difficulties. With a third of the season left we have Leigh desperately trying to offload players, highlighting the utter disdain for which the game holds the championship shield, and we have Widnes trying to sign everyone and anyone and salford with the begging bucket out for new signings to desperately try and stave off the threat of relegation. The odds on either of those then having to shed everyone and getting themselves in to financial difficulty should the be relegated must be pretty high. How much are Hull KR prepared to keep throwing at them if they continue to yoyo? Having spent millions on the championships over the past 5 years what is there to show? The major growth has come from private financing of Toulouse and Toronto. Have we this money invested in facilities, youth development and outreach? Are we any further forward now that 5 year ago? The answer to those is largely no. The money spent on the championship has been used to simply spend more on players in an often vain attempt at gaining promotion and as that has largely failed we are simply seeing a return to book and bust and a few million pounds later we are no better for it. This model clearly doesn't work. Its time for those in the championship to figure out how they make the championship a sustainable league in which they can build their clubs to a sustainable level. Its time to give up in the idea of risking it all in the hope that you are the lucky one who gets up, then risking it all again in the hope you can stay up. It just doesn't work.
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    That is an awesome win for your team and club. After going out there to watch Batley, I was convinced that no one would beat Toronto over there, not because they are unbeatable, but because the conditions were completely in their favour (travel, jet lag etc.) Regardless of where you finish up this season, you should be incredibly proud of this result. Well done!
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    No one is leaving them to stagger along. I think you'll find that Rochdale have left themselves far behind, They seem to have done less in 122 years than Toronto have done in just a few years.
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    Came as a neutral today with a mate who wanted to see the young Wigan players in action for Swinton. What a beautiful stadium you have!! Class facilities, heaps and heaps of character, friendly staff and decent prices!! Puts a majority of Rugby League clubs to shame (including the new big empty stadiums teams seem to have) Hope you lot turn the corner and your fortunes pick up. I for one will definate;y be making the trip across the Penines to catch a Batley game. Congrats on the win yesterday too,some massive horrible hits and some great tries!! That winger Campbell is a character isn't he!
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    I'd rather watch a game at Castleford or Wakefield on TV than at empty modern stadiums like Salford and Widnes, now those look truly depressing.
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    I will make the call now. Second place in the championship for this London Broncos side represents a tremendous achievement for Danny Ward. Got to admit I was a skeptic when Danny was appointed and he inherited a side shorn of several key players which, on paper, is the weakest side 2015. Certain pundits predixcted 10th spot for the club. I publicly could only see 6th spot but hoped the club could sneak in the top four. Early season when London topped the table I did post that if Danny Ward could get the club into the middle eights then he should have the freedom of Ealuing so I hope the Mayor's office is getting ready. Cashed up clubs, sides featuring up to 5 dual reg players, and a weaker squad with a chairman who gave the impression of wanting to sit this dance out financially after allegedly his last two coaches left due to his parsimony, and yet despite all this Danny's side that playing good basic Rugby League footy comes in second spot. Fantastique. London now at a crossroads next season is secure funding wise, with some impressive perrformances at junior level. What the club needs is a financial backer to come in - perhaps a bloodnut who misses their league - and can take the club to the next level. results wise it;'s a going concern. The danger of course is that the coaching staff and key players will be tempted away by Super League clubs not that you would blame them, as it is a short caree,r but perhaps peoples perceptions of the clubs ambition would be different if circumstances were to change off the field.🙏
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    If its an English comp Catalans care gone — so a dead argument already for all the carping on here about supporting lower tier sides and lack of sl standard players may i points out its not the RFL’s position to develop players for a SL club or any other - they promote the game and support the community game quite well where they are allowed in - and anyone that knows the amateur game will know the politics there are worse than the top tier - talk about rats arguing over the plate after the cake has gone! No academies was a business decision left to all the clubs at the clubs request - also now we see the standard of business in charge at the clubs we support i think its clear to see why we dont have player pathways however we have enough players to play SL - that’s not a problem - we dont have the pathways to get them there - which is rediculous TWP bring something that no other team brings - a fresh approach from a new place and outside interest that does not play by the same rules we do - they dont give a monkeys about RU as a competitor nor do they care the team are not all from a small enclave within Toronto itself - in fact its a selling point - instead of a team with two marquee players to them the whole lot are - we need to stop being so parochial and inward looking The use of OUR GAME is particularly offensive because its not OUR GAME its A GAME and we should be INCLUSIVE and WELCOME new people to the sport not scare the pants off them by sounding like the sub committee of UKIP northern division. This sport has problems because it has not had a striking governing body at national or international level with the cash to back up any plans at all really -its all about cash and they were rubbish at getting any The clubs themselves are rubbish businesses - Wigan try to spread their reach but dont seem to be very good at it and they have an internationally recognised brand I dont think we realise this but the loss of the Bulls to SL was almost catastrophic in terms of brand awareness. They were poorly run but very good at marketing the brand and they had true national reach so none of the arguments on here where everyone is getting upset mean much if the bloke who runs your club and pays the staff is not very good at what he does because regardless of the standard of play on the field what lifts the sport is the business behind the players argyle took nothing and has created something at no cost to the rest of the game. That is a fact. He isn’t going any time soon as he has stated and still pours money into the game new money. In a well run club. That will slowly put down roots given time and support Incredibly the pinnacle of ‘rugby’ of either code in Toronto is a RL team. Let that sink in. In 122 years we have supported teams who have looked for hand outs to survive. We had the first derby because Wigan and saints could not play without external investment to get a game on for gods sake an d that was 100 years ago. What has actually changed in real terms? TWP represent a seismic shift in business models and access to markets RL as a sport simply does not have the money to exploit so never will without them. The storm took hundreds of millions of AUSD to get to where they are from nothing. SL and British RL does not have the money and wont if we look to shore up teams that cant bring value as full time professionals. The only debate is what that value is, what the criteria should be, and TWP would hit just about all of them. One child boys a shirt and tells his mates he saw them play on Saturday - that’s priceless, that’s more promotion in a country of hundreds of millions than the RFL or NRL have done in 122 years. The UK is skint. Anyone anywhere will take on a RL club in the UK if you give them the cash to do it. That’s the UK way. We do not have that cash. Organic growth is happening very slowly in the UK for free on the back of people who are nameless and faceless and are never ever given the support they deserve on here. If you expect North America to suddenly spring up fully formed leagues in less than 122 years then i think you are deceiving yourselves. If they do it in 25 on our current expansion model they will have done well. So stop bagging them and start supporting them. They dont have to exist, we are better because they do, please dont scare them off now.
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    There is no mention of investing or expanding into China. The Chinese people are investing in Salford rl. Salford is in England. Make sure you close the door behind you in that darkened room.
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    For some, it’s just enjoyable and intriguing to see how the TWP progress and develop. For others, breaking all records in SL will never be enough. Tant pis. We’re never going to see massed hoards of fans crossing the Atlantic, but we’re certainly seeing a different, seemingly more engaged approach from the club. Bit of a learning experience all round imo.
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    RL is the best sport, there is an amazing product on the field, and Coronation Street style drama off it. Who needs boring predictable governance structures like the FA? This is more like WWE.

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