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    Went to an amazing crowd-counting event yesterday and a rugby league game broke out.
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    With maths like that, you can see why they might have trouble with the accounts.
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    Quoting NRL coaches is a mystery to me, as if they will ever find anything positive to say. On the other hand, I'm interested in what Jason Moore has to say: https://www.tvnz.co.nz/one-news/sport/league/rugby-league-arrived-in-north-america-promoter-calls-more-tests-after-kiwis-clash "The main thing was to showcase the game to a as many people as we could in this market. "Yes there is room for improvement, yes we can do things better next time and we will but this is the first step in a journey. Rugby league has now arrived in North America. "The most important thing for us is that do it again and again and again. This is just the beginning."
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    Just left the stadium, great day, good game and the locals seemed to like it. 19k sounds low, the crowd was big and loud on the camera side. If you weren’t at the game, frankly you aren’t qualified to comment on the atmosphere. I don’t see any negatives to this experience. Whitehead immense Connor international class without a doubt and nice to see him just play and be able to support him. Cut out the club leve BS and he could be an England legend. Makinson brilliant, really pleased for him. lomax should retire. Jury out on ratchford
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    Cracking weekend of SL action. A draw, two one-point victories, a two-point victory, a four-point victory. And Salford-Widnes let the side down slightly with a 14-point margin of victory. Bravo. It's an exciting league this year: top, bottom and middle.
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    I just thought I'd come on to the forum to learn what the final score was and, hopefully, get some insight to the quality of the game and match facts. What do I read? ####ing drips about the crowd figures😡. Had enough of this now. Can the mods please dedicate a crowd-watch thread in order to keep the obsessives happy and the rest of us sane?
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    They could have had an Aussie but he needed to fly out in April and he needs two weeks recovery after landing back in Sydney.
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    Another 3 hopefuls sign pro contracts (2 years). wing Robin Brochon , centre Louis Carré and forward Hugo Salabio. The three teenagers will aligne with St Esteve XIII Catalan next season in Elite 1. In total now 9 young players signed up along with Mourgue,Valhein, Laguerre Le Cam, Bled and Rouge signed earlier. Interestingly that all three newcomers come from the National 1 club St Martin de Cru. The Provence conveyer belts rolls-on 5 from that region here. All these players quoted will be part of the French U19s squad heading for Serbia in August for the European Championships.
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    I slipped and stubbed my toe, what opportunities will this open up for Kabbadi in Ukraine?
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    England's first 20 minutes was very poor and a more experienced New Zealand may have put us to the sword. I questioned the decision to run with 2 backs on the bench, but the introduction of Makinson and Connor clearly gave us a boost. I've never been too convinced on Ratchford or Widdop, but both played well, with Widdop carrying on with his good form from the World Cup. I thought we were pretty solid throughout, although Lomax did struggle. That may have been something to do with his heavy challenge early on, but he's never really set the international scene alight. Whitehead was our best player and caused New Zealand trouble throughout. The second half was a joy to watch and we played some great rugby. It's been a while since we've dominated a New Zealand side in such a manner. Yes, the New Zealand side isn't at their best, but a fine achievement regardless. Is this the first time that we have beaten New Zealand outside the UK? As for the occasion, a 19,000 crowd is good, but it did look a little lost in a stadium of that size. The organisers could have been a little smarter and ensured that the camera-facing side was full at first. It's a start. But often with rugby league, when we make a start it is often the end. In 2013, we drew a near full-house in Bristol for USA vs Cook Islands, on a cold weekday evening. This for two of the lowest-ranking countries in the World Cup, and one country that many probably hadn't even heard of! But to date, a professional game of rugby league hasn't been played in the city again. Anyone who wanted to see another professional match from Bristol would have had to travel a long way to do so. We drew a 67,000 crowd at Wembley for the semi-final of the same tournament. Do we go back the next year? No, instead we don't play an international in London for 2 years, and only play 2 internationals in London from December 2013 - Autumn 2020. Same applies to Coventry in 2016. I think a crowd in Coventry, Bristol or London would appreciate a routine England win over a side like France far more than a Leigh crowd. We can't allow this to happen with the USA. We have laid the foundations, let's build on it. In the meantime, we need a sell-out series against New Zealand this autumn, to establish a mid-season international calendar and to start to prioritise the international game over club or county level matches.
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    This is something to bear in mind next time you think about berating Australia for their lack of commitment to the international game. England treat the international game exactly the same, in proportion to their strength. Australia treat every nation below them with contempt and so do England.
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    Of all the crazy ideas I've heard mooted in RL over the past 25 years, choosing to revert to semi-pro status in a bid to even the competition and revive near-defunct clubs is just about the most insane.
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    Nice kit, nice occasion, nice crowd, nice performance. International RL is just too good to hide away for 11 months of the year. Great showing from England.
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    Announced crowd won’t have reflected what was actually in attendance but that’s the same for every club when accounting for non attending season ticket holders and the like. Would say there was certainly 4,000 there and a crazy mix of demographic. Loved every second of it. Every club should be making the most of each visit and soaking up anything they can learn from the off field stuff. Amazing experience and great to speak to so many Canadians who are so enthusiastic and knowledgeable about our game.
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    Whatever is happening...long may it continue 😎
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    The premier league somehow manages to cope with the African nations taking their players for 2 months but the NRL ubermenschen can't go to Denver for a week. They are embarrassing themselves
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    Teaching RU players to pass and run good lines doesn't sound like easy work to me at all. If he can do that successfully, he deserves every penny he can prise out of the tight buggers.
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    Me too. Came over to Toronto to watch Cov Bears and that experience inspired me to come here for today's game. I missed half the action from explaining the previous moves to American first timers but didn't mind because of the fantastic atmosphere and the occasion. Still surprised that nobody I've talked to away from the game even knew it was going on but then it's a big city and it's not yet a big sport over here. From tiny acorns etc and so forth.... I'm calling it a great success. Was a really entertaining game and much appreciated by the crowd around me.
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    It’s nice to see plenty of cars with England flags driving around, in support of this game.
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    Our A team is 90% Welsh, and last week one of the A team players signed for the first team, hopefully the first of many. https://northwalescrusaders.co.uk/crusaders-sign-davies-reserves/ This is the same North Wales Crusaders A team that has provided 3 players for the Wales Under 19s training squad. http://www.walesrugbyleague.co.uk/article/16381/wales-under--name--man-training-squad The club runs Under 18s, Under 16s, Under 12s and a wheelchair team, all of which are made up almost entirely of local Welsh talent. Not bad for a League 1 club which was on it's knees just 2 years ago. We have huge admiration here for West Wales Raiders, and I'm sure that in time their efforts will be rewarded. However, here in Wrexham we have to take a different approach. The lads from Widnes, Warrington and St Helens who represent our club are proud to wear the shirt, and proud to be bringing the sport they love to a new area. They might not be Welsh, but they are local, and helping to inspire the young Welsh players who hope to take their place one day.
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    Week in, week out, I hate Connor as much as any other non-Hull FC fan, because he is a cocky ratbag. When he's England's cocky ratbag, however, he's ace!
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    Ticket sales seem to be moving, and they are also nicely spread out all around the ground. We could end up with a crowd something like this which will be very respectable, i'd assume the crowd in the picture is somewhere between 20-30k. Also saw some photos today of the field for Saturday and thankfully it will have the proper RL markings which will look brilliant, and the main thing that stands out is the similarity between league field markings and American Football markings so hopefully helps the locals a bit with some familiarity.
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    I fail to understand the criticism of Danny K. He has opened a number of windows, both in Europe but also Africa, Middle East and Jamaica that has seen money and help Nations in a number of areas. The RLEF Match Officials and Coaching Course via the EU Grant Money has been very beneficial across a number of Nations as Bob mentions. Also the Commonwealth Grant from the UK Government has been helpful to other Nations in Africa etc. Then other money has come in from other areas to help Lebanon etc. Muc of that is down to Danny K spending hours and hours making sure Nations have filled in the paperwork correctly and that the RLEF have done so as well. We have U19s Championships and Womens games taking place. Also we have seen Nations working together on Governance and how to be better run. Again another idea from Danny K that has been beneficial fo a number of Nations especially who are new or are going through difficulties and need help. From my understanding Danny K has often helped Nations who are doing it tough to work with Nations that have gone through similar but have managed to progress. I believe the Welsh RL have helped Germany a couple of years back when they had to start from Scratch-something the Welsh RL went through earlier. I am not saying Danny K has done everything perfectly or not made mistakes. However I think when you look at when he first took on the job to now the Nations in the RLEF are in a better way in most cases and are run far better and given far more help than back then. Naturally some Nations have problems as you would expect. But that is often down to the people in that Nation rather than the faults of Danny K or the RLEF. I think whoever follows Danny has a tough Job on as he did a very good job with next to no Money or often little Support from the game itself. Having said that Leeds Rhinos and St.Helens Refs Society have seemingly been involved in alot of the Courses provided by the RLEF.
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    I don’t think AC really believes WWR will win at Keighley but good on him for backing his team. He certainly doesn’t deserve to be shot down the way he is sometimes.

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