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    ....then they could be no better than tonight's game in Coventry against Leeds Rhinos. Over150 people enjoying pre match hospitality, great atmosphere, a crowd of 1294 on a freezing cold night. Bar heaving afterwards. This was a game to celebrate the Bears 20 years of existence while also commemorating Leeds record 102-0 victory over the erstwhile Coventry northern union team in 1913. But this was a glimpse into the future, and how Coventry can take it's place in this game. And the score: 14-70, but who's counting?
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    Why didnt Hudds just cancel it the day before without even discussing it with Wire?
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    Its honestly people like this that need to close their eyes and walk across the M1 or at least leave the sport. The clue really is in the title of “pre season friendly” and the focus should be on; - 1200+ people watching RL on a freezing Friday night in Coventry - Sold out hospitality - Coventry being able to offer the chance of playing semi pro RL to people outside the heartlards All of the above is progression not the score. Coventry Bears is some people’s life’s work, as a club they run on a budget that compares to Sam Burgess’s jock strap, they have never gone bust (see nearly every club anyone’s ever supported) don’t go cap in hand to the RFL and are hugely proactive in the community. This isn’t to also mention their relationships with local business’s and the university. If more clubs acted in such a way (my own included) then the game wouldn’t be in such a state. Quotes of the above imo are in the same narrow minded class as the bigots that kick and clap. RL does not belong to the North, it’s anyones game that wants it.
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    This is how to make a video
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    Someone who was abused about his physical appearance by morons
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    Thank goodness he's gone. Now we can get on with the task of rubbishing his successor.
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    Sorry Derwent, it’s a ridiculous and small minded stance to take. Toronto already don’t take any central funds (how much have Leigh had this year?). They also pay and put up every team that visits. Just because they have the nous and ability to negotiate their own tv deal, for a club like Leigh to hinder that is just petty. Give Toronto central funding and not to cover the costs of visiting clubs and I’m sure they’ll only be too happy to share the proceeds of the TV deal No wonder the game stuggles to grow it’s footprint
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    And has been the case since the birth of the sport. This is the 21st Century equivalent of not wanting to travel to Aberavon which lost the game Wales. Small minded people make for a small minded game and is why the game struggles, not because of similarly named inferior products. What other sports do to us we do it to ourselves a hundred fold.
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    It will surprise no one that the clubs who can't attract a TV deal will hold the ones who can back. As well as the game as a whole.
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    There are 3.7 billion other threads on TRL looking at the downsides. Let's keep this one a happy place, eh? At least until the season actually kicks off anyway.
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    Too young for the 70's, but differences from attending in the 80's and 90's include: I can now go to the toilet indoors, I dont get a lungful of carcinogenic tobacco fumes, see no baggy player shirts, rarely have to figure out who the mud covered player is (or indeed who's team he is on), I don't have to wear 5 layers of clothing to keep warm whilst standing huddled under a leaking roof on a windswept terrace, watch almost no biff (on or off the pitch) and see no-one listening to the half time scores from other games on transistor radios. Most of these disappearing are good things but one thing that has definately changed for the worse for me is the demise of advert free shirts, which has now reached a new undignified low with the current trend of adverts on players bums. Oh, and players welfare has improved, I recall watching concused players staggering round the pitch for half a game or crippled lads being put on the wing and hobbling up and down, clearly causing further damage to themselves, because there were only 2 subs allowed. Thankfully not all has changed, I can still visit a substantial number of SL grounds which retain the traditionally nostalgic opportunites to drink terrible beer, consume food with less nutrition than a piece of varnished wood and get soaking wet whenever it rains....what some on here quaintly refer to as atmosphere ☺
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    This Sunday afternoon 3pm UK time from Stade Albert Domec. Federation planning to stream one game each week. Using 6 cameras and three commentators - led by the French national team coach Aurelien Cologni. This one should be a belter between current Champions Limoux and Cup holders ASC. As well as a derby game there is a special flavour to this 4th round tie with Maxime Greseque returning to his old stamping ground but in the opposite corner this time as the new Limoux coach taking over the reins from Catalans Dragons bound Olivier Janzac. Both sides to date 2 wins and 1 loss. The Canaris are pulling all the stops out. 500 pre-match meals the order of the day already announced with the diners arriving before midday for the customary aperitif. With some Grizzlie fans coming down the valley we may gather the first four figure crowd of the season weather permitting. I plonk myself in the old stand next to the railway line which now has a new look. Those who are familiar with the layout will now find the old terrace running the length of the grandstand now converted into seating. It’s a decent venue these days. For the St Gaudens game there were half a dozen of us perched up there not taking into account the press box. Most regulars now prefer the new stand opposite but I reckon the rake of the seating is better from our view point and seats better quality too. Streaming WebTV FFRXIII here hopefully: http://www.ffr13.fr/ffrxiii-tv/
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    I just want to share my excitement regarding the North American expansion news. I’m a Seppo who’s totally addicted to League I’m constantly on this site and watching everything from the Footy Show (Love Beau Ryan) to Rugby AM those lads are spectacular. I was watching French Rugby League today and I watch NRL, SL and USARL I really really really like the Million Pound game. This RLWC is awesome dude. Rugby League will succeed in the USA. With the right marketing it would appeal to a lot of people I love matchups like St Helens vs Boston, New York vs London, Toronto vs Dublin, Philly vs Wigan. I’ve only been following for 2 years I’d had a lot of making up to do which is like sensory overload in a great way. Things like (1) Marty Smith getting his eyelid ripped off (2) King Wally! (3) Jamie Peacock punching Willy Mason I support the Toronto Wolfpack and Manly Sea Eagles. I learn the sport from all of you. And kudos to the Canadians for spearheading this. Thanks!
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    As always, it's the RL on the field that saves the day and creates the most interesting talking points. We are just about to enter.. The most open Super League title race in its history A fantastic and diverse tussle ahead in the Championship League One that is simply too close to call A brand new Women's Super League officially running after the 2017 trial Add to that regular games in England, Wales, France and Canada and I'm getting fired up already. We have a lot of work to do off the field but you can't help but get excited about the season that is about to start. The players never fail to deliver. I can't wait for it all to get going! Who else is pumped up?
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    I might offer a unique view on this. 25 years ago, while school friends where aiming for Oxford or becoming a Doctor. I wanted to join the military. I wanted to be a pilot and when the RAF only offered me a navigator place. I applied to the Navy and was accepted as a pilot ( before I took my A levels, so grades where not important) and (as I said at the Admiralty Selection Board) it had a nicer unidorm! Being from N Ireland joining the military in the 90's could have been an issue. Having realised in my teens that I was not interested much in girls, more boys, I went out of my way to be a straight lad who had a few gay teenage experiences. Anyway, I joined fought, acted straight, my best friend died in combat. After I left the RN, I was able to become me. More recently people like me could be open about who they are while serving. To join the Navy, Army or the RAF you need a realisation that you are paid to kill people. Sexuality or gender does not effect that ability. Perception is that it does! Hopefully the new adverts change that and encourage more Alan Turnings to join rather than hide, ignore and kill themselves.
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    I don't want to sound downbeat, but... The clubs were responsible for accepting the farcical Stobart deal and introducing a marquee player allowance whilst refusing to stump up £30K per side for a reserve competition. I fear that effectively having 12 CEO's running the league is going to lead to more selfish decisions which will impact hugely on Championship clubs. A closed shop where only Super League clubs have a say in how the sport is run seems a real possibility to me, at the expense of the semi-professional, amateur and international game. I hope it works, but the clubs can't simply be allowed to do as they please and there must be some form of RFL involvement. On the positive side, it no longer allows clubs to abdicate responsibility. A prime example being Ian Lenegen, who has done nothing but criticise the recent TV deal with SKY, which he voted in favour of! I hope that decisions are made in the interests of the sport and not the bank balances of club chairmen.
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    U19s third season fourth if you count dummy run in 2015. Will play 21 games starting at Widnes 4th February. 9 games at home and 12 away including Bradford, London and Newcastle. 29 players listed with I think a third or more as newcomers. 17 from Perpignan, 8 from Provence, 2 from the Aude and one each from Paris and Villeneuve sur Lot. Somethings new this time round as half a dozen have been preparing with the Dragons squad up until Christmas. Expectations high after a semi final appearance for the first time in 2017. http://www.catalansdragons.com/articles-9/164-5561-le-groupe-et-le-calendrier-u19-devoiles/
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    I am the Chief Instructor at an Army Basic Training Establishment responsible for 1/4 of all Army recruits per year, I don’t care if recruits cry, worship Allah/Aliens or like someone of the same sex; what I do care about is someone’s ability to handle a weapon, apply functional skills, show signs of leadership potential and operate within a team construct. Those who can’t don’t get through the training pipeline. Yep, training is (rightly) different to the 1970s but anyone who suggests to me that my generation and the current generation of recruits don’t have the minerals, aggression or fighting spirit of previous generations don’t know what they are talking about. The Army in my 15yrs has always been a broad church of ethnicities, genders, sexual preferences etc and has been through the most intense combat experiences since the Second World War. The likes of Moore, Farage and IDS are outdated middle-aged men wearing rose-tinted glasses that don’t see reality.
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    Yes I’m sure the North American market is worth a fortune to the likes of Dewsbury, Barrow, Batley etc Some of you live in fantasy land on here.
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    I like Burnham and he always is a good supporter if the game. Not sure exactly what the role entails but having him involved in the game is a good thing.
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    Well the conversation really meandered in the last number of posts from both my post 2 days ago and the main topic of discussion. To my fellow Canadian I would point out that I have followed LegendTex's posts on the forum since my commencement here, and he has posted many times on developments at the grassroots level and my assessment was that he was a true RL fan from its core group. I followed many of his threads last year on the Manchester Rangers, South America and if I recall correctly Serbia(?) among others. I respect that group of supporters even if I do not always agree with their beliefs. I don't believe we gain anything by trashing them for their differences of opinion especially when we do not know them. It will only breed more distrust and push the two sides further apart - and that is one outcome with potential to destroy the sport. BTW LegendTex I thank you for those posts. To the doubters and skeptics, and those with generally negative opinions about Toronto I can only suggest that you exercise more patience to see if your fears of a repeat of the past, or lack of talent, or concerns about money, and all the other negative issues I have seen brought up on the forum translate to a long term defeat of Toronto as a going concern, or a really detrimental impact to RL at the professional level. I am not deaf, nor do I believe my compatriots are either, on the potential negative impacts to the smaller centers in the RL heartland. Time will tell whether your fears of declining quality, loss of teams in the smaller centers and other concerns come to pass. I hope management will stick handle this with finesse but we have to expect their will be bumps on the road. I personally and professionally (speaking as a businessman) assess that at this time Toronto has invoked many more positives then negatives: it has brought in a wave of fan and financial interest from North America that is in process of translating to new teams, it should create new opportunities for the player pool to expand and give hope for a professional future to the talent pool, and it seems to be causing some renewed interest in the sport in mainland Europe as well, among the benefits that immediately come to mind. Its how I view the loss of the 3 players for which this thread is about. Its unfortunate, but its a short term event. I think its actual impact minor. Its a newsworthy event for a moment, but 2 weeks from now when the season commences it will be water under the bridge for the team, and the game - everyone's mind will be on the task at hand and this will be just another footnote to an ever developing story. Finally, Canadians can be brash and arrogant even over their fabled politeness. I note again for the record our 2 national sports are hockey and lacrosse. These are historically rough, boisterous, violent sports. Sort of at odds to the foreign impressions of our culture, but not if you live here. As was noted by Perez "RL is the most Canadian of sports which Canadians don't play" (or something like that). Every Canadian who has seen RL understands instinctively what he was saying. It is an explanation of our enthusiasm, and the success TWP enjoyed right out of the gate with attendance and publicity. I took a stab with some guesses in the thread we have in the TWP subforum at what these 3 did to get kicked to the curb. I apparently missed the mark but whatever it was, it was not good...
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    Every single post of yours on this forum is some bitchy comment about Toronto or the people involved with the club - and they almost invariably end up proven to be false. Either someone is feeding you BS or you're just making it up yourself. Either way, I feel a bit sorry for you. Actually, editing this to say I don't feel sorry for you. Toronto have been a breath of fresh air in a stale sport that is being dragged backwards into a dead end by people like yourself. You've got an axe to grind, I get that, but without new clubs and new investors and new fans and new players RL in England is on a path to sporting irrelevance. A feeder for the NRL and union, and a cosy little game played in a handful of towns. Admired, after a fashion, but ultimately ignored and ignorable. It seems to me that the likes of Toronto and Toulouse are our last best hope of preventing that.
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    It will, but if they were dismissed for disciplinary reasons, it sends out a strong message to the squad that they're not there for a holiday and need to be disciplined to be part of the Wolfpack. Might be setting a standard
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    Well when you sign Dave Taylor and Ryan Bailey your only gonna get trouble
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    Hamilton is also this: And this: And this: And this: And this: And yes, this: For all the bitching some of you do about stereotypes and bias... guess it only goes one way huh?
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    I can see why Leigh fans get their noses up at people with threads like this. This is basically just an attack on Leigh and an invite for others to attack Leigh as well as bait for Leigh fans to get on the defensive. Had the opening post been presented more neutrally, maybe it wouldn't have the appearance. But the OP has come right out of the box with potshots at the club. FWIW, I think Leigh offer more than a few clubs in SL. I don't think they offer more in potential than some of the new proposals. But should they meet criteria for promotion, they certainly deserve their shot just as much as the Wakefields, Castlefords, Hull KRs, Huddersfields, Widneses and Salfords of this world. The fact I've named half the league as being just as big a club as they are is (despite being sat outside of the tip echelons in the game for so long) is telling in why they might feel hard done to when they say they won't offer anything so shouldn't be in. What do those other six offer that Leigh don't? Until we have all these other clubs with potential ready to step up, don't discount Leigh any more than those other six.
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    Other broadcasting news though - Catalans home games confirmed as on Sky.
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    It looks like Manchester Rangers are pressing ahead with a place in the pro game.
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    It is a fair bit of nebulous big-talk (apart from mentioning on-the-road games) about how the clubs can run the whole game better now there's nobody to stand in the way of the SL clubs' own interests. While I hope they bring some new energy and ideas to the task of growing the game, this is still very much a "wait and see" situation for me. When the chairmen and their accountants get down to money matters, I hope the pro-growth talk and the concerns of the wider game don't get left by the wayside.
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    https://www.loverugbyleague.com/post/doncaster-rise-challenge/ Doncaster have sold more than three times as many season tickets for the 2018 season as they did last year. The League 1 club launched the ‘Challenge 1000’ campaign in the off-season, with it coming to an end on Christmas Day. In total, the Dons have sold 607 season tickets for the 2018 campaign, 366 of those being adult and 241 being under the age of 16. As part of the ‘Challenge 1000’ campaign, they capped season tickets at just £60 for adults, with kids going free at the Keepmoat Stadium in 2018. Head of group marketing & communications at Club Doncaster, Shaun Lockwood, said: “We’ve had a great response to the Challenge 1000 campaign, adult season tickets have increased by 99% compared to 2017 and child season ticket number have increased by over 200 year-on-year. “These numbers provide us with a great platform to start growing the Dons fan-base from, our hard work now starts as we look to improve the matchday experience at the club and keep the younger generation of supporters we’ve found with the Challenge 1000 campaign.” Doncaster CEO, Carl Hall, said: “Last season, the Dons sold less than 200 season tickets in total, this year we now have over 600. “It is a great achievement, especially considering the disappointing season we had in 2017. “Even with the reduced prices, our season ticket sales revenue has increased, with the additional funds going straight towards the first team to ensure Richard (Horne) can make us competitive on the pitch.”
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    Parksider said; The two big derbies of Leeds/Bulls and Hull/Rovers have been good for 20K crowds including the many “away” fans Toronto won’t bring. Bulls and HKR take big away followings. This is the "away" fans point Lenegan rejects Toronto on. These derbies do not always bring 20k crowds - They do in unusual cases, such as one of the teams has been promoted after a few years or one moves back to it's old ground. Once the 2 teams find themselves playing each other 3 to 4 times a year or more the crowds drop away. Sometimes, the games draw a bit more than average - but some people conveniently forget these facts. And I'm fed up with the nonsense about away fans. In 2017 we had only Catalans from outside the M62 village in SL and with them missing out on the Supr 8s completely - we should have had a record year. Why did Wakefield struggle to get over 5k with all those local teams, how come Salford's crowds were so small with so many clubs in the North West. I'll repeat it once again, the highest aggregate attendance for SL prior to the 3 x 8 re-strucutre was the season where almost a quarter of the League brought 'no away fans' when Crusader's, London and Catalan's were in the league.
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    Hi just a quick update . I contacted Danny Kazandjian at the RLIF a couple of times over the last 2 months. He has been very helpful with information given to me that it is a priority for them in dealing with this issue. I have gave him updates as we reached 5000, then 10,000 people. John Drake's article had an interview with the head of the RLIF in the RLW magazine about the subject where he mentions the existence of a petition. They are aware of it and we are looking to them for instructions on how best to submit it. The GAISF do not meet again for another month to discuss RL . After speaking with Danny Kazandjian the advice was we wait until the outcome of Januarys meeting and then if we are again turned down they will look to other avenues ie. our petition which is sitting there with 10,000 plus signatures. I have also contacted the parliamentary group and in particular Jack Baker and Greg Mulholland who has been very vocal on Twitter and we have official government press releases in their support see here http://www.apprlg.org.uk/parliamentary-group-calls-for-international-recognition-of-rugby-league/ I really think we are making some good headway now. We have the UK government supporters and the RLIF working together- which is far more powerful than us fans could ever hope to achieve. The weight of parliamentary support is an incredible boost to get this fixed. Probably when we started it I thought we would just submit it directly to the GAISF at 10,000 signatures but we now have support of far more powerful people so I think the ideal way would be to submit it through the APPRLG and the RLIF if required as they suggest. Hope this post is not too long but I understand a few people have a lot of questions. Finally I guess if anyone knows a professional club willing to share their support that would be great . As I stated before I have contacted every single NRL and Super League club to no avail which is quite remarkable really. Head in the sand stuff.. maybe Jon Drake has a decent contact for a press person to get involved at club level ?
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    But Leigh don't have TV rights to this fixture, or any other fixtures for that matter. The RFL sold the TV rights to Sky, on behalf of every cub in SL/Championship, and now apparently have done a deal to allow Toronto games to be shown on Premier. In return Leigh get a sizeable amount of central funding. Job done.
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    http://www.ffr13.fr/actualite-a-la-une/2018-lannee-live/ Google Translate: 2018, it's Live from the field! On the occasion of each day of ELITE1 a game will be broadcast in full chosen from the 5 meetings of the weekend. The year 2018 will begin with the live broadcast of the Audois ASC vs XIII Limouxin derby. Thus each club will be live on WEBTV FFRXIII at least once until the final which will be broadcast on a national channel. 20 games will be broadcast during this season, the women's and wheelchair rugby finals will not be outdone since they will also be broadcast. The 2 games of 1/4 finals as well as the 2 semi-finals ELITE 1 live. No less than 6 cameras will make you live in the heart of the action this new season! The day before each match, a report on a club will also be broadcast on the program: The word of the president training The presentation of the club The word of the coach and his predictions on the matches of the day to come WebTV FFRXIII to lose nothing rugby league!
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    I assume that Toronto/Premier Sports have made an arrangement with Sky, who own the broadcast rights. If so, Leigh have already been paid for this match, via the Sky contract. The difference is that it will actually be broadcast. This doubles the times Leigh will be on TV (before the Middle Eights, at least). I have trouble seeing a negative in that. It just seems such a counter-productive stance to take.
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    He's saying he'd rather have a full house than allow people to see it on TV. Since when have Leigh ever had a full house?
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    No it's one of the many Barrie-John Mathers. If you go to Matherville, near Gosford, there's a suburb called Mather Heights and nearly every one there is named Mather. The original Barrie-John was a Welsh migrant who set up a new utopian society in the area in the 1830s based on the work of Lock, Mill and Hume. That's why so many of the kids are named Barrie-John. The society was a huge success until RL started in the area then fell apart due to the bickering between the RL and RU factions of Matherville.
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    "Eve of Hearing" settlement. I guess the outcome both expected and hoped-for? Someone will have blinked first, no doubt - as almost always happens. Whether anything of what has been involved will ever get out probably depends on how effective the inevitable NDAs are? I can speculate, as can everyone else. But the main thing now surely is that everyone can move on (if, indeed, they have not already done so) and maybe actually start looking to the future for a change! And hopefully this is the final act in the long-running tragic saga, and the only entertainment the Bulls will give the game and its followers in future will be on the field. And those who seem to take a delight in having a go at the Bulls and Bulls supporters at every turn will need to go find another target.
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    A number of posts deleted. Does EVERY thread about a non-heartlands club have to descend into conspiracy theories, libellous content and outright anger just because another club outside of the M62 bubble wants to play rugby?
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    FFS. Lets all try and fcuk the NHS. I like to patronise our sponsors. I will make an exception with these ambulance chasing ******** Disgusting For the first time in my life I am ashamed of rugby league
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    So you're saying I'm wrong then, and are denying that there's a huge pool of really good quality players down here that aren't being utilised? Cause you'd be either extremely ill-informed or nuts if you were saying that. Lets put things in perspective for a second- half of the teams in the QLD cup and NSW cup alone would easily be lower middle - middle of the table SL teams, I know that some of the people on here wont want to accept that but broadly speaking it's true and just humor me for a minute, that's roughly 13 teams worth of players just from the NSW cup and QLD cup alone, and without even taking into account players from the rest of the PIs and NZ or the rest of the Australian system, and sure those teams probably won't be winning the SL anytime soon, but Championship and League 1 on the other hand... Or using them as the bones of a team that could go on to do really well in the SL... And you lot don't even need 13 teams worth, realistically in the next few years you need 3-5 teams max, if you were sourcing players only from the NSW cup and QLD cup you could easily make 3-5 very solid teams out of that player pool alone, but you don't only have to source players from the NSW and Q cups, there're the players on the outer at NRL and SL clubs, their are the athletes in the PIs desperate for anybody to take a look at them, there are the blokes in NZ that missed out on a contract with the Warriors, their are the blokes that for whatever reason fell through the cracks and ended in lower up level League or in club rugby union, the blokes in the rest of the English system, etc, etc. And maybe you think that if their were any players worth having in the lower tiers in Australia then they would have already been picked up by an NRL club, again you'd either be extremely ill-informed or nuts to think that, but you might think that. If you do in fact think that then I'd just show you this picture- Left to right that's Cooper Cronk, Billy Slater, and Cam Smith posing for their under 19s Norths Devils team photo after being passed up by all the NRL teams development programs (including the Storm), until over the next year or so they were all signed by the Storm, First Cam Smith was scouted as a cheap back to the back ups back up hooker for the reserves grade, then Cronk was pick up dirt cheap to trail with the reserves after being spotted playing club RU in Brisbane, then finally Slater signed when he trailed at public open trials for the Storm in Brisbane... Each of them signed on $5k contracts with no promises and weren't expected to do much, maybe hold spots in the reserve grade or third tier... That's right three of the best players not just of their generation but ever were all missed by the tradiotional NRL juniors system, and by blind luck where picked up by the storm, and they aren't the only stories of great players falling through the cracks only to be discovered by chance latter on from through out the years, Jordan Rapana comes to mind as another more recent example, he went through the Titans system and played a few games for them way back when before going on a mission for a few years, after coming back from his Mormon mission all of the NRL clubs passed on signing him, somehow he ended up playing club RU for the Royals in the local Canberra RU competition, before being spotted by both the Brumbies and the Raiders after about a year at which point both chased him for a train and trial and eventually for a signature, and there're almost certainly plenty more players who have fallen through the cracks that could have been or could still become some of the GOAT. So yeah, long story short you haven't got a clue what you are talking about...
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    This, this and a thousand times this. A structure that can be explained in one line, and easily understood by anyone.
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    "Tried Paris once, was poorly run and failed so scrap the idea from ever being bought up again ever.." Such a typical RL point of view. Paris may never have a pro RL club again but to say it couldn't ever possibly work and we can't try because of a rubbish attempt 20 years ago is backward thinking.
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    It’s the principle of the thing. Toronto have the right to sell the TV rights to their home games but they do not have any right to sell other clubs’ games, especially if not sharing the money with them. If Premier want to show Toronto’s away games then they should negotiate collectively with the UK based clubs for those rights.
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    He's obviously the one who organised Leigh's parachute payment.