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Rugby League World on Coronation Street

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Can die happy now.

Gail's getting a Rugby League World subscription for Christmas.¬†ūüėĄ

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10 hours ago, moorside roughyed said:

Good bit of publicity. But I'd rather go parachuting without a parachute than watch soaps. 

You're missing out.

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8 hours ago, voteronniegibbs said:

Parachuting without a parachute, isn't parachuting.

However, if you want to parachute again, you do need a parachute 


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2 hours ago, Ramon Rojo said:

Removed it Irish

Was unaware of the background 

No ulterior motive was intended 

No I thought it was clever (even if in bad taste) lol. I'm not offended and I didn't want to upset you either. I'll remove my reference to it also. 

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6 hours ago, kiwis 13 6 said:

Nice of them to mention Rugby League World on Coronation Street, similar to post above my grandma watched Coronation street religiously... personally you would have to pay me some decent money bit to ever watch it 

ITV showed Shortland Street for a while over here. I feel the same way about it that you do about Coronation Street. The reason I watched a few episodes was that one of the actors (think it was the bloke who starred in "Once Were Warriors") was wearing a Queensland Origin jersey.

RL sometimes features on Police Ten 7. A bit too often. Not all publicity is good publicity. I`d rather have a good laugh at the Wellington 7s high jinks.

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