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    If he does play, can we shift the game against SBW to Jerusalem and promote it as a Relgous State of Origin... winner gets the Golan Heights.
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    Holding a belief that hurts no one is not the same has holding a belief that contains or encourages hatred. Allowing him to play does more than protect the rights of free speech it protects the right to hate. If he does play for the Dragons I will no longer support them.
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    Just home after a 12hr shift and wow 480 posts,good job he didn't sign for Toronto !!
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    The Dragons are my local team nowadays but I'm going to struggle with my conscience when it comes to attending matches in Perpignan. Y'see, I'm the father of three strapping lads, one of which is gay. He is the one who served on the frontline in Afghanistan as a Royal Engineer attached to the infantry......... probably whilst Falau was spouting his hateful rhetoric in his local church somewhere and enjoying the pampered lifestyle of a professional, high profile sportsman. Ahhhh the irony that religion brings.
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    The arguments FOR Folau on this thread are the same drivel we see on football where results are all that matter and no-one gives a damn about the morals of the players, the crowds or the financial supporters. Rugby league is better than that. Players can openly come out as gay in our sport and only the knuckle-draggers get upset about it. By bringing Folau in, we've allowed the sport to go back to the days where homosexuality was considered something distasteful and to be hidden away. Do we REALLY want to be seen as having a lower moral standard than union?
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    In regards to the Whys? Oldham probably can not afford to pay for the hotel and sometimes things are bigger than sport and sometimes just because its the right thing to do. For those people who found the young lad and the weight of feeling responsibly for your players welfare, its hard to even begin to imagine what they went through and are going through. The RFL refusing to change the hotel, when they spend money on all sorts of stupid stuff, is quite frankly a disgrace. State of mind when it suits them.
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    My favourite SL team is Catalans. But I am appalled at the prospect of them signing Folau. He has been banned by both Aussie and RU and Aussie RL because of his obnoxious homophobic views and his persistent expression of them. To allow him to play here would be to smash our proud record of being an inclusive sport. There is no place for someone who treats gay people as 'devils'.
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    Israel Folau happens to believe in something that the vast majority of us believe is nonsensical. But then most major religions take aim at homosexuality to a greater or lesser degree. One of my daughters is an evangelical Christian who, if I quizzed her on it, would probably have some opinions that I would profoundly disagree with, including who will and who won't squeeze through the pearly gates to enter heaven. I'm fairly sure she would probably believe that I wouldn't qualify. But given that I don't believe in the concept, I don't see why it should upset me. Has Folau actually tried to harm any gay people, other than saying that if they engage in homosexuality they will probably go to hell, while lumping a number of other behaviour types into the same category, as has already been pointed out on here? Unfortunately a number of commentators swooped on his comments when he made them and amplified their importance out of all proportion to their actual importance. If we genuinely believe in diversity then we should realise that diversity means having gay people mixing freely with religious people so that the two groups can more readily understand each other.
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    In one. There is no such thing as free speech, as in being able to say what you want with no ramifications. It has always had limits. You walk into an airport and say “I’ve got a bomb in my bag”, you will either get shot, get beaten to within an inch of your life, or get arrested. Shout “fire” in a cinema, after everyone has stopped running out of there and realised there isn’t one, same thing. Prior to the 1960s free speech was even more limited than it is now; being charged for obscenity was rampant (books aplenty were banned). Comedian Lenny Bruce was convicted for obscenity. So it’s not a free speech issue. What this is is a tolerance issue. Does RL promote tolerance or intolerance? In RL is there any campaigns against discrimination like other sports? (football they had have footballers wearing rainbow laces, dealing with racism has had ‘kick it out’). Luis Suarez got banned for using racist language...had he not the sport doing nothing would be tolerating it, and in the process making a mockery of its anti-discrimination policy. If you want to be backward, go ahead, believe and state what you want, but it doesn’t go unchecked. It never has.
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    It seems that the situation in Greece is getting better. This was one of my big hopes in Greece qualifying for the World Cup i.e the recognition that would follow. Its pretty hard to dispute that the GRLA controls Rugby League in Greece when they have qualified for a World Cup held at large World renowned Football grounds and a draw made by Prince Harry: GRLA president George Stilianos said: “We understand that there has been a change to the president of the Hellenic Federation of Modern Pentathlon (HFMP) which the government recognises as controlling rugby league, and their new general secretary confirmed the body has no interest in disrupting our activity here. This has yet to be confirmed in writing, however the signs are positive at this stage, so much so that we are planning on openly playing rugby league once again. “Qualifying for the World Cup, in a draw made by Prince Harry at Buckingham Palace, has significantly raised media interest in the sport here.” https://www.rlef.eu.com/articles/1792/greek-rugby-league-association-sees-progress-at-home
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    Only for the godbothering bigot. Everyone else will have a gay old time.
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    Wouldn't it be fantastic if all the other clubs followed Wigan's lead? Everyone's home game v Catalans to be a "Pride Day"!
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    He is a world class talent. It would be great to see him in SL. RL is happy to have convicted criminals, women beaters, drink drivers, drug takers etc.. But being a Christian is the one that gets you banned for life. A few weeks of good performances and everything will be forgotten. People need to realise twitter is not real life.
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    Subtle very subtle YK. I'm of the opinion that Union shouldn't even come into it. We should be looking to facilitate expansion anywhere where there are people interested in expanding the game.
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    I got here late, have not read the 24 pages but would like to say the following: - I disliked Folau probably before any of you, for the simple fact that he turned his back on Rugby League! Anyone who does this, for any reason, is a traitor in my mind and I have no time for them. - Seeing how he has been treated though, since his whole twitter fiasco has made me end up almost being on his side now. - The twitter lynch-mob makes me sick and seem to think they have a monopoly on morality. - Folau is now caught between a rock and a hard place. People are complaining that he never apologised. He could apologise for saying what he said, but the lynch mob would not leave it there. They would press him about it: Do you still believe that to be true? Go on, say you don't believe in what you said. It will go on forever and it's a lose-lose situation for him now, the damage is done. So silence is probably still his safest option. - And lastly, the buzz word at the moment: 'inclusive'. We are an 'inclusive' sport, I keep hearing. Can someone please define that word for me!? Because all the ones preaching 'inclusiveness' seem the most hell-bent on EXCLUDING him for what he said! The biggest season of SL is upon us. I hope we can just get on with it and enjoy some world-class rugby league! And I hope Folau can bring back some of his old magic and just let his footy do the talking.
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    I'd find it difficult to support a club that employed someone who thought such things about my child. For example if my team brought Tommy Robinson onto the board I'd find it difficult to continue giving my support to them. I don't see what's difficult about that?
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    It seems odd to me, that a sport that prides itself on inclusivity would choose to welcome into its house somebody who has been actively rejected from participating in other sports due to their views on a large section of the population. It’s easy for us white, straight males on here to pontificate that such messages of hate would be water off a ducks back – in the unlikely event we should ever face such targeted, consistent and unwarranted hate - on the technicality we don’t believe in heaven and it’s an isolated incident. Great, except it’s not because if I were a young gay man, Folau’s message might just be the latest in the line of a lifetime of degrading, disparaging, downright hurtful comments I had faced in my life – not everyone is as Teflon as yourself and can’t dismiss it with such ease– I suspect the more of this drivel you have to face, the more your resolve could ebb away. Despite what some think, homophobia is still alive and well – better, yes – but still hurtful as anything. Perhaps I could stomach your “inclusivity” argument, had Folau given any sort of hint that he was interested in any sort of opinion than his own. Good on Wigan for acting fast, but the conversation can’t end there.
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    Why does this Folau business keep becoming a 'freedom of speech' issue? He has freedom of speech! He hasn't been locked up has he? Freedom of speech doesn't mean freedom from consequence. Eg. If you put the sponsors and fans who basically pay your wages offside, you're probably going to get sacked. If you bring bad publicity to the organisation you represent, repeatedly, you're probably going to get sacked. If you contravene the code of conduct set out by your employer, you're probably going to get sacked. The thought police didn't hunt him down here. He's a public figure who made public comments, was warned not to do it again, and did it again anyway. Doesn't mean he should be banned for life, but does mean I wouldn't want him at my club - and if every club feels that way, then that's bad luck.
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    He quoted the bible which he holds in very high esteem, traditional Cristian beliefs are also part of an inclusive society; some may consider them outdated of course but that’s just different opinions.
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    Disclosing a text from MY mate to ME about Australia day being on a Sunday with a little gossip tagged on the end that some people on here are / may be interested in. Guess my crack is no different than any crack that comes from a mate who told a mate who overheard it while having a pi&& at half time down the Rec. There are plenty of those posts Chill... if it's going to happen I doubt any gossip from me on here is going to make any difference. I will just leave it at that.
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    I'm aware that it was stupid, ill-conceived and pointless precisely because the answer was obvious, which was why I asked it. Of course nothing Folau could tweet would have any effect on the pride you take in your son's achievements. So bearing that in mind, why should that affect whether or not you support the Catalans Dragons? As I have pointed out earlier, my daughter and son-in-law are evangelical Christians who have some views that I strongly disagree with. But that doesn't mean that I would not give them as much support as I could with their lives and with bringing up their children. Part of the art of living is recognising that some people who you might otherwise admire and respect have opinions that you might dispute, but not to the extent of driving a wedge between you. But unfortunately in the modern world far too many people seem to want to exacerbate division while hypocritically proclaiming that they are encouraging diversity.
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    I've e-mailed Sportsnet Now, requesting info on Super League rugby games, and they have indicated that the following will be available, this week: Wigan vs. Warrington -— Thursday, 2:30pm St. Helens vs. Salford -— Friday, 2:00pm Toronto vs. Castleford -— Sunday, 9:00am Leeds vs. Hull FC -— Sunday, 11:30am That said, the current schedule grid only lists the Thursday and Friday games, putting their coverage of Toronto Wolfpack games into question. It will also require the very expensive SN Now+ package. So, you're looking at $27.99+tax per month ($20.83+tax per month, when billed annually), or a full $9.99+tax per week if you wanna test it out. That's pretty steep, considering it's merely a Sky Sports feed, since there is no guarantee every game will even be broadcast, and since I have little use for the SN Now+ service otherwise... It also feels like a kick in the teeth that the team likely won't see a penny, given that Sportsnet purchased the rights from Sky with TWP apparently still not receiving central funding from the TV deal. I'm seriously tempted to find an alternate means of watching the game, and using the money saved to purchase additional merch/jerseys/beer/tickets as at least some of that money will trickle down to the team.
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    At half time, given the loyalty he's shown in the past.
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    I think it is a wonderful gesture, and suggests that 1. What happened in Toulouse still resonates with those who were there, and l would imagine always will, and 2. The club takes its duty of care to those who were, will be and are part of the Batley family incredibly seriously. I went to Toulouse, and remember being utterly shocked by the news when waking up on the Sunday morning. It made me question my interest in the game. I felt completely hollow at the Fev game, so goodness knows how the players and staff felt during that match.
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    And far more of their opposites every where.
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    Hudgell's comments don't exactly do much to dispel the 'small town, small minded, small sport' label that the game has. The talk of subsidising Toronto is clearly a reference to no away fans. And saying Toronto just need to get their own TV deal, well that's not going to happen if SKY (or anyone else) already own the rights and are demanding over the odds for them to be relinquished. Besides which, for any RL club owner to criticise another as cynical or manipulative is hysterical tbh, because every single club in the game would bend every rule in the book in order to get one over their rivals. Hudgell''s done it plenty of times himself. This whole sport is so ludicrously, pathetically, unceasingly parochial. It's a snapshot of modern Britain.
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    My wife says stupid sh.t all the time, doesn't mean I should ban her from sex... I say let him play...
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    Absolutely, this. Some things are about more than pounds, shillings and pence. I've just read the article and the RFL stance is an absolute disgrace, the lack of compassion is staggering. Good on our club for putting it right, I'll put a few more bob into the War Chest in support.
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    If it is the right thing to do, why go on so much about it? Perhaps the reason we helped out is because it is very close to home for us. As for the last point you made, what has that got to do with anything in relation to the topic being discussed?
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    Some points - Warrington renting their ground to the Wolfpack will also have asked for a gurantee regarding revenue so turning this game into a virtual Saints home match means that Warrington do not miss out financially as I assume they will be paying for stewarding and other matchday activities and keeping the catering revenue as per a normal Warrington home game. - Money in the bank as opposed to an IOU Second point - Yet again London Skolars have been dudded by Toronto Funny how Toronto's defenders see nothing wrong in this. Final point - Glad that Broncos did not allow their game againist Featherstone to become the undercard for Toronto. Theres an old saying - don't ask for credit as a refusal often offends... Most apt in this case
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    I have always stood up to homophobia...but publicly shaming someone is not the proper way to stand...you actually kneel down to their level. It has the potential to become a mockery. Its poorly done.
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    I hope every other club goes out of their way to publicly shame Folau this year by organizing pre-match events before their home games with Catalans with an LGBT theme. Hold some form of Pride event inside & outside the stadium. Instead of having kids as the mascots invite members of the LGBT community to take their place and stand side by side with the players wearing a full rainbow kit. Watch the homophobic little ###### Folau squirm at having to stand in the middle of the pitch pre-kick off with all this going on around him. Time for RL to stand up to intolerant people like him and show them that as a sport we embrace people from diverse backgrounds.
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    Let's put it this way, if, say old hook-hand Abu Hamza wanted to invest £500k/year into Bradford as the club met his moral values, what would your opinion be? I know what my opinion would be and the second word would be "off". Folau is, unfortunately, a poster child for extremist views and that will rub off on his employer.
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    In what way is his life more pure than ours? I don't cheat on my wife, or steal or commit crimes or hurt anyone deliberately etc etc. And as an atheist, it's not that I don't do any of this because I fear being burned in an eternal fire or seek eternal life sitting on a cloud. I don't do them because I am a decent human being who believes in the essential morality of humanity and the ethics of behaving in a moral way. Who is more moral, the person who is following the teaching of a supreme being seeking reward or fearing punishment or the person who acts morally purely through choice?
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    Entirely coincidental tweet from the RLWC...
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    Keep beating that drum, CKN you might actually get some people to believe it. Regarding Folau, I've not seen anyone saying they agree with his beliefs - personally I found them abhorrent. But some posters have very strange double standards, which is...interesting at best.
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    I think as long as it's done positively and not to just try and make a point about Folau then sure. If it becomes more about the latter then what is gained from it?
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    Can't wait for the start of the season myself. Pre season has been a bit stop start with the Rochdale game being the only major worry. Going from Naylor to Diskin may have some teething problems at the start of the year but I think it was necessary for us to kick on in the Championship. We are trying to promote the ball more which has looked slick at times and at others has looked extremely sloppy but we had to change to have a chance at staying up. We know we don't have the squad numbers at the minute for the whole of the season but the 17 we put out on Sunday is good enough to win. Widnes will bring a fair few fans so this should be a cracking atmosphere to start the new season and whilst they may think this game might be a easy start we won't make it so. Some of the new lads look extremely promising especially Abram and Fletcher who look like they can really add quality to our team. Loved going to the Fold in 2016 and 2017 and can't wait again to go to every game there this season. Come on the Yeds
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    That is nit-picking though. Nobody, genuinely nobody here was championing Toronto and Canada as an expansion area. It is an opportunity that presented itself, just as most other expansion attempts are a bit opportunistic tbh, and the RFL and now SLE have cultivated it. We are now in a place where we have a presence in Toronto, millions of quid spent and it hasn't cost RL a penny. You could argue they have played a blinder tbh! Now I do think it is a touch mean-spirited, and I do think the next TV cycle needs to build in Toronto and a plan for Ottawa, but to route money ear-marked for UK RL to Canada is a major change to the TV deal distribution plans.
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    Lancashire. http://www.forl.co.uk At the time of the reorganisation above I worked with another Barrovian. I said to him. " What do you think Jerry, Barrow is in Cumbria now" he replied "I'll never go back. It's too booldy cold in Cumberland"
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    Rugby League has a very limited budget when it comes to funding expansion, so for me I feel we should be targeting the areas we'd get the best ROI for our investment. Whether Rugby Union already exists or is big there is a factor, and does impact the strategy around how we go expanding into such a country, but I feel like we should be considering whether the particular nation is 'looked after' or not by World Rugby and whether we are going up against a lot of 'noise' from the other Rugby. As such, for me the areas I feel we should be targeting are Africa (outside of South Africa), Latin America (outside of Argentina) and Eastern Europe, with Eastern Europe being the priority (if we can only invest in one). Firstly, our limited dollars will go further in somewhere like Serbia than in Scotland, secondly if we avoid the nations that World Rugby is targeting, (ie. USA, Japan, China, Russia, SANZAAR & 6 Nations Participants), there is a lot of clear air for us to make a mark and establish ourselves quicker and finally, it is often easier to crack things like the media and so on in those countries than say in the likes of Canada. For me, if we could turn a cluster of nations into a decent RL footprint, this would help fast track growth. Whether that is Serbia, Turkey, Greece & Ukraine, or Cameroon, Nigeria, DRC & Kenya, or Chile, Brazil & Colombia, doesn't matter as much, its just helping turn those leagues into leagues which are large enough to help expand the sport into their neighbouring regions.
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    Lots of do gooders on this board.
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    What a narrow-minded, holier-than-thou and mean-spirited individual you are.
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    Sbw is allowed his beliefs so should folau as stupid as they are He would be a good signing
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    I notice Sky have been heavily promoting Sky Sports Super League Coverage across all Channels recently. Its not a bad Promo in all fairness, highlights TWP 1st Season in the top flight & SBW return to League.
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    Why ?? Its no different to gossip between folk at home. Im not connected to any party ,have no personal interest in any party, I'm just passing on rumours and gossip ,the same as what fills this message board 95% of the time. Why is this any different ??? Same as whats discussed in Sellafield canteen every day of the week OR is discussed on this forum every day !!!!!!! Folk talking about "possible" signings. Like all speculation its just a mate telling a mate..but one happens to live Downunder and one happens to live in the Netherlands. So if there is a rumour that Fui Fui cant get a visa or someone posts "Chris has said he’s not rushing in and I’ve heard that there’s a few in the pipeline" these can not be discussed ??? Maybe you know more about the situation than I do ??

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