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    Impressive advertising by Dacia as this will have cost a few bob!
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    New club starting up, the first amateur team called Newcastle in almost 30 years: https://www.loverugbyleague.com/post/new-rugby-league-club-to-launch-in-newcastle/ I thought this worth mentioning given the recent announcement that Magic is returning to the city.
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    The whole GB reintroduction has been a farce from start to finish.
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    After all the pressure the entire Saints club from top to bottom put on officials after Wembley, it was inevitable that they would get all the calls they needed tonight, exactly when they needed them. We will never know what might have been, which is a shame, but it is certainly job done as far as McManus is concerned. While clearly tarnishing tonight’s “achievement”, we can only hope that this sort of pre meditated hatchet job on officials doesn’t become the norm.
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    Stadium finished by December. Three test events in January. Open by February (I hope!)
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    I think they’ll do alright despite this
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    Knock the ref bashing on the head, folks. We don't do that sort of thing on TRL. The only reason it's gone on as long as it has in here tonight is ckn is on holiday and I've been at the match and too busy to moderate it. But it stops now. If you just want to bang on about how the ref ruined everything and was totally biased blah blah blah, find somewhere else to do it. Thanks.
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    If we can't debate on things unless we've done them then we may as well close the forum.
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    Couldn't have put it better. Saints were incredibly dominant for the first 30. Then Salford finally got into the game and were making it a great contest. In the second half, Salford had no chance to build momentum due mostly to Saints' excellent performances but also in part to some poor decisions by Kendall that pulled the rug from under then any time they started to build. The Saints offload that was given as a strip (and want even a knock on anyway, so could have just played on) was poor, only compounded by a similar if not more obvious strip moments later that was also given in Saints favour as a knock on rather than a strip. Those led to points IIRC. Then the shoulder charge that caused a knock on early in a Salford set. Blatantly obvious. The worst was when Salford finally had something look like it was going for them with a 40-20, only to have it snatched away instantly with a disgraceful knock on decision that was blatant interference. I just couldn't get into the game as a contest in the second half because it wasn't one. You knew it was all Saints, and any Salford momentum would be cut away fairly quickly. It was incredibly frustrating to watch. But let's not make comments about the ref... it's laughable! I know who won't be making comments about the ref: the Saints' chairman.
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    Sorry , did the guy not write off 5,000,000 quid of his own cash . Yes he may not be your cup of tea but that hardly seems self serving . And someone please tell we where Leigh would be without Beaumont . Fair play to them for putting money in to the game .
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    Newcastle Thunder really are doing a smashing job. RL needs more clubs like this.
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    I'm not usually one to comment on referees, but I'll make an exception here. Firstly, I will caveat this post by saying that I was at the game last night. From what I saw, there were no obvious howlers. I am not saying that Kendall made no errors, just that they were not obvious in the stadium. The majority of complaints seem to relate to decisions such as ball steals etc. For those criticising decisions like that, I'll ask one simple question. When did you see it ? Was it on first view or after a super-slow mo replay? What is also interesting is the level of comment on the ref. Here, pages and pages of comment on decisions that were made after Saints went 18-6 up after 50 minutes. Of course, you will all know that only one side has ever overturned a 12 point deficit in a Grand Final. And the focus seemed to be on technical decisions like ball steals. Meanwhile, for the cup final, about two comments on an incorrectly disallowed try, just take a look at the thread - We had some tough calls in that game, but I would never dream of launching into the level abuse that I have seen in the last day or so aimed at Kendall. To say a decision is poor or critique a referee is fine, but abuse is becoming commonplace. It is an embarrassment to the people who post it, but even worse it shames the sport. And it is not just fans. Players sounding off on Twitter too. They are the representatives of our game and that's all they can think to post. The irony being a lot of these players are ones who have made far more mistakes and on a far more consistent basis than any Super League referee. We complain about the state of the sport yet in the same breath, seek to weaken it ourselves. More importantly, on Thursday, it was World Mental Health day. Universally, people now say about how important it is to speak out and offering compassion to those same people. Not two days later, those same people, mainly on Twitter, but sadly too on here are all to quick to launch into vitriolic personal abuse and nonsense allegations. And again, that included many players. I mean, we struggle to attract referees as it is. But just imaging a young person thinking about becoming a referee? After last night, some of those may have had second thoughts. Why would you want to put yourself through that? And the comments from fans and players filter down to amateur and junior level. I cannot imagine the levels of intimidation that those young referees (some of them children themselves) face, without the protection that referees at the top level have. I hope some people look back at what they posted last night and feel a degree of shame. We say we are interested in the welfare of those who take part in our sport. We should remember that this includes referees and mental wellbeing should be at the forefront of our minds at all times, not just when it suits.
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    St Helens were near perfect and that is really hard to live with, Wigan will tell you that. Credit to them, but equal credit to Salford and as we have now played in a Grand Final, that experience will make the next step in our development a big step nearer. The ref may have been harsh to us, but until I play back the recording I’ll hold back my opinions. It’s been great fun this season and I’m very happy with that tonight. I have to thank the RFL too for organising wheelchair access tickets for my Mum and me as her carer,. Accessibility at Old Trafford was magnificent I’ll try and sleep. Proud Salford fan.
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    Incredible!!! No wonder our game continues to diminish, we had a superb occasion tonight but all a lot of us can comment on us the referee’s performance. Why not celebrate the class of Saints and the guts of Salford? We’re our own worst enemies and quite frankly don’t deserve this great game of ours
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    Calm down dears!! We've appointed a coach with little experience, yet with a great knowledge and grounding of the game and this club in particular. We've got rid of an assistant coach who probably had less experience. If we wanted an 'experienced' coach he'd have been coach, not the assistant. Young, new coaches all start somewhere and personally I can't think of a better place to start. Thought I was the club's moaner-in-chief......it seems I have been relegated!! Craig's a clever bloke, he and Rhino will have gone into this in detail, trust them. Experience or no, I'd like to bet that even if we finish in the bottom half again this coming season, we will have done so knowing that there has been noticeably better effort put in all round.
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    Toronto Wolfpack have set a new record for viewing figures of a Championship game with 245,000 watching their grand final victory. This is higher than lots of Super League games. Despite their clear draw and the value they clearly add to our tv deal with sky, Toronto won’t receive any of the Sky tv funding for an unknown reason. https://www.loverugbyleague.com/post/grand-final-sets-record-high-for-championship-on-sky-sports-in-2019/?utm_content=buffer6e26b&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook.com&utm_campaign=buffer
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    Has a Saints fan really had the audacity to say this? A club that going all the way from fan to coach to chairman had an epic dummy spit when they lost the Challenge Cup Final. In the process bringing the game into disrepute and questioning the integrity of officials. I'd love to think that the undue pressure that the Saints club as a whole put on the officials after the Challenge Cup Final had nothing to do with the choice of referee for last night or what we saw with the sheer amount of calls going Saints way. What we do know though for certainty is that all referees now know the consequences of giving just one decision against Saints in a major game.
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    If you compare the game to a male Super League match then yes the standard was poor. Why it would be compared to a male SL match is beyond me though although I do think GS to it to the extreme with his comments on the game. I will say though as a male involved in the womens game I can clearly break down where the big differences in this percieved lack of quality come from. As a young lad all I wanted to do was play Rugby with my mates, every minute I could at home, every break at school it were rugby. If I were not playing Rugby I were watching rugby, it's funny but I used to pretend I were GS when I were about 12 years of age. By the time I were 13 or 14 I literally had hundreds of thousands of hours of practice under my belt now compare that to a lot of girls who do not have them hours simply because Rugby is not going to be first choice when it comes to what girls would rather do, they are usually limited to a couple of hours training a week, maybe a match and every now and again a kick around with the few of their mates that have ambitions of playing the game at a good level. I would say at the age of 16 most girls will be playing a standard of rugby that is at least 2 years behind their male counterparts at the same age. Now don't get conned that these girls don't put it in on the field, some of the biggest shots I have seen on a rugby field have been from girls. They are passionate, they are full bloodied, they put their bodies on the line and their game is on the up, there is none of the robotic stuff like we get in SL and while there is differences in skill between the teams it allows creativity and off the cuff stuff to flourish. The womens game is growing massively and will continue to do so and as that gets more popular more girls will participate and eventually this will lead to skill levels rising too. So yeah maybe there were some truth in what GS said but he could have put it a much better way or maybe talked about the improvement in the womens game in the last 2 years alone.
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    Fascinating reading back because, as a spectator at Old Trafford, I thought Saints were comfortably the better side throughout (bar a 10-minute spell at the end of the first half) and completely deserved their 17-point win.
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    These interviews just remind me how great our rugby league players are. They’re all so modest, so generous, and actually bloody eloquent. love our sport.
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    Usual armchair referees spouting the usual nonsense, seriously just get off your bums and give it a go, it’s obviously so easy
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    Watson will be livid, saints handed this second half by the officials, they'll have their name on the trophy but frankly it's even worse than the NRL GF, this is not just one but several decisions that are not just baffling, they are utterly incomprehensible.
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    I'm taking the bairn along there on Thursday night. He's got a season ticket at Thunder but he's never played RL before, just football, so he's pretty excited about it.
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    Not seen the entire thread so apologies if this has been already posted : Hats off to the good folk behind Manchester's traffic alerts...
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    I think it’s refreshing to read the magnanimous comments from Salford fans, players and their officials. After the dispiriting, concerted systemic abuse of the refs and system from all and sundry associated with St Helens, which followed the Challenge Cup it is great to see true class. They may have lost on the night, but they showed themselves to be true champions,
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    The problem is it was St Helens who wanted to make the cup final about the referee - no-one else did because he had no impact on the result. It's the height of hypocrisy to decline to say anything about it now.
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    Culture. Not race. Don't twist things.
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    In the same way the referee never lost us the Challenge Cup Final, Kendall never won us this Grand Final. It’s quite a sad indictment on the game that rather than talking up the team that won and the team that lost, after such a good season, all focus is on the referee. Better side for 65-70 minutes and the class and quality of our side won that. Again, Luke Thompson, there can’t be many props better on the planet than him.
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    Welcome back after a while away! Missed the rays of sunshine you bring.
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    Yet you, however, seem to have no problem appearing parochial and insular. Because of course you are. Not to mention arrogant, convinced that all those RL media people you listen to are either scared or wrong and you and you alone are right. I believe a quote from Winston Churchill sums you up nicely: “A fanatic is one who can’t change his mind and won’t change the subject.”
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    That is factless rubbish, another terrible post from you. The money is in the pockets of rich men who like Rugby league. David Hughes is a dyed-in-the-wool league fan from Swinton who made his millions as an oil trader. Hughes, now 73, says. “I would estimate it’s somewhere in the region of £20m probably that I’ve invested in London". Paul Caddick played Rugby union for Headingley, but only a short distance from the league giants Leeds he invested heavily in. The Fulton family who bankroll tiny Castleford on the outskirts of Wakefield make their money from a predominantly West Yorkshire based food retailers. Ian Lenegan made his money in Milton Keynes but was born and bred in Wigan. Neil Hudgell in Hull makes his money to back Rovers from his solicitors business branches across Yorkshire. Ken Davey was born north of there in Filey but started his businesses in Huddersfield and adopted Fartown, Eamon McManus is a Saints lad. Hull owner Adam Pearson is a Yorkshire lad Rich RL club owners mostly have an affinity to the RL game itself, if not their home town teams. Had Caddick been born and raised in Pontefract or Featherstone then Fev could easily have been challenging for trophies. Fev did have a rich backer in Faisal Nahaboo. He pulled out of the small club, but equally Richard Branson pulled out of London. Steve O'Connor picked up Widnes and pulled out, and big city Bradford Bulls never found a rich owner, but Salford dropped on three who all pulled out, Snape, Wilkinson and Koukash, little Leigh have Beaumont.Your just plain wrong Scotchy Toronto are massively lucky to have dropped on an RL enthusiast happy to waste $$Millions on Rugby League. That's not because Toronto is a big city, it's because Argyle has a close affinity with RL being from Australia. TWP are lucky he's in Toronto following his mining interest just as London are lucky Hughes is down there following his Oil interests. This is why North America as big and rich as it is won't be backing any more clubs from there. The rich people there have never heard of Rugby League and have no affinity with it..... What is all this "growing and improving the brand" stuff Red? Don't get dragged in by Scotchy. Just stand back and look at the facts. We attract most of our private investor money from people within the game who have mainly grown up in the game. Argyle loves Rugby league because he's from the NRL. Sure outsiders have come to live in the north of England and got interested like Kurdi in Newcastle and Koukash when he came to live in Lancashire. Often when we have lost a rich northern owner like Arthur Thomas another has stepped in like Derek Beaumont. Ted Richardson left Wakefield who now have Michael Carter. If Argyle walks that's that. The brand is strong along the M62 so we attract rich owners along the M62. Not in Barcelona or Copenhagen places TWP want to swan about pretending to grow the game, when in fact they are avoiding the bad weather in Canada. You say The risk of accepting these phoney clubs is you kill the existing. That's no risk it's a certainty, you can't shift out five SL clubs for TWP and four more like them without ripping the game apart here. I've spent the last week listening to RL people on the media all too scared to discuss TWP's promotion, all calling it "expansion" all calling it "a great thing" a "shot in the arm". More like a bullet in the brain if we keep replacing clubs here.....But we won't do that, and those people won't have to face questions about more NA clubs coming in because they know Argyle the Aussie is the only backer in America. They go along with the idea this is "expansion" so as not to appear parochial and insular.........
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    I'm afraid you can't introduce the sort of poison you and your club did regarding the refereeing of finals and then try and whitewash a very poor final refereeing performance which gives you a lot of favourable calls.
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    Good to hear from all the players and coach at the end... and rather surprising reading some comments not one even hinted at ref decisions..... I though the ref had a good game, yep some decisions that could be debated, as always. Never-the-less I don't think any were as clear cut as some suggest, open to debate yep. Have we ever had a final/major game, here or in the NRL in which people bemoan the man in the middle. I sometimes wish the ref's would all jack it in... and let fans referee. If theirs one thing that switch's me off this sport its the constant carping about the ref. The better team and far superior team won handling the attempts by opposition to slow them..
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    I am told it was a great time at Media City. Lots of Saints fans and a peaceful demo by the Kurdish community. A beleagured oppressed people, forgotten by the world at large. And the Kurds as well.
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    Think Saints would have won anyway and congratulations to them on a great season. The referee spoilt the game as a spectacle in the second half. I’m a neutral and just wanted to see a good game, a game the players were producing until Kendall took all the impetuous out of it. Saints didn’t need the help and some of those decisions were bizarre. I’m in the camp of refs don’t make mistakes on purpose but if was a Salford fan that would leave a bitter taste in my mouth especially knowing they’re unlikely to get there again for a very long time. Shame we’re talking about referees in yet another big rugby league game. It really is an Achilles heel for the sport.
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    As a neutral, I thought the first half was really excellent and was looking forward to a second half that was just as good, but have to say that I agree with other posters that in my view every 50/50 went Saints way, Ashworth could easily have been sinbinned, and lost balls seemed to be inevitably called a strip and penalty when Saints were in possession and simply lost ball when it was Salford. I thought the referee completely spoiled a great game. Yes, Saints were the better team but they didn't really need the ref's help to win and what could have been a classic became a rather damp squib. Still, congratulations to Saints on a great season and to Salford for confounding all the pre-season pundits and coming so close to what would have been one of the greatest upsets.
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    So he's made mistakes and that means it's fair to call him a scumbag? Don't be so ridiculous.
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    Come on man, it's ok to say the ref has made some bad calls but let's not call him a Scumbag.
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    Absolutely disgraceful decision to give a knock on rather than a penalty to Salford. All season I have posted on here how good Saints are this season. I have defended refs against criticism from all comers, too. However, there have in my view been at least three "wrong" decisions in Saints favour, at least two incidents that merited the sin bin for two Saints players. It's ok to be beaten fair and square by a better side but not by this Saints team.
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    Can I have an Umbrella? It never rains, but pours department. Got an email from another company saying we have deleted you email by accident, and want to offer you a post of *************, which I was doubtful, until I rang them, and they were genuine, and offered me an interview on Tuesday in Brighton. Plus my ex employers on the railway have sent me a request for a CV update, to see if they could renew my contract.
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    Well done to both Dacia and The Daily Telegraph. Very appropriate on Grand Final day. I wonder what Gary Schofield thinks about it - at least he will be able to understand the photo's,if not the words.
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    London was going to be relegated regardless of who went up.
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    Playing shirt without the collar.
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    Marwen saved Salford. At the point he joined the club was dead. He was badly advised at the start by people including a certain Mr Chambers. He is responsible for funding Jackson Hastings and Joey Lusick when they first came. I'd be happy if he left his money in the game but left the decisions to the experts.
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    last year we approached a coach who couldn't come he recommended ryan if I were cambell i would give him a ring and if he can't come ask for more recommendations
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    Massive wraps for Makinson too; played on with a dislocated shoulder by all accounts. Still ran the ball in as always; hard as nails. Some players in this sport put in superhuman efforts; Makinson tonight and Westerman earlier on in the year.
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    Come on, that wasn't high. Kendall is making mistakes but some of you need to get a grip here
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    I actually teach full time, so have very little time. But international RL is something I’m passionate about, so whatever I can do to help it. It helps that I hate doing nothing, especially in school holidays
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