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    Mainly council funded with money from a shopping centre development next door plus about £2m from the Football Foundation and sale of Bootham Crescent. Total cost is about £40 million, massive cinema, leisure complex & NHS health centre type stuff in there. Can't wait to be in there now, it's gone on far too long, joint stadium for both clubs was first talked about in 2000 and that proposal not happening is what ended York Wasps effectively. This stadium project caused numerous problems for the Knights until we got a new owner, now relationships with the council and Football club seem to be really productive so it should be the best thing that's ever happened to RL in North Yorkshire.
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    After the Fev game our total league average home attendance in 2019 is 2125 For context: 2019 Average 2125 2018 Average 1692 2017 Average 1088 2016 Average 592 2015 Average 428
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    http://www.scotlandrl.com/2019/08/15/mcewans-sponsorship/ Scotland Rugby League are pleased to announce that they have reached agreement with the iconic Scottish beer brand, McEwan’s, to sponsor their National League from 2020.
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    I couldnt care less, that's why. Where a player lives is of no consequence. The club is based in Toronto, the fans are in toronto, the community is in toronto, kids are getting the chance to watch live RL in toronto. That's a wonderful thing. Are we pretending that all Leigh players live in Leigh? Or that because they dont the team arent based there?
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    I'm not sure we need to be quite so cynical, and I say this as a cynical person! Sure, there is a chance that this 'project' may fail, and there is a risk of it being as hollow as the likes of PSG or Celtic Crusaders, but I don't see the harm in giving it a go and enjoying it while it lasts - if it then becomes a fully fledged sustainable success then brilliant and we haven't really risked much. I don't massively care about the risk of damaging the brand, I think it is overstated and I'd rather we tried stuff and failed than stick in our comfort zone. I genuinely believe RL can appeal to people all over the world, often our expansion attempts fail due to under-funding and impatience - for once we seem to be demonstrating both with TWP and Ottawa - even if it is basically because of a couple of investors and businessmen. Wherever the team are technically based, they have a decent presence in Toronto, in the community, the bars, the media - they have local sponsors and fans, they get bigger crowds than more established clubs - we can't ignore those things. Of course we want the whole package, with local players etc. but that is where the patience needs to come in. I'm not massively sure of the benefit of ripping them at every opportunity (not aimed at you btw), the outright refusal to enjoy things that are happening right in front of us is a problem in RL. There are a lot of good things happening.
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    I’m not saying big, but it did happen by whatever means, and you’ve just mentioned three teams coming in and one going out The thing that bothers me is that on this forum some people can’t wait to say something negative or dampen any good news. The challenge cup final being an example where a number of posters were revelling in the number of empty seats, it was as if they were delighted about it as it gave them a chance to moan. I can’t think of any other walk of life, sport or otherwise, where people who are supposedly enthusiastic about something take so much pleasure in deriding it (this isn’t having a go at you by the way). It’s no wonder the game isn’t expanding as much as most of us would like, who on earth would want to get involved in something with such miserable backward looking fans.
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    I can only use myself as an example, and you make a very good point for how people start to like certain sports. I can tell you that what RL fans always promoted about the game - the big hits, speed, athleticism and so on - didnt move me one iota. For a long time I watched the game (because I generally can watch any sporting contest) but I was never really interested in what I was watching. It just wasnt compelling in a way to make me get invested in the sport. Importantly, I never played the game, so I really had no connection to the game. And I can tell you that it is very easy to be uninterested in RL - like any sport. There is nothing inherently interesting about the sport to the uninitiated, which is why it’s amusing to see people who think that being exposed to the sport will hook people straight away. When I watched RL as a novice, there was nothing that impressed me, so dont be surprised to learn that most people who arent fans probably share my indifference when I first began. Over time, because of taking the time to watch games, I got to know the big names in the game. But for many years I watched the game and took no notice of forwards, of what they did. I knew the halves and the wingers because it was obvious even to me what their job was in the team. Didnt know a front rower from a second rower though, and thought they all had the same role of running into people. Then, one season, I remember deciding to read about the positions, what their role was, that sort of thing. Within a few weeks of doing that, my enjoyment of the game went up tenfold. What helped tremendously was the numbering on the back. The fact that they were numbered 1 to 13 allowed me to easily track who was who, and what their role was in the team. And then it all clicked. I realised that in order to get invested in a sport, you need to know the players, and you need to be able to tell on the fly whether what theyre doing on the pitch is good or naff. When you get to this point, a game that you knew nothing about begins to make sense. And the narratives of the game take on much greater meaning, to the point where media coverage becomes interesting, because theyre discussing narratives that you understand. But the problem is that I actively chose to do all this. I am not the average sports fan. I took a lot of time to learn something new. And you cant expect that of average person on the street. Yet once I knew the players and could evaluate players performance on the fly, I became invested in the sport. Thats the key. For most people, because they played football when they’re younger, and because media coverage gives them a strong understanding of most of the key players in the game, it’s very easy to fall into following football, and it becomes obvious why the sport is as big as it is. And because they played the game, they have an appreciation of the skill on display that someone who never played never will (like me with RL). In rugby league, because I, like many, never played the sport, you’re asking me to take a lot of my time to learn something completely alien. Everyone who’s played football has an idea of what a player theyre watching should be doing. With rugby league, like I said, I had to teach myself this, and it took several months to become comfortable watching games without having to think too much about it. To answer your question, there is really only one thing that can be done, and thats to get as many people as possible playing. Playing a sport when youre young is the quickest way to gaining a fan in the future. That base understanding of the sport makes the switch to watching games much easier. Otherwise, youre relying on sports fanatics like me to spend their free time learning something completely new. And because there isnt much media hoopla about RL, youre asking them to take an interest in something that doesnt have massive hyper surrounding it. You can see them why someone might not make the time to do so. Unfortunately there is no easy answer. It starts from grassroots, but we’ve already reached a tipping point in how many children play sports anyway, so it makes it even more difficult. You cant create ways to talk about the game if the public is disinterested about the message. I know that firsthand. The game already has very compelling narratives. What is needs is more fans receptive to the messaging. And that can only be done by getting more people to play the game. People like me are few and far between, and are an exception to the rule.
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    You should really see a doctor about that rash..
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    Twp may not be expanding the English game yet, but they sure have expanded rugby league itself as a whole and that's all I care about. The bigger the rugby league pie, the better off the game is.
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    Yesterday at Salses north of Perpignan. Home village of Morgan Escare here receiving the French jersey from the village mayor. Busy autumn for coach Aurlien Cologni.16 players will take part in the World Cup '9s' in Sydney 18-20th October and a further 8 players will join later to take match-up with two Australian sides XIII aside on 26th October(v Kangaroos U23s) and another Selection on the 30th October. Cologni wil bring his group together again next month to play against the French U19s side who are preparing themseves for a 4 match tour of New Zealand. All about raising the bar.
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    I have lots of drinks breaks scheduled, so many in fact that they start on Thursday evening
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    24 selected here from original thirty-four group. 8 Catalans and 7 from TO. Great opportunity 27/09 v South Island (Christchurch), 30/09 Toa Samoa, 03/10 NZ Residents and 06/10 Auckland.Promising Catalans forward Hugo Salabio could also be included in Aurelien Coligni's squad later in Sydney. The Limoux half-back Cesar Rouge interesting selection. Was considered the best U16s in the Cadets two match series against England Youth recently.
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    Parksider, you always play the victim, and complain others won't answer you. However, I did engage a lot of your points, and asked you several questions throughout, in my post here, that you have likewise ignored and avoided answering. What do you have to say about that?
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    I hate to be positive but I’m here with a bunch of broncos fans, around me are batley, Barrow, Fax, Widnes and Wire fans. It’s a really good game of rugby and we’re all enjoying it. Given the cost of London and populations of St Helens and Warrington the attendance is fine. I really can’t think of anything to moan about (other than I couldn’t bring my ruc sac in).
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    Me and my squad are warmed up. Man of Kent is poised to count the crowd. The Saints fans have had their hair done for the big day. I think we are set. Enjoy, everyone.
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    The topic's a fair one, but perhaps the thread could proceed avoiding references to recent events.
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    World Rugby League is a non organisation, “used” by the vichies as a stooge to allow them to attempt muddy the waters of our game internationally where the idea of 2 codes is not widely understood. They have no competitions to speak of and exist in a bubble of their own. It was first thought of by the Greek lunatic, and have roped in other vichies or attention seekers like Ikram Butt and the Italian RU “alternative” league.
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    Why would anyone? We've literally all tried. I now genuinely pity any wide eyed newbies I see trying to reason with someone who will blatantly ignore everything you write. Parky gets fewer and fewer responses now as debates either go on around him oblivious or people don't want to read the same over and over - he/she is by no means the only one culpable of that - and so any valid points made are lost.
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    The forum's Jeremiahs have 365 days and 22 hours a year to have a go at attendances, venues, Sky, the BBC, the game, the refs, the RFL and more. Wouldn't it be great if they could spare us all that for just two hours a year?
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    So, before we all end up falling out during the match and us Wire fans go on the rampage tearing Wembley up, thought I'd wish everyone a safe journey and hope you all have a great day, whatever happens at the Rugby. For the fans of finalists days like this shouldn't be taken for granted, we should all enjoy them. Now, come on the Wire!!!!
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    Our lack of meaningful , competitive International opponents is RL s biggest failing , only by solving that will we ever start to see media and population interest grow
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    At Canberra games I’ve seen entire Indian families turn up wearing Raiders gear. I’ve also heard African friends feverishly discussing the match in their native language... it’s peppered with the players’ names. It’s great that we can share a wonderful community experience with them. More can be done though. Especially in Western Sydney.
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    There are kids in Canadian high school, right now, who will be in the NFL one day, who only started playing in high school. There are also kids in Canadian high school, right now, who will be in Super Rugby or the English Premiership, who only started playing rugby in high school. How do I know this? Because thats currently the case. Most people don't start playing either sport until high school, and a handful manage to make it. Not tons every year, but maybe one every couple of years. I think it's relatively arrogant to think that RL is so special it can't be done. But first, kids have to know the sport exists, second, have a pathway to get there, and thirdly, see it as worth the endeavour.
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    Well done to York on what they have acheived this year. Everyone have been waiting for them to implode all year which has not happened and you fully deserve your lofty league place. Hope we meet up again in the play offs with a different result though many of you will disagree.
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    I like Charlo and he done a decent job at Town but he probably had a better squad of players than he has with haven so all credit to what he's done this season. Let's not forget that when he lost his assistant coach Oggy he resigned after losing our first home game. Haven are nailed on to go up now and as a Town fan I have mixed feelings about it. Unlike York last year who had 2 great seasons building up to winning the league and got promoted with a strong foundation under them haven haven't got thid. I expected them to struggle this year but they've amazed us all, but I'm afraid that team would need a major overhaul to compete in league one, IMO they only have a handful of players who could hack it at that level, it could turn into a disaster for them. You have had 3 crowds over a thousand this year on the back of being top for most of the season those crowds will plummet if you start getting beat week in week out. You only have to look at Town and Havens crowd figures when we were both in a higher league they were worse than our Championship 1 figures. If Town manage to get promoted this season (no chance) we would be in the same boat it could be a disaster for us. I want out of this league like everyone else but only if we are well prepared to compete, and both clubs are miles away from that. If you think being in the championship guarantees higher crowds then you need to look at the likes of Batley, Dewsbury, Swinton, Sheffield and Rochdale, their average crowds are all less tha haven or Town.
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    Fantastic season: https://rugbyl.blogspot.com/2019/04/uk-championship-attendances-2019.html Attendances through the roof.
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    And you tell him to make it snappy
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    Tbh pal I don’t think there’d be many fans this side of the Pennines that would want Stuart Littler
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    As a British Asian fan of Rugby League originally from Batley I'd like to throw in some thoughts on this topic. It's great to see what the Eels are achieving. Reading some of the comments on this thread I feel like I need to try to provide an alternative view; yes there are some Muslims who don't want to assimilate but the vast majority of them (in my experience) have the same concerns everyone else has and are just trying to live a decent life. Asian people are underrepresented in the sport as fans, players and officials but this isn't because of some inherent dislike of the sport. The problem is that to many of them the sport just doesn't attract their attention. This isn't an issue that is unique to this community! I think we have to ask ourselves how do people find the game? For many of my friends of British heritage it was because their families already enjoyed it but there were plenty more who weren't interested at all. Now if you're an immigrant or the child of immigrants, you're mostly likely to get into a new sport if someone you know introduces you to it but if the sport has a low-profile the chances of you knowing someone who is passionate enough to draw you in is vanishingly small. In Sydney, the sport is number one and Paramatta have a shiny new stadium which attracts new fans and that pulls in people of different cultures. I'm sure if Bradford had a shiny new stadium and there were 25k going regularly the crowd would be more diverse just because the sport would have a higher profile. The big question is how to attract more people to our sport and whether a different approaches are needed for people of different backgrounds. I wish I had answers to these questions but this article about the founding of the Brisbane Broncos describes a deliberate attempt to attract more women and break the class prejudice around league. https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2019/aug/22/how-the-brisbane-broncos-rose-out-of-the-political-mess-that-was-1980s-queensland If clubs are serious about attracting more people to the game they could do with asking themselves how they make the matchday experience more inclusive and how they draw attention to themselves in their local communities.
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    Amid all this talk/speculation about York's new stadium, it's great to see the old Clarence Street/Wigginton Road ground hasn't been forgotten. This impressive commemorative plaque (in distinctive white and black rather than the standard blue and white that proliferates across the city) was positioned earlier this year, on the side of The Hut, near what was the ground's main entrance on Wigginton Road. Thanks to everybody who made it happen.
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    A good idea as being at the end of August means there is just over a month between our two major finals which I think does have an impact on attendance as a lot of fans will have to choose which one to attend. It also means that it gets in the way of the race for the playoffs and now the relegation battle. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/46193469
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    Alas I think that in the vast majority of cases, it's the internationals that will capture the wider public's imagination. I don't think any of this other stuff would be noticed by anyone other than those who are already fans.
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    This is something I've been a bit loathe to bring up but it is pertinent, If RL wants to widen its ethnic footprint and appeal to the Aisan community how will it respond if they notice an editor and pundit wrote "The Islamic Republic of Dewsbury" If we are to grow as a sport we need to communicate how good our sport is to all communities and that will be quite difficult carrying baggage like this with us along the way.
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    As much as empty seats are frustrating and even more so the way the RFL appear to handle big events - there is a positive that since 1998 we have managed to add a second major final to our calendar and got to two 65k+ attendances as opposed to one. Just thought I’d try and shine a positive light for a change!!!
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    I doubt the Superleague team would get within 30 points,,that NRL side looks something special.
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    Good thread this different opinions and banter without all the nastiness with certain other clubs.
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    A milestone day today. I weighed in at 178.4 lbs. 51.2 lbs down from my start point and have hit my goal of 50 lbs lost after almost 9 months. I had 'budgeted' on a pound a week to be sustainable but have come in under that by a long way, well happy! Tentative running still going okay, not without its challenges, but nothing that can't be figured out and overcome. The hope of running a full 5k in 2020 has now become a real, achievable goal. Looked at the stats on my phone and I've walked just shy of 750 kms this year so far, I can barely believe I'll be adding running to it now.
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    I remember Keith Fielding winning superstars when I was lad , after I thought Brian Jacks was invincible .
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    And Coventry and the Welsh Clubs x Personally love to see the Bears pick up some big money backing (a la Newcastle ) to allow them move up the League Ladder . A cracking club that has grown organically from the Amateurs up with some dedicated RL people at the helm , working to establish the game in the Midlands . Butts Park is set for some big plans and could quite happily host SL Rugby , with maybe bigger games being switched to the Ricoh . Heres hoping the World Cup Game in Cov will give them the exposure they deserve and promote some investment . Don't tell the RFL though , their decision to cut funding last year to the Bears Sky Try Schools Programme and the Midland Hurricanes Academy was nothing short of criminal ....
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    To be honest with you I don't really care who wins as long as we get a great game to watch. Taking a friend to watch there first ever match of Rugby League. Hopefully he will convert after the final whistle.
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    Some interesting points here. I personally believe that there is a player pool for the league 1 Ottawa team that won't massively deplete other sides. I think the NA sides will be like the Melbourne Storm great recruiting organisations and turning players into amazing footballers. It will be a long time till we see Canadians playing high level super league simply due to the fact that league is still in bed with yawnion instead of taking it head on. I don't expect Canadian players in the NA teams tomorrow I'm a patient man maybe 23 years from now. But baby steps first the CRL need to defeat yawnion. As for the comment on more expansion teams is good. I don't know about that. I like the french teams and the NA teams bring excitement but we must remember the northern English market is what's keeping rugby league professional in the Northern hemisphere and we must do everything in our power to please the market. Lets not get carried away and assume we don't need the northern clubs and they are holding the game back, they are the game.
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    One of the big problems I see with our game is that it exists in a bubble. Those who like it, love it. Those who don't, dont. But the vast majority of it only hear about it rarely and see it here and there. It doesnt really penetrate the public's consciousness and it doesnt do it at all on a regular basis. There isnt a critical mass of publicity that tells the story of the game that allows people to dip in and out of the sport. You have to be 'a fan' to know what's going on. And that encompasses a lot of things, why a game is good, why a player is good, why a play is good, why a team is good, why a game is big or important etc. We get very little of the extraneous publicity, the repetition of which is what lodges the game in the wider publics minds. So how do we get the game mentioned and discussed more? What things can we do that gives people something to talk about? I think the stats from Wire and combine is a great idea. It quantifies some of the obvious physical attributes of the players. Big men who weigh a lot, lift a lot and move quickly will always capture the imagination. Cartoonish physical attributes are great narratives. We could create a transfer window. Let's say that deals can be negotiated as now but can only be announced and signed in one week. Get all the clubs at a single hotel (who I'm sure would be delighted at the publicity, perhaps even enough to pay) and sky sports news can have reporters there, loads of rumours and discussion and a bit of surprise and drama. Trickle out signings over the course of a week and keep the game in the public eye for a while. Even if we have to be a bit creative to sell it (I.e make a few rumours up, a bit of 'scripted reality' with last minute change of mind etc) Take a bit of creative licence with transfers, wages etc. Who cares and who would ever know if a 500k transfer fee was only 50k? Why not make it a million. Money is an easy way of quantifying value (it's why it exists) inflate it and you inflate the value of the players. On the road games, for most of the country the game is inaccessible. Let's make it accessible at least once a year and get some publicity What are other things we could do to get the game talked about more (other than obviously more internationals)
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    I don’t know who wrote this but thanks so much
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    Good article. I'm sure Parky's cutting and pasting already.
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    I hope so, becoming a Roman Catholic is a big step on the road to redemption.
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