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Annoying RL phrases


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20 hours ago, Wellsy4HullFC said:

No it's not.

If you're winning 1-0 in football, you don't have a 2 goal lead, do you! You have a 1 goal lead as if the other team scores then you're no longer leading, you're drawing.

If you're winning by 12 points in rugby league, it takes a minimum of two scores (via 2 converted tries) to take that lead away.

You're wrong on this one.

Argumentative? That's not even a proper argument! 

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19 hours ago, Dunbar said:

A little bit of an aside from the topic at hand, but..

The last time we discussed this on this board I spent ages pouring over old footage of Rugby League games to see if I could see a field goal, or speculator, being scored; a kick through the posts from the ground in open play without using the hands.

It was abolished in 1950 but I couldn't find one from all the old footage available through the news archives (of course I didn't look at all the footage, but I looked at a lot).

I don't know why, but I would like to see an example being scored even if it is only a couple of seconds of footage.

I agree with you, Dunbar, it would be interesting to see an example, however fleeting.

As you rightly say, the NRFL in this country did not abolish it until 1950, but I wonder if anybody ever tried it then, or whether it had just fallen out of use; that might explain your fruitless scrutiny of old film footage.  I think the NSW RFL, down under, had scrapped it in 1922.  Australia had had one of its keenest or high profile exponents, of course, in 'Dally' Messenger.

I believe the RFU had abolished it in 1905.  If that is correct, then it is an interesting and rare example of league following union and not, as is the norm, vice versa!

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On 26/09/2022 at 20:32, Ragingbull said:

People calling Rugby League RL. Its just lazy.

Especially confusing when written preceded by "an".  I still tend to read it as Rugby League so reading "an Rugby League" doesn't work. 

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Phil Gould " bobbles " or alternatively " I think I saw a little bobble in there".  Gould has created a monster there to the point that I`m sure our referees don`t think they are doing their job properly if they now miss the slightest knock-on, despite often being backwards, sideways and sometimes even actually forwards.

The whole thing has gotten so out of hand that I actually heard him have the audacity to say recently " don`t we have knock-backs anymore ":kolobok_dash1:

Has been heartening to see though that in the recent union tests down here I heard the dreaded phrase being used by their commentators.

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On 26/09/2022 at 18:06, metallithrax said:

The one that really gets me is "2/3/4 score lead" etc.

In their eyes a 2 score lead is 12 points, but the minimum number of scores needed to pull back 12 points is 3.  I know what they are getting at, but it is incorrect and it annoys me.

If a team is leading by 12 points and the other team scores twice, they won't be leading anymore. So, it's right.

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On 26/09/2022 at 19:11, Harry Stottle said:

One of Stevo's most often used phrases doesn't appear in either box.....

"He put his body on the line"

Another of my favourites, "he's a tough hombre" is also missing.

Edit, I've just seen there's a second card, I only saw the blue one initially. I thought it was a strange omission. 

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On 28/09/2022 at 16:54, metallithrax said:

But those two scores might only be penalties. Or what if there is one converted try and one unconverted - does that then not count as two scores?

Ah - but what if they're eight point tries?

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