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    Great stories. I was attracted to the game because of boredom and a sense of the absurdity, I witnessed on the rugby union field. I had played ten years of rugby union and during my first year of rugby league, I scored more points, kicked more goals, made more tackles and carried the ball more yards than in the previous ten years of Ra ra. In order to carry on playing after university, I had to start a team in my home town. With our nearest opposition, two hundred miles away, we created a fixture list of ''friendlies'' with visiting clubs from ''up north''. I remember, I'd booked a permit to play on the local authority park field and they telephoned me to say I couldn't have the field because a local RU club took priority! I asked ''on what basis''. The head of department was involved with the local first class union club. He told me that I shouldn't be doing it. I asked why and he said, ''its against the rules''. ''Whose rules?'' ''The WRU'' says he. I said, ''I know its against the rules, but why is it against the rules?'''. He didn't have an answer. I told him, I had the permit, it was a legal contract and that as a local authority employee, he worked for me and didn't ''own'' the field. We played on. They decried our ''professional'' players for being paid, but my father, had played for Aberavon RU club before the war and told me of a large crowd at one game, which prompted the ''amateur'' players to refuse to come out of the changing rooms until they were promised a bigger share of the gate-take, than normal! I organised a seven a side tournament (which was well attended) and we received a letter from the then secretary of the WRU, Denis Evans saying that if we went ahead, every player in the tournament would be ''professionalised'' and banned from Rugby Union! ''Why?'' Because we called the trophy the Jonathan Davies Cup. Ha ha ha. We created as much publicity as we could from that arrogant schoolboy error. BARLA advised us not to upset them. I said ''listen Maurice, (Oldroyd) their against us, no matter what they say to our faces, stop wasting time currying favour with them.'' They had succeeded in creating such a cultural bias, such an underlying fear of fraternising with us that I was once asked by a parent of a 10 year old boy if he would be banned by the RU if he played ''Little league'' with our school team. I replied, ''you'd have to take it up with them, but tell me, would you want to support an organisation that would do that to your child?'' His little lad played on. I loved playing rugby league, more than anything I've ever done, but I was also drawn into the moral and ethical fight against these sickening hypocritical tyrants, spreading their poison about our honest professional sportsmen and our great game. When I was a child, my father said ''Son, if you see a GOOD fight, be sure and get in it''. I'm still in it.
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    Just how good is this ?
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    The big news is that published today we have the inaugural BC High School Challenge Cup. Robert McMath Secondary will take on Point Grey Secondary in the first high school rugby league game in Canada! Sponsored by the Toronto wolfpack, slightly over shadowed today. Also the Georgina Griffins RLFC (http://www.georginagriffinsrlfc.ca/) have been around for a few months, and even invited to play during the interval at the Americas 9s. since then the Haldimand Wolfpack RLFC (http://www.haldimandwolfpack.com) have started. The Iroquois Roots Rugby have started to produce players for the Canadian 9s and the Women team, they seem to have a relationship with the CRL and are even advertising tryouts via the CRL facebook page.
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    I sincerely hope that in time Argyle reconsiders this decision. It is the wrong one. Not just because my support for the wolfpack and my hope for their success but regardless. It is the wrong one. We, as a sport, need to offer a pathway for redemption. Too often we act as this parallel system of justice, moralising and excluding as if we can somehow hold ourselves to a high standard than the society we mirror. We can't, we just chase our tail and expose our hypocrisy. We have within our game owners who have challenged fans to a fight, we have players who have taken recreational and performance enhancing drugs, we have drink drivers, adulterers, gamblers, those guilty of homophobic and racist words and no doubt actions. We can't solve these problems and casting people out who make errors achieves nothing. All we can do is offer a pathway to redemption, and where we are successful we don't just mirror society, we improve it. Nobody gains by Argyle stepping down, we all lose a voice and driver of rugby league. Had we looked at this as a teaching moment. A moment to learn and change and create restitution we would have all gained.
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    That's ok then,let's all crack on with being racist and hope nobody whinges about it.
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    London or Salford attendance? Nope. Cas women this afternoon. And playing some great stuff.
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    Let's hope so,sick of seeing some teams playing each other 4/5 times a season.
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    No it's not especially if you watch with a good knowledge of the laws of the game and aren't biased towards one team or another
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    I'm pretty new to Rugby League after being drawn in to it by my eldest son. Coming from North Tyneside and in particular Whitley Bay, football and Ice Hockey have always been my main sports but I've always watched sport in general. I got a season ticket for Newcastle United for my 8th birthday and was hooked until Ice Hockey took the number one spot in the late eighties early nineties, this was when games where on Grandstand on a Saturday afternoon and the Whitley Warriors vs Durham Wasps derby matches were just amazing with 3,500 packed in to the corrugated iron shed that is the Ice Rink . I then played Ice-Hockey through until my eldest son was born in 2005. Over my life I had watched the odd rugby league game on the beeb and Sky and had enjoyed them but never really got in to it enough to watch other than in passing as time was taken up with other things. That was until a year past September when my eldest started high school and started to play. Through his first term at high school they had a Newcastle Thunder community coach coming in each week and he loved it and was soon playing in school festivals at Kingston Park. By January last year he wanted to start playing for a team outside of school and started to watch Super League games on Sky and this is when I got pulled in. Come May last year we had tickets for Magic Weekend for our first live games and he was playing in a schools festival at St James in the day leading up to it. Both now well and truly hooked. Since then we've started to attend Thunder games when we can and his younger brother has joined in the fun, playing and watching as well. My dyed in the wool football fan father in law has even been drawn in to watching as well. My Son is definitely a poster boy for the benefits of community coaching and the Sky Try programmes, he was up for NE u12 player of the year after less than a year of playing the game and the coaching he received has resulted in 2 new players and 4 new watchers (5 if you include forcing it upon the wife) of rugby league just in our family.
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    I don’t care who wins the Grand Final or whatever happens between now and the end of the season, Danny Ward IS coach of the year.
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    This topic has revealed that a lot of posters don't like The Sun and don't buy it, which makes me wonder who does buy it to make it the biggest selling newspaper in the country. It's worth pointing out that Liverpool FC have a perfect right to ban The Sun or any other media organisation from Anfield if they wish to do so. They can ban The Sun just for their games, or they can extend the ban to other events taking place at Anfield. But if they do the latter, you would imagine that they would inform the organisation booking the stadium at the time the booking is formalised, so that the organisation, in this case Super League, can decide whether it wants to proceed on this basis. What isn't satisfactory is not telling Super League this beforehand and then unilaterally overruling Super League's accreditation of Gary Carter for the Magic Weekend. It's also worth pointing out that Super League announced a few weeks ago that it had agreed a new sponsorship deal with Betfred on enhanced terms. In pitching for that agreement, Super League and Betfred will have based their agreement on how much media coverage Super League was likely to achieve. Although I obviously wasn't party to the agreement, it's likely that the coverage in national newspapers, including The Sun, will have been part of the thinking of both parties that will have determined the amount act Betfred will have agreed to pay. As has been pointed out on here, the demographic that buys The Sun isn't a million miles from the demographic that watches Rugby League. And for those who don't read The Sun, it's worth pointing out that Gary Carter is a fine journalist who has broken many stories in that newspaper. So if it is withdrawing its coverage it will be a loss for Super League, whether we like it or not. Before this row blew up I wouldn't have taken the Magic Weekend to Anfield simply because there appears to be very little interest in Rugby League in Liverpool. The city is obsessed by football and few alternative sports have much of a chance there. But, regardless of whether we think The Sun is acting petulantly or not, Super League can't allow other organisations to dictate its media accreditation policy. It has to decide for itself who it will accredit and if it wishes to ban The Sun it has to be its own decision, not Liverpool FC's. That is the issue, and it seems a pretty fundamental one to me.
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    Liverpool, rightly, do not let The Sun into Anfield. This fits in with the city of Liverpool's ongoing boycott of the Sun. Because the Sun made the decision to knowingly lie about the 96 who died at Hillsborough by dragging their names, and those of every other supporter at the game, through the mud. EDIT Everton also ban them.
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    This thread started with a clearly trolling point and then has descended further allowing people like The Parksider to whine yet again. Why not go plague other forums with this sort of stuff? Locked, and don't start it again.
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    I don't think any of them were really mergers. They were more like takeovers with the stronger entity asset stripping the weaker one and carrying on as before.
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    Where would it stop? North Wales Crusaders - might offend muslims Wigan Warriors - militaristic overtones? Salford Red Devils - promoting Satan worship? York City Knights - might offend muslims Wakefield Trinity - offensive to non-Christians who don't believe the doctrine of the Trinity West Wales Raiders - militaristic overtones? Barrow Raiders - see above Keighley Cougars - offends women of a certain age Rochdale Hornets - might offend apiarists Toronto Wolfpack - might be seen as mocking lycanthropes
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    Just got home...... Yeeeeeeeerssssss.. What a game, what an atmosphere,.... The Saints fans we spoke to were fantastic and all were in great humour.... Also, I was at the Trailfinders / London Irish game earlier this year and there was more here today than that!! 3000 crowd and we beat Saints!!!!! Feel like crying but I won't..... I'll just get drunk instead..... Yyeeeeeeerrerreesssss!!!!!
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    Going by some of their tackling this season a non contact sport could be the making of the Rhino's
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    I'm not British, but I too consider it one of THE most important things in our game. Income aside, it's the image we portray, full grandstands looks so much better than empty ones. I don't know how 'obsessing' over pursuing high attendances can possibly be a bad thing?
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    He's already won the Championship with Fev, not sure why he'd want to win it again with a different club?
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    I quite like the concept. 3 game series, so each side gets a home game and then 1 at a neutral venue.
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    I was transferred from Canada to Sydney, Aus for a couple years back in 1990. I'd never seen Rugby League before that. I played a bit of RU in high school. Just a bit. In Aus, they has a game of the week on TV that I became hooked on, and then started attended some North Sydney Bears matches in person. They were the closest team to where we lived. I generally found RL more entertaining than RU, but back then Australia had massively strong RU national team. I saw them play a couple times live. After I came back, I lost track of RL again until I started getting Sportsnet World / Sentanta about 5 years ago. And then a few years ago, the moment I heard about the Toronto Wolfpack, I picked season tickets.
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    I hope we go to 14. Just add Toronto and Toulouse for a wonderfully cosmopolitan contest!
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    I knew this thread was only a matter of time... In short we would lose an awful lot, and potentially a damn site more going forward if the Wolfpack and wider game in Canada even comes close to reaching the potential shown. That should be pretty obvious to anyone without an agenda. Hopefully it won't come to that.
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    Tony Smith... No compensation due to another club for taking their coach, plus he can still use the TS embossed coaches shirts that Sheens has vacated. Value for money all round
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    Reports that the RLEF (ie the European federation) has approved a new format from 2020, 17 nations in three divisions with one-up, one-down P&R, tournament every two years, caps on heritage players. Top division of England, France, Ireland, Italy, Scotland, Wales. Second division six teams, third division five teams TBC. (Via the Chasing Kangaroos podcast.)
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    Its a global sport, played in at least 43 countries recognised by the IRLF, with fans in every corner of this country and many who tune in from abroad. There are even a few people, who play it in Canada. Its just not right that we can only watch it at midnight, in a small geographical area of this country, when they collect license fees from the whole place. It stinks mate and if it wasn't for the institutionalised prejudice against us, we'd be a lot further along with national and global development. Your comments are off the mark. I can understand that you may be ignorant of place names like Bradford, Warrington, Wigan etc. but over here they are household names in every borough, the length and breadth of the country. You should make your mind up, are you a fan or not, because you come across as someone who takes every opportunity to knock this great game and I'm tired of it. I'm sure all true fans, would agree with me.
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    The players union and RFL really need to look in to this. At the end of last season Leigh or Derek Beaumont was pleading poverty and refusing to fulfil their player contracts. Most of the squad was dispanded on this basis. Now they reformed the team and are back on the player market trying to sign players. I understand they were trying to sign Junior Vaivai from KR and other players. In my view it's simple, if you are unable to fulfil player contracts then it should be treated in the same way as a club going into administration and points should be deducted. This is just not fair on players like Larroyer, Rhys Evans and other players who have mortgages and bills to pay. Are we seriously going to allow our players to be treated like this? Our players are our biggest asset and we must not allow them to be mistreated. Do the RFL have grounds to investigate?
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    Well if they both did reach Wembley I would be delighted to see my team come out at the National Stadium, and wouldn't give a toss about what others thought.
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    I think we have to be pragmatic on these things. Of course we would all love Super League to be as strong as the NRL and allow our teams to compete on a financial level playing field with the NRL clubs. But ultimately the shift of financial power to the NRL seems difficult to reverse in at least the medium term. I would offer the following points. If we are to lose elite players to a rival competition, it is much much better to lose them to the NRL than a rival code Having English players in the NRL will improve our national team. Not all of them need to come from the NRL and I think there is a danger of some players being picked just because they are in the NRL but ultimately it is a stronger competition and our players playing and winning in the NRL will erase the mental superiority that the Australians have had for decades I would suggest that England winning the World Cup in 2021 would do more for the sport in this country than having all the NRL based players back in Super League for the next 5 years. Current fans would love to see the likes of Burgess and Bateman playing for their teams but an England World Cup win will reach far more people
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    A proud game with northern working class roots should do every single thing it can to shut out The Sun newspaper.
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    A 14 team SL just makes sense, it gets rid of the loop fixtures, and allows the top level to expand sensibly. The rumours won't go away because it's entirely logical.
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    seriously, what is the point of this thread?
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    If League one goes and any club like Coventry, Skolars are dispanded as a result that's me done with the sport. It's the same badly run teams in traditional areas with too much say in how the sport is run. The mergers of Hull/Gateshead and Sheffield/Huddersfield is the perfect example of this.
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    Toronto is a hard core hockey/soccer/CFL/baseball/lacrosse stronghold which isn't looking for an alternative sport.
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    I’ve said this before but I’m going to have to say it again, in a 20 year reffing career spanning all levels from under 8s to international games I never ever cheated a team, nor did I ever see any of my fellow officials do so. Clubs may well have felt they were cheated but that’s not my concern. As lots of people on here and in other places have said, give it a flipping go!!!!
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    A number have come via the Southern and Welsh Amateur Systems. The Broncos are no longer the team full of Aussies and Northerners with nobody from outside the heartlands in it. Rob Butler and Kieron Dixon are Londoners/South Eastern England. Walker is from Hertfordshire, Elliott Kear is from Cardiff and Rhys Williams from North Wales. We need the game to further invest in London & South East as well as Wales for me. There is so much potential with Rugby League in them 2 areas for me.
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    It's people like you that get my goat. Haven't you heard that you are not wanted? Coming on here and telling us you like OUR game. I see you have been watching the game for 5 years, all and good but in that 5 years how many players of SOO quality have you actually developed?. Where will it all end? Please, Please Please stop telling your mates about this or else the game could be popular. That's the last thing we need. (Fabulous thread and COYWP)
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    These days, there's a lot more players who actually have teeth.
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    Wonderful celebration of beverleys life in the church that kev and bev were married and alexander was christenened. Church packed to the rafters with friends, family, playing staff past and present, coaches, colleagues, sponsors and fans. Kevs eulogy was light hearted at times, comical and gave a real insight into the wonderful woman. Brave and dearly missed. Makes you proud to be part of such a fantastic warm and genuine community club.
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    Top of the table lose to bottom of the table by 1 point.How can you not love this game? well done London!!
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    The heartland clubs will do everything to save themselves at the expense of those from other areas. And then a few months later, when one of them is in financial trouble again, we'll hear some nonsense about "the RL family" as they pass the begging bowl.
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    Apparently he's the 17th best forward ever in the SL era ahead of Lee Gilmour and Chris Hill according to RL World. That is literally one of the most ridiculous things I've seen in all my years as a RL fan.
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    People generally moan about the standard of refereeing being poor but I disagree. Yes poor decisions are made but overall the standard of reffing is good. They are human and cannot see everything. Easy to criticise someone missing something when you have the benefit of replays on TV. Another thing which refs constantly receive criticism for is the offside rule and forward passes. In both these cases I can guarantee 90% of the time that it is the fans who have got it wrong!
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    Watching all the clips on social media etc for the LDSL really is incredibly uplifting, the sheer joy on the faces on those taking part is brilliant, as well as the look of accomplishment from the organisers etc. Well done to every single person involved in this.
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    The York City Knights Squad Builder Fund has today received a cheque from Ron Wagner-Wright in Hawaii. Ron has given this donation in honour of his grandfather, Ernie Wright, who played rugby league in York in the 1920s. Although totally blind, Ron follows the progress of York City Knights from Hawaii. Andy Gomersall.
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    Sorry for going back to this threads topic.
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    Strange they haven't banned all stories relating to football seeing as the sun is banned from Anfield for football games.
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    https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2019/jun/10/accentism-yorkshire-regional-dialects-english-snobbery?fbclid=IwAR2kNLOjVxdryku0OPmnlkVdM439qSVTPhDotDWm7K62Ngh3V-CAP6iGgh8 Brilliant article about a subject I could go on and on and on about - which means i am going to do a bit. It ALWAYS gets me that, every now and increasingly frequently again, us Yorkshire types have to justify ourselves. When I moved to London it was like learning a foreign language - I had to stop using most of the words I had grown up with 'cos the buggers couldn't understand me (my favourites are when I walked into a newsagents and asked for a Mars bar and got given a carrier bag "because its what you asked for" and then perplexing my new buddies by inviting them to the feast at Kennington Park; they thought they were going to get well fed, I was after a kicking ride on the Wall of Death). 15 years later, back in the Promised Land, I had to unlearn all these southren (yep, that's how we spell it you lot) words and start all over again because, contrary to the academics bemoaning the arrival of Estuary English (by which they meant Thames, not Humber) my native vocabulary was STILL in use. You can still buy the dialect dictionaries and, from that mucky ##### Emily Bronte's "Wuthering Heights" to Ross Raisins "Gods Own Country" (published a few years back to immense critical acclaim). you can STILL read proper literature in dialect and not the cod stuff. As far as the voice itself goes, this article reminds me of how actor Wilfred Pickles was hired by the BBC as their first Yorkshire speaking newsreader in the 1930s and got sacks of hate mail because of his Halifax accent. One woman told him "I don't like you Mr Pickles - you sound just like Mr Hitler" and "can't we send this dreadful man back to where he comes from?" Which is EXACTLY what the BBC did - Pickles was shafted back to "the provinces". Well, its where the Matinee Idol belonged. When that snob of all snobs, Virginia Wolf, called J B Priestley "a tradesmans writer" she was telling us that this scintillating socialist was nowt more than a bloody Tyke and not worth bothering with. When Tony Harrison wrote the poem "Them and Uz" he insisted on the validity of Yorkshire speech as, too, did the inimitable Richard Hoggart in his "Uses of Literacy" in the 1950s and in a string of books beyond. The Angry Young Men (and a few riled women) who erupted into the literary mainstream in the 1960s made a MASSIVE contribution to modernizing the cultural mainstream of the UK and (often overlooked) when the Beatles did the same thing with POP they were, lets not forget, another bunch of Northerners - John Lennon could NEVER have come from Surrey. And then along came Thatcherism and we were all thick Northerners once again having to fight our corner - and still it goes on. Yvonne Fletcher, that ravishing red headed Egyptologist from Barnsley who you will have seen on the TV from time to time, told me how she "had to fight tooth and nail" as both a woman AND a working class YORKSHIREwoman when she was at Oxford to get where she is now. And so it goes on and on and on and, when the media luvvies (funny how Channel 4 is having the same problem with its relocation from London to Leeds as the BBC did when it Went To Salford - "WHAT! You expect me to move UP NORTH???". And odd how such outrage never greeted that arch Tory ###### Norman Tebbit when he advised unemployed Northerners to "get on yer bike" and move South in search of work in the 1970s) wake up to the fact that - hello - there's a HUGE part of England that doesn't give two ###### s about The English because the The English don't give two s about it. And that's Yorkshire. its no coincidence we joined with the rest of the Northern press yesterday with front page tales of GIVE US THE CASH - AND the trains - then we'll do the rest. But no. So we just get on with it and behave like a nation state with its own flag, national day and, yes, we STILL speak English but PEPPERED with dialect. If you don't understand, just ask. We'll either translate for you or nut you. 'Al sithee!
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    Sometimes we lament the criticism we get from outside the game. The truth is it is nothing compared to what is spouted within the ranks of the RL supporter. One sport is holding a World Cup in a nation with a poor human rights record but loads of cash. The corrupt voting system it uses to choose host nations is scandalous. The same sport is holding a European final in a city that difficult to get to and issues with safe travel to the venue have been raised. Another sporting code proposed a world nations competition that would exclude Pacific nations, despite their strong participation in that code. RL wouldn't dream of doing that. True, all of the above have been strongly criticised, and rightly so. They are ridiculous situations. However, in RL the negativity for slight disappointments or any suggestions of expansions are too often met with howls of protest and gnashing of teeth. The choice of Liverpool for the magic weekend wasn't a total failure, tens of thousands went and many enjoyed it. Crowds were down on what was expected but not by that much. Some of the stuff posted here is from my perspective pathetic. Sadly there are those who wait for things to not be as successful as hoped and wade in with unrestrained attacks. Sure, any new direction includes some risk but as they say, nothing ventured, nothing gained. I applaud that RL tries new things. I hope administrators who do want to do new things are not deterred by the unbelievably negative culture within the game's followers. I think a reality check is in order. RL is doing OK. It will do better if it doesn't get into a rut of never changing anything for fear of criticism if things don't always fully pan out as expected.
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    Well, we come on here every week and moan and complain about what is after all just a game, yet there are bigger things in life; so sorry for Kev and family in their loss and a loss to us all really, as she and him were part of the larger Batley family. God bless, let's take Kev under our wing as much as he attempts to keep us all under his.

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