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    Sincere apologies for the recent lengthy period of downtime on the TotalRL.com Fans Forums. Suffice to say, it's been a bit of a nightmare trying to rebuild the thing almost from scratch, but everything should be back online now. It's inevitable after a major database rebuild that there will be a few glitches. If you spot anything a bit strange going on, please either post the details here or send me a PM. I've been working round the clock on this for the past five days, and it is now midnight on Wednesday, so I'm off to bed, hoping when I wake up tomorrow it will all still be up and running!! Fingers crossed...
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    What's more embarrassing is the standard of spelling and punctuation.
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    I don't know about that but what I do know is that the title of this thread is an embarrassment to our education system.
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    It would be remiss of this board not to mark Eddie's retirement from the SKY box with a thread of its own. For like or not, Eddie Hemmings as much as Mike Stevenson has been the voice of Rugby League on Pay TV from 1988 to Good Friday 2019 when he bows out alongside Neville Smith the producer of Rugby League on SKY, keeping to a gentleman's agreement to stay on after Mike Stevenson's retirement to provide a couple of years of continuity as a man of his word, something others connected to Rugby League seem unable to keep these days.... If you express an opinion as a commentator or a journalist a large part of your audience is not going to like it and Eddie has been the butt of many a comment, some quite bizzare memorably being accused from being "a Ronald Reagan lookalike" to wearing a wig (actually he does have a bit of a bald patch on top if you ever lookdown on him from the stands as he scurries to the commentary scaffording -but no wig. those make up girls doing a sterling job on his coiffure). it seems to me as a southerner that like Eddie Waring and Ray French before him a lot of the criticism he has got is like a form of self-hatred from those who normally espouse the virtues of being a parochial sport but cringe when one of their own is presenting the game to a national audience And if in his commentary dotage he has not been as incisive as in the past, well that comes to all of us eventually, but to my mind his professional standards have never dropped certainly not to the extent that Henry Blofeld became a parody of himself on Test Match Special in his declining years. What the game should do is acknowledge the part he has played in popularising the game on pay TV and being the steady hand on the tiller of SKY coverage over the years. So good luck Eddie and enjoy your retirement.
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    John, we all have differences of opinions on a wide variety of topics throughout this forum - that is what keeps it alive - but I am sure we will all agree, irrespective of which clubs we are interested in, that you do excellent work which we all thank you for.
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    Surely this is merely an administrative error that can be dealt with pragmatically?
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    Expansion to NYC and Ottawa makes the most influential newspaper in the USA. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/04/12/sports/rugby-league-new-york.html
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    I would like to thank him for everything he has achieved while in the role. Just remind me again.
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    I am confused with Yorkshire Knights stance on this. This is because on numerous Folou threads he has been saying all publicity is good publicity and how it's not a negative for RU in Australia. Yet for Rugby League its the opposite. Strange.
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    Yesterday a press conference at Brutus. Bernard Guasch and the President of the Occitanie Region Carole Delga. An entente between the two which will see an aid package exceptional to support the mobilisation of fans for the Camp Nou event. The club want to see especially the schools of rugby in attendance in great numbers on the 18th May. Additionally the club have appointed Philippe Pidemunt as 'oganisations coordinator' for the historic event with around forty helpers involved. The club are pushing the boat out for this one like never before.
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    Oh I see we're revisiting the 'free tickets' square of the Wolfpack bingo card. Here's how it works, for the benefit of Parky and all the other nay-sayers who don't understand how marketing works: As a season ticket holder, I get two 'bring a friend' free tickets each season. Last year, I gave those to friends who had never seen a rugby league game in their lives but who appreciated the invitation to a good afternoon out. Shock horror, these two people got in free (although they both bought beer, so contributed to profit). One of those friends bought tickets to several other games last season, and brought family along on paid tickets, and the other got hooked and bought season tickets for this year. The two friends I go with regularly had similar experiences. Our three sets of season tickets in 2018 is now six sets of season tickets for 2019. In short, six free tickets (aargh! horrible! cheats!) turned into many subsequent ticket sales and three new sets of season tickets (great! wow! amazing!). Despite Parky's concerns about my welfare, I don't care if I sit next to someone who got in free. Quite the opposite: I am delighted. Because chances are, they'll be back, with cash in their pockets.
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    Did you use a cowbell to type that?
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    I'm not a fan and there is absolutely nothing wrong with a draw. In the majority of Golden Point matches the game turns into a procession of drop goals and becomes a game that is refereed and played completely differently than the 80 mins before.
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    Link? You're a condescending #####. Are you still referring to that article where somebody was miffed because someone else didn't say hi in a crowd? What's a non playing "membership" worth? Is a hundred bucks going to make a difference to anyone? How f*cking hard is it to spell Argyle? Their business, not anyone else's. By what measure? Prove it. I think most people with a vague interest in sports in Ontario know the exist, as well as some with no interest. I live two hours away from Toronto and people ask me about TWP. Beyond the borders of the province, and really the GTA, is pretty irrelevant in terms of "local market". Doesn't matter, fans should show up to watch their home team. TWP are not selling tickets in the UK are they? Their business, not yours. Guy comes in for free, buy two hot dogs and and two beers = profit. Up to TWP to decide how to get people in the door and how much to make off them the first time vs the hundredth time. Fans keep coming back = all that matters. There's a field, there's stands to watch. There's a place to buy beer and place to ###### it out. What more do you want? You're bitching about them losing money, isn't using an economically priced stadium a way to not do that? People ##### about teams playing in empty stadiums, isn't playing in Lamport vs BMO or Rogers Centre a way to not do that? The season starts in the dead of winter bud. Whether there's a dome on the field until April or not, it's stupid to play outside in Canada until then. Well, the lower mainland in BC, but then you'd be bitching about flights wouldn't you? You're a condescending #####. So? Most sports teams are owned by rich people. Lots of sports teams lose money. It can be for pride, pleasure, taxes, who knows. Their business, not yours. What' wrong with playing only 2/3s of the season at home? Why does any sports owner lose money? - see above. Their business, not yours. How hard is it to spell Ottawa? I have never seen it spelled wrong until multiple times on this website in the last week. You're a condescending #####. You're a condescending #####. The end of your second sentence rather cancels out the first. If the very heartland of the game can't grown how can anyone have an expectation of growth anywhere else? By your own statement you can tell that it's not a problem with "expansion" it's with the overall game. You're a condescending #####. Why does it need to? Why can't you be happy with thousands more enjoying the game that you like? Why can't you be happy that tens more players can make a full time living playing the game you like? Why do you think that these new clubs sustained existence won't inspire some grass roots? Do you have so little faith in the game? What's wrong with waiting for people to say "we want to play this game we like watching" instead of begging people to "please play this game, we like it so you should too"? Exactly. Never mind. Let people try their best and enjoy any benefits that may come.
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    Great news for Menzie and his family. http://www.sheffieldeagles.com/article/52611/update-menzie-yere
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    I know a lot of water has passed under the bridge, people should not be held responsible for the actions of previous generations, time heals old wounds and as a sport these events offer the chance to show we are a mature, confident and open sport. But I would still have told them to #@%$ off.
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    There is no lack of ambition at Thatto Heath Crusaders. But if we attempted to move to League One we wouldn’t get any funding from the RFL as we’re not an expansion team, we would struggle to get grants to upgrade the facilities further once we enter the professional realms, we would have to sacrifice training slots and use of the facilities of our junior, girls, womens, masters teams just so our semi-amateur team could have the run of the place. We wouldn’t be able to run three open age teams for players of differing abilities, every Saturday through the season as we would have to pay out wages/expenses to players who are turning up for the money rather than because they want to be part of a group of players that are happy to pay £12 a month to receive great coaching from unpaid volunteers in order to be part of something with there mates. I’m not wanting to bag the expansion teams as there are great people doing a lot of great work to make it happen, but I’d question whether the RFL might be spending their money more wisely if they were investing it in heartland community clubs as opposed to funding expansion teams who are only dragging players in from the the NCL, NWML, YML etc., Training in heartland areas and in turn weakening those competitions from where they are dragging those players from, all for the promise of £200 a win and £50 a loss. (Which by the time lads have trained twice a week and travelled to god knows where on a weekend probably isn’t even minimum wage). Meanwhile they’re doing very little to produce new talent from the grassroots in those areas all because they are trying their hardest to make ends meet and keep their head above water. So next time you suggest there’s a lack of ambition in the NCL, I’d suggest that you do some research into the 50 odd clubs working their stones off and scraping round to pay the bills, while producing 99.9% of the talent for expansion teams and getting next to nothing in return. But Hey ho, if you see it as a lack of ambition then that’s what it must be. Good luck in the future. I’m pretty confident we and the rest of the ambitionless NCL teams will still be here doing great work in the community 20/30/50 years time, producing the next generation of rugby league stars.
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    I hate seeing the losing team on the field laughing and joking with the opposition. Do that in the sheds afterwards, not on the field when you have just let all of your fans down big time.
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    I am no fan of Labour but I think this speach by Lammy could be the one that ends up in the history books (especially if the TIGs / ChangeUk becomes something) - I challenge anyone to read it and tell me where it is not on the money Mr Speaker, I have faced many challenges in the two decades I have sat in this house. But Sunday 7th August 2011, the morning after the Tottenham riots, was by far the greatest. Walking on broken glass, past burnt-out cars, homes and businesses, comforting men and women still in their pyjamas, I saw the place I had lived my whole life turned to ashes. Many members of the community were urging me to say that the killing of Mark Duggan by police, which had sparked the riots, justified this rage. That the families made homeless, the burnt out buses and houses, and the looted shops were worth it. They told me that I had to say this wrong was right. Mr Speaker, it was not easy. But I had to look my community in the face, and tell them this violence was a disgrace and condemn it unequivocally. Why? Because we have a duty to tell our constituents the truth. Even when they passionately disagree. We owe to them not only our “industry” but also our “judgement.” We are trusted representatives, not unthinking delegates. So why do many in this House continue to support Brexit, when they know it will wreck jobs, the NHS and our standing in the world? -- This is the fundamental dishonesty at the heart of the Brexit debate. Most MPs now recognise it in private, but do not say it in public. Brexit is a con. A trick. A swindle. A fraud. A deception that will hurt most those people it promised to help. A dangerous fantasy which will make every problem it claims to solve worse. A campaign won on false promises and lies. Vote Leave and Leave.EU both broke the law. Russian interference is beyond reasonable doubt. And by now every single campaign promise made in 2016 has come unstuck. Brexit will not enrich our NHS - it will impoverish it. A trade deal with Donald Trump will see US corporations privatise and dismantle the NHS one bed at a time. And even those promises on immigration – which has so greatly enriched our country – are a lie. After Brexit immigration will go up, not down. When we enter negotiations with countries like India and China, they will ask for three things. Visas. Visas. And more visas. And they will get them because we will be weak. Then there’s the myth about restoring parliamentary sovereignty. The last two years have shown what a joke that is. The Prime Minister has hoarded power like a deluded 21st century Henry the Eighth. Impact assessments have been hidden. Votes resisted and blocked. Simple opponents of a government policy bullied and threatened to get into line. Even when we forced this meaningful vote, the Prime Minister cancelled it, certain we would reject her disastrous deal. And oh we will reject it. Because this is a Lose-Lose compromise, which offers no certainty for our future. All it guarantees is more years of negotiation – headed by the same clowns who guided us into this farce in the first place. -- Mr Speaker, we are suffering from a crisis of leadership in our hour of need. This country’s greatest moments came when we showed courage, not when we appeased. The courage of Wilberforce to emancipate the slaves, against the anger of the British ruling class. The courage of Winston Churchill to declare war on Hitler, against the appeasers in his cabinet and the country. The courage of Atlee and Bevan to nationalise the health service -- against the doctors who protested it was not right. Today we must be bold, because the challenges we face are just as extreme. We must not be afraid to tell the truth to those who do not agree. -- Friends on this side of the house tell me to appease Labour voters in industrial towns. The former miners, the factory workers, those who feel they have been left behind. I say we must not patronise them with cowardice. Let’s tell them the truth. “You were sold a lie. Parts of the media used your fears to sell papers and boost viewing figures. Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson exploited the same prejudice to win votes. Shame on them. Immigrants have not taken your jobs. Our schools and colleges failed to give you skills. Hospitals are not crumbling because of health tourists, but because a decade of austerity ground them down to the bone. You cannot afford a house because both parties failed to build -- not because Mohammed down the road who moved in. And wealth was hoarded in London - when it should have been shared across the country. Blame us, blame Westminster. Do not blame Brussels for our own country’s mistakes. And do not be angry at us for telling you the truth. Be angry at the chancers who sold you a lie. -- As Martin Luther King said long ago “There comes a time when silence is betrayal.” So just as I speak plainly to the government this time around, let me also speak to the opposition about some home truths. There is no left-wing justification for Brexit. Ditching workers’ rights, social protections, and ending environmental cooperation is not progressive. This is a project about neoliberal deregulation. It is Thatcherism on steroids, pushed by her modern day disciples. Leaving the EU will not free us from the injustices of global capitalism, it will make us subordinate to Trump’s US. Socialism confined to one country will not work. Whether you like it or not, the world we live in is global. We can only fix the rigged system if we cooperate across border-lines. The party of Keir Hardie has always been International. We must not let down our young supporters by failing to stand with them on the biggest issue of our lives. If we remain in the EU, we can reform it from the top table. Share the load of mass migration, address excesses of the bureaucracy, and fix the inequalities between creditor and debtors. We can recharge the economy. We can re-fuel the NHS. We can build the houses we need, after years of hurt. Hope is what we need. Remain in the EU. Give Britain a second opportunity to decide.
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    sorry about the writing but am dislexic and had learnin problems at school but is it not bad that a professionnal club calls itself the cowbell army cos a guy hits one at some of there games.
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    Oh no, other fans think were embarrassing because a bloke rings a cowbell.....get a grip. You think they don`t do this in other sports? Oh and find some commas and full stops.
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    I bet it'll still be Bradford's biggest crowd of the season. Rugby league is Britain's cheapest mainstream sport - and the worst thing is it looks and smells cheap, compared to other sports. That needs to change if its going to survive. People spend far more than 23 to see other sports events that are on TV. They do it if it's an exciting enough event to want to be there in person. If we're saying the first competitive Bradford Leeds game in 5 years isn't worth that then we may as well throw in the towel completely.
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    This is the last play. Long... kicks it wide to Iro. Iro to Hall. Hall is trapped. Back it goes to Hoppe. Over the shoulder to Hall. There is Jonkers. Here is Long, and Long fancies it. Long fancies it. It's wide to West. It's wide to West. Dwayne West. Inside to Joynt. Joynt. JOYNT. JOYNT! OH! OH! FANTASTIC! Thanks for everything Eddie. I've never met you. I don't even like saints. But that gets me everytime. Enjoy yourself.
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    York Community Stadium April 19...
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    Casty reaches 300 games for the Dragons last Saturday. Another milestone for Catalans reached. Clubs 14th campaign relative newcomer. Saw Remi make his debut at Stade Jean-Laffon near the railway station against Thornhill in the Challenge Cup in 2006. He's been with them from the off. Against Leeds Saturday an all Audois front row with Albert and fellow Lezignais Bousquet. Great stuff!
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    SportsNet, the largest sporting station in Canada, tweeted the TWP score along with other major Toronto teams yesterday. This is a great sign and shows they will be keeping an eye on developments in Ottawa.
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    I'm going for the same reason I went to Sydney last year and three years ago with Wigan, big events...............you can remember these occasions for the rest of your life............
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    ‘COMPELLING, INSPIRING, EMPOWERING’: NEW WOMEN’S SPORT FILM HITS UK CINEMAS A new women’s sport documentary film will premiere in London next week (Monday 8 April) following rave reviews at international film festivals and preview screenings. Power Meri (Powerful Women) follows the journey of Papua New Guinea’s first national women’s rugby league team from inception to the world stage, and explores the broader social impact of sport on women’s empowerment, community attitudes, and national identity against the backdrop of a country often described as one of the toughest places in the world to be a woman. Fresh from selection at international film festivals in Australia, the USA and Tahiti, Power Meri is hitting UK cinemas on limited release. The film’s director Joanna Lester, a London-born sports journalist, moved to Papua New Guinea (PNG) in 2014 and embarked on the film two years later. “Living in PNG and hearing the inspiring stories of female rugby league players, who were changing attitudes about women in their communities through playing the country’s male-dominated national sport, I always thought their voices deserved to be heard on a wider scale,” Lester said. “When it was confirmed that PNG would form a national women’s team, the Orchids, to participate in the world cup for the first time, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to document that journey and share the story with national and international audiences. “Since we released the film in Australia and PNG, the response has been overwhelming. The story of the Orchids seems to have truly inspired people within and outside of sport. As a filmmaker, it’s a privilege to be able to share a raw and real story from behind the scenes of women’s sport in a country that is rarely portrayed on the big screen. I hope the story of this extraordinary group of women, who have put their hands up to be part of something ground-breaking, despite criticism and barriers, will inspire audiences everywhere.” Power Meri premieres in London on Monday 8 April at Odeon Covent Garden and will screen at selected cinemas across England. Tickets are only available online at: uk.demand.film/power-meri/
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    How many chances do leavers want to have? They have the biggest selling newspapers on side. They have, despite JohnM's italics, some of the softest soaping imaginable from the BBC political reporters. They win a referendum, get an open goal to elect a leaver leader and then fail to do so. They occupy the actual Brexit Secretary post. They occupy the Foreign Secretary post. They are in Cabinet, in government and they have an entire dedicated wing in the governing party. They get it passed into law that we are leaving. They get a deal to leave. They get majorities in parliament to reaffirm that date. But somehow we haven't left the EU. They really should stop blaming everyone else.
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    IMO TW joining the game has been very positive. From a profile and marketing perspective especially. Also broadening the revenues of the game as well. New investment is always needed to allow business to grow. However i don't think we will see the full impact until they reach the top levels of the game. I think the salary cap will have to be reviewed. I think we will see the return of superstars to the sport both from NRL and perhaps even Union. Other clubs will have to follow suit. We will see new sponsors, new interest from potential new clubs (NY & Ottawa won't be the last) and maybe the start of many more millionaires and billionaires coming into the game. If they get up this year then for me its come just at the right time for the TV deal negotiations as well. Also how good will the WCC be if they are in that one day. Then taking that game to Toronto, NY, Dubai, HK, Singapore etc is probably inevitable. It should also drive up standards in the US & Canadian national teams and give a massive audience for the RLWC. I for one can't wait
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    New York and Ottawa are one step closer to being included in the English league structure after clubs voted in favour by a comfortable majority. Representatives from New York and Ottawa presented their bids to clubs at Salford’s AJ Bell Stadium on Thursday and have been given support by RFL member clubs. While the decision is an undoubted boost to… The post Clubs vote in favour of New York and Ottawa appeared first on Total Rugby League. View the full article
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    A cheapskate! The guy has ploughed millions into the Broncos. Without his money there is no Broncos.
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    Has anyone seen Wire's tweet to us, and our reply? Class reply Widnes! https://twitter.com/wolvesrl
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    Mr. Parksider, its patently obvious that you do care about the views of the (very small) number of people posting on this site, evidenced by the lengthy tirade in your last post. I imagine, (perhaps we could take a straw poll) that most of the people here simply don't care what you think either. I'd be willing to bet, that the only thing that draws a response from them to your posts is your completely unrestrained and totally uncalled-for insults. You have not brought forward a single suggestion as to how the game can turn the tide of steady decline, and like a lot of others from the ''heartlands'' with a lifetimes experience in the game, your best advice to just sing ''nearer my god to thee'' as the ship goes down. The content of your arguments is old hat, contain nothing new, just mere repetition and we're all bored to tears with it. Grow up!
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    And the RFL wonder why they have no money and few revenue streams. Internationals are one of the two main ways that the RFL can generate income but yet they largely neglect them and make little attempt to grow internationals with our closest real opposition. A game against France in France would attract a good crowd. A game against France in London, or somewhere else outside the heartlands, could attract a decent crowd too. However play it on a Wednesday night in Leigh and you get the results you deserve.
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    I love the ambition that Perez has. He really makes things happen while others just talk the talk and don't really do or achieve anything. Rugby League certainly doesn't have enough people with that kind of drive and ambition.
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    Nobody claimed it would, so why did you jump to that conclusion? Oh, of course, you're the union apologist/troll. One has to admire your persistence Barnacle, as pathetic as you are.
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    What they can do for the game. Renewed interest in the game. A new, passionate set of fans in two new countries. A new market for sponsors. Rl articles in major foreign newspapers and media outlets. More opportunities for players. Increases the global appeal of rl. All the while not costing the Rfl a single cent. That is your answer parky.
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    Absolute banger of a kit they've brought out for it.
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    Look at this beauty! At least if they lose by 40 points at the nou camp they'll look pretty good whilst doing it!
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    TO coach Sylvain Houles assesses where his team is presently after the first block of games. Weekend off now before receiving Featherstone on April 6th. What do you think about the start of your team’s season? It’s about the progression. We have had resourcing, some players have been shifted back and some changes have been made in our game, particularly in defence, which takes time to put in place. All this means that we were not necessarily well prepared at the time of the start of the season, which may explain the two defeats at the beginning, and then the rise in power, especially on the last 4 games. We’re learning, we’re learning, and we’re moving forward, and that’s my point. What do you think of the good streak in progress ? We prefer to take the games one by one. We are on a good show but beyond the victories, we mostly look at content and performance. There are victories but it is mostly the content that satisfies us, especially defensively: we have taken 60 points on the first 2 games and 66 on the last 6, with 2 games where we have not taken any points in the second half and 2 other 0 points on the whole game. It’s a huge satisfaction, something we never did in Championship. That’s what’s important to me after the defence work. Boys understand, assimilate and put it into practice by being thorough. They have confidence in this system and take pleasure in defending our line, not conceding a metre, and that is the philosophy we want to see in our team. Are there other aspects of the game you want to improve on? There are lots of them. We can and we want to do better on our tackling technique. That’s the next big job of the month. We also want to improve our options on the last set-plays, in defense or attack; and offensively, we want to progress in execution, speed etc… Any update on the recruits from the offseason? We brought in seven new players, which is a first. They have to adapt, integrate and assimilate the way we play, which is not easy at all. But there are already big satisfactions when we see the performances of Dean Parata or Brenden Santi. Ben Evans also showed good things about the last month. Joe Bretherton had arrived during the past season but it really explodes this year. Unfortunately, there are recruits we have not yet seen too much like Patty Vaivai, James Bell, Ilias Bergal or Jordan Dezaria who come back gradually from their respective injuries. There’s some mishaps but it’s all part of the rugby, and I can see that we’re doing very well in spite of the rotating of the players. We don’t lose quality, and that’s what’s interesting. We also have young people behind us. Mathieu Jussaume, who comes out of the rugby school and the TO training centre has just been integrated into the pro team following the 3 games he played with us and during which he showed a real potential. Now it has to adapt to our requirements, our culture and our values to become a professional. Next deadline: Featherstone now. We’re lucky to have two weeks to work at the Featherstone reception. This allows us to take the time to work on things we don’t have time to discuss in between games. And after Featherstone, we still have a weekend off, so I consider that we have 1 month to progress on the points I mentioned earlier. With Adam Innes, we also want to prepare the big Easter block with 3 games in 8 days. We want to increase intensity and workload before because we know that this period, between games, is dedicated to recovery. So we want to make sure that we negotiate this season well. April is important because once we have played the 4 games of the month, we will have finished the first phase and we will be able to assess ourselves and make an update on the 13 other teams. A final word on the level of the Championship in 2019? I think the championship has tightened up. The two promoted, York and Bradford, are two teams of quality, Sheffield has also strengthened. All the other clubs we were expecting are there. There are a lot more competitive teams. It’s interesting, it drives us to be consistent in our efforts and comforts us with the idea of taking game after game, not projecting ourselves, because you have to be ready for a big game every weekend, regardless of the opponent.
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    Really disagree with this. Leave league one be please and instead of bonkers ideas like this how about clubs just have a reserves league...
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    Well done to the RFL https://www.rugby-league.com/article/54770/amendments-to--referee-policy The following additions / amendments to 2019 referee policy have been introduced with immediate effect: Placing the ball on the defender lying on the ground – It is the responsibility of the player playing the ball to place the ball on the ground at their feet. If necessary the player should step backwards to ensure this can be done. OUTCOME – If the ball is placed on the tackler, this will be ruled a knock-on. Moving off the mark / stepping over to deliberately place the defender in the ruck - It is the responsibility of the player playing the ball to place the ball on the ground at their feet, and not to advance off the mark - if necessary the player should step backwards. OUTCOME – The player in possession will be penalised for moving off the mark if deliberately stepping over a defender to place them in the ruck. Playing the ball into a defender in the ruck – The player playing the ball should maintain balance and control when heeling the ball to the acting half-back.OUTCOME - In this situation the player in the ruck will be penalised if hit by the ball - or if in the opinion of the referee the half-back is prevented from picking the ball up. EXCEPTION – A penalty will be awarded against the player playing the ball if the ball is forcibly heeled back with the intention of contacting the defending player with the ball. Passing into an opposing player – Any ball passed into an opposing player in and around the ruck, in any direction, will be deemed to be acting against the spirit of the game. OUTCOME - The passer will be immediately penalised. Steve Ganson, the RFL’s Head of Match Officials, explained: “A number of high-profile incidents during and before the Easter weekend have shown certain teams or players acting contrary to the spirit of the game, in a manner that has infuriated fellow professionals, broadcasters and, crucially, supporters.
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    Even putting Lyon in the same conversation as Inglis is absurd. At the peak of Queensland's run, all they needed to do was go forward and sling it quickly wide to Inglis to run straight around/over whoever they put on him. He was almost unstoppable. Meanwhile, Lyon refused to even play Origin. He was a good club player absolutely, but Inglis was a monster pretty much whenever it really mattered. The best centre or winger of the 00s and early 2010s, and best fullback of the mid 2010s. He'd be in any 'best of' team I could care to name, and Lyon wouldn't even occur to me for consideration.
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    Why do you think he frightens SL chairman especially the ones used to being at the top of the food chain?
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    Every club has them - those fans who spend 80s minutes screaming and shouting at the ref and opposition players, seemingly angry at the world and the injustice of every decision going against your team. I sat next to a couple in their 60s this weekend who did just that. Even when the referee clearly got decisions against us right, they were convinced otherwise. They seemed to be in a constant state of anger. I just wonder about the psychology of it all. Do you think they get a buzz from being so worked up? I don't feel like I could sustain that much aggression a whole match. Are they enjoying themselves, or have they lost that enjoyment of going to watch some good rugby? We all get p-ed off at poor refereeing decisions, or dirty tactics from opposing players, but I wonder where the line is. Do fans like this enhance a match for you, or ruin the atmosphere? Thoughts?
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    Either Craven Cottage or Brentford's new stadium. It's been a great fairytale story so far this season and amazing to be back in Super League. I still get the feeling that we are not being promoted well by the sport in the UK and our story isn't being told. We should be shouting from the rooftops about London. Taking at least one game to a soccer stadium will help raise the profile of the club and broaden it's supporter base. Trailfinders is a neat little ground but I'm not convinced that it's what should be defined as a SL quality ground.
  48. 10 points
    Rubbish, you’ve been caught out misquoting people for your own ends just admit it
  49. 10 points
    My wife and I drive 2 hours each way and have paid full price for tickets to each of the 8 games we've gone to over the past two seasons. Please tell me where these free tickets can be found. My wallet would appreciate it.
  50. 10 points
    Yes Dave T you are absolutely right. Its certainly true in Wales. The trick is getting them to play in the first place and to stick with it. Canada may react like Wales, (slowly) although I don't think the Canadians are as fanatical (about RU) as the Welsh RU following but, face it, you've got two ways to do this. Grow them from the ground up (takes 20 to 30 years, developing the Amateur clubs/game) or encourage players from other sports to play (which can be achieved quickly if its attractive enough for them to get involved). I believe you/we have to do both at the same time and that is what is being done in Wales, albeit on a shoestring budget. It sickens me to hear posters saying that Wales and Newcastle have been failures. What we have is the result of years of work, by dedicated people on shoestring budget in what is (probably) the most hostile (anti rugby league) environment on the planet. Fans from the heartlands should be cheering them on, instead of dismissing them as failures. You try doing it! Its a work-in-progress. Maybe Canada/USA can speed the process up.

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