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Transfer Rumour Mill 22/23

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Partington needs to play 80 minutes and at Loose forward IMO and that was never happening at Wigan. Him and Smithies are too similar and Smithies is the better player, so it’s a great move for Partington. I think he’ll really make a name for himself at Salford. He’s pretty skilful to be fair to him and he’ll take it to anyone. It’s just his size that stops him being top class. 

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19 minutes ago, northamptoncougar said:

No - but keep you eyes peeled for another BD signing coming. Have you got any half decent players left that would want to join a club on the up or was Doyle the only one?

Nope only Doyle of the out of contract player that i wanted to keep.  Your more than welcome to the rest of them especially if ones either a fireman or a window cleaner!

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3 hours ago, Jughead said:

That’s Saints who denied it in local media about three weeks ago. 

Ritson has been linked with Saints once a fortnight since Reagan Grace announced he was going. 

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