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The 2024 Kit Thread

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23 minutes ago, jacobus said:

I was half tempted by this... https://ellisrugby.com/product/england-rugby-league-1995-polo/

Just not sure if I would look like a football hooligan.

I got the Great Britain equivalent a few years back, think they have sold out. But they are quality products and they compare well with the price of a replica shirt. Vintage means they won't age as quick as the replica either.

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4 hours ago, phiggins said:

It wouldn't surprise me to see 2025 be red, black and gold, with a slow move to black and gold as the club's colours. But for this season, I'm not surprised by the shirt, and quite glad they've done what they have. They can now say the club colours are red and black, which is consistent with the social media output over the last 12 months. Whereas if you went to the club shop (stall) last Christmas, a passer by wouldn't have been able to tell you what colours the club played in.

Nah, stick it on the front of the shirt. Imagine being an opponent seeing a leopard's ar## heading towards you!

Do we have ' club colours ' any more ? 

We do have a pattern , a bit like when Prince became a ' symbol ' 

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14 hours ago, burnleywelsh said:

Had quite a few items from here. Might seem a bit expensive but you get what you pay for.  Excellent quality. 50% sale on loads of items at the moment, including plenty of RL pieces.

The t-shirts they do are good quality too for anyone else considering.

I was born to run a club like this. Number 1, I do not spook easily, and those who think I do, are wasting their time, with their surprise attacks.

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On 24/10/2023 at 03:41, Bring back GB said:

Another great effort from Barrow 


If ever a club desperately needed to get their club badge redesigned it’s Barrow. The current one is like bad 90s clip art. 

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1 hour ago, Bring back GB said:

Have to agree Simon. Much rather have the crest

I like the Bulls logo but far preferred the Northern shirts with the big City-Crest badge. There's nowhere near enough hometown pride in modern rugby league.

Under Scrutiny by the Right-On Thought Police

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