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Obituary Thread

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Mike Bailey, 71, stroke. Best-known as the ABC-TV weatherman for 23 years, Bailey was, among other things, a lifetime Wests Magpies fan and former Chairman of Wests Ashfield Club.

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Quick reminder:

We don't do politics in this thread, or anywhere else in AOB.

If you want to make a political point about someone who's name appears in this thread because they've died, start a new thread about them in the politics sub forum.


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Rick Laird, 80, of cancer. Best known as bassist in the original Mahavishnu Orchestra. Although born in Dublin, Laird took up bass while living in NZ then moved to Australia and played jazz gigs there before moving to London where he met McLaughlin while he was playing in an early Brian Auger lineup.

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Sebastian Eubank boxer, son of Chris. Drowned in the sea at Dubai.

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Radio 5 Live: Saturday 14 April 2007

Dave Whelan "In Wigan rugby will always be king"


This country's wealth was created by men in overalls, it was destroyed by men in suits.

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