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Sat 19th Feb: SL: Hull FC v St Helens KO 12:30 (Channel 4)

Who will win?  

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  1. 1. Who will win?

    • Hull FC
    • St Helens

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Slight revival in HFC's fortunes in the last couple of minutes.

"We are easily breakable, by illness or falling, or a million other ways of leaving this earthly life. We are just so much mashed potato."  Don Estelle

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2 minutes ago, Jughead said:

Reynolds waving imaginary cards around needs stopping. 

Give a real one to whoever does it . To much of all that kind of stuff creeping in. Synchronised arm waving at times and getting into the ref like football 

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17 minutes ago, MZH said:

We will still be there or there abouts when it comes to playoffs. This is an exceptionally bad performance, and we've got some very important players to come back. Although it's hard to be too positive after seeing THAT!

It's a marathon not a sprint,Hull will improve when better players return no doubt.

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Nothing wrong with that tackle.

How can anyone blame the ref for this game deteriorating when the players are acting like spoiled brats.

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"The history of the world is the history of the triumph of the heartless over the mindless." — Sir Humphrey Appleby.

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1 minute ago, Chrispmartha said:

There’s not much in it but if theyre giving yellows for hitting slightly late after passing then should it be the same for kicking?

It wasn't late at all.

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