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Sat 17 Jul: Challenge Cup Final: Castleford Tigers v St Helens KO 15:00 (BBC TV)

Who will win?  

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  1. 1. Who will win?

    • Castleford Tigers by 13 points or more
    • Castleford Tigers by 7 to 12 points
    • Castleford Tigers by 1 to 6 points
    • St Helens by 1 to 6 points
    • St Helens by 7 to 12 points
    • St Helens by 13 points or more

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Betfred Challenge Cup Final
Castleford Tigers v St Helens KO 15:00 (BBC TV)
at Wembley


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On current form 🤣 it's Saints all the way but we know it should be fairly close.

I'll go Cas 14 Saints 22.

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Jake Connor : "I've never played Union, it doesn't look that hard, you never say never but it looks too boring for me"

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I think this year is more unpredictable than ever. Pretty much all the teams have had some sort of disruption through Covid & cancellations on top of the usual injuries.

I think Powell has taken a real risk over the final. Yes his players should be fresh and free from a lot of the niggling injuries players usually have by this time in a season, but by resting almost his entire squad the week before as well means that quite a few of them wont have played for about a month and are certainly not 'match fit'. That could also prove to be their undoing with their attacking structure with the rustyness the players will have.

Woolf also has some tough decisions to make with his selection this week. With Lees getting some game time against Wakey then its going to be him or Amor on the bench, similarly he has a choice of Batchelor or Thompson in the 2nd row (with the other likely to get a bench spot). Then the final bench spot its either Welsby or Dodd.

My gut feel is that if Saints can get ahead early on then they may well pull clear in the 2nd half, but if Cas can replicate what they did to Wire in the 1st half of the SF then its going to be a really close game right to the final whistle. 


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grass should be nice and flat after all those footballers rolling around on the floor on it last week anyway.

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did the bloke who invented the phrase "one hit wonder" invent anything else?

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Heck of a gamble by Powell and Cas, if it pays off he can see out his tenure in peace, lose and it will come tumbling down on him with calls for his head. Like Toppy says if Saints get an early lead it will be one way traffic, Cas battle, disrupt and play the game of the season (like Warrington 2 years ago) could go either way. 

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2 hours ago, graveyard johnny said:

grass should be nice and flat after all those footballers rolling around on the floor on it last week anyway.

And well watered, with the tears of a nation...



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Seen both incidents. The first one is a hit on a kicker, it doesn’t look that late, I’ve seen later but there may be contact with the kickers head in there, the camera angle wasn’t great for that one. The second one he hits someone after they’ve passed the ball and we’ve seen that given plenty of times so no real complaints on it from me. 

Shame though for the whole narrative side of things and the fact that Sione’s started to settle into the side of late and looked a decent signing and now our edge is weakened by his loss and we have less of an attacking threat out wide now. 

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The game seems to have a much lower profile this year.

BBC keep banging on about all the other sporting events after the football such as the golf,olympics,grand prix etc but no mention of the Challenge Cup.

How long does it take to say those two words-especially as they are broadcasting it.

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Haven't seen either incident but guess Saints will appeal Mata'utai's ban.

Worse that could happen is it gets doubled to 4 and it's a risk worth taking.

Thought our team selection was right last week but frustrating to lose a player. Makinson cautioned for dissent too, which was needless and I would have been fuming with him if he had been banned for that.

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I think the Matat'utia ban now pretty much settles Woolf's team selection;




















Dodd just missing out as 18th man

Edited by Saint Toppy
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Big fan of SOO but if it was a choice between CCF and an SOO decider ..... CCF every time.

Very novel experience for me this year supportig a Yorky side for the first time and Cas as well weird or what?

Underdogs! Underdongs!:kolobok_clapping:


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37 minutes ago, corvusxiii said:

More importantly, how much is a pint of bitter in Kensington?  More frightened of this than Saints.

Wembley charged £6.90 for a Heineken (it was the only beer available I’m told due to sponsorship reasons) on Sunday for the Football. 

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3 hours ago, Chris22 said:

I am genuinely delighted for Joe Batchelor though, who is now certain to play.

I thought we may have dropped him for Joel Thompson, which would have been wrong, as Batchelor is in better form.

Batchelor has been playing really well. 

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Looking like it could be a warm one on Saturday so conditions could play a part. Guess we'll see whether Castleford's lack of games and Powell's decision to play the under-9s last week will be a factor in that with match fitness.

Castleford's game would logically seem well suited to a big Wembley pitch as they move the ball quickly and look for offloads, but I'd be surprised if they got as much joy from our edge defence as they got from Wire's in the semi.

Hopefully we've learned some lessons this week from the Wakefield game and improve our discipline. Give away penalties and set restarts as often this week and it'll be a struggle.

Looking forward to what should hopefully be a great atmosphere and fingers crossed we get the CC monkey off our back.

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