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Fri 30 Apr: SL: Leigh Centurions v St Helens KO 18:00

Who will win?  

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  1. 1. Who will win?

    • Leigh Centurions
    • St Helens

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The score may end up a blow out in the end but Leigh always seem to put up a good fight against Saints. They just don't seem to be able to play at or near their best for long periods in games and its in those inter periods that the opposition seem to be able to pile on points

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It should be a Saints win, but i thought that in my one and only visit to the LSV. Saying that though we did have the club’s worst ever coach in charge, along with players who should never have been wearing the red vee. 

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Leigh have got the odds they have been waiting for at the bookies, barrowloads of cash will be deposited around the UK bookies on Friday at 2pm. The entire SL Sky shortfall of the next 2 years will be covered in a couple of hours. Leigh by 70

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56-12 to super saints.

Leigh to match for the first half with a tight affair 16-0 to saints at the break and then Leigh capitulate in the second half but manage ro cross the whitewash to put a bit of pride bqck in the jersey

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4 hours ago, Sir Kevin Sinfield said:

I can see this been the heaviest defeat of the Super League season.

Saints by 50+ points 

Nostradamus has spoken.  Leigh it is then.

"I'm a traditionalist and I don"t think you'd ever see me coaching an Australian national side!"  Lee Radford, RLW March 2016

Proud to be a member of the TRL woke claque

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2 hours ago, The Frying Scotsman said:

Nearly 20% of voters think Leigh are going to win this.


Funny thing is, Leigh have a bad habit of beating Saints when they shouldn't.

I recall beating them twice in the early nineties with really poor sides, only lost by 6 in 2005 (if it wasnt for Jamie Lyon), and Leigh beat them again in 2017.

Saints should win comfortably to be fair.

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12 hours ago, Bolton Leyther said:

St. Helens are 1/50 on. In a two horse race.


But have they both got four legs?

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