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Mon 14 Nov: Women's RLWC SF: England v New Zealand KO 7.30pm

Who will win?  

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  1. 1. Who will win?

    • England by 13 points or more
    • England by 7 to 12 points
    • England by 1 to 6 points
    • New Zealand by 1 to 6 points
    • New Zealand by 7 to 12 points
    • New Zealand by 13 points or more

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Just now, Bedford Roughyed said:

Hardcastle and Winfeild-Hill the new Walker and Welsby...

Chev and Elton?

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The eng captain needs to get in to the refs ear about these leeways.

Rugby Union the only game in the world were the spectators handle the ball more than the players.

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There's a way England can win this, but it needs the element that their male counterparts missed out on at the weekend. Manage the game, play the sets. 

I hope that the half-time talk can instill a belief that they CAN do this. They need to be so mature in this second half and keep battling away.

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6 minutes ago, shrewsbury roughyed said:

Need to get back to our earlier kicking game. Keep it away from their Ferrari of a full back

She almost gave the game away. When Covid knocked out the NRLW season she had a bay and didn't think she could get back up to standard. The Gold Coast rang her and convinced her t come and join their new NRLW team and now here she is. I don't know if she's still a cop.

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NZ dominating physically, ably helped some one-eyed officiating. Suspect she knows and respects the kiwi players more and that any bias is purely subconscious. We'll do well to win it from here but we might just have more energy at the back end if we can keep if close and keep at least a share of posession.

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Five years ago, England 'only' lost the first half to the Kiwi Ferns 14-4.

Then lost the second half 38-0.

Looking at just how much defensive effort England have put in, they're going to need to start the second half so strongly *and score* to avoid something similar happening again.

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England will be happy with that HT score in view of the play.

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1 minute ago, Futtocks said:

Chev and Elton?


Too many W's

With the best, thats a good bit of PR, though I would say the Bedford team, theres, like, you know, 13 blokes who can get together at the weekend to have a game together, which doesnt point to expansion of the game. Point, yeah go on!

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